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Molecular Biology

Complement Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Complement Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) Lowest new price: $45.41
Lowest used price: $4.90
List price: $169.99
Brand: Brand: Humana Press

The complement system, first described more than a century ago, was for many years the ugly duckling of the immunology world, but no more. Complement in recent years has blossomed into a fascinating and fast moving field of immediate relevance to clinical scientists in fields as diverse as transplantation biology, virology, and inflammation. Despite its emergence from the shadows, complement retains an unwarranted reputation for being “difficult.” This impression derives in large part from the superficially complicated nomenclature, a relic of the long and tortuous process of unraveling the system, of naming components in order of discovery rather than in a syst- atic manner. Once the barrier of nomenclature has been surmounted, then the true simplicity of the system becomes apparent. Complement comprises an activation system and a cytolytic system. The former has diverged to focus on complement to distinct targets―bacteria, - mune complexes, and others―so that texts now describe three activation pa- ways, closely related to one another, but each with some unique features. The cytolytic pathway is the same regardless of the activation process and kills cells by creating pores in the membrane. Complement plays an important role in killing bacteria and is essential for the proper handling of immune complexes. Problems occur when complement is activated in an inappropriate manner―the potent inflammation-inducing products of the cascade then cause unwanted tissue damage and destruction.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Molecular Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Methods and Clinical Applications

Molecular Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Methods and Clinical Applications Lowest new price: $38.11
Lowest used price: $11.77
List price: $64.95
Author: Lela Buckingham PhD MB DLM(ASCP)
Brand: Davis

The first text on molecular diagnostics specifically designed to educate students in clinical laboratory science programs! The authors have combined their knowledge and experience as educators to bring you the book you and your students have been asking for.

This exceptional new resource introduces the fundamentals of nucleic acid biochemistry to students without previous molecular training, while also presenting advanced concepts for students learning at a higher level. And, your students will be better prepared for the future with discussions of general diagnostic procedures that emphasize the continuing emergence of new diagnostic technologies.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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CELLS Lowest new price: $3.99
Lowest used price: $1.45
List price: $336.95
Author: Benjamin Lewin
Brand: Brand: Sinauer Associates, Inc.

This important new textbook, designed for advanced undergraduate and early graduate courses in cell biology, covers the structures, organization, growth, regulation, movements, and interactions of cells, with emphasis on eukaryotic cells. Under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Lewin and three expert section editors, each chapter was prepared by top scientists who specialize in the given subject area, and all chapters have been carefully edited to maintain a consistent level throughout the text and to assure that all necessary topics are covered.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

DNA Repair and Mutagenesis

DNA Repair and Mutagenesis Lowest new price: $56.89
Lowest used price: $29.20
List price: $99.95
Author: Errol C. Friedberg

An essential resource for all scientists researching cellular responses to DNA damage.
• Introduces important new material reflective of the major changes and developments that have occurred in the field over the last decade.
• Discussed the field within a strong historical framework, and all aspects of biological responses to DNA damage are detailed.
• Provides information on covering sources and consequences of DNA damage; correcting altered bases in DNA: DNA repair; DNA damage tolerance and mutagenesis; regulatory responses to DNA damage in eukaryotes; and disease states associated with defective biological responses to DNA damage.

DNA Sequencing II: Optimizing Preparation and Cleanup

DNA Sequencing II: Optimizing Preparation and Cleanup Lowest new price: $43.35
Lowest used price: $34.99
List price: $208.95
Author: Jan Kieleczawa
Brand: Brand: Images Publishing Dist Ac

Dr. Kieleczawa's second volume, DNA Sequencing II: Optimizing the Preparation and Clean-Up, is devoted to the various methods used for extraction, clean-up, quantification, and analysis of DNA. This volume is divided into four comprehensive sections - DNA Purification, Cleanup of DNA Fragments, Storage of DNA, and Quantifying DNA and RNA - and offers the reader an in-depth presentation of DNA technologies. The text also touches upon the many tools and software programs that are found in a typical modern biology laboratory. This fascinating text is a wonderful addition to your molecular biology library.


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Stabilization of Polymeric Materials (Macromolecular Systems - Materials Approach)

Stabilization of Polymeric Materials (Macromolecular Systems - Materials Approach) Lowest new price: $529.38
Lowest used price: $150.00
List price: $99.00
Author: Hans Zweifel
Brand: Brand: Springer

Plastics are used worldwide in everyday life, e.g. as food packaging, electronics, construction, automotive parts, and household appliances. To produce these products with the desired service lifetimes the use of suitable stabilizers is necessary. This book provides a concise and comprehensive overview of the basic mechanisms of plastic degradation processes caused by heat and light. At its core is a detailed description of the stabilization of different polymers, including an explanation of stabilization mechanisms and the influence of commonly used additives such as fillers, flame retardents and pigments on the stability of plastic. Every polymer scientist, material technologist, or application engineer dealing with the design of the properties of plastics will benefit from this new overview.


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Medical Virology, Fourth Edition

Medical Virology, Fourth Edition Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $3.59
List price: $72.95
Author: D. E. White

Medical Virology first appeared in 1970 and was immediately hailed as a classic. The Fourth Edition has been completely updated, substantially rewritten, and considerably expanded. Acknowledging that today's students possess a more sophisticated background of molecular and cellular biology, the book is pitched a little higher than was the third edition. Nevertheless, it maintains the exceptionally high standards of the three previous editions, including the now famous user-friendly style. Hundreds of instructive diagrams and succinct tables smooth the path for the reader. Extensive lists of recent authoritative reviews at the end of each of the 36 chapters simplifies the reader's entry into the scientific literature. Throughout, the focus is on fundamental principles, mechanisms and basic facts, rather than on overwhelming detail.
Part I of the book, expanded to over 400 pages, comprises in effect a self-contained overview of the Principles of Virology. Part II, entitled Viruses of Humans, deals comprehensively with all the families of human viruses. Extensive coverage is given to the molecular biology of the viruses and of viral replication, pathogenesis and immunity, clinical features of all important diseases caused by all viruses affecting humans, the latest laboratory diagnostic methods, epidemiology and control, including chemotherapy and vaccines.
This lucid and concise yet comprehensive text is admirably suited to the needs not only of advanced students of science and medicine but also particularly of postgraduate students, teachers, and research workers in all areas of virology.

Key Features
* Molecular biology of viruses and viral replication
* Pathogenesis and immunity
* Latest laboratory diagnostic methods
* Clinical features of human viral diseases
* Vaccines and chemotherapy
* Epidemiology and control

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Molecular Biology of Assemblies and Machines

Molecular Biology of Assemblies and Machines Lowest new price: $77.63
Lowest used price: $76.26
List price: $165.00
Author: Alasdair Steven

Molecular Biology of Assemblies and Machines presents a comprehensive narrative describing the structures of macromolecular complexes and how they assemble and interact. Richly illustrated, it is written for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology, biophysics, cell biology, and microbiology, and will also appeal to those in chemistry, immunology, and medicine.

Essentially all major biological activities are performed by assemblies of macromolecules (proteins, RNA, and DNA) acting in concert. These assemblies are dynamic and many are endowed with machine-like properties. This unique book explores the molecular mechanisms employed at the critical level between individual macromolecules and cells and organelles.

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Unraveling Dna: The Most Important Molecule Of Life, Revised And Updated Edition

Unraveling Dna: The Most Important Molecule Of Life, Revised And Updated Edition Lowest new price: $9.50
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $20.00
Author: Maxim D. Frank Kamenetskii

With elegant simplicity, Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii elucidates the essential history and inner workings of DNA—a tiny molecule that holds within it the deepest mysteries of life. As Frank-Kamenetskii explains, DNA will undoubtedly shape our future, too, as we call upon it to convict criminals, clone creatures, and ultimately, cure cancer. This definitive guide to DNA, a previous version of which sold over 300,000 copies in the author's native Russia, promises to both inform and inspire.


  • ISBN13: 9780201155846
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

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An Introduction to Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy

An Introduction to Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy Lowest new price: $36.00
Lowest used price: $1.60
List price: $146.95

Gene therapy, or the use of genetic manipulation for diseasetreatment, is derived from advances in genetics, molecular biology,clinical medicine, and human genomics. Molecular medicine, theapplication of molecular biological techniques to disease treatmentand diagnosis, is derived from the development of human organtransplantation, pharmacotherapy, and elucidation of the humangenome. An Introduction to Molecular Medicine and GeneTherapy provides a basis for interpreting new clinical andbasic research findings in the areas of cloning, gene transfer, andtargeting; the applications of genetic medicine to clinicalconditions; ethics and governmental regulations; and the burgeoningfields of genomics, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. By dividingthe material into three sections - an introduction to basicscience, a review of clinical applications, and a discussion of theevolving issues related to gene therapy and molecular medicine-thiscomprehensive manual describes the basic approaches to the broadrange of actual and potential genetic-based therapies.

In addition, An Introduction to Molecular Medicine andGene Therapy:

  • Covers new frontiers in gene therapy, animal models, vectors,gene targeting, and ethical/legal considerations
  • Provides organ-based reviews of current studies in gene therapyfor monogenetic, multifactoral or polygenic disorders, andinfectious diseases
  • Includes bold-faced terms, key concepts, summaries, and listsof helpful references by subject in each chapter
  • Contains appendices on commercial implications and a review ofthe history of gene therapy

This textbook offers a clear, concise writing style, drawingupon the expertise of the authors, all renowned researchers intheir respective specialties of molecular medicine. Researchers ingenetics and molecular medicine will all find An Introductionto Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy to be an essentialguide to the rapidly evolving field of gene therapy and itsapplications in molecular medicine.

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