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Administrative Law

The 200 Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions for Educators

The 200 Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions for Educators Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $1.29
List price: $43.95
Brand: Corwin

Provides clear analysis and legally defensible approaches for addressing common legal challenges that schools face, such as individuals′ rights, disciplinary practices, morality, liabilities, teacher dismissal, and NCLB.


  • A list of relevant court cases pertaining to each question and answer
  • Legal references to guide teachers’ and school leaders" actions
  • A glossary of legal terms and a list of selected federal statutes
  • Summaries and conclusions at the end of each chapterThe 200 Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions for
  • Title - The 200 Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions for Educators

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The Scotia Widows: Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal

The Scotia Widows: Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal Lowest new price: $2.81
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $20.00
Author: Gerald Stern

On March 9, 1976, a violent explosion, fueled by high concentrations of methane gas and coal dust, ripped through the Scotia mine in the heart of Eastern Kentucky coal country. The blast killed fifteen miners who were working nearly three and a half miles underground; two days later, a second explosion took the lives of eleven rescue workers. For the miners’ surviving family members, the loss of their husbands, fathers, and sons was only the beginning of their nightmare.

In The Scotia Widows, Gerald M. Stern, the groundbreaking litigator and acclaimed author of The Buffalo Creek Disaster, recounts the epic four-year legal struggle waged by the widows in the aftermath of the disaster. Stern shares a story of loss, scandal, and perseverance–and the plaintiffs’ fight for justice against the titanic forces of “Big Daddy Coal.”

Confronted at nearly every turn by a hostile judge and the scorched-earth defense of the Scotia mine’s owners, family members also withstood the opprobrium of some of their neighbors, most of whom relied on coal mining for their livelihoods. Meanwhile, Stern, representing the widows of the disaster on contingency, amassed huge bills and encountered a litany of formidable obstacles. The Eastern Kentucky trial judge withheld disclosure of his own personal financial interest in coal mining, and a popular pro-coal former Kentucky governor served as the lead defense counsel. The judge also suppressed as evidence the federal mine study that pointed to numerous safety violations at the Scotia mine: In a rush to produce more coal, necessary ventilation had been short-circuited, miners had not been trained in the use of self-rescue equipment, and ventilation inspections had not been made. Moreover, Scotia did not even have a trained rescue team. Ultimately, the Scotia widows’ ordeal helped to inspire the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, which changed safety regulations for coal mines throughout the country.

The Scotia Widows portrays in gripping detail young women deciding to pursue a landmark legal campaign against powerful corporate interests and the judge who protected them. It is a critically important and timeless story of ordinary people who took a stand and refused to give up hope for justice.

Praise for The Scotia Widows:

“This is a very scary story, a guided tour of the grinding cogs and spinning wheels inside the machinery of justice. Gerald Stern’s compassionate account of the ordeal of the Scotia widows shows you how horribly out of kilter it can all get when greed and self-interest are at the controls. Only with luck and the expertise of Stern does justice emerge in the end, a bit tarnished but still intact.”
–Jonathan Harr, author of A Civil Action

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The Rights of Women: The Authoritative ACLU Guide to Women’s Rights, Fourth Edition (ACLU Handbook)

The Rights of Women: The Authoritative ACLU Guide to Women’s Rights, Fourth Edition (ACLU Handbook) Lowest new price: $16.01
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $25.00
Author: Lenora M. Lapidus

The Rights of Women is a comprehensive guide that explains in detail the rights of women under present U.S. law, and how these laws can be used in the continuing struggle to achieve full gender equality at home, in the workplace, at school, and in society at large. The Rights of Women explores the concept of equal protection and covers topics including employment, education, housing, and public accommodations. This handbook also examines the specific issues of trafficking, violence against women, welfare reform, and reproductive freedom.

Using a straightforward question-and-answer format while translating the law into accessible language, this volume is a tool for individuals, lawyers, and advocates seeking to assert women’s rights under the law.

Now in its fully revised and updated fourth edition, The Rights of Women is an invaluable guide to finding legal solutions to the most pressing issues facing women today.

Essentials of Removal and Relief: Representing Individuals in Immigration Proceedings

Essentials of Removal and Relief: Representing Individuals in Immigration Proceedings Lowest new price: $85.72
Lowest used price: $76.00
List price: $99.00
Author: Joseph A. Vail

While the bases for excluding and removing aliens have expanded, the possibilities of relief have been limited, and in some cases eliminated. Essentials of Removal and Relief: Representing Individuals in Immigration Proceedings will prove to be an indispensable reference for new lawyers, pro bono attorneys, law students and even experienced immigration practitioners who may need a refresher on representing immigrants and refugees facing removal.

Burning the Ships: Transforming Your Company's Culture Through Intellectual Property Strategy

Burning the Ships: Transforming Your Company's Culture Through Intellectual Property Strategy Lowest new price: $25.58
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $32.50
Author: Marshall Phelps

Now in paperback, the inside story of "the greatest transformation of Microsoft since it became a multinational company"

Marshall Phelps's remarkable eyewitness story offers lessons for any executive struggling with today's innovation and intellectual property challenges. Burning the Ships offers Phelps's dramatic behind-the-scenes account of how he overcame internal resistance and got Microsoft to open up channels of collaboration with other firms.

  • Discover the never-before-told details of Microsoft's secret two-year negotiations with Red Hat and Novell that led to the world's first intellectual property peace treaty and technical collaboration with the open source community
  • Witness the sometimes-nervous support Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer gave to Phelps in turning their company around 180 degrees from market bully to collaborative industry partner
  • Offers an extraordinary behind-the-scenes view of the high-level deliberations of the company's senior-most executives, the internal debates and conflicts among executives and rank-and-file employees alike over the company's new collaborative direction

There are lessons in this book for executives in every industry-most especially on the role that intellectual property can play in liberating previously untapped value in a company and opening up powerful new business opportunities in today's era of "open innovation." Here is a powerful inside account of the dawn of a new era at what is arguably the most powerful technology company on earth.

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The Human Rights of Non-citizens

The Human Rights of Non-citizens Lowest new price: $145.00
Lowest used price: $133.76
List price: $145.00
Author: David Weissbrodt

Non-citizens include asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers, immigrants, non-immigrants, migrant workers, refugees, stateless persons, and trafficked persons. This book argues that regardless of their citizenship status, non-citizens should, by virtue of their essential humanity, enjoy all human rights unless exceptional distinctions serve a legitimate State objective and are proportional to the achievement of that objective. Non-citizens should have freedom from arbitrary arrest, arbitrary killing, child labor, forced labor, inhuman treatment, invasions of privacy, refoulement, slavery, unfair trial, and violations of humanitarian law. Additionally, non-citizens should have the right to consular protection; equality; freedom of religion and belief; labor rights (for example, as to collective bargaining, workers' compensation, healthy and safe working conditions, etc.); the right to marry; peaceful association and assembly; protection as minors; social, cultural, and economic rights.

There is a large gap, however, between the rights that international human rights law guarantee to non-citizens and the realities they face. In many countries, non-citizens are confronted with institutional and endemic discrimination and suffering. The situation has worsened since September 11, 2001, as several governments have detained or otherwise violated the rights of non-citizens in response to fears of terrorism. This book attempts to understand and respond to the challenges of international human rights law guarantees for non-citizens human rights.

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The Fall of David Hall

The Fall of David Hall Lowest new price: $35.63
Lowest used price: $4.99
List price: $16.50
Author: James Edwin Alexander

Attorney William R. Burkett recounts the investigation and trial of former Oklahoma governor David Hall. The trial marked the first time an Oklahoma governor was convicted of criminal acts committed while in office. Burkett was the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the popular governor. He found himself in the center of a political maelstrom. He was accused of conspiracy, disbarred by a federal judge, denounced in the Legislature, and threatened with a Congressional investigation.

Starting and Operating a Business in Michigan: A Step-By-Step Guide (SMARTSTART YOUR BUSINESS IN)

Starting and Operating a Business in Michigan: A Step-By-Step Guide (SMARTSTART YOUR BUSINESS IN) Lowest new price: $190.49
Lowest used price: $10.88
List price: $27.95
Author: Michael D. Jenkins
Brand: Brand: Oasis Pr

Starting and Operating a Business in Michigan is the most complete tax and legal guidebook in existence for Michigan small businesses. The author, a retired attorney and CPA and a Harvard Law graduate, provides you with a detailed but easy to read explanation of the tax and legal "ground rules" you need to know to navigate successfully through the complex maze of federal and Michigan tax and business laws and regulations.

The roughly 500 pages (if printed) of each state edition in this e-book series offer far more than a dry description of the applicable business laws and taxes, however. The lively text is peppered
throughout the book with key points to consider, including "Cautions," "Planning Points," "Important Points," and "Update Notes" that are highlighted to get your attention.


Federal tax and legal coverage includes individual income, self-employment, estate, gift, and excise taxes, federal payroll taxes, withholding of various taxes; securities laws and regulations; the Americans with Disabilities Act; environmental laws; minimum wage/overtime and child labor laws; anti-discrimination and HealthCare Reform laws that apply to employers; immigration laws affecting hiring; OSHA job safety and health requirements; ERISA (employee benefits) compliance; the Family and Medical Leave Act rules; mail order sales and telemarketing regulations; Internet taxation and regulation; and much more. UPDATED FULLY FOR THE 2010 EXTENSION OF THE BUSH TAX CUTS.


Michigan tax and legal coverage includes the Michigan state income tax, the Michigan Business Tax, Michigan sales and use, property, and unemployment taxes, withholding of employment taxes, and other state and local business taxes; state fair employment laws, which may differ from federal; the Michigan minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws; mandatory workers' compensation insurance and new hires reporting; wage payment requirements; when/if registration of fictitious business names (trade names) is required; and much more.


In addition to extensive, up-to-date coverage of federal and Michigan business laws and taxes, you will also find this e-book to be a gold mine of other useful information and advice for running your business. It covers topics such as an entire chapter on site selection for your business; obtaining financing and choosing accounting methods; do's and don'ts when buying an existing business, acquiring a franchise, or signing a lease; pros and cons of corporations, LLCs, and other business entities, as well as Michigan filing fees and taxes for each type of entity. Other chapters deal with subjects such as how to protect your assets from creditors; incorporation in a state other than Michigan;
international ISO-9000 standards and certification of your business; use of Universal Product Codes and RFID tags; how to classify workers as either employees or independent contractors; advice about joining a multilevel marketing program; exporting tips; cash flow management and fraud detection; and estate
planning, to name a few covered topics.


The e-book also contains a link to the author's web site, where purchasers of this publication can download (FREE!) the Small Business Advisor software program (Windows), which will create a customized version of this book on your PC, based on a series of questions it will ask you about your business. The software (which sells for $29.95), also creates a customized "Small Business Checklist" on your computer, extensively listing various federal and Michigan tax and business regulations that will apply to your particular business. In addition, it contains "consulting sessions" that use Artificial Intelligence to help you answer technical tax questions like whether you can deduct office-in-home expenses or elect S corporation status.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Special Education Law

Special Education Law Lowest new price: $39.99
Lowest used price: $6.09
List price: $87.00
Author: Laura F. Rothstein

The Fourth Edition of Special Education Law provides a comprehensive and current overview of the major federal laws—and judicial interpretations of those laws—that apply to the education of children with special needs. The text helps students understand what the law requires so that when they become educators, they can develop policies and make decisions that comply with these laws.

  • The most current information on special education statutes, regulations, and case law has been added, including substantial changes in the interpretation of this legislation.
  • New chapter on legal issues surrounding classroom discipline in special education
  • New information on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
  • Added coverage of early intervention and mediation,
  • New cases that reflect the IDEA regulatory changes of 2004 have been added.
  • Thought questions, with references to articles and cases related to those questions, appear throughout the text.

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Takings Litigation Handbook : Defending Takings Challenges to Land Use Regulations

Takings Litigation Handbook : Defending Takings Challenges to Land Use Regulations Lowest new price: $203.05
Lowest used price: $20.00
List price: $49.95
Author: Timothy J. Dowling

No government attorney, land use planner, or other local official can effectively protect their community from harmful land use without a working knowledge of takings law. Developers and other landowners increasingly are attempting to use takings litigation -- or the mere threat of takings litigation -- to convince government agencies to relax or abandon vital protections for our neighborhoods and natural environment.

The Takings Litigation Handbook begins with practical suggestions for the development of a proper record, obtaining insurance coverage, and filing preliminary motions. It then discusses in detail the procedural and substantive defenses that should enable the local government to prevail in takings cases. It finally addresses the issue of calculating damages in the unlikely event that liability for a taking has been found. It is the first ever 'soup to nuts' Handbook for defending land use regulations from takings challenges.

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