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Administrative Law

Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois

Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois Lowest new price: $17.66
Lowest used price: $3.48
List price: $49.71
Author: Filmore Galaty
Brand: Brand: Dearborn Real Estate Education

Written in a user friendly style, this edition of the illinois prelicensee's textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout to reflect the Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000. In addition students and instructiors alike will appriciate the inclusion of more quick memory devices, additional math examples, Internet references, updated questions and more.


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Lobbying for Public and School Libraries: A History and Political Playbook

Lobbying for Public and School Libraries: A History and Political Playbook Lowest new price: $19.36
Lowest used price: $10.00
List price: $59.00
Author: Richard S. Halsey
Brand: Brand: Scarecrow Press

Ever wonder how major league lobbies (e.g., conservationists, gun owners, seniors, anti-tax groups, and health care industry) gain legislator's attention? How grassroots groups get started? Would you like to learn how to increase credibility and clout with your communities, boards, local officials, and state legislators? If so, look no further, for here is the first comprehensive lobbying handbook for advocates of public and school libraries and information services.

Among the topics covered: an overview of public interest and library lobbying from 1808 to the present day; the lobbying activities of major organizations and pioneering advocates; detailed advice on planning, organizing, and building legislative agendas; game plans for waging and winning political support; how to organize a library legislation day, posting and publicizing voting records; campaign war chest contributions; the preparation and delivery of testimony; and the proper handling of communications with newspapers and the electronic media. Also included are field reports from successful school and public library activists, and a listing of thirty critical issues facing library and information services in the 21st century.

An essential guide for all citizen activists and professional librarians who want to defend, protect, and improve library and information services during economic downturns as well as during "boom" times.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Inherent Vice: Bootleg Histories of Videotape and Copyright

Inherent Vice: Bootleg Histories of Videotape and Copyright Lowest new price: $7.89
Lowest used price: $7.89
List price: $27.95
Author: Lucas Hilderbrand

In an age of digital technology and renewed anxiety about media piracy, Inherent Vice revisits the recent analog past with an eye-opening exploration of the aesthetic and legal innovations of home video. Analog videotape was introduced to consumers as a blank format, essentially as a bootleg technology, for recording television without permission. The studios initially resisted VCRs and began legal action to oppose their marketing. In turn, U.S. courts controversially reinterpreted copyright law to protect users’ right to record, while content owners eventually developed ways to exploit the video market. Lucas Hilderbrand shows how videotape and fair use offer essential lessons relevant to contemporary progressive media policy.

Videotape not only radically changed how audiences accessed the content they wanted and loved but also altered how they watched it. Hilderbrand develops an aesthetic theory of analog video, an “aesthetics of access” most boldly embodied by bootleg videos. He contends that the medium specificity of videotape becomes most apparent through repeated duplication, wear, and technical failure; video’s visible and audible degeneration signals its uses for legal transgressions and illicit pleasures. Bringing formal and cultural analysis into dialogue with industrial history and case law, Hilderbrand examines four decades of often overlooked histories of video recording, including the first network news archive, the underground circulation of Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, a feminist tape-sharing network, and the phenomenally popular website YouTube. This book reveals the creative uses of videotape that have made essential content more accessible and expanded our understanding of copyright law. It is a politically provocative, unabashedly nostalgic ode to analog.

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Evil Angels: The Case of Lindy Chamberlain

Evil Angels: The Case of Lindy Chamberlain Lowest new price: $27.47
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $18.95
Author: John Bryson

The basis for the Meryl Streep film A Cry in the Dark: The dramatic true story of a mother’s worst nightmare and the murder trial that shocked Australia.

On a camping trip at Ayer’s Rock, the Chamberlain family’s infant daughter disappeared in the middle of the night. Her distraught mother, Lindy, claimed she saw a dingo carry her off into the Australian outback. Two years later, their tragedy worsened when, without a murder weapon, a body, or even a motive, a jury convicted Lindy Chamberlain of killing her own daughter. The public cheered.
John Bryson, a trial lawyer and award-winning journalist, deconstructs the factors that led to a seemingly reasonless incarceration and the public attitude that demanded it. With this book, he began to sway popular opinion in the Chamberlains’ favor by discussing the failures on the part of the police, forensics team, and press.
Winner of the CWA Gold Dagger award and the inspiration for the film A Cry in the Dark starring Meryl Streep, Evil Angels presents an impartial analysis of the most notorious miscarriage of justice in Australian history. It serves as a reminder of the dangers of blindly searching for a conviction, the importance of scientific accuracy, the volatility of the media, and the ease with which a nation can fall prey to bigoted thinking. Written with literary finesse, this is one of the twentieth century’s most important—and thoughtful—works of true crime.


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Amendments XVIII and XXI: Prohibition and Repeal (Constitutional Amendments)

Amendments XVIII and XXI: Prohibition and Repeal (Constitutional Amendments) Lowest new price: $43.20
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $43.20
Brand: Brand: Greenhaven Press

Investigates the events surrounding the adoption of these two amendments and the social implications of each.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Business Organizations for Paralegals

Business Organizations for Paralegals Lowest new price: $5.95
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $115.95
Author: Deborah E. Bouchoux
Brand: Brand: Aspen Publishers

<p> <b>Fundamentals of Business Organizations for Paralegals, Third Edition,</b> offers a concise treatment of all of the forms of business organizations in the United States. The author provides thorough, succinct treatment of all pertinent topics, making this book the ideal choice for instructors who teach a shorter course and need a text that covers critical topics with a more straightforward approach. </p> <p> <b>Attentive to the fundamentals paralegal students need to know, this concise paperback provides:</b> </p> <ul> <li> a basic and thorough understanding of <b>all the various types of business organizations</b> in a direct and concise format </li> <li> a discussion of <b>each form of business organization,</b> including the nature of the entity, advantages and disadvantages, formation of the entity, operation and management, transferability of ownership, dissolution, and tax consequences </li> <li> more in-depth treatment of <b>Limited Liability Partnerships </b>and<b> Limited Liability Companies</b> than other texts </li> <li> <b>useful exhibits and charts</b> that highlight important topics and<b> sample forms</b> that are integrated with the textual discussion throughout the book </li> <li> <b>Internet resources</b> in each chapter that direct readers to Internet sites that may provide additional information, forms, or agreements </li> <li> <b>Key Terms</b> defined in the margins for easy reference, <b>practice tips</b> in each chapter that provide pragmatic information for paralegals, <b>lists of relevant websites</b> and of <b>tasks commonly performed by paralegals</b>, and a complete glossary that provides an easy reference for terminology </li> <li> <b>Case Illustrations </b>— brief summaries of cases that illustrate one of the concepts or topics addressed in the chapter </li> <li> <b>Discussion Questions</b> in each chapter that stimulate class discussion and ensure that students understand the material </li> <li> <b>a complete ancillary package,</b> including an instructor’s manual with a test bank and PowerPoint slides. The Instructor’s Manual will also provide additional forms, such as tax forms, not included in the text </li> </ul> <p> <b>New to Third Edition:</b> </p> <ul> <li> each chapter includes <b>all new discussion questions, Internet questions, </b> and<b> Case Illustrations</b> </li> <li> Chapter 6 discusses<b> Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act </b> </li> <li> Chapter 10 discusses <b>new trends in corporate governance</b>, such as the move toward electing boards of directors by majority rather than plurality vote, the move toward eliminating staggered or classified boards of directors, new SEC rules and regulations, and the availability of proxy materials on the Internet </li> <li> coverage of the <b>2008 financial crisis</b> </li> </ul> <p> Clear and to the point, <b>Fundamentals of Business Organizations for Paralegals</b> is an excellent, concise treatment of the basics of business organizations, providing students with a thorough understanding of essential topics. </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>


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Essential Law for Landowners & Farmers

Essential Law for Landowners & Farmers Lowest new price: $89.32
Lowest used price: $93.18
List price: $133.00
Author: A. Sydenham

This concise and well-established working guide for landowners, farmers and their advisers explains the law on the ownership, occupation and use of agricultural land.

Essential Law for Landowners and Farmers provides an invaluable source of sound advice, clarifying the complex problems facing landowners today, and explaining the law governing their resolution.

In this major new edition, all the chapters have been re-written and several added, to reflect the enormous changes in the law over the last eleven years - from the new access to open land to environmental issues and the introduction of the farm business tenancy. Designed for quick and easy reference, the book concentrates on issues of prime relevance to landowners and now with a further reading section, this book is an essential single source of guidance on land law.

According to Lord Plumb, writing on the last edition, reading it could avert much 'dispute and misunderstanding ... argument and bloodshed'.

Separation and Divorce in North Carolina

Separation and Divorce in North Carolina Lowest used price: $5.75
List price: $7.95
Author: Mary Y. Nicholson

From Migrants to Citizens: Membership in a Changing World

From Migrants to Citizens:   Membership in a Changing World Lowest new price: $18.00
Lowest used price: $4.98
List price: $24.95
Author: Alexander T. Aleinikoff
Brand: Brand: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Citizenship policies are changing rapidly in the face of global migration trends and the inevitable ethnic and racial diversity that follows. The debates are fierce. What should the requirements of citizenship be? How can multi-ethnic states forge a collective identity around a common set of values, beliefs and practices? What are appropriate criteria for admission and rights and duties of citizens? This book includes nine case studies that investigate immigration and citizenship in Australia, the Baltic States, Canada, the European Union, Israel, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the United States. This complete collection of essays scrutinizes the concrete rules and policies by which states administer citizenship, and highlights similarities and differences in their policies. From Migrants to Citizens, the only comprehensive guide to citizenship policies in these liberal-democratic and emerging states, will be an invaluable reference for scholars in law, political science, and citizenship theory. Policymakers and government officials involved in managing citizenship policy in the United States and abroad will find this an excellent, accessible overview of the critical dilemmas that multi-ethnic societies face as a result of migration and global interdependencies at the end of the twentieth century.


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The Scotia Widows: Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal

The Scotia Widows: Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal Lowest new price: $3.74
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $20.00
Author: Gerald Stern
Brand: Random House

On March 9, 1976, a violent explosion, fueled by high concentrations of methane gas and coal dust, ripped through the Scotia mine in the heart of Eastern Kentucky coal country. The blast killed fifteen miners who were working nearly three and a half miles underground; two days later, a second explosion took the lives of eleven rescue workers. For the miners’ surviving family members, the loss of their husbands, fathers, and sons was only the beginning of their nightmare.

In The Scotia Widows, Gerald M. Stern, the groundbreaking litigator and acclaimed author of The Buffalo Creek Disaster, recounts the epic four-year legal struggle waged by the widows in the aftermath of the disaster. Stern shares a story of loss, scandal, and perseverance–and the plaintiffs’ fight for justice against the titanic forces of “Big Daddy Coal.”

Confronted at nearly every turn by a hostile judge and the scorched-earth defense of the Scotia mine’s owners, family members also withstood the opprobrium of some of their neighbors, most of whom relied on coal mining for their livelihoods. Meanwhile, Stern, representing the widows of the disaster on contingency, amassed huge bills and encountered a litany of formidable obstacles. The Eastern Kentucky trial judge withheld disclosure of his own personal financial interest in coal mining, and a popular pro-coal former Kentucky governor served as the lead defense counsel. The judge also suppressed as evidence the federal mine study that pointed to numerous safety violations at the Scotia mine: In a rush to produce more coal, necessary ventilation had been short-circuited, miners had not been trained in the use of self-rescue equipment, and ventilation inspections had not been made. Moreover, Scotia did not even have a trained rescue team. Ultimately, the Scotia widows’ ordeal helped to inspire the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, which changed safety regulations for coal mines throughout the country.

The Scotia Widows portrays in gripping detail young women deciding to pursue a landmark legal campaign against powerful corporate interests and the judge who protected them. It is a critically important and timeless story of ordinary people who took a stand and refused to give up hope for justice.

Praise for The Scotia Widows:

“This is a very scary story, a guided tour of the grinding cogs and spinning wheels inside the machinery of justice. Gerald Stern’s compassionate account of the ordeal of the Scotia widows shows you how horribly out of kilter it can all get when greed and self-interest are at the controls. Only with luck and the expertise of Stern does justice emerge in the end, a bit tarnished but still intact.”
–Jonathan Harr, author of A Civil Action


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