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Anatomy of Fitness Pilates

Anatomy of Fitness Pilates Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $16.99
Author: Isabel Eisen

Pilates is a rewarding and invigorating exercise program that can increase overall fitness, build core strength, and improve performance. Anatomy of Fitness: Pilates shows you how to improve your physical stability, strength, and flexibility while keeping your body and mind aligned. This user-friendly 192-page paperback book contains a comprehensive introduction to Pilates, detailed anatomical illustrations of the muscles used in each exercise, variations to increase or lessen the challenge, and a bonus poster featuring anatomical diagrams and an easy-to-follow Pilates sequence. The range of Pilates mat sequences give you a total workout that engages the core, back, legs, and arms, so anyone can tailor a program to suit their fitness requirements. Improve posture, build strength and flexibility, look great, and feel amazing with Anatomy of Fitness: Pilates!

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Pilates An Interactive Workbook: If You're Going To Do It, Do It Right

Pilates An Interactive Workbook: If You're Going To Do It, Do It Right Lowest new price: $27.80
Lowest used price: $25.87
List price: $29.95
Author: Christina Maria Gadar
Brand: Christina Maria Gadar

Practice Pilates at home on your own to take ownership of your workout and make the most of your investment with a certified Pilates instructor. "Pilates An Interactive Workbook" helps you practice safely at home, and efficiently in the studio with your instructor. It presents a general outline and step-by-step photo illustrations of over one hundred Pilates exercises, including the basic matwork, intermediate matwork, magic circle matwork, standing weights series, magic circle exercises, wall series, and the reformer apparatus. Because Pilates exercises need to be continually personalized and adapted, this workbook provides a place to record notes. With the help of your certified Pilates instructor you can customize this workbook with your current modifications, helpful cue words and useful imagery. With Pilates there is no finish line, so enjoy each moment and each progression, and use "Pilates An Interactive Workbook" as a supplement to your training to help you along the way.

“Keeping it beautiful, simple, and pure! This is something grandma would have approved of, as she did not like manuals, but a beautiful guide! Thank you Christina Gadar!!!” -Daria Pace, granddaughter of Romana Kryzanowska (the protege of Joe Pilates)

“Wow – this is a big book! At over 300 pages, the book is modeled entirely by Gadar who, as a former dancer, is a beautiful example of well executed classical Pilates.”–excerpt of Alycea Ungaro's review on

“A must for the self-proclaimed Pilates nerd and enthusiast of all stripes, Pilates An Interactive Workbook clearly communicates the ideas and skills inherent and crucial to success in the Pilates Method. I am very happy to have this book. And to put it to good use.”–excerpt from Andrea Maida's review on the Pilates Andrea blog

“This book is the one I wish I’d had all those years ago when I started doing Pilates…Give it as gifts to your clients, I love it and it sometimes helps me to explain to clients when I can’t find the words that would help them ‘get’ something that I’ve tried to express in every way I can think of.” -excerpt of Sunni Almond’s review for the Pilates Book Review and Discussion Club


  • Pilates An Interactive Workbook If You re Going To Do It Do It Right

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Ellie Herman's Pilates Wunda Chair

Ellie Herman's Pilates Wunda Chair Lowest new price: $49.95
Lowest used price: $49.94
Author: Ellie Herman

A manual for the Wunda Chair. This guide is meant for Pilates trainers and fitness professionals as well as for Pilates aficionados who want a deeper understanding of their own practice. The book takes you through the classic Wunda Chair repertoire as well as introducing original exercises devloped by Ellie Herman and her instructors over the last 15 years. The photos picture the Combo Chair manufactured by Ballanced Body, but all exercises can also be done on the Wunda Chair.

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Pilates Lowest new price: $34.11
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $19.95
Author: Rael Isacowitz
Brand: Brand: Human Kinetics

Strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles with the full range of Pilates exercises. In Pilates, world-renowned Pilates expert Rael Isacowitz shows you the same repertoire that he has used to train 10 Olympians, including U.S. figure skater Sasha Cohen and diver Wendy Williams, as well as an elite group of professional instructors who work with celebrities and athletes around the world.

Starting with the foundation for all the exercises, Pilates presents an in-depth treatment of mat work, including photo illustrations and detailed breathing instruction to help you perform the movements correctly. A unique set of challenging exercise sequences allows the movements to flow in one continuous motion.

Following mat work, where most books stop entirely, Pilates just gets going. The same depth of instruction and photo illustrations are applied to the full range of Pilates apparatus:

- Reformer

- Cadillac

- Step and ladder barrels

- Magic circle

- Wunda chair

- Ped-a-pul

- Arm chair

The complete repertoire includes a customized grouping of exercises in blocks that progress from the fundamental level through the intermediate and advanced levels to challenge you at all stages of Pilates development.

With 210 exercises in all, Pilates is the most comprehensive guide available on the Pilates method. A contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates, this is the one book you need in order to improve posture, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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PRO-ROLLER™ Pilates Challenge (8209)

PRO-ROLLER™ Pilates Challenge (8209) Lowest new price: $11.95
Lowest used price: $48.96
List price: $12.29
Author: Angela Kneale

Ready to roll up to the next level of Pilates for a joyful, strong and healthy body? PRO-ROLLER™ Pilates Challenge encourages exploration of movement through 40 intermediate to advanced Pilates exercises on the PRO-ROLLER such as Oblique Can-Cans, Windmill, Mermaid Series, Bicycle, Push Up Combo and Leg Circles.

Highlights include:

Several large color photos per page
Exercise prompts, emphasizing key Pilates principles (proper alignment, control, fluidity, concentration and measured breathing)
Concise step-by-step instructions
Incorporating the PRO-ROLLER with Pilates exercise is a motivational way to deepen mind-body awareness, promote better posture and body symmetry, and challenge core strength and balance.

Written by Angela Kneale, OTR. Angela is an occupational therapist, certified STOTT Pilates® instructor and Franklin Method educator.


  • 40 intermediate to advanced Pilates exercises
  • Several large color photos per page
  • Concise step-by-step instructions

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Discovering Pure Classical Pilates: Theory and Practice as Joseph Pilates Intended

Discovering Pure Classical Pilates: Theory and Practice as Joseph Pilates Intended Lowest new price: $13.40
Lowest used price: $10.63
List price: $19.95
Author: Peter Fiasca

Discovering Pure Classical Pilates looks deeply into Joseph Pilates' traditional method of mental and physical conditioning by describing its foundations, goals, movement qualities and benefits. Specific attention is given to the ways in which market forces, individual creativity or ambition lead to deterioration and commercialization of the traditional Pilates method. We harken back in time to Joseph Pilates' own two books Your Health (1934) and Return to Life Through Contrology (1945) by exploring social, economic, psychological and spiritual issues associated with his traditional work.

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Pilates: Step-by-Step Exercises and Sequences

Pilates: Step-by-Step Exercises and Sequences Lowest new price: $9.74
Lowest used price: $9.79
List price: $14.99
Author: Emily Kelly

Classic Pilates postures for strength, flexibility and toning, on 52 sturdy laminated cards contained within an attractive presentation tin box.

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Pilates REFORMER Training Manual (Official International Training Manual

Pilates REFORMER Training Manual (Official International Training Manual Lowest new price: $27.99
Lowest used price: $17.18
List price: $27.99
Author: Melinda Bryan

FOR DETAILED MOST UP TO DATE PILATES INSTRUCTION GET THE OFFICIAL MANUALS OF THE PILATES STUDIO® OF LOS ANGELES. Designed for everyone with Pictures to accompany every exercise. For the first time Since 1992, these easy to follow industry secret training manuals, previously available only to a selective few, have now been released to the world. USED BY CERTIFIED PILATES EXPERTS AS THE UNIVERSAL OFFICIAL PILATES TRAINING MANUALS WORLDWIDE. The REFORMER PILATES manual, is 1 of the series of 6 Pilates Manuals, authored by MELINDA BRYAN, Founder and Director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy & The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles Since 1992. All 6 manuals have been recently revised to meet today s standards, and include some hard to find and rarely taught Pilates routines. These OFFICIAL MANUALS are based on the Original Pilates Teacher Certification Program developed by The Pilates Studio since 1992. The program was offered in California EXCLUSIVELY for years at The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles under the direction of Melinda Bryan. The Pilates Studio of LA, known as the very first Official Pilates Certification Center on the West Coast of the United States, is one of only two Original licensing centers in the world. As the former co-owner of the once federally registered trademark PILATES, almost twenty years ago, The Pilates Studio of LA played a vital role in bringing Pilates exercise into the public eye as one of the most effective fitness methods of our generation. Almost 2 decades have passed!... Long gone are the days when the BEST Pilates available were limited to the West Coast or the East Coast. The world has evolved and the time has come to bring Pilates to a whole new generation. Melinda with over 20 years of experience as one of the world's leading Principal Master Pilates Teacher Trainers, and her extensive Physical Therapy expertise, has applied current basic medical information to the method while at the same time maintaining all of the original principles and purity of the method. Book Size 8.5 W x 11 H

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Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre

Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Lowest new price: $14.43
Lowest used price: $10.00
List price: $21.95
Author: Helen Vanderburg
Brand: Helen Vanderburg

Combine fitness, Pilates, yoga, and barre, and what do you get? An incredible workout that will engage you, challenge you, and change the way you exercise.

Welcome to Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre, the program shaped around your preferences, needs, and goals. You’ll discover an approach combining four disciplines that will help you gain strength, muscle definition, flexibility, balance, and overall mind–body health. Fusion Workouts guides you through a five-step system accounting for your fitness level, goals, time available, activity preferences, and more. Then select from 15 ready-to-follow workouts, or mix it up and create your own.

You’ll find more than 100 exercises and poses along with easy-to-follow guidelines for sequencing them for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment. More Pilates and yoga with less barre? Less yoga and more fitness? No problem. This is your workout!


  • Fusion Workouts Fitness Yoga Pilates and Barre

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Ellie Herman's Pilates Workbook on the Ball: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide (Dirty Everyday Slang)

Ellie Herman's Pilates Workbook on the Ball: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide (Dirty Everyday Slang) Lowest new price: $9.04
Lowest used price: $1.55
List price: $14.95
Author: Ellie Herman
Brand: Ellie Herman


Specially designed by San Francisco―based Pilates expert Ellie Herman for her studio clients, the exercises in this book combine the powerful slimming and shaping effects of Pilates with the low-impact, high-intensity workout of the ball. Adding fun, variety and increased effectiveness, the ball transforms traditional Pilates moves into an unparalleled workout offering:

•Aerobic conditioning
•Muscle toning
•Body sculpting
•Fat burning
•Improved posture
•Mental concentration

Each of the movements―from beginner bounces to super-advanced balances―are explained with clear captions and easy-to-follow photo sequences.


  • Ellie Herman s Pilates Workbook on the Ball Illustrated Step by Step Guide

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