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Linux Applications

Mastering Red Hat Linux 9

Mastering Red Hat Linux 9 Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $3.79
List price: $49.99
Author: Michael Jang

Your Complete Guide to the World's Leading Linux Distribution

Whether you depend on Linux as a server or desktop OS, Mastering Red Hat Linux 9 gives you the practical information you need to install, configure, and administer the latest version of Red Hat's operating system to suit your specific computing needs. Clear, step-by-step instruction teaches you basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques, and the Publisher's Edition of Red Hat Linux 9—included on two CDs—lets you get started right away. Coverage includes:

  • Installing Linux from multiple sources
  • Automating Linux installation over a network
  • Navigating the command line interface
  • Administering users and groups
  • Managing RPM packages
  • Troubleshooting the boot process
  • Recompiling a kernel
  • Configuring the X Window
  • Working with GNOME and KDE
  • Using Red Hat GUI administrative tools
  • Understanding basic TCP/IP networking
  • Securing Linux firewalls
  • Setting up secure remote access
  • Installing and testing DNS, DHCP, CUPS, and sendmail
  • Configuring and troubleshooting FTP, NFS, Samba, and Apache
  • Online Bonus Chapters: Linux Certification requirments (not yet available)

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Linux in Safety-Critical Applications (OSADL Academic Works, Volume 1)

Linux in Safety-Critical Applications (OSADL Academic Works, Volume 1) Lowest new price: $29.80
Lowest used price: $203.70

Oracle and Open Source: Includes Perl, Linux, Tcl, Python, Apache, Java and More

Oracle and Open Source: Includes Perl, Linux, Tcl, Python, Apache, Java and More Lowest new price: $6.00
Lowest used price: $1.55
List price: $54.99
Author: Andy Duncan
Brand: Brand: O'Reilly Media

Oracle & Open Source is the first book to tie together the commercial world of Oracle and the free-wheeling world of open source software. As this book reveals, these two worlds are not as far apart as they may seem. Today, there are many excellent and freely available software tools that Oracle developers and database administrators can use, at no cost, to improve their own coding productivity and their system's performance. Moreover, many of the finest Oracle developers are now making their source code freely available so their peers can build upon this code base. Oracle Corporation is even porting its RDBMS to Linux and starting to incorporate a growing number of open source tools in the company's own software.

Oracle & Open Source describes close to 100 open source tools you can use for Oracle development and database administration, from large and widely known open source systems (like Linux, Perl, Apache, TCL/Tk and Python) to more Oracle-specific tools (like Orasoft, Orac, OracleTool, and OraSnap). You'll learn how to obtain the software and how to adapt it to best advantage. The book abounds with code examples, download and installation instructions, and helpful usage hints.

Not only does it tell you how to find and use existing open source code;Oracle & Open Source gives you the details and the motivation to build your own open source contributions and release them to the Oracle community. You'll learn all about tools like the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and Perl-DBI (Database Interface), which provide the glue allowing new open source tools to link into commercial Oracle software.

With Oracle & Open Source as a guide, you'll discover an enormous number of highly effective open source tools, while getting involved with the thriving community of open source development.

Oracle made a big decision a couple of years ago. The company decided to open certain aspects of its relational database management system (RDBMS) to manipulation by outside software. That architectural decision enabled a whole community of specialized software developers to thrive. In Oracle & Open Source, Andy Duncan and Sean Hull explore the universe of open source (that is, modifiable and largely free) software for Oracle applications. The authors approach the subject from two angles: that of database administrators who simply want to locate, download, and use tools that others have created, and that of the software developer who wants to learn about and take advantage of the hooks Oracle has built into its products.

The downloaders will be pleased with documentation of Orac, Oddis, Karma, Oracletool, GNOME-DB, and other ready-to-run administration and design tools. The book explains what each tool does, where it comes from, how to install it, and how to use it (complete with hallmark O'Reilly options lists in most cases). The programmer set, eager to contribute to the collection of open-source Oracle tools, will learn a lot from documentation of Oracle-specific libraries for various languages, including Oratcl for Tcl/Tk, several Perl modules, DCOracle for Python, and the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) classes for Java. Some programmers may find the introductory sections too general in focus, but they'll be pleased by sections that explain the use of specific methods and functions. --David Wall

Topics covered: The collection of libraries that have come into existence to facilitate interaction with Oracle databases from within home-grown software, as well as programs that others have written to take advantage of those libraries.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Learning Embedded Linux using the Yocto Project

Learning Embedded Linux using the Yocto Project Lowest new price: $40.27
Lowest used price: $30.00
List price: $44.99
Author: Alexandru Vaduva

Develop powerful embedded Linux systems with the Yocto Project components

About This Book

  • A hands-on guide to enhance your ability to develop captivating embedded Linux projects
  • Learn about the compelling features offered by the Yocto Project, such as customization, virtualization, and many more
  • Illustrates concepts such device-emulation and cross-compiling in a pragmatic and lucid way

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Yocto and Linux enthusiast who wants to build embedded Linux systems but do not have the knowledge to do it, this is the book for you. It will also help those of you who have a bit of knowledge about Linux and the embedded world and are keen on learning more about the technology. This book will provide you with the skills needed to successfully interact with the Yocto Project components regardless of the fact that you are new to embedded development or an expert.

What You Will Learn

  • Interact with and customize the bootloader for a board
  • Use the Yocto Project in the embedded Linux development process
  • Familiarize yourself with and customize the bootloader for a board
  • Explore and work with toolchain components such as binutils, gcc, glibc (C libraries), and kernel headers
  • Interact with a root filesystem for your project and also with meta layers
  • Discover more about real-time layer, security, virtualization, CGL, and LSB
  • Identify the Yocto Project components such as Eclipse ADT plug-ins, and Toaster

In Detail

This book offers readers an idea of what embedded Linux software and hardware architecture looks like, cross-compiling, and also presents information about the bootloader and how it can be built for a specific board. This book will go through Linux kernel features and source code, present information on how to build a kernel source, modules, and the Linux root filesystem. You'll be given an overview of the available Yocto Project components, how to set up Yocto Project Eclipse IDE, and how to use tools such as Wic and Swabber that are still under development. It will present the meta-realtime layer and the newly created meta-cgl layer, its purpose, and how it can add value to poky.

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Google Apps Deciphered: Compute in the Cloud to Streamline Your Desktop

Google Apps Deciphered: Compute in the Cloud to Streamline Your Desktop Lowest new price: $14.65
Lowest used price: $5.49
List price: $39.99
Author: Scott Granneman

Google Apps Deciphered

Compute in the Cloud to Streamline Your Desktop


Use Google Apps to Improve Productivity and Collaboration, Reduce Costs, and Eliminate Technology Hassles!


Google Apps gives you virtually all the business and productivity software you need–all of it free, or available at extremely low cost. Because the suite of Google Apps runs on Google’s network in the cloud, you avoid the hassles that go with desktop software. Getting started with Google Apps is easy–but if you want to make the most of it, you’ll need expert guidance that Google’s online help doesn’t provide. Get all the help you need, right here.


This is your start-to-finish guide to setting up Google Apps, migrating to it, customizing it, and using it to improve productivity, communications, and collaboration. Scott Granneman introduces every leading component individually, and shows exactly how to make them work together for you on the web or by integrating them with your favorite desktop apps. You’ll find practical insights on Google Apps email, calendaring, contacts, wikis, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and even Google’s new web browser Chrome. And, drawing on his extensive experience helping companies move to Google Apps, Granneman presents tips and tricks you simply won’t find anywhere else. Coverage includes


• Choosing the right edition of Google Apps for you

• Setting up Google Apps so it will be easier to use and manage

• Migrating your email, contacts, and calendars to Google Apps

• Administering and securing Google Apps

• Integrating Google Apps with other software and services

• Leveraging Google Sites to collaborate across teams, organizations, or the entire world

• Making the most of Google Talk voice calls and instant messaging

• Implementing Google’s office productivity tools, including Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

• Using policy management and message recovery to control and secure your messaging

• Customizing efficient Google Apps Start Pages for you and your colleagues

• Sharing important and useful videos with your colleagues

• Maximizing the innovative features of Google’s new web browser, Chrome


SCOTT GRANNEMAN is an author, teacher, and entrepreneur with extensive experience in Google Apps migration, setup, and training. As Adjunct Professor at Washington University, he teaches popular courses on technology, security, and the Internet. A monthly columnist for SecurityFocus and Linux Magazine, he has authored four books on open source technologies, including The Linux Phrasebook. As a principal at WebSanity, he manages the firm’s UNIX server environment, and helps develop its Content Management System, which is used by educational, business, and non-profit clients nationwide.


Linux Techniques: Programming, System Management and Applications (Technology Today) (Volume 4) by Michael Collier (2015-01-15)

Linux Techniques: Programming, System Management and Applications (Technology Today) (Volume 4) by Michael Collier (2015-01-15) Lowest new price: $44.95
Lowest used price: $44.90
Author: Michael Collier

Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook - Second Edition: Identify, exploit, and test web application security with Kali Linux 2018.x

Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook - Second Edition: Identify, exploit, and test web application security with Kali Linux 2018.x Lowest new price: $44.99
List price: $44.99
Author: Gilberto Najera-Gutierrez
Model: 1788991516

Discover the most common web vulnerabilities and prevent them from becoming a threat to your site's security

Key Features

  • Familiarize yourself with the most common web vulnerabilities
  • Conduct a preliminary assessment of attack surfaces and run exploits in your lab
  • Explore new tools in Kali Linux ecosystem for web penetration testing

Book Description

Web applications are a huge point of attack for malicious hackers and a critical area for security professionals and penetration testers to lock down and secure. Kali Linux is a Linux-based penetration testing platform that provides a huge array of testing tools, many of which can be used to execute web penetration testing.

Starting from the setup of a testing laboratory, this book will give you the skills you need to cover every stage of a penetration test: from gathering information about the system and the application to identifying vulnerabilities through manual testing and the use of vulnerability scanners to both basic and advanced exploitation techniques that may lead to a full system compromise. You will explore the latest features of Burp suite and perform wide range of tasks using Burp suite's intruder. Next, you will be able to use automated scanners to find security flaws in web applications and also understand how to bypass basic security controls. Finally, you will be able to put this into the context of OWASP and the top 10 web application vulnerabilities you are most likely to encounter, equipping you with the ability to combat them effectively. By the end of the book, you will have the required skills to identify, exploit, and prevent web application vulnerabilities.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up a penetration testing laboratory in a secure way
  • Use proxies, crawlers, and spiders to investigate an entire website in minutes
  • Identify cross site scripting and client-side vulnerabilities
  • Exploit vulnerabilities that require complex setups and run custom-made exploits
  • Discover and exploit vulnerabilities that allow you to inject code into web applications
  • Improve your testing efficiency with the use of automated vulnerability scanners
  • Learn to circumvent some security controls put in place to prevent attacks

Who This Book Is For

This book is for IT professionals, web developers, security enthusiasts, and security professionals who want an accessible reference on how to find, exploit, and prevent security vulnerabilities in web applications. You should know the basics of operating a Linux environment and have some exposure to security technologies and tools.

Using Linux: Special Edition

Using Linux: Special Edition Lowest used price: $4.50
List price: $59.99
Author: Jack Tackett

Updated from the previous best-selling edition, this complete reference features increased coverage of installation, software, and the Internet. It goes beyond a simple tutorial reference and shows how to extend Linux. -Features extensive information on getting connected to the Internet with Linux's built-in communications tools -Shows how to create your own Web pages and your own Web site -Two CD-ROMs contain Slackware 3.0, a complete version of the 32-bit Linux operating system, source code, and add-on tools and utilities, PLUS, the complete version of the Linux operating system from Red Hat

The biggest appeal of this book is its companion software with three separate versions of Linux on CD-ROM--Red Hat Linux 4.1, Slackware Linux 3.1, and Caldera Open Linux Lite 1.1. You'll be able to try out all three versions without going through the trouble of downloading (though these are old versions of each flavor).

The text focuses on Red Hat Linux, though it's similar to the other two versions on the CD-ROM and you can easily transfer lessons to the others. The authors begin by explaining how to install Linux and how to configure it properly for your hardware environment. Then, they talk about key commands--file management and the like--before spilling the beans on how to run programs.

The information on how to get DOS and Windows programs to run under Linux with dosemu and other jury-rigs is notable. There's even a list of programs (popular and less so) that have been made to run under Linux; each entry comes complete with the e-mail address of a person who claims to have done it.

From there, the book moves on to explain X Windows, time-sharing servers, vi, Internet tools, and the mechanics of using Linux as an Internet server (though there are other whole books that cover the subject in more depth). Overall, this book distinguishes itself by showing you how to do unusual things with Linux. Get this book if you want to see your new operating system do some unusual tricks.

Linux programming environment: from the application to the kernel(Chinese Edition)

Linux programming environment: from the application to the kernel(Chinese Edition) Lowest new price: $42.35
Lowest used price: $36.47

Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: 2016-06-01 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press UNIX Advanced Programming Environment (referred APUE) almost Linux programmers the necessary manpower in the field of a book. But after the grasp and understand the content APUE. how to continue to improve their skills. a better understanding of how the work of Linux programming environment and behind it? This book will take the reader a new perspective to re-enter the Linux programming environment. starting from the application. the kernel source depth study Linux working mechanisms and principles of each interface. allowing readers to not only know these. but also know why. Linux as a development engineer. if not master the application layer development for Linux. but also familiar with the Linux kernel source code. its design in the Linux environment will ease the development of any produ...

Computational Biology —: Unix/Linux, Data Processing and Programming

Computational Biology —: Unix/Linux, Data Processing and Programming Lowest new price: $84.28
Lowest used price: $5.30
List price: $69.95
Author: Röbbe Wünschiers

-Teaches the reader how to use Unix, which is the key to basic computing and allows the most flexibility for bioinformatics applications -Written specifically with the needs of molecular biologists in mind -Easy to follow, written for beginners with no computational knowledge -Includes examples from biological data analysis -Can be use either for self-teaching or in courses  

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