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Digital Photography

EF Lens Work III: The Eyes of EOS

EF Lens Work III: The Eyes of EOS Lowest new price: $18.99
Lowest used price: $4.79
Author: Canon Lens Products Group

Nuevas Historias: Contemporary Photography from Spain

Nuevas Historias: Contemporary Photography from Spain Lowest new price: $5.98
Lowest used price: $5.17
List price: $60.00
Author: Timothy Persons
Brand: Brand: Hatje Cantz

For years, contemporary photography and video art have played a substantial role in Spain's avant-garde culture. As curator Estelle af Malmborg writes in this volume, In just a few decades, a closed society, trapped in its past, has been transformed into a multifaceted country in which contemporary culture enjoys a strong position. Spanish photography does not shy away from the personal expression. We who lived in Spain in the 1980s experienced first-hand the major political, social and cultural changes. The sociocultural movement La Movida, with the film director Pedro Almodóvar as its front figure, released a wave of suppressed creativity and tested the boundaries of freedom. The explosive Spanish culture of the 1980s expressed itself in many ways, but a common feature was an interest in capturing the intellectual currents of the rest of Europe, while, at the same time, relating to one's own cultural heritage. This volume collects works addressing issues of cultural identity, heritage and history by 31 contemporary artists--including Ignasi Aballi, Sergio Belinchón, Carmen Calvo, Alicia Framis, Dionisio González, Ángel Marcos, Aitor Ortiz, Montserrat Soto and Valentin Vallhonrat.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Web Cams For Dummies?

Web Cams For Dummies? Lowest new price: $28.54
Lowest used price: $4.00
List price: $24.99
Author: Wallace Wang
Brand: Brand: For Dummies

Web Cams for Dummies provides a detailed look at these hot gadgets! Veteran Dummies author Wally Wang gives users a complete overview of their web cam, including: setting up your web cam, selecting a webcam (for those users buying one after their system purchase), picking and using the software and in-depth coverage of the utility of this great visual tool!


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Digital Photography (The Practical Illustrated Encyclopedia of)

Digital Photography (The Practical Illustrated Encyclopedia of) Lowest new price: $10.00
Lowest used price: $4.00
Author: Steve Luck

A step by step guide to taking great photographs. Expert advice on everything you need to know, from choosing a digital camera and composing your picture to retouching & improving your images on the computer & producing your own prints, with over 1000 fabulous photographs.

Simple, Quick & Profitable Portraits - Lighting, Shooting and More! (Tutorial DVD)

Simple, Quick & Profitable Portraits - Lighting, Shooting and More! (Tutorial DVD) Lowest new price: $29.00
Lowest used price: $90.99
Author: Will Crockett

Shootsmarter University DVD 2008, 2 hours and 11 minutes long, ships in plastic clam CD case. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide or CD-ROM drive. World-class photographer Will Crockett takes you inside real shooting sessions to explore his premium quality yet super-speedy methods. Nine different real-client photo shoots are documented by the ShootSmarter video crew in this over 2 hour DVD to show every detail of Will's famous "Kill It and Bill It" photography techniques. Know as a leading expert in maximum image quality, watch Will as he shoots both indoors and out - with amazing control, precision and confidence to produce prints that glow off the paper with very little if ANY Photoshop or file repair at all. "Today's cameras produce files that are nothing short of amazing if you take the setup time to tell them what you want to do. I want to use simple and solid lighting techniques, control over exposure and white balance, shoot, then sell. I don't want to adjust files in Photoshop or Lightroom any more than I have to. Getting it "right" in the camera saves time, boosts quality, allows me the freedom to shoot more creatively and makes me more money too. My staff jokes that I am allergic to Photoshop!" - Will Crockett Enjoy Will's new "OneLight" setups that are as powerful as they are easy to use that range from a single flash head bounced off of a wall or ceiling blended with the available roomlight, to his methods of using a Beauty Dish and RingFlash. Clean, simple, and profitable lighting that produces "bulletproof" files that print like a dream.

Portrait Techniques Volume 3 - 10 photographers - by PhotoVision (Tutorial DVD - 6 DVD Set)

Portrait Techniques Volume 3 - 10 photographers - by PhotoVision (Tutorial DVD - 6 DVD Set) Lowest new price: $73.98
Lowest used price: $29.69
Author: Photovision

Portrait Techniques, Vol 3 - Tutorial DVD set - 6 DVDs. Play on any DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM drive. Look over the shoulders of 10 of the industry's leading photographers as they take you into their camera rooms and on location. Children, families, black and white relationships, high school seniors... watch as these artists capture the special expressions, personalities and moods of their subjects. See how they employ composition and lighting techniques to create unique styles and memorable portraits. Features: Andrew Campbell, Sandy Puc, Bruce Dorn Dave Junion, Suzette Nesire, Jeff Hawkins Larry Peter, Marcus Bell, Ed Pierce, Vicki Taufer

Wedding Techniques Volume 2 - (6 Tutorial DVDs / 12 Hours)

Wedding Techniques Volume 2 - (6 Tutorial DVDs / 12 Hours) Lowest used price: $59.99
Author: PhotoVision

including 6 DVDs, 12 hours long. Play in any DVD player (worldwide). This twelve hour, six DVD Set showcases the digital wedding workflow from capture to creative enhancements, from the "getting ready" shots to the finished album. See the techniques and methods of leading photographers covering all aspects of modern wedding photography. Follow Photographers during five complete weddings. Segments Feature Michele Celentano - Sara Francis -Robert Isacson - Parker Pfister - Ed Pierce - Ken Sklute - Julia Woods

Carrara 5 Pro Handbook (Graphics Series)

Carrara 5 Pro Handbook (Graphics Series) Lowest new price: $11.62
Lowest used price: $4.32
List price: $49.95
Author: Mike de la Flor

Whether you are a new or seasoned user, you'll find everything you need to get started with Carrara 5 in The Carrara 5 Pro Handbook. This edition has been completely updated to teach everything you need to know about Carrara, especially many of the new and advanced features. Explore new and creative ways to use Carrara through a great collection of step-by-step tutorials written by industry experts, including two bonus comprehensive modeling tutorials with Eovia's newest application Hexagon. These hands-on tutorials progress from basic to advanced, guiding you from the basics of 3D modeling to the challenges of animation. The book is structured so that the process of creating 3D illustrations and animations flows logically from one chapter to another. And by using this approach you can easily learn the technical aspects of working with Carrara Pro and achieve a tangible understanding of the workflow involved in creating 3D content. By the end of the book, you'll know how to use the powerful tools of Carrara 5 Pro, have new and improved 3D skills, and have gained experience in 3D production concepts. This is a must-have resource for new and seasoned users a like!

iLife '05: The Missing Manual

iLife '05: The Missing Manual Lowest new price: $11.06
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $29.95
Author: David Pogue

The incomparable iLife '05 is the must-have multimedia suite for everyone who owns a Mac--and the envy of everyone who doesn't. iLife '05: The Missing Manual is the definitive iLife '05 book--and what should have come with the suite.There's no better guide to your iLife experience than the #1 bestselling Macintosh author and expert--and Missing Manual series creator--David Pogue. Totally objective and utterly in-the-know, Pogue highlights the newest features, changes, and improvements of iLife '05, covers the capabilities and limitations of each program within the suite, and delivers countless goodies that you won't find anywhere else: undocumented tips, tricks, and secrets for getting the best performance out of every iLife application.Pogue examines all five programs in iLife '05, including:

  • iTunes 4.7. The digital jukebox software for Mac (and Windows) rips songs from music CDs onto your hard drive, organizes and plays your music collection, lets you buy songs from the iTunes Music Store, and syncs all your music with your iPod.
  • iPhoto 5. With iPhoto 5, you can pull photos from digital cameras and then organize and present them as a slideshow, desktop picture, screen saver, email attachment, web page, DVD, printout, or hardbound photo book.
  • iMovie HD. Now you can easily import and edit video from the newest High Definition camcorders and even little flash media video cams in all the latest formats. You can turn those seemingly endless home movies into short, fun, tightly edited, top-quality highlight reels that friends and family actually beg to watch.
  • iDVD 5. Transform your iMovie productions and digital slideshows into Hollywood-style DVDs that play on everyday DVD players.
  • GarageBand 2. This critically acclaimed program turns a Mac into a digital music-recording studio.
With your authoritative, witty, full color, all-inclusive iLife '05: The Missing Manual at the ready, there's nothing standing between you and professional-caliber music, photos, movies, and more.

Canon EOS 30D QuickPro Camera Guides - Tutorial DVD

Canon EOS 30D QuickPro Camera Guides - Tutorial DVD Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $12.45
Author: QuickPro

Over one hour long tutorial DVD for the Canon 30D. Play in any DVD player or CD-Rom. Comprehensive Training including Advanced Features - Menu-Based for easy Navigation and Reference - Emmy Award winning Host - Todd Hansen - Hundreds of stunning photographs including Expert Tips and Analysis.

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