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African Cooking

30 Most Delicious Meals in Kenya: All Delicious Kenyan Recipes

30 Most Delicious Meals in Kenya: All Delicious Kenyan Recipes Lowest new price: $12.76
List price: $12.99
Author: Rachael Rayner

This book will enlighten you on foods that you should try if you travel to Kenya. Moreover, you should definitely try the recipes and be your own chef. That’s a better idea, don’t you agree?

This book has a total of 30 recipes of traditional foods, desserts, puddings, and salad. Most of the foods listed are normally familiarized with certain origins in Kenya. But over time, everyone started embracing each other’s tradition and started sharing their beliefs, meals, and customs.

I hope you will enjoy reading the book and have a better glimpse of the kinds of foods taken in Kenya. The Kenyan recipes should be a must-try.

Enjoy the book.

Mr. Food Test Kitchen - The Ultimate 30 Minutes or Less Cookbook: More Than 130 Mouthwatering Recipes (The Ultimate Cookbook Series)

Mr. Food Test Kitchen - The Ultimate 30 Minutes or Less Cookbook: More Than 130 Mouthwatering Recipes (The Ultimate Cookbook Series) Lowest new price: $13.98
Lowest used price: $7.81
List price: $23.95
Author: Mr. Food Test Kitchen
Brand: MR Food Test Kitchen

We’re all looking for quick and easy solutions for getting dinner on the table, that don’t sacrifice on taste or quality. That’s why the Mr. Food Test Kitchen has created a cookbook that features over 130+ recipes that are done in 30 minutes or less. Unlike other books that make the same claim, but then require additional prep and chilling times, our books won’t let you down. When we say 30 minutes or less, we include everything from prep to plate.

Imagine cooking up a comforting meatloaf, a satisfying skillet casserole, or a roasted chicken all within a half hour. Typically, you’d expect these types of dishes to take hours, but we’ve figured out a way to reduce the time, so your family can enjoy these on any busy weeknight. One forkful of any of these recipes and you’ll understand what makes this cookbook so great – we cut the cooking time, but not the flavor! And since no meal is complete without dessert, you can bet that we’ve included lots of sweet treats that are also done in less time than it takes to watch the evening news. No sweet tooth will be able to resist our decadent cakes, praiseworthy pies, and bubblin’ hot cobblers.  

Of course, like all of the other books in our “Ultimate” cookbook series, every recipe features a full-page photo and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. It won’t take long (30 minutes to be exact!) before you’ll be saying, “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!®”


  • Mr Food Test Kitchen The Ultimate 30 Minutes or Less Cookbook More Than 130 Mouthwatering Recipes

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Moro East

Moro East Lowest new price: $17.44
Lowest used price: $17.26
List price: $29.95
Author: Samuel Clark
Brand: Ebury Press

The Clarks renew their passion for the food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean, but this time they find their inspiration a little closer to home, in their local garden
When Sam and Sam took on their very first local garden they found themselves part of a community of Turks and Cypriots who cultivate and cook an extraordinary range of ingredients, many of which are integral to the food served at Moro. This collection follows a year in the life of this community garden, reflected in recipes that are unusual without being daunting. Many of the recipes reflect everyday activities—Turkish women rolling flatbreads or clipping the young vine leaves to make dolmades, families gathering to grill kebabs on the weekend—and the spirit of the community is captured in the photographs and the dishes. The 150 imaginative and seasonal recipes include Moro favorites and new combinations such as Pigeon Smoked Duck Breast with Apples, Walnuts and Chicory; Fried Green Tomatoes with Garlic and Sweet Vinegar; and Courgette and Yoghurt Soup. This character-filled garden was bulldozed to make way for the 2012 Olympics making this a true treasure, documenting the last ever growing season for Sam and Sam and the unique men and women of Manor Garden. Includes metric measurements.


  • Ebury Press

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Moro: The Cookbook

Moro: The Cookbook Lowest new price: $21.52
Lowest used price: $5.20
List price: $37.95
Author: Samuel Clark
Brand: Ebury Press

The Moro menu encompasses dishes that originated in Spain and dishes from the Muslim Mediterranean, two areas linked in history by the Moors' 700-year occupation of Spain. The book is much more than a simple catalogue of recipes—the chefs also communicate the romance and tradition inherent in each dish and their writing is informed by an intimate knowledge of long-established culinary and cultural traditions. In a market saturated with impersonal restaurant cookbooks, this book has a refreshingly different feel. It oozes character and is written and designed with palpable passion and insight.


  • Ebury Press

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Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech

Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech Lowest new price: $19.22
Lowest used price: $8.47
List price: $29.95
Author: Greg Malouf
Brand: Malouf Greg

Moorish is designed to seduce you: to stimulate your imagination, invigorate your senses, and tempt you to try every wonderful flavor. Greg and Lucy Malouf have compiled this collection of mouth-watering recipes inspired by the flavors of North Africa, Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East - regions united by a common thread that winds its way back to Arabia.

Moorish begins with recipes for spice blends, dressings, relishes, pickles, and preserves that best define the cuisine. With these basics, you'll be able to transform the most mundane ingredients into delicious snacks and soups, meat, vegetable and poultry dishes, and irresistible cakes and desserts. Toss preserved lemon through risotto, or spice up a Sunday lamb roast with a baharat spice mix. Transform humble chicken paillard with savory cumin butter, or try Atlantic salmon grilled with sumac. For dessert, make a delectable mango tart filled with orange-blossom water or liven up weekend breakfast with hot lemon fritters and cinnamon sugar.

Greg and Lucy want people to become as comfortable with the ingredients, techniques, and dishes in Moorish as they are with more familiar foods. They want you to be able to whip up chermoula as readily as pesto; to be as comfortable with tagines as with casseroles. They want spices such as sumac and saffron to become as much a part of your repertoire as basil and rosemary.

Beautifully photographed and written in Lucy's engaging style, Moorish is, above all, a passionate celebration of flavor that will inspire and delight the adventurous home cook.


  • Moorish Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech

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The Nigerian Cookbook: A Beginner's Guide to Making Nigerian Food with Ease

The Nigerian Cookbook: A Beginner's Guide to Making Nigerian Food with Ease Lowest new price: $12.76
Lowest used price: $12.70
List price: $12.99
Author: Gordon Rock

This is the perfect Nigerian cookbook for you if you have ever wanted to make authentic Nigerian food.

Inside this book you are going to discover a few traditional Nigerian dishes that you can make with ease such as coconut balls, chicken skewers, shrimp rice, classic peanut soup, kidney bean soup with peanut sauce and classic jollof rice.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of this book and start cooking authentic Nigerian food today!

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Cooking the Gullah Way, Morning, Noon, and Night

Cooking the Gullah Way, Morning, Noon, and Night Lowest new price: $10.45
Lowest used price: $6.99
List price: $20.00
Author: Sallie Ann Robinson

Sallie Ann Robinson was born and reared on Daufuskie Island, one of the South Carolina Sea Islands well known for their Gullah culture. Although technology and development were slow in coming to Daufuskie, the island is now changing rapidly. With this book, Robinson highlights some of her favorite memories and delicious recipes from life on Daufuskie, where the islanders traditionally ate what they grew in the soil, caught in the river, and hunted in the woods.

The unique food traditions of Gullah culture contain a blend of African, European, and Native American influences. Reflecting the rhythm of a day in the kitchen, from breakfast to dinner (and anywhere in between), this cookbook collects seventy-five recipes for easy-to-prepare, robustly flavored dishes. Robinson also includes twenty-five folk remedies, demonstrating how in the Gullah culture, in the not-so-distant past, food and medicine were closely linked and the sea and the land provided what islanders needed to survive. In her spirited introduction and chapter openings, Robinson describes how cooking the Gullah way has enriched her life, from her childhood on the island to her adulthood on the nearby mainland.

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Panini Press Magic Recipe Cookbook: Delicious Gourmet Sandwich Maker Recipes (Gourmet Panini Press Recipes) (Volume 1)

Panini Press Magic Recipe Cookbook: Delicious Gourmet Sandwich Maker Recipes (Gourmet Panini Press Recipes) (Volume 1) Lowest new price: $12.76
List price: $12.99
Author: Katherine Archer

Extended Cyber Monday Prices...Limited Time Only!


Easy, Simple and Fun! Get your sandwich on! Just in time for the Holidays!Have a ton of fun with this creative Panini Sandwich Maker Recipe Cookbook. This Non-Stick and scratch-resistant copper-infused ceramic cooking surface, makes for delicious recipes and endless craft ideas. DAZZLE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY with these mouth-watering sandwiches that will make you look like you work at a world-famous restaurant. We show you how to make every kind of panini you can get out of this Flipping Sandwich Maker! So turn these pages and get to flipping sandwiches like they were made to be flipped. And remember to always enjoy! These are some of the DELICIOUS favorites you will enjoy!: BEEF AND LAMB PANINI'S • Spicy Horseradish Beef and Cheese Panini • Pesto Beef and Mozzarella Panini • Classic Patty Melt Panini • Buffalo Patty Melt Panini • Corned Beef and Cabbage Panini PORK PANINI'S • Classic Italian Cold Cut Panini • Prosciutto and Pesto Panini • Prosciutto and Fig Panini • Taleggio and Salami Panini with Spicy Fennel Honey POULTRY PANINI'S • Bacon Chipotle Chicken Panini • Buffalo Chicken Panini • Spinach and Pesto Chicken Panini • Dijon and Berry Chicken Panini VEGETARIAN PANINI'S • Corn and Zucchini Pepper Jack Panini • Lemony Delicious Summer Vegetable Panini • Provolone Baby Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Panini • Hummus and Vegetable Panini BREAKFAST PANINI'S • Bacon Egg and Sausage Breakfast Panini • French Toast and Grilled Banana Panini • Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast Panini • French Toast and Strawberries in Cream Panini NOW LET'S GET YOU MAKING YOUR OWN PANIN'S AND SEE WHAT NEW RECIPES YOU COME UP WITH! :) Start enjoying all of the ways to Flip a Panini NOW! FREE SHIPPING for Prime members! 100% Money-back guarantee. To order, just scroll back up and click the BUY button!

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Ethiopian Cookbook (Planet Cookbooks)

Ethiopian Cookbook (Planet Cookbooks) Lowest new price: $15.55
Lowest used price: $12.91
List price: $16.99
Author: Rachel Pambrun
Brand: Pambrun Rachel

Ethiopian Cookbook A Beginner's Guide This book has been written in support of millions of Africans in need. Proceeds from the sale of this book will help bring about change for suffering African communities. Ethiopian Cookbook has been requested by the President of GOURMAND INTERNATIONAL and the PARIS COOKBOOK FAIR to compete in the 2013 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Madrid, Spain. Delicious and Delightful - the exquisite flavours of Ethiopia are utterly divine. From the spices to the presentation method, a meal in Ethiopia is an experience! In this book you will learn a little about everything - from Ethiopian landscape and culture to food and traditions. You may even learn a few words in Amharic! This indispensable book contains 28 wonderful recipes that you will use over and over again. Each recipe is easy to follow and beautifully photographed. You are certain to find something to learn and enjoy in this Ethiopian Cookbook. For information on additional culinary ventures aiding Extreme Poverty around the world, please visit us online at


  • Ethiopian Cookbook

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The Classic South African Cookbook

The Classic South African Cookbook Lowest new price: $16.93
Lowest used price: $15.46
List price: $26.00
Author: Melinda Roodt
Brand: Penguin Random House South Africa

The Classic South African Cookbook is exactly that – classic home cooking for South Africans the way they eat now. In line with the country’s diverse cultures, which often blend most harmoniously in the the kitchen, this book is a kaleidoscope of modern lifestyle with influences from grandma’s kitchen, popular Mediterranean cuisine, as well as both Indian and African culture. But no matter what the roots may be, this book sets a foundation for good, honest, carefree home cooking, incorporating all the well-loved and familiar favourites. The more than 180 recipes have been refined to guarantee mouth-watering results, no matter the skill level. Only fresh ingredients are used, while the various techniques are carefully explained – a real boon to those just setting out on their culinary journeys. Best of all, every recipes is accompanied by a full-colour photograph.


  • Penguin Random House South Africa

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