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African Cooking

Durban Curry: So Much of Flavour People, Places & Secret Recipes

Durban Curry: So Much of Flavour People, Places & Secret Recipes Lowest new price: $21.63
Lowest used price: $18.67
List price: $31.95

Durban Curry is a finalist in the 2015 World Gourmand Cookbook of the Year awards, in the last eight of the headline category: Best Book in the World. Chosen from entries from 205 countries. The grand winner to be announced in Yantai, China, in June 2015.
Real-life back stories and vibrant documentary photographs set this bright and beautiful book apart from the crowd. It traces the origins, development and current place of a dish which sailed from Asia to South Africa 150 years ago, and has become a national culinary treasure, made, loved and celebrated by all communities, very different from the mother “kari” of India, reflecting the people, produce, and flavors of a new homeland.
There is not only one Durban curry. There are hundreds of variations, and though red and hot are generally agreed attributes, there are more exceptions than rules in Durban curry-making.
The authors have gone into the kitchens and cauldrons and pots of cooks both humble and grand; explored local markets and spice emporiums; coaxed family recipes and signature dishes from the best cooks on this stretch of the Indian Ocean coast; winkled out the history and secrets of Durban’s most famous fast-food invention, the Bunny Chow; tracked down the best traditional and modern “sides.” The book includes the easiest instructions for homemade spice, masala and chilli-powder mixes; the most piquant pickles and chutneys and achars; and the authors have nailed down legendary South African wine authority, John Platter, to suggest (some surprising) liquid accompaniments.
This is a great reading as well as cooking book. A collection of people and recipes and pictures that make you smile – and want to head to the kitchen, or curl up on the couch. The dishes are simple to make, the ingredients easily found world-wide. South Africans “in exile”, all who hanker after the flavours of home: this is your book. Adventurous, enquiring foodies from anywhere, keen to explore keen to explore different flavours from unexpected places: this is your book.

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Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook: Best Cookbook for making Nigerian Foods

Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook: Best Cookbook for making Nigerian Foods Lowest new price: $27.74
Lowest used price: $27.78
List price: $29.99
Author: Chy Anegbu

I decided to show you how I make over 75 different Nigerian foods in my very own kitchen. I am Chy Anegbu, a proffessional chef, food blogger and physicist. For me, it is not just about foods, they must be healthy too. With thousands of copies sold already, I believe this is the best Nigerian cookbook in circulation. Whether you are a woman looking to surprise your man or perhaps you are a man looking to surprise your lady, this is the right Nigerian cookbook for you. There are easy recipes for beginners and more complex ones for you to try as you learn the ropes. There are 16 soup recipes, 5 rice recipes, 12 small chops and snack recipes, 7 drink recipes, 6 yam recipes, 6 breakfast recipes and so much more. The first five pages shows you how to make your food healthy while the last five pages explained most of the ingredients used in the book. You will learn about their alternate names and even how and where to purchase them. I like to say that you will make better and healthier Nigerian foods with the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook. You will also find tips for food decoration as well as a food menu that makes your day to day meal planning a breeze. This book contains everything I have learned about foods in the last twenty years; the good thing is that you can learn all of that in just one month or less. The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook is made by the Nigerian Kitchen - best place in the world for making delicious Nigerian foods. My name is Chy Anegbu and I am a professional chef, a food blogger and physicist. I have written thousands of articles about Nigerian food recipes and reach out to thousands of people daily through my free weekly newsletters, facebook and two websites. The first five pages completely addressed the issue of healthy Nigerian foods, you will learn how to eliminate junk from your foods in order to ultimately improve your health and ensure longevity. Most importantly, you will learn what is junk.

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Soo Fariista / Come Sit Down: A Somali American Cookbook

Soo Fariista / Come Sit Down: A Somali American Cookbook Lowest new price: $15.98
Lowest used price: $16.48
List price: $24.95
Author: Wariyaa

Somali Americans celebrate a shared heritage at mealtime. No matter how they found their way to America, members of this community come together over kackac, bur, and halwad (that is, tea, beignets, and sweets).

Realizing how quickly traditions can change in a culture on the move, Somali American students set out to preserve their culinary legacy by interviewing family members, researching available and alternative ingredients, and testing kitchen techniques. In Soo Fariista / Come Sit Down, seventy recipes for everything from saabuuse (stuffed pastry) to suqaar (sauteed meat) to canjeelo (flatbread) to shushumow (fried sweet dough) honor memories and flavors from East Africa with adjustments for American realities. An introduction explores Somali foodways and their transitions in the United States, and each contributor is highlighted with his or her story. Notes on the recipes share the students’ journey from "a little of this and a little of that" to methods that will bring success in Somali American cooking to novices and practiced hands alike.

Traditional South African Cooking

Traditional South African Cooking Lowest new price: $10.97
Lowest used price: $8.50
List price: $16.00
Author: Pat Barton

Anyone who longs for a beloved grandmother’s famous milk tart or melkkos, or a great aunt’s delicious bobotie or vetkoek, should have this book in his or her kitchen! Traditional South African Cooking is a collection of well-known South African recipes that will enable the modern cook to continue the tradition and produce the same delicious meals that our ancestors used to enjoy. South African cuisine is a unique blend of the culinary art of many different cultures. Dutch, French, German and British settlers, as well as the Malays who came from the East, all brought their own recipes to this country. The subtle adaptation of these ‘imported’ recipes by the addition of local ingredients and the introduction of innovative (at the time) cooking methods resulted in an original and much-loved cuisine that still sits comfortably alongside contemporary cooking. Soups, Starters & Snacks; Fish & Seafood; Poultry; Meat; Game & Game Birds; Vegetables, Salads & Side Dishes; Desserts; Biscuits, Scones, Cakes & Sweet Tarts; Bread and Rusks; Sweets & Sweetmeats: Preserves, Jams & Jellies; Pickles & Chutneys; Fruit Drinks, Beers & Liqueurs; Index.

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Wines of the New South Africa: Tradition and Revolution

Wines of the New South Africa: Tradition and Revolution Lowest new price: $34.55
Lowest used price: $28.00
List price: $39.95
Author: Tim James
Brand: imusti

Sought after by European aristocrats and a favorite of Napoleon Bonaparte, the sweet wines of Constantia in the Cape Colony were considered to be among the world’s best during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. During the first democratic elections in 1994, South Africa began to re-emerge onto the international wine scene. Tim James, an expert on South African wines, takes the reader on an information-packed tour of the region, showing us how and why the unique combination of terroir and climate, together with dramatic improvements in winemaking techniques, result in wines that are once again winning accolades. James describes important grape varieties and wine styles―from delicate sparkling, to rich fortified, and everything in between―including the varietal blends that produce some of the finest Cape wines. Anchoring his narrative in a rich historical context, James discusses all the major wine regions, from Cederberg to Walker Bay, complete with profiles of more than 150 of the country’s finest producers.


  • University of California Press

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Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time

Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time Lowest new price: $11.95
Lowest used price: $11.44
List price: $22.00
Author: Adrian Miller
Brand: University of North Carolina Press

2014 James Beard Foundation Book Award, Reference and Scholarship
Honor Book for Nonfiction, Black Caucus of the American Library Association

In this insightful and eclectic history, Adrian Miller delves into the influences, ingredients, and innovations that make up the soul food tradition. Focusing each chapter on the culinary and social history of one dish--such as fried chicken, chitlins, yams, greens, and "red drinks--Miller uncovers how it got on the soul food plate and what it means for African American culture and identity.
Miller argues that the story is more complex and surprising than commonly thought. Four centuries in the making, and fusing European, Native American, and West African cuisines, soul food--in all its fried, pork-infused, and sugary glory--is but one aspect of African American culinary heritage. Miller discusses how soul food has become incorporated into American culture and explores its connections to identity politics, bad health raps, and healthier alternatives. This refreshing look at one of America's most celebrated, mythologized, and maligned cuisines is enriched by spirited sidebars, photographs, and twenty-two recipes.


  • University of North Carolina Press

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The Complete CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker COOKBOOK: Quick and Easy Recipes for Fast and Healthy Meals

The Complete CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker COOKBOOK: Quick and Easy Recipes for Fast and Healthy Meals Lowest new price: $9.96
Lowest used price: $6.37
List price: $9.97
Author: Betty Moore

The Complete CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker® is the most complete Cookbook and Guide, With delicious recipes, there is definitely something in it for everyone. Maybe you already own The Complete CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker®—but do you realize all that your pressure cooker can achieve? Answer all your CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker® questions with FAQs and Tips on cooking, cleaning, Freezer Meals, Time Charts, Common mistakes, accesories and everything in between. Utilizing your pressure cooker like a pro can help you save time & you’ll realize that it be an incredible cooker for busy families. Electric Pressure cooking is easy, but there are a lot of tricks in this book you can use to make your food even better From simple and quick soups to delicious dinners and more, there are more than 120 electric pressure cooker recipes listed throughout this book that will satisfy any type of eater! Below is a review of what you will get from this book: •The Revolutionary CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker® •How Electric Pressure Cooking Works •The Language Of Pressure Cooking •Testing And Using the CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker® •The Magic Of The CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker® •How To Convert A Recipe Into Electric Pressure Cooker •Tips For Newbies •Important CROCK-POT Express Multi-cooker® Tips •Safety Features •Breakfast Recipes •Beef and Lamb Recipes •Chicken Recipes •Turkey Recipes •Pork Recipes •Soup Recipes •Seafood Recipes •Vegetables Recipes •Pasta Recipes •Rice Recipes •Desserts Recipes And many more! Get this Electric pressure Cooker Cookbook and Guide NOW!

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"My Cooking" West-African Cookbook

"My Cooking" West-African Cookbook Lowest new price: $12.95
Lowest used price: $6.99
List price: $12.95
Author: Dokpe L. Ogunsanya

"My Cooking" West-African Cookbook is the most comprehensive selection of simple but authentic West-African recipes ever published in the United States. The cookbook offers a fascinating glimpse into the West-African kitchens. The book includes authentic easy recipe pages, colorful photos, etc. The book comes handy as an educational tool and makes for an interesting reading if used in the classroom or as a source for personal growth on the subject area if used outside the classroom.

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Orange Blossom & Honey: Magical Moroccan Recipes

Orange Blossom & Honey: Magical Moroccan Recipes Lowest new price: $29.47
List price: $29.99
Author: John Gregory Smith

Orange Blossom & Honey takes you on a culinary journey across Morocco, from the souks of Marrakesh, through the Sahara, and onto the wind-swept shores of the Atlantic. In researching this book, John travelled into the heart of the High Atlas Mountains to learn the secrets of traditional lamb barbecue, then journeyed north, through the city of Fes, where the rich dishes of the Imperial Courts are still prepared in many homes. From here he continued on to the Rif Mountains, where rustic recipes are made with the freshest seasonal produce.

From Moroccan-style paella, cooked in the painted town of Chefchaouen, to stuffed Berber breads baked in the hot desert sands, John has discovered the real food of the country, learning from the locals to reveal littleknown dishes, which he then gives his modern twist. The chapters include Street food, Salads & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Tagines and Desserts, plus there is a section of spice mixes and marinades from chermoula to harissa. With mouthwatering recipes, breathtaking location photography, and John's infectious enthusiasm, this is an essential addition to every cook's collection.

"The vibrant photographs and stories with each recipe capture the way of life in the remote villages, deserts, and mountains, making this a beautiful coffee table book as well as a cookbook. Must-try recipe: Chermoula spiced chicken." - BBC

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Apricots on the Nile: A Memoir with Recipes

Apricots on the Nile: A Memoir with Recipes Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $12.00
Author: Colette Rossant
Brand: Brand: Washington Square Press

Cairo, 1937: French-born Colette Rossant is waiting out World War II among her father's Egyptian-Jewish relatives. From the moment she arrives at her grandparents' belle époque mansion by the Nile, the five-year-old Colette finds companionship and comfort among the other "outsiders" in her home away from home -- the cooks and servants in the kitchen. The chef, Ahmet, lets Colette taste the ful; she learns how to make sambusaks for her new friends; and she shops for semits and other treats in the Khan-al-Khalili market. Colette is beginning to understand how her family's culture is linked to the kitchen...and soon she will claim Egypt's food, landscape, and people as her own.
Apricots on the Nile is a loving testament to Colette's adopted homeland. With dozens of original recipes and family photographs, Colette's coming-of-age memoir is a splendid exploration of old Cairo in all its flavor, variety, and wide-eyed wonder.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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