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Pacific Rim Cooking

Alan Wong's New Wave Luau: Recipes from Honolulu's Award-Winning Chef

Alan Wong's New Wave Luau: Recipes from Honolulu's Award-Winning Chef Lowest new price: $14.82
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $35.00
Author: Alan Wong
Brand: Brand: Ten Speed Press

Now in Paperback!Born in Japan and raised on Honolulu, Alan Wong is one of Hawaii's top chefs and a major influence in creating a unified and distinctive regional cuisine. Wong led the way in capturing the essential flavors and exceptional cultural diversity of his home, earning him a prestigious James Beard nomination for Best Regional Chef. In a unique triumph of East-West style, ALAN WONG'S NEW WAVE LUAU showcases Alan's signature blend of Pacific-Rim styles. His genre-bending fare combines Western culinary techniques with the flavors of China, Japan, Hawaii, and beyond—with tantalizing and innovative results. With delicacies such as Lobster Won-Ton Ravioli in a Curry Potato Sauce and Kona Mocha Brûlée, ALAN WONG'S NEW WAVE LUAU delivers these incredible indulgences to the home cook.

  • More than 20,000 copies sold in hardcover.Reviews“[A] leading practitioner of Hawaiian regional cooking. Wong is renowned for transforming island staples . . . into elaborately presented fare.”—Bon Appétit“Alan Wong is the master blaster of Hawaiian eats . . . using the basic building blocks of native Hawaiian luau cooking . . . to construct a devastatingly delicious alternative universe of his own.”—Gourmet

  • From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Alan Wong's New Wave Luau is a glamorous book full of color photos that convey the complexity of his lush and exciting cooking. It is also alive with Chef Wong's passion for his Asian heritage and that of the Hawaiian Islands, where his restaurant has three times been selected Best Restaurant of the Year by Honolulu magazine.

    Chosen Best Regional Chef for the Pacific Northwest in 1996 by the James Beard Foundation, Wong is a master of multicultural cooking. Called Hawaiian Regional Cuisine, his dishes fuse local ingredients and traditions with foods and techniques from Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Taking the succulent meat from whole Kalua Pig, pit-roasted luau style, he uses it in a risotto dotted with corn and crunchy water chestnuts, then enriched with truffle butter. He also features this smoky pork in nachos built on crunchy taro chips, topped with chile-spiked guacamole.

    As you feast on the photos, it is almost possible to taste the artistic creations depicted, each one dense with contrasting flavors and textures. His Surf and Turf, for example, features grilled beef tenderloin and a Kona lobster tail wrapped around a scallop. They are served with a roasted potato topped with wasabi-spiked mashed potatoes. This potato sprouts leaves of tat soi, an Asian green, and spiraling antennae of fried linguini. Grilled marinated mushrooms and asparagus add to the plate, which is drizzled with a sauce combining cream, truffle butter, and soy vinaigrette. Then it is ringed with shining dots of basil oil and finished with a sprinkling of chives and diced tomato.

    Lest this strenuous cooking intimidate you, it is easy to make Wong's Asian Guacamole flavored with ginger and sake, Five Spice Risotto rich with shiitake mushrooms, and Asian Ratatouille, unexpectedly enhanced with oyster sauce and sesame oil. Each adds immeasurably to a meal of grilled fish or store-bought roast chicken.

    Anyone with an ice-cream maker must try the recipes for tropical Guava, Lychee-Ginger, and Mango Lime ice cream, and a quartet of memorably exotic, liquored sorbets. --Dana Jacobi


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    Cambodian Cooking: A humanitarian project in collaboration with Act for Cambodia

    Cambodian Cooking: A humanitarian project in collaboration with Act for Cambodia Lowest new price: $9.62
    Lowest used price: $9.68
    List price: $15.95
    Author: Joannes Riviere
    Brand: Tuttle Publishing

    Prepare all your favorite Cambodian foods with this easy-to-follow and informative Cambodian cookbook.

    New cookbooks on Asian cuisines are much easier to find now than in years past. However, it's still very difficult to find a useful cookbook that focuses on the foods of Cambodia. Now, for the first time, Cambodian Cooking brings a previously untapped culinary tradition to the table for everyone to enjoy.

    Influenced over the years by a wide variety of cooking styles, Cambodian cuisine presents a particularly broad range of flavors to surprise the palate and stimulate the taste buds. Salty and sweet, downright bitter and sour go hand in hand or are blended subtly, sometimes within a single dish, to create a deliciously harmonious and original result. The recipes included feature favorites such as Curry Fish Cakes, Consomme with Caramelized Beef and Star Anise, Stir-fried Chicken with Chilies and Cashews, and Banana Sesame Fritters. Also included is an ingredients section that includes the Cambodian names as well as the Vietnamese or Thai names of the ingredients whenever necessary for ease of shopping.

    Authentic Cambodian recipes include:

    • Sweet Potato Rolls with Ginger
    • Pineapple and Ginger Ceviche
    • Rice Porridge with Fish
    • Khmer Curry
    • Soy Glazed Spare Ribs with Star Anise
    • Sweet Coconut Waffles
    • And many more!
    Take a chance and try a whole new cooking experience with Cambodian Cooking!

    About Act for Cambodia:
    Cambodia was a country at war for many years. Genocide claimed millions of lives and orphaned and deprived many children. Antipersonnel mines still threaten their safety, and despite these bleak conditions, Cambodian children still smile. If you visit Cambodia, you'll still find people who know how to open their arms in welcome.

    The French association Act for Cambodia founded and now runs the Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School. This association has been helping Cambodians since 1984 when it brought aid to the crowds of refugees crossing the borders of Thailand to flee the cruelty of the Khmer Rouge and all the terrible events that struck their nation at that time.


    • Tuttle Publishing

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    The Hali'imaile General Store Cookbook: Home Cooking from Maui

    The Hali'imaile General Store Cookbook: Home Cooking from Maui Lowest new price: $22.23
    Lowest used price: $1.44
    List price: $35.00
    Author: Beverly Gannon

    Set on a pineapple plantation in up-country Maui, the Hali'imaile General Store has lured travelers for over a decade with its down-home, island-style cooking. Critics and diners rave about chef Beverly Gannon's rustic, hearty fare, and the restaurant is a fixture on "Best of Maui" lists. THE HALI'IMAILE GENERAL STORE COOKBOOK enables readers to bring the spirit of Maui and its landmark restaurant into their own kitchen with over 100 recipes, accompanied by Beverly's warm, chatty narrative. For all those locals and out-of-towners who've begged Beverly for recipes over the years, she has this to say: "Well, folks, here's the book! And I hope every single copy gets food-stained, dog-eared, and, most of all, enjoyed."

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    It's Always About the Food

    It's Always About the Food Lowest new price: $21.32
    Lowest used price: $17.71
    List price: $35.00
    Author: Monday Morning Cooking Club
    Brand: Monday Morning Cooking Club

    The bestselling, passionate and unstoppable women of the Monday Morning Cooking Club return with their third book of much loved and favourite Jewish diaspora recipes. The Monday Morning Cooking Club started as six food-obsessed and unstoppable Jewish Sydney women who loved food, wanted to raise money for charity and wanted to create a beautiful cookbooks. These books would collect the very best recipes from their community as well as honour and share stories of immigration, survival, joy, family and connection. Two bestselling books later, and now a group of five women, the Monday Morning Cooking Club returns with a stunning third book which is the result of a two year search for recipes from the global Jewish diaspora - those much-loved dishes that have nurtured a community and have been feeding family and friends for years. It's Always About the Food is a delicious and rich, story-filled snapshot of cooking in the global Jewish diaspora, which gathers together the very best cooking and favourite recipes from the global Jewish community, reflecting the Jewish people's love for food and cooking, and the importance of the family table. This book is all about the food, flavours and the most delicious family recipes - not from a restaurant or a test kitchen, but from the heart of the home. Ultimately, in this big, fast world, food is the connective thread that joins us together, and all over the world, the ritual of cooking grounds us, connects and nurtures us.


    • It s Always About the Food

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    Australian Cuisine: A Cookbook with Recipes from Down Under and the Outback

    Australian Cuisine: A Cookbook with Recipes from Down Under and the Outback Lowest new price: $12.99
    List price: $12.99
    Author: J.R. Stevens

    Experience the uniqueness of Australian Cuisine. With over 50 recipes, you'll be able to discover a new world of foods that represents the country of Australia. Given its history, you'll see influences from British and other cultures in these recipes. Find dishes using chicken, shrimp, lamb and even kangaroo. And, find something to prepare for breakfast, dinner, and dessert. Grab your copy of Australian Cuisine: A Cookbook with Recipes from Down Under and the Outback today!/b>

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    Pupus to da Max

    Pupus to da Max Lowest new price: $10.95
    Lowest used price: $3.97
    List price: $10.95
    Author: Douglas Simonson

    A humorous and informative introduction to the foods of Hawaii, featuring definitions, cartoons, and recipes.

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    The Food of the Philippines: 81 Easy and Delicious Recipes from the Pearl of the Orient

    The Food of the Philippines: 81 Easy and Delicious Recipes from the Pearl of the Orient Lowest new price: $6.85
    Lowest used price: $6.98
    List price: $9.95
    Author: Reynaldo G. Alejandro
    Brand: Periplus Editions HK ltd

    Learn authentic and delicious recipes from the Philippines, along with culinary culture and history, with this beautifully illustrated Filipino cookbook.

    From the national dishes such as adobe, lechon and sinigang, to the fiery foods of the Bicol region where coconut milk is a favored ingredient, Filipino food is a concoction of tantalizing textures, flavors and colors.

    Superb color photographs and detailed information on local ingredients make The Food of the Philippines perfect for anyone curious about the culinary delights of the "Pearl of the Orient"!

    Featured Filipino recipes include:

    • Fish Ceviche
    • Pork Cracklings
    • Chicken Soup with Coconut
    • Simmered Vegetables with Shrimp
    • Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce
    • Rich Beef Stew
    • Chicken and Pork Adobo
    • And many more!


    • Periplus Editions HK ltd

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    The Filipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Flavors

    The Filipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Flavors Lowest new price: $18.58
    Lowest used price: $3.98
    List price: $24.95
    Author: Jennifer M. Aranas
    Brand: Brand: Tuttle Publishing

    Selected as a semifinalist in the 2007 IACP Cookbook Awards

    In The Filipino-American Kitchen, Chicago-based chef and teacher Jennifer Aranas introduces the exotic flavors of her ancestral Filipino homeland, taking readers on a gastronomic tour — from sweet and spicy to smoky and tangy — while transforming delicious native recipes into easy-to-make meals.

    Even if you're an experienced Filipino cook, you will discover new favorites among this collection of over 100 recipes, which includes everything from appetizers to desserts. The recipes combine traditional Filipino cooking with New World variations, reflecting the author's Filipino-American roots. She offers innovative interpretations of native recipes such as Duck Adobo, Green Papaya and Jicama Salad, Salmon Kilaw, Lamb Casoy, and Ambrosia Shortcake, alongside traditional favorites such as Crispy Lumpia Egg Rolls, Hearty Paella, Pancit Noodles and Sweet Halo-Halo Sundaes.

    The "Basics" chapter introduces the building blocks of Filipino cuisine, showing you step-by-step how to create authentic Filipino food. A detailed buying guide leads you through the bustling Asian market, demystifying the flavor essentials — such as coconut, palm vinegar, shrimp paste and calamansi lime — that set the food of the Philippines apart from its Asian neighbors.

    With this Filipino cookbook at your side, you can share these mouthwatering Filipino dishes with your friends and family.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    $266 Million Winning Lottery Recipes: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook

    $266 Million Winning Lottery Recipes: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook Lowest new price: $9.95
    Lowest used price: $15.00
    List price: $9.95
    Author: Eddie Flores Jr.

    Is it a cookbook? Is it a joke book? Are the secrets to L&L dishes like Chicken Katsu, Chicken Adobo, and Beef Stew really revealed? Well it s all that so you can enjoy the two most favorite activities in Hawaii (laughing and eating) in Eddie Flores Jr. s first book, $266 Million Winning Lottery Recipes L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook, richly illustrated by noted island artist Jon Murakami. Many of us wonder how the food tastes so good at L&L. Eddie with his chef share over 60 recipes as well as provide cooking tips. And beside each recipe is a cartoon that will make you laugh.

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    Traditional Recipes of Laos

    Traditional Recipes of Laos Lowest new price: $18.62
    Lowest used price: $24.11
    List price: $40.00
    Author: Phia Sing
    Brand: Brand: Prospect Books

    This version reestablishes the Lao text and prints the English unchanged from previous editions. The notebooks are a precious resource for those wishing to cook Lao food: the 124 recipes were compiled to give a balanced view of the cuisine (albeit from quite a high-ranking perspective). In the thirty years since its first appearance, materials and ingredients have become easier to source, and the cooking techniques and styles more familiar to us. The dishes, therefore, are very cookable. There is a long prefatory section, written by the late Alan Davidson and his daughter Jennifer, which explains much about Lao cookery, ingredients and equipment. The whole book is plentifully illustrated with drawings done from life by Soun Vannithone and other Lao artists. The introduction is 50 pages long and covers the life of Phia Sing; Lao eating habits and attitudes to food; Lao culinary terms and culinary equipment; and Lao ingredients.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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