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Greek Cooking

The Grecian Plate

The Grecian Plate Lowest new price: $16.95
Lowest used price: $3.04
List price: $16.95
Author: St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church
Brand: Brand: Wimmer Cookbooks

Book by St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Durham N.C. Hellenic Ladies Society


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Kokkari: Contemporary Greek Flavors

Kokkari: Contemporary Greek Flavors Lowest new price: $69.95
Lowest used price: $47.62
List price: $40.00
Author: Erik Cosselmon
Brand: Chronicle Books

Traditional family recipes and the ancient Hellenic custom of welcoming the stranger as a friend known in Greece as philoxenia have inspired the uniquely welcoming ambience of Kokkari restaurant in San Francisco. A whole spring lamb spit-roasting over an open fire greets diners, and the menu offers familiar dishes like dolmades, avgolemono soup, and lamb moussaka along with more unusual Greek dishes such as deep fried smelt, watermelon and feta salad, and grilled octopus. Through its use of fresh seasonal ingredients, Kokkari brings a refined, cosmopolitan sensibility to a beloved Mediterranean culinary tradition. Its owners and chefs are proud to have ushered in a new era of appreciation for vibrant Greek flavors. Now they invite you to try some of their favorite dishes at home, and wish you a Greek bon appetit: kali orexi!


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking

The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $2.91
List price: $39.99
Author: Susanna Hoffman
Brand: Brand: Workman Publishing Company

This is the year "It's Greek to me" becomes the happy answer to what's for dinner. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the upcoming epic Troy, the 2004 Summer Olympics returning to Athens--and now, yet another reason to embrace all things Greek: The Olive and the Caper, Susanna Hoffman's 700-plus-page serendipity of recipes and adventure. In Corfu, Ms. Hoffman and a taverna owner cook shrimp fresh from the trap--and for us she offers the boldly-flavored Shrimp with Fennel, Green Olives, Red Onion, and White Wine. She gathers wild greens and herbs with neighbors, inspiring Big Beans with Thyme and Parsley, and Field Greens and Ouzo Pie. She learns the secret to chewy country bread from the baker on Santorini and translates it for American kitchens. Including 325 recipes developed in collaboration with Victoria Wise (her co-author on The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook, with over 258,000 copies in print), The Olive and the Caper celebrates all things Greek: Chicken Neo-Avgolemeno. Fall-off-the-bone Lamb Shanks seasoned with garlic, thyme, cinnamon and coriander. Siren-like sweets, from world-renowned Baklava to uniquely Greek preserves: Rose Petal, Cherry and Grappa, Apricot and Metaxa. In addition, it opens with a sixteen-page full-color section and has dozens of lively essays throughout the book--about the origins of Greek food, about village life, history, language, customs--making this a lively adventure in reading as well as cooking.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Food from Many Greek Kitchens

Food from Many Greek Kitchens Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $7.89
List price: $35.00
Author: Tessa Kiros
Brand: Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing

No one captures the spirit and soul of a place quite like Tessa Kiros, the best-selling author of Falling Cloudberries and Apples for Jam. Who better than Tessa to take readers on a colorful and magical journey into the kitchens of her friends and family in Greece.

Food, culture, celebration, and memory are inexorably tied together inside Tessa Kiros's Food from Many Greek Kitchens. As the follow-up to her best-selling Venezia and Falling Cloudberries, Food from Many Greek Kitchens explores Kiros's Greek-Cypriot heritage and takes readers on a colorful journey into the Greek kitchens of her friends and family as she catalogs the traditional foods for fasting, festivals, and feast days.

Recipes like Vassilopitta New Year Wish Cake, Lamb in a Flowerpot with Dill and Red Wine, Yamopilafo Wedding Rice, and Easter Soup are accompanied by short introductions that explain each dish's cultural significance. In addition, lavish full-color photographs take readers on a tour from the local Mediterranean fishmongers and markets into Greek family homes and kitchens to experience the best in authentic Greek cooking.

With a glossary and more than 200 classically prepared Greek recipes, Food from Many Greek Kitchens adds a greater depth of flavor to each dish through Kiros's warm anecdotal introductions like the following passage for Vassilopitta:

"In Greece, everyone has a vassilopitta (cake) at New Year. The wonderful thing about this cake is that a flouri (coin) is added before baking. If you're lucky to get the piece with the coin, you'll be blessed for the year. Don't you love that sense of celebration the Greeks have?" --Food from Many Greek Kitchens


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Popular Greek Recipes

Popular Greek Recipes Lowest new price: $19.62
Lowest used price: $9.49
List price: $24.95
Author: Ladies Philoptochos Society

Popular Greek Recipes, a recipient of the Hall of Fame McIlhenny Tabasco Community Cookbook Award, was created in a spirit of stewardship toward church and community. The 60th Anniversary edition is filled with delicious recipes:

· Multi-generational collection of culinary heritage now adapted with new ingredients and contemporary methods.

· Over 400 traditional family favorites and timeless Mediterranean classics.

· Heart-healthy Lenten recipes follow vegetarian and vegan diets.

· Menu suggestions and mealtime prayers.

· Pages interwoven with helpful hints and variations.

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Meze: Small Plates to Savor and Share from the Mediterranean Table

Meze: Small Plates to Savor and Share from the Mediterranean Table Lowest new price: $55.95
Lowest used price: $9.98
List price: $26.00
Author: Diane Kochilas
Brand: Brand: William Morrow Cookbooks

Now you can enjoy the food and fun of a meze feast. Meze, the small plates of just about everything from seafood, meat, and vegetables to handheld pies, colorful salads, nuts, olives, and cheeses, is the food of hospitality and conviviality, food meant to be shared with friends and family and savored with wines and spirits.

Here, in Meze, Diane Kochilas, the award-winning author of The Glorious Foods of Greece, chef, restaurateur, and cooking teacher, takes you on a spirited journey across Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean, exploring these simple and simply irresistible dishes. The recipes are robust, dear, and easy to follow. These uncomplicated dishes are charged with flavor and based on fresh, accessible ingredients. The results are spectacular.

Meze makes every meal a party, and no one knows how to throw a party better than the Greeks. Youll find tangy, skewered meats and juicy meatballs, delicious seafood dishes from simple steamed mussels to creamy ouzo-flavored shrimp. You'll find a healthful selection of aromatic bean dishes, and a recipe for the best fried potatoes in the world, Greek fries, which are hand cut and cooked in olive oil.

The convivial and festive nature of the meze table is reflected in Diane's warm, inviting style. The innate attractiveness of the food -- the colors, textures, and shapes -- are captured in brilliant photographs that evoke the sunny, warm Mediterranean dime. Whether you make just a few dishes for informal entertaining, or create an entire meal of meze, Diane Kochilas makes it possible to bring the spirit of fun and sharingthe essence of meze throughout Greece and the Mediterranean -- to your own table at home.

To confuse meze with antipasto or tapas is to miss the point. These small plates of Greek deliciousness come to us from a Mediterranean world of mid-afternoon snacking, drinking, and talking. The pace is leisurely, the content simple, the effect extraordinary. Early on in Meze Diane Kochilas, award-winning author of The Glorious Foods of Greece, sets the prototypic meze stage: two village codgers holding down either side of a small table; two glasses and a carafe of raki between them; a plate with some bread, olives, air-dried anchovies, cucumber sticks, and cheese. They do not sit at the table so much as beside the table, the better to take in the world.

And thus it is with meze. It's not about sitting down to eat as much as being present to exchange ideas, enjoy a glass of wine or spirits, and snack on taste treats that enliven the palate and pull all the threads of the whole into one. Kochilas divides Meze into "Dips, Spreads, and Relishes"; "Savory Salads"; "Small Egg Dishes"; "Phyllo Pies"; "Finger Foods and Fried Treats"; "Vegetable and Bean Mezethes"; "A Sea's Bounty"; "From Meatballs to Kebabs"; and, the "Meze Pantry." She provides sources for ingredients. And she includes enlightening notes on Greek wine and spirits, perfect for serving with these small dishes. She is truly a master of it all and a delight to read. When was the last time you mixed garlicky yogurt with dried apricots, or baked figs with oregano? Put your hand in Kochilas's oven mitt. She'll take you to a new, delicious, life-invigorating territory. --Schuyler Ingle


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Art of Greek Cookery

The Art of Greek Cookery Lowest new price: $58.72
Lowest used price: $14.99
List price: $13.95
Author: The Women of St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church

Original family recipes for the flavorful dishes and delicate desserts of traditional Greek cuisine, spiced with interesting highlights on the island's national customs and culinary arts

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Three Sisters Around the Greek Table: A Cookbook

Three Sisters Around the Greek Table: A Cookbook Lowest used price: $76.97
List price: $34.95
Author: Betty Bakopoulos
Brand: Brand: Delphi Distribution

Synopsis This award-winning cookbook, celebrates both food and family. Written by three Greek-Canadian sisters, this cookbook shares the secrets to eating better with today's busy families. The ingredients are simple, rustic and true to the Mediterranean diet. There are 105 recipes and 112 stunning food photographs that will inspire the chef at home. The pages are filled with tips, variations, and make-ahead suggestions. There are even 12 complete menu ideas to help one put together a meal from start to finish. Heart-warming tales of how the recipes came to be staple dishes in the three sisters' homes are also shared throughout. The anecdotes are enhanced by a storybook of black and white photography. The stories remind us that eating is more than just a means for survival; it is a chance to pause with family and friends and connect with loved ones. Three Sisters Around the Greek Table is a reflection of Greek cooking and of living Greek. This book sets itself apart with its beauty, simplicity and thoroughness. More than a cookbook, it is a work of art, making it a must-have cookbook for the coffee-table and the kitchen.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Greek Cuisine Cookbook: 50 Easy and Delicious Greek Recipes (Greek Recipes, Mediterranean Recipes, Greek Food, Quick & Easy)

Greek Cuisine Cookbook: 50 Easy and Delicious Greek Recipes (Greek Recipes, Mediterranean Recipes, Greek Food, Quick & Easy) Lowest new price: $7.74
Lowest used price: $3.22
List price: $7.99
Author: Patrick Smith

Greek Cuisine - Greek Recipes Anyone Can Cook

Dear friend,

Greece is known for its fine Mediterranean cuisine and a large number of great dishes and foods. With an archive of Greek recipes at your disposal, you will introduce new colors and variety into your kitchen.

In the Greek Cuisine Cookbook, you will find 50 Greek recipes of all kinds, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and side dishes. You don't need to be a chef to enjoy a Mediterranean salad on a sunny afternoon, or Greek feta casserole for dinner. All you need for meals like these is right here.

Greek Cooking - Bring the Mediterranean Home

Here is a brief overview of what’s inside:
  • 10 Greek Breakfast Recipes
  • 10 Greek Lunch Recipes
  • 10 Greek Dinner Recipes
  • 10 Greek Side Dish Recipes
  • 10 Greek Snack & Treat Recipes
As a health and nutrition coach from Europe, I have a vast archive of healthy recipes, ingredients and their properties that I use myself. In this book, I have written down some of the finest Greek recipes for the everyday person that anyone can cook.

Would You Like To Know More?

Grab this book and join thousands of people that already use these Greek recipes to impress their friends and family.

Scroll to the top of the page and click the orange buy button to receive this recipes archive.

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Yiayia and Papou

Yiayia and Papou Lowest new price: $14.25
Lowest used price: $14.34
List price: $18.99
Author: Christine Skoutelas

Tom and Glykeria share memories of their early years living as goat herders in a remote mountain village in Greece as their daughter-in-law, Christine, documents their probably-true tales of winters without shoes, baths without soap, schools without classrooms, recipes without measurements - and so much more! Continuously recording on her laptop, Christine is entertained by (and fed by) her in-laws as she interrogates them about everything she can think of, hearing stories about their youth from the time they are toddlers until the day they get married. While Tom and Glykeria's early life experiences are often unimaginable adventures, their engaging personalities, their love for family, and their occasional back-and-forth bickering are totally relatable. Anyone with relatives from the old country will thoroughly enjoy this hilarious and heartfelt account of communicating with family members who have semi-understandable English and an unbelievable history.

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