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Italian Cooking

Italian Cookbook: Famous Italian Recipes That Satisfy: Baking, Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Meatballs, Desserts, Cannoli, Tiramisu, Gelato & More

Italian Cookbook: Famous Italian Recipes That Satisfy: Baking, Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Meatballs, Desserts, Cannoli, Tiramisu, Gelato & More Lowest new price: $7.43
Lowest used price: $7.38
List price: $7.99
Author: Mario Mazzo

Do you want only the best Italian recipes? Like the Italian food served at great restaurants?

Then this is your book! Faa-ged-aboud. Hey, even picky eaters love the fantastic recipes and food here.

Cook like an Italian chef today with this #1 BESTSELLER ITALIAN COOKBOOK!

Beginners enjoy cooking these Italian food classics at home with the easy recipes.
Want to bake a Pizza or Lasagna?

Or how about some desserts like:

Biscotti, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Gelato or Rainbow Cookies?
They're all in here, so if it's Italian cooking you want, you've clicked on right book. 
There's even some stories with pizza trivia, tips and secrets for making the best Italian food ever!

Most Italian cookbooks don't have the long list of famous recipes as seen in this book.
That's depressing isn't it? And that's why I wrote this book!

Don't believe me? 
I'll prove it. Just take a peek inside my table of contents and compare it to most of the other Italian cookbooks and you'll see what I mean.
People like trying to make all kinds of tasty dishes from Italy, but with these Italian-American Classic recipes you can't go wrong. 
What I'm saying is that the Italian food in this cookbook rocks!
I'm not hyping this book, I'm being serious. 
So don't be fooled by many other cookbooks out there. This book sometimes sells more copies per week than the famous celebrity chef's cookbooks.
The proof is in the quality of the food and easy to follow directions.
New photos are sometimes added on my website at

Why is this book better than the others?
1) ONLY 5 Star Traditional Italian American Classic Recipes.
2) ALL recipe versions here are the Best of the Best including the desserts.
3) TOP 3 PIZZA STYLES plus a great calzone recipe.
4) Super Low Price with (no need to buy multiple books).
5) No Filler Recipes wasting space and your time..
6) SUPER EASY DIRECTIONS making this book great for beginners.
7) LINKS TO MY WEBSITE giving you pictures, a blog, and also a pizza tutorial.

I know that pizza making can be a little tricky in the beginning but don't worry. I've included many tips and even a link to my Sicilian Pizza tutorial. It's like going to pizza school. So go ahead and use the all purpose flour tonight. Later you can perfect your pizza.


*NY PIZZA - Sicilian Pizza - CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA - Calzone Recipe
* Homemade Fresh "Pasta" Dough Recipe + HOT SUBS too
* Eggplant & Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna,Meatballs, Chicken Marsala
* Caprese Salad w Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese with a Delicious Balsamic Reduction Dressing
* DESSERTS: Tiramisu, CANNOLI, Biscotti, GELATO, Cheesecake plus more...

"Chefs from all around the world cook these classics, I hope you will too" 
~ Mario

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A16: Food + Wine

A16: Food + Wine Lowest new price: $14.99
Lowest used price: $3.39
List price: $35.00
Author: Nate Appleman
Brand: Brand: Ten Speed Press

A cookbook and wine guide celebrating the traditions of southern Italy, from the country's foremost regional Italian restaurant.

At San Francisco's acclaimed A16 restaurant (named for the highway that cuts across southern Italy), diners pack the house for chef Nate Appleman's house-cured salumi, textbook Naples-style pizzas, and gutsy slow-cooked meat dishes. Wine director Shelley Lindgren is renowned in the business for her expeditionary commitment to handcrafted southern Italian wines. In A16: FOOD + WINE, Appleman and Lindgren share the source of their inspiration—the bold flavors of Campania. From chile-spiked seafood stews and savory roasts to delicate antipasti and vegetable sides, the recipes are beguilingly rustic and approachable. Lindgren's vivid profiles of the key grapes and producers of southern Italy provide vital context for appreciating and pairing the wines. Stunning photography captures the wood-fired ambiance of the restaurant and the Campania countryside it celebrates.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Tucci Cookbook

The Tucci Cookbook Lowest new price: $12.76
Lowest used price: $3.63
List price: $35.00
Author: Stanley Tucci
Brand: Brand: Gallery Books

The Tucci Family brings wine pairings, updated recipes, gorgeous photography, and family memories to a new generation of Italian food lovers.

There is some truth to the old adage “Most of the world eats to live, but Italians live to eat.”

What is it about a good Italian supper that feels like home, no matter where you’re from? Heaping plates of steaming pasta . . . crisp fresh vegetables . . . simple hearty soups . . . sumptuous stuffed meats . . . all punctuated with luscious, warm confections.

For acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci, teasing our taste buds in classic foodie films such as Big Night and Julie & Julia was a logical progression from a childhood filled with innovative homemade Italian meals: decadent Venetian Seafood Salad; rich and gratifying Lasagna Made with Polenta and Gorgonzola Cheese; spicy Spaghetti with Tomato and Tuna; delicate Pork Tenderloin with Fennel and Rosemary; fruity Roast Duck with Fresh Figs; flavorful Baked Whole Fish in an Aromatic Salt Crust; savory Eggplant and Zucchini Casserole with Potatoes; buttery Plum and Polenta Cake; and yes, of course, the legendary Timpano.

Featuring nearly 200 irresistible recipes, perfectly paired with delicious wines, The Tucci Cookbook is brimming with robust flavors, beloved Italian traditions, mouthwatering photographs, and engaging, previously untold stories from the family’s kitchen.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Talisman Italian Cookbook: Italy's bestselling cookbook adapted for American kitchens

The Talisman Italian Cookbook: Italy's bestselling cookbook adapted for American kitchens Lowest new price: $64.03
Lowest used price: $23.95
List price: $16.00
Author: Ada Boni

Il Talismano is and has been for over 50 years the one great standard Italian cookbook. It is to Italians what Joy of Cooking is to Americans. Containing in simple and clear form the best recipes for all the foods that we associate with Italian cuisine, it covers all the regional variations of Italian cooking: Milanese, Bolognese, Venetian, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Veronese, and Florentine.

Appetizers range from the simply elegant, like Cantaloupe and Prosciutto and Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil, to the sublime, like Tunnied Veal and Crostini of Mozzarella and Anchovies. Soups include Stracciatella, Fish Brodetto Rimini Style, and Tuscan Minestrone.

No part of Italy is very far from the sea, a fact reflected in the variety and quality of Italian seafood preparations: Flounder with Black Butter Sauce, Lobster alla Diavolo, Mullet in Piquant Sauce, Scungilli Marinara, and Shrimp Buongusto. For the landlocked there are recipes for Beefsteak alia Pizzaiola, Ossobuco, Saltimbocca, Scaloppine al Marsala, Loin of Pork with Milk, Chicken Cacciatora, Chicken Livers with Sage, Wild Duck with Lentils, and Rabbit in Egg Sauce.

Pasta is perhaps Italy's greatest contribution to world cuisine, and The Talisman contains dozens of authentic recipes like Homemade Ravioli, Green Lasagna Modena Style, and Spaghetti Marinara. There are recipes for Polenta, the Italian cornmeal preparation, as well as rice dishes and pizza.

Finally, Italian desserts are explored in full: Almond Macaroons, Pine Nut Cookies, Ricotta Pie, Zeppole, and Zuppa Inglese. There is also a glossary (complete with pronunciation guide) to Italian cooking terms.

For the American edition of The Talisman, all weights, measurements, instructions, and ingredients have been adapted to American usage. The result is a collection of recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are delicious to eat.

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Healthy Pasta: The Sexy, Skinny, and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food

Healthy Pasta: The Sexy, Skinny, and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food Lowest new price: $15.00
Lowest used price: $6.69
List price: $26.95
Author: Joseph Bastianich

Having grown up with Lidia Bastianich as their mother, Tanya and Joe Bastianich are no strangers to great-tasting Italian cooking. Today, the siblings both have illustrious careers in the culinary world—writing cookbooks, running restaurants, hosting television shows—and yet they are still faced with the question that many of us encounter in the kitchen every day: how can we enjoy the pasta that we crave in a healthy and satisfying way? 
Here, the brother and sister have paired up to give us that answer in 100 recipes, each under 500 calories per serving, that are as good for you as they are delectable. This wonderfully informative, easy-to-use cookbook provides simple ways to make pasta an integral part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, even if you’re gluten-free.
Do not be fooled: this is not a diet book. There are no tricks and no punishing regimens—it is just a simple guide to enjoying more of the food you love in ways that are good for you.  Using ingredients and cooking methods that maximize taste but minimize fat content, Joe and Tanya will teach you what different grains mean to your diet, how to pair particular grains with sauces, why better-quality pasta is healthier for you, the health benefits of cooking pasta al dente, and how to reduce fat and calories in your sauces. 
The recipes consist of regular, whole-grain, and gluten-free pastas, including classics like Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs and Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon, as well as new combinations like Gnocchi with Lentils, Onions, and Spinach; Bucatini with Broccoli Walnut Pesto; Summer Couscous Salad with Crunchy Vegetables; Spaghetti and Onion Frittata; and many more. All under 500 calories! This book will revolutionize the way you think about pasta. Buon appetito!

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Panini Lowest new price: $9.59
Lowest used price: $0.25
List price: $16.95
Author: Melanie Barnard
Brand: Melanie Barnard

Turn your kitchen into a sandwich factory with this beautifully photographed, easy-to-use cookbook containing over fifty delicious recipes for panini sandwiches, plus cooking tips that will help anyone create a wide variety of wholesome meals and snacks.

Originally an Italian dish of grilled bread filled with meats and cheeses, panini have evolved in recent years to become more than just an ordinary sandwich. Panini recipes today include everything from fresh produce, sea-fresh fish and shellfish, and lean poultry to savory spreads and breakfast ingredients. But you can make much more than just sandwiches in a panini press; whether you are hungry for a creative lunch, casual dinner, or a unique dessert, the perfect recipe is sure to be found in the pages of Panini. With a handful of companion recipes and informative tips for grilling each panino, all you need to do is assemble the ingredients, grill and enjoy!


  • Panini

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Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss: Family Favorites as Only Buddy Can Serve Them Up

Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss: Family Favorites as Only Buddy Can Serve Them Up Lowest new price: $9.92
Lowest used price: $2.17
List price: $30.00
Author: Buddy Valastro
Brand: Brand: Atria Books

TLC’s beloved Buddy Valastro is not only a master baker and the Cake Boss, he’s also a great cook and star of the hit show, Kitchen Boss. Now he shares 100 delicious, essential Italian-American recipes—from his grandmother’s secret dishes to his personal favorites—with his own signature touches that make dinner a family event.

TLC’s beloved Buddy Valastro is not only a master baker, he’s also a great cook—the boss of his home kitchen as well as of his famous bakery, Carlo’s Bake Shop. Home cooking is even more vital for the Valastro family than the work they do at the bakery. Every Sunday, the whole clan gathers to cook and eat Sunday Gravy—their family recipe for hearty tomato sauce. These nourishing meals are the glue of their family. Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss shares 100 delicious Italian- American recipes beloved by Buddy’s family, from his grandmother’s secret dishes to Buddy’s personal favorites, with Buddy’s own signature touches that make dinner a family event.

Buddy Valastro is renowned worldwide as the Cake Boss, but Buddy knows far more than just desserts. He makes classic dishes like Pasta Carbonara, Shrimp Scampi, and Eggplant Parmesan even more irresistible with his singular flair and with old-school tips passed down through generations. With his friendly charm, he guides even novice cooks from appetizers through more complicated dishes, and all 100 easy-to-follow recipes use ingredients that are obtainable and affordable. Your family will love sitting down at the table to eat Steak alla Buddy, Auntie Anna’s Manicotti, Mozzarella-and- Sausage-Stuffed Chicken, Veal Saltimbocca, Buddy’s Swiss Chard, and mouthwatering desserts like Lemon Granita, Apple Snacking Cake, Cocoa-Hazelnut Cream with Berries, and Rockin’ Rice Pudding.

Buddy’s recipes allow home cooks to become the bosses of their own kitchens, and anyone will be able to whip up a tasty and nutritious Italian dinner. Filled with luscious full-color photography and with stories from the irrepressible Valastro clan, Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss shows how to create new takes on traditional dishes that will make your famiglia happy.


My family, the Valastros, makes its living by baking and selling just about anything you can think of at Carlo’s Bake Shop. It’s what we’re known for. But there’s another side to our family and our relationship to food, and it’s just as personal, maybe even more personal, than what we do at the bakery. I’m talking about the recipes and dishes, meals and traditions that nourish our bodies and souls when we get home. Just like any other family, we enjoy chilling out and spending time together, and there’s no way we’d rather do that than around a table, a place that keeps us grounded and connected to each other as well as to the relatives who came before us. As proud as I am of our professional success, I’m just as proud that we’ve been able to continue making time for our family and extended family—and we’re talking a lot of people— to meet several times a week and eat together.

And now I’m honored to share with you my family’s favorite recipes and to tell you the stories of what makes them so near and dear to our hearts. I hope they might become favorites for your family as well, that they help you create memories to last a lifetime, the same way they’ve done for us Valastros.

-- Buon Appetito, Buddy Valastro


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian-American Restaurant

Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian-American Restaurant Lowest new price: $15.34
Lowest used price: $12.33
List price: $24.00
Author: Joe Germanotta
Brand: imusti

A collection of recipes and anecdotes, inspired by the world famous restaurant Joanne Trattoria, owned by Joe Germanotta, father of Lady Gaga.

Family, food, and love are the foundation upon which Joe and Cynthia Germanotta raised their daughters. Built on those same principles, the Germanottas family-run restaurant is world-renowned for its vibrant hospitality, delicious Southern Italian fare, and warm familial atmosphere. Named in honor of Joe’s sister who died of Lupus three months shy of her 20th birthday, Joanne Trattoria is more than a neighborhood restaurant; it is a mecca for Lady Gaga fans, a frequent gathering place for celebrities and notable New Yorkers, and a home to its faithful regulars and devoted staff.


In his debut cookbook, Joe shares a mix of time-tested family recipes and house favorites—such as Joanne’s Meatballs, Papa G’s Chicken Scarpariello, and the unforgettable Nutellasagna—and for the first time recounts his inspirational story of fulfilling his lifelong dream of opening his own restaurant. With never-before released family photos, heartwarming testimonials and entertaining anecdotes from the extended Joanne family, as well as a moving foreword by the Germanottas’ older daughter, Golden Globe®- and six-time Grammy®-winning, Academy Award-nominated global icon Lady Gaga, Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian-American Restaurant will delight both fans and foodies alike.





  • Post Hill Press

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The Glorious Vegetables of Italy

The Glorious Vegetables of Italy Lowest new price: $14.95
Lowest used price: $3.37
List price: $30.00
Author: Domenica Marchetti
Brand: Chronicle Books

This book is a tribute to Italy's many glorious vegetables, from the bright, orange-fleshed pumpkins of autumn to the tender green fava beans of early spring. Organized by course, this lavishly photographed cookbook lauds the latest dining trend—the vegetable's starring role at the center of the plate. Cooks of all skill levels will enjoy more than 100 recipes mixing tradition and innovation, ranging from the basics (Fresh Spinach Pasta Dough and Fresh Tomato Sauce) to the seasonal (Spring Risotto with Green and White Asparagus) to savory (Grilled Lamb Spiedini on a Bed of Caponata) and sweet (Pumpkin Gelato). This indispensable recipe collection will appeal to Italian cuisine lovers looking to celebrate vegetables in any meal, every day.

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Sharing Puglia: Simple, Delicious Food from Italy's Undiscovered Coast

Sharing Puglia: Simple, Delicious Food from Italy's Undiscovered Coast Lowest new price: $23.39
Lowest used price: $10.99
List price: $39.95
Author: Luca Lorusso

Featuring the traditional recipes and stunning photography of the sun-kissed Puglia region, Sharing Puglia will transport you to the sapphire waters of the southern coast of Italy. With this collection of the quintessential culinary delights of Puglia designed for sharing and entertaining and that celebrate seasonal produce, you'll be able to imagine you are sitting by the shores of the Mediterranean, listening to the soothing sounds of the sea lapping against limestone cliffs, all the while savoring kingfish crudo with fresh fava beans, lemon & cacio cavallo or devouring scampi with fresh chicory and pomegranate.

This collection of recipes focuses on delectable dishes perfect for sharing with friends and family- Gallipoli-style fish stew; fava, broccoli and chicory soup; baked snapper with skewered prawns; and veal broth with pasta. Celebrate seasonal produce with dinner party menus for entertaining through the four seasons, or prepare a few simple antipasto dishes such as pickled artichokes, bruschetta with olives, and taralli (savoury crackers). There are scrumptious, vegetable-packed comfort foods like eggplant parmigiana, artichokes with fried potatoes, and smoked scamorza cheese salad with mushrooms; recipes for making the best artisanal pizzas; and of course, the region's standout pasta dishes, such as conchiglioni with vongole and cauliflower, and tagliatelle with fava beans, ricotta, parsley and mint.

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