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Russian Cooking

Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook

Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook Lowest new price: $13.24
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $29.95
Author: Anya von Bremzen
Brand: Brand: Workman Publishing Company

From the robust foods of the Baltic states to the delicately perfumed pilafs of Azerbaijan, from borscht and beef stroganoff to the grains and yogurts of Georgia, Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman take Westerners on a spectacular tour of the many and varied cuisines of the fifteen former Soviet republics. Anya von Bremzen, a native Muscovite, grew up on regional cooking and has traveled extensively throughout the former Soviet Union, visiting professional chefs, touring markets, and sampling and gathering dishes. Covering eleven time zones and hundreds of recipes, Please to the Table brings to light the astounding culinary diversity of this corner of the world-and the similarities between the cuisines, too. Here are Byelorussion Mushroom Croquettes, Armenian Stuffed Mussels, and dozens of other zakuski-the "little bites" that are the heart and soul of Russian meals. Soups from Armenian Lentil and Apricot Soup to Lithuanian Apple Soup with Apple Dumplings. Dozens of entrees including Uzbek Lamb Pilaf, Russian Salmon with Sorrel and Spinach, Azerbaijani Quail in Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce, Armenian Pumpkin Moussaka. And side dishes, salads, beverages, and desserts such as Russian Cranberry Mousse and an Almond and Pistachio Paklava. Plus vatrushki, pampushki, halushki, blinchiki, sirniki, and pirozhki. Winner of the 1990 James Beard Food and Beverage Book Award. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club's Homestyle Books and the Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service. 58,000 copies in print.

Is there more to Russian cookery than beets, cabbage, and sour cream? Please to the Table, a comprehensive guide that takes readers and cooks from the Baltics to Uzbekistan, should absolutely bury that question. Russia alone is bigger than the U.S. and Canada combined; its people claim more than 100 different nationalities and languages. Throw in the other 14 former Soviet republics, cook a feast, and you'll sample everything from Moldavian marinated peppers to cold yogurt and cucumber soup to Uzbek lamb stew to crawfish boiled in beer to open cheese tartlets, Russian tea, and, yes, beef stroganoff--nearly every major culinary style is represented here. Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman capture the soul of Mother Russia in 400 recipes joined together with a literate overview of each culinary piece in this magnificent jigsaw puzzle of a nation. The cook will be amply rewarded, and readers will travel far and wide through flavors and feasts only dimly imagined in the West.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food

Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food Lowest new price: $13.51
Lowest used price: $11.46
List price: $19.99
Author: Casey Barber
Brand: imusti

This tasty tribute to the pierogi takes a familiar wrapping and stuffs it with a host of unconventional, innovative, and decidedly non-traditional fillings. With 60 sweet and savory recipes that include everything from the classic Polish cheddar and potato offerings to American-inspired Reuben pierogies and fried apple pie-rogies to worldly fillings like falafel and Nutella, there's a pierogi for every party and every palate! Each recipe comes with a charming story from Barber's extensive explorations in pierogi flavors.

CASEY BARBER is a freelance food writer, photographer, and editor of the critically acclaimed website Good. Food. Stories. Her work has appeared in numerous national publications including Gourmet Live, ReadyMade,, The Kitchn, and DRAFT. Casey is also the author of Classic Snacks Made from Scratch: 70 Homemade Versions of Your Favorite Brand-Name Treats (Ulysses Press, 2013) and the co-writer of Inspired Bites: Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining from Pinch Food Design (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2014).


  • Gibbs Smith Publishers

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Recipes from My Russian Grandmother's Kitchen: Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine in 60 traditional dishes

Recipes from My Russian Grandmother's Kitchen: Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine in 60 traditional dishes Lowest new price: $7.49
Lowest used price: $7.11
List price: $14.99
Author: Elena Makhonko
Brand: imusti

This evocative and beautifully photographed cookbook is packed with authentic and much-loved dishes such as Chicken Kiev, Pelmini (little dumplings), the salmon-filled pie Koulibiac, Stroganoff and the Easter dessert Paskha.


  • Lorenz Books

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The Georgian Feast: The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia

The Georgian Feast: The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia Lowest new price: $21.72
Lowest used price: $22.14
List price: $29.95
Author: Darra Goldstein
Brand: imusti

"Every Georgian dish is a poem."―Alexander Pushkin

According to Georgian legend, God took a supper break while creating the world. He became so involved with his meal that he inadvertently tripped over the high peaks of the Caucasus, spilling his food onto the land below. The land blessed by Heaven's table scraps was Georgia.

Nestled in the Caucasus mountain range between the Black and Caspian seas, the Republic of Georgia is as beautiful as it is bountiful. The unique geography of the land, which includes both alpine and subtropical zones, has created an enviable culinary tradition. In The Georgian Feast, Darra Goldstein explores the rich and robust culture of Georgia and offers a variety of tempting recipes.

The book opens with a fifty-page description of the culture and food of Georgia. Next are over one hundred recipes, often accompanied by notes on the history of the dish. Holiday menus, a glossary of Georgian culinary terms, and an annotated bibliography round out the volume.


  • University of California Press

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CCCP COOK BOOK: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine

CCCP COOK BOOK: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine Lowest new price: $17.99
Lowest used price: $11.31
List price: $32.50
Author: Olga Syutkin

As the Soviet Union struggled along the path to communism, food shortages were commonplace, and both Party authorities and Soviet citizens had to apply every ounce of ingenuity to maximize often-inadequate resources. The stories and recipes contained in the CCCP Cook Book reflect these turbulent times: from basic subsistence meals consumed by the average citizen (like okroshka, a cold soup made with the fermented beverage kvass) to extravagant banquets held by the political elite (suckling pig with buckwheat), with a scattering of classics (beef stroganoff) in between. Each recipe is introduced with a historical story or anecdote from the period, and illustrated using images sourced from original Soviet recipe books collected by the authors, food historians Olga and Pavel Syutkin.
Many of the sometimes extraordinary-looking pictures depict dishes whose recipes used unobtainable ingredients, placing them firmly in the realm of "aspirational" fantasy for the average Soviet household. In their content and presentation, the recipes and illustrations act as windows into the cuisine and culture of the era.
CCCP Cook Book offers an illustrated history of Soviet cuisine told through the stories and popular recipes from the period. The book contains 60 recipes from the Soviet period, including such delicacies as aspic, borscht, caviar and herring, by way of bird's milk cake and pelmeni.



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Russian Cookbook: Traditional Russian Recipes Made Easy

Russian Cookbook: Traditional Russian Recipes Made Easy Lowest new price: $11.87
Lowest used price: $11.82
List price: $11.99
Author: Grizzly Publishing

A cookbook on traditional Russian cuisine that outlines recipes not to be read as a pastime but to be followed in the kitchen with ease and without confusion – that is exactly what this cookbook is all about.

You may have had doubts or an initial level interest in the food culture of Russia; perhaps you never got around to digging a little deeper into the recipes and ingredients that are most widely used in Russian cooking. Well, fret not! This cookbook is here as your knight in shining armour.

Apart from shedding light on the foods that have been indulged in throughout the ages and history of this land, this book also helps you understand how everything that looks daunting to try out – is actually not.

In this book, you will get access to authentic recipes for:

The world famous beef stroganoff Authentic Russian soups like Borscht Interesting desserts options like Chak Chak And some wide variety of authentic Russian breakfast, salads and soup recipes.

Every single Russian recipe you have ever heard of but found the very concept of to be intimidating is, in fact, something you could just waltz into your kitchen and whip it up with ease, glee, and a tempting aroma wafting through your home.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the buy now button right now and buy your copy today!

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Culinaria Russia: A Celebration of Food and Tradition

Culinaria Russia: A Celebration of Food and Tradition Lowest new price: $16.20
Lowest used price: $8.64
List price: $19.99
Author: Marion Trutter
Brand: Trutter Marion

Blini, caviar and borscht are familiar enough to many people, but what surprises might await us when we try ukha, khinkali, khachapuri, lahmadjo or plov? Russia, Caucasus, and eastern Europe offer a wealth of culinary delicacies that are hardly known to us, a myriad of foods and flavors fed by the most diverse influences and cultures at the intersection of Orient and Occident. The spectrum extends from traditional fish and meat specialties of the nomadic peoples in northern Russia to sweets with a touch of oriental flavor favored in Azerbaijan.This book explores the extraordinary breadth of this fascinating, multi-cultural, cuisine in informative texts written by selected experts with deep understanding of the countries, paired with impressive photography. In addition to providing background information about the various lands and the foods that are typical of each of them, readers will find a generous selection of authentic recipes that invite them to explore this new culinary terrain up close and personal, through cooking, eating, and enjoying.


  • Culinaria Russia A Celebration of Food and Tradition

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Art of Lithuanian Cooking

Art of Lithuanian Cooking Lowest new price: $10.00
Lowest used price: $6.89
List price: $14.95
Author: Maria Gieysztor de Gorgey
Brand: Brand: Hippocrene Books

"Art of Lithuanian Cooking is a culinary showcase of palate-pleasing regional delights." --The Midwest Book Review "Here is a collection of Lithuanian recipes that will be welcome on any table." --The International Cookbook Revue This favorite Hippocrene cookbook includes over 150 authentic Lithuanian recupes such as "Fresh Cucumber Soup," "Lithuanian Meat Pockets," "Hunter's Stew," "Potato Zeppelins," as well as delicacies like "Homemade Honey Liqueur," and "Easter Gypsy Cake." The author's introduction and easy step-by-step directions ensure that even novice cooks can create authentic, delicious Lithuanian recipes.


  • ISBN13: 9780781808996
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

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A Taste of Russia: A Cookbook of Russia Hospitality

A Taste of Russia: A Cookbook of Russia Hospitality Lowest new price: $24.99
Lowest used price: $17.99
List price: $24.99
Author: Darra Goldstein

Redesigned with a fresh, modern presentation, the 30th anniversary edition of this classic cookbook layers superbly reseached recipes with informative essays on the dishes' rich historical and cultural contexts. With more than 200 recipes for everything from borscht to bliny, from salmon coulibiac to beef stew with rum, from marinated mushrooms to walnut-honey-filled pies, this mouthwatering assortment truly exhibits the best that Russian cooking has to offer. The book has been revised and updated with a new preface that considers the changes in Russian culinary culture since its original publication and offers a dozen delectable new recipes, such as onion dumplings, horseradish vodka, and whipped raspberry mousse.

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Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook: 100 Fast and Healthy Paleo Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker

Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook: 100 Fast and Healthy Paleo Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker Lowest new price: $8.99
List price: $8.99
Author: Susan Platz

Kindle MatchBook: Receive the Kindle Edition for FREE when you buy the paperback edition now! America’s favorite Instant Pot cookbook with easy and fast recipes for the Paleo lifestyle Humble, honest home cooking to help you stay on Paleo does not have to be difficult or demand all of your free time. With the goal of making Paleo accessible and convenient for everyone, Paleo chef Susan Platz combines her passion for delicious, healthy Paleo recipes with the favorite appliance of the busy home cook: the Instant Pot. The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook is the first choice for busy home cooks looking for healthy and delicious recipes that are insanely simple to prep and cook. The ultimate Instant Pot cookbook for Paleo recipes, the Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook includes: An Introduction to Paleo that fully explains the principles of the diet and shows you exactly how to achieve your health and weight loss goals without sacrificing enjoyable meals Instant Pot Basics with easy to follow instructions, tips, and tricks for using your Instant Pot! 100 Amazing Paleo Recipes for your Instant Pot that your family will rave about Nutritional Information for Every Recipe so you can easily track exactly what you are consuming Say goodbye to the stress of sticking to Paleo with the Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook, your go-to resource for making Paleo a successful and enjoyable experience!

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