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Russian Cooking

Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food

Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food Lowest new price: $10.63
Lowest used price: $7.91
List price: $19.99
Author: Casey Barber
Brand: imusti

This tasty tribute to the pierogi takes a familiar wrapping and stuffs it with a host of unconventional, innovative, and decidedly non-traditional fillings. With 60 sweet and savory recipes that include everything from the classic Polish cheddar and potato offerings to American-inspired Reuben pierogies and fried apple pie-rogies to worldly fillings like falafel and Nutella, there's a pierogi for every party and every palate! Each recipe comes with a charming story from Barber's extensive explorations in pierogi flavors.

CASEY BARBER is a freelance food writer, photographer, and editor of the critically acclaimed website Good. Food. Stories. Her work has appeared in numerous national publications including Gourmet Live, ReadyMade,, The Kitchn, and DRAFT. Casey is also the author of Classic Snacks Made from Scratch: 70 Homemade Versions of Your Favorite Brand-Name Treats (Ulysses Press, 2013) and the co-writer of Inspired Bites: Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining from Pinch Food Design (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2014).


  • Gibbs Smith Publishers

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Cooking in Russia - Volume 3: Focus on Food Chemistry

Cooking in Russia - Volume 3: Focus on Food Chemistry Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $15.09
List price: $19.95
Author: Greg Easter
Brand: Easter Greg

In this third installment the author expounds on the principles of organic chemistry as it relates to food science, interwoven with more than 50 detailed recipes, most of which have accompanying online videos. This unusual book fills a niche that is sorely missing in the literature. Namely, how specific flavors are produced by chemical reactions during cooking and how those reactions can be manipulated to improve results. There are diagrams, tables and explanations covering over 25 different topics. If you have ever wondered about such things as what the exact differences are between types of onions, or what bay leaves actually do at the chemical level, or what makes foods a certain color and what that color indicates, or why fresh tomatoes are sometimes combined with puréed tomatoes in sauces, or the science of how flambéing changes the flavor profile of a dish, or why stocks have to be simmered at a specific temperature for optimum results, and many other such questions, here are the scientifically accurate answers presented in clear language. The text is also sprinkled with tidbits of food history and a humorous take on life in restaurant kitchens. Perhaps even more valuable for chefs and serious cooks, the author introduces a never before seen method for producing your own tertiary flavorings, which are those psychologically tantalizing additives that are the trade secrets of commercial food manufacturers. Only instead of using bottles of chemicals, here this is accomplished using only natural foods, ordinary kitchen equipment and a brilliant novel technique. There is also an extensive glossary of terms relating to beers and wines at the back of the book. If you are an aspiring chef, you absolutely need this book. Understanding food chemistry has never been more important than in this age of molecular gastronomy. This isn't just dry theory. You will be able to make use of these methods in any commercial or home kitchen immediately.


  • Cooking in Russia Volume 3 Focus on Food Chemistry

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Recipes from My Russian Grandmother's Kitchen: Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine in 60 traditional dishes

Recipes from My Russian Grandmother's Kitchen: Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine in 60 traditional dishes Lowest new price: $9.33
Lowest used price: $10.10
List price: $14.99
Author: Elena Makhonko
Brand: imusti

This evocative and beautifully photographed cookbook is packed with authentic and much-loved dishes such as Chicken Kiev, Pelmini (little dumplings), the salmon-filled pie Koulibiac, Stroganoff and the Easter dessert Paskha.


  • Lorenz Books

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Culinaria Russia: A Celebration of Food and Tradition

Culinaria Russia: A Celebration of Food and Tradition Lowest new price: $15.38
Lowest used price: $15.36
List price: $19.99
Author: Marion Trutter
Brand: Trutter Marion

Blini, caviar and borscht are familiar enough to many people, but what surprises might await us when we try ukha, khinkali, khachapuri, lahmadjo or plov? Russia, Caucasus, and eastern Europe offer a wealth of culinary delicacies that are hardly known to us, a myriad of foods and flavors fed by the most diverse influences and cultures at the intersection of Orient and Occident. The spectrum extends from traditional fish and meat specialties of the nomadic peoples in northern Russia to sweets with a touch of oriental flavor favored in Azerbaijan.This book explores the extraordinary breadth of this fascinating, multi-cultural, cuisine in informative texts written by selected experts with deep understanding of the countries, paired with impressive photography. In addition to providing background information about the various lands and the foods that are typical of each of them, readers will find a generous selection of authentic recipes that invite them to explore this new culinary terrain up close and personal, through cooking, eating, and enjoying.


  • Culinaria Russia A Celebration of Food and Tradition

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Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing

Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $5.16
List price: $16.00
Author: Anya Von Bremzen
Brand: Anya Von Bremzen

A James Beard Award-winning writer captures life under the Red socialist banner in this wildly inventive, tragicomic memoir of feasts, famines, and three generations  
     Born in 1963, in an era of bread shortages, Anya grew up in a communal Moscow apartment where eighteen families shared one kitchen. She sang odes to Lenin, black-marketeered Juicy Fruit gum at school, watched her father brew moonshine, and, like most Soviet citizens, longed for a taste of the mythical West. It was a life by turns absurd, naively joyous, and melancholy—and ultimately intolerable to her anti-Soviet mother, Larisa. When Anya was ten, she and Larisa fled the political repression of Brezhnev-era Russia, arriving in Philadelphia with no winter coats and no right of return.
     Now Anya occupies two parallel food universes: one where she writes about four-star restaurants, the other where a taste of humble kolbasa transports her back to her scarlet-blazed socialist past. To bring that past to life, Anya and her mother decide to eat and cook their way through every decade of the Soviet experience. Through these meals, and through the tales of three generations of her family, Anya tells the intimate yet epic story of life in the USSR. Wildly inventive and slyly witty, Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking is that rare book that stirs our souls and our senses.

Q&A with Anya Von Bremzen

Anya Von Bremzen

Q. One of your reasons for writing this book was your feeling of leading a double life as a food writer. Can you explain?

A. When I started my career in the early 90s, after emigrating in the 70’s, the Soviet drama of putting food on the table was still fresh. Whenever I ate at a fancy restaurant for my work, I felt pangs of guilt about all my family struggling back in Moscow. Over time Russia became a wealthy country, but I continued to be haunted by a sense that behind everything I ate professionally lay another reality: a shadow of our collective Soviet trauma. Something deeper, more existential, and related to food. This haunting, complicated past, bottled inside of me, finally had to come out.

Q. What surprised you most, writing the book?

A. What I've come to call the “poisoned madeleine” factor. We lived in a state where every edible morsel was politicized and ideologized. And most of our food was produced by the state my mother had reviled and fled. And yet we experience a powerful bittersweet nostalgia for those “poisoned” flavors. The complexity and contradiction of this longing is what I explore in the book. Over pages eating becomes almost a metaphor for ingesting ideology—and for resisting it.

Q. Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking tells your story, but also the story of three generations of your family. How did you research their experiences?

A. My mother has an almost uncanny recall of her emotional life, starting from her earliest childhood—back when she was an alienated sensitive kid in the totalitarian frenzies under Stalin. Her feeling of being a “dissident-born,” always at odds with Soviet society, has been an incredibly powerful trope for this book. My dad, on the other hand, remembers perfectly all the small physical details: what vodka cost in 1959, for example. And my grandparents were great raconteurs. Even after they were long gone their stories lived on.

Q. You describe, to sumptuous effect, Russian literature’s obsession with food. Who are your favorite Russian authors?

A. I love most the satirical strain in Russian literature. As much as I venerate Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, it’s Nikolai Gogol, that gluttonous hypochondriac, who’s my guy. Gogol is amazing—delicious!—on food. His Dead Souls essentially chronicles one grifter’s journey from dinner to dinner through the vast Russian countryside.

Q. You’ve spent time in the new Moscow over the last few years. How would you describe contemporary Russian food culture?

A. The last chapter of the book is ironically titled “Putin’ on the Ritz.” That pretty much sums it up. Foie gras and burrata, sushi flown in from Tokyo—it's all there for comrades with serious rubles. And yet, at the same time, there’s this astonishing wave of Soviet nostalgia! Even oligarchs are pining for the mayonnaise-laden salads and kotleti (Russian burgers) of our shared, vanished socialist childhoods.

Q. How did the work of cooking change over time for Russian women?

A. That’s an arc I lay out in the book. The pioneering Bolsheviks of the 1920s wanted to liberate women from domestic chores—and so both my grandmothers were lousy cooks! But the Bolshevik feminist project failed, and by the next decade, under Stalin, Soviet women got stuck where they remained—carrying the infamous “double-burden” of a job and housework. Still. In a society with so much cultural control, some women of my mother's early 60’s generation found personal self-expression in cooking. Now with the avalanche of chichi prepared food at Russian supermarkets, cooking is strictly a matter of choice.

Q. What was the first dish you remember learning?

A. When I was a kid of five, Mom and I lived on one ruble a day—poverty even by Soviet standards. When we completely ran out money Mom would make fried eggs over stale black bread cubes. I watched her make it so many times I could do it blindfolded. And it's still one of my favorite dishes.

Q. What is your favorite dish to cook with your mother?

A. Each chapter of the book has us obsessing about something different—a new “project.” The sumptuous kulebiaka from the pages of our beloved Chekhov drove us crazy but turned out incredibly. And both Mom and I love the spicy exotic flavors from the ethnic rainbow of former Soviet ethnic republics. Chanakhi, a Georgian lamb stew with tons of herbs (Stalin's favorite dish incidentally) is something we cook a lot.


  • Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking A Memoir of Food and Longing

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CCCP COOK BOOK: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine

CCCP COOK BOOK: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine Lowest new price: $18.17
Lowest used price: $9.46
List price: $32.50
Author: Olga Syutkin
Brand: imusti

As the Soviet Union struggled along the path to communism, food shortages were commonplace, and both Party authorities and Soviet citizens had to apply every ounce of ingenuity to maximize often-inadequate resources. The stories and recipes contained in the CCCP Cook Book reflect these turbulent times: from basic subsistence meals consumed by the average citizen (like okroshka, a cold soup made with the fermented beverage kvass) to extravagant banquets held by the political elite (suckling pig with buckwheat), with a scattering of classics (beef stroganoff) in between. Each recipe is introduced with a historical story or anecdote from the period, and illustrated using images sourced from original Soviet recipe books collected by the authors, food historians Olga and Pavel Syutkin.
Many of the sometimes extraordinary-looking pictures depict dishes whose recipes used unobtainable ingredients, placing them firmly in the realm of "aspirational" fantasy for the average Soviet household. In their content and presentation, the recipes and illustrations act as windows into the cuisine and culture of the era.
CCCP Cook Book offers an illustrated history of Soviet cuisine told through the stories and popular recipes from the period. The book contains 60 recipes from the Soviet period, including such delicacies as aspic, borscht, caviar and herring, by way of bird's milk cake and pelmeni.



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Cocktails of the South Pacific and Beyond - Advanced Mixology

Cocktails of the South Pacific and Beyond - Advanced Mixology Lowest new price: $18.95
Lowest used price: $14.95
List price: $18.95
Author: Greg Easter
Brand: Easter Greg

This book belongs on the shelf of every single serious cocktail enthusiast. The author reveals long forgotten methods of producing cocktails from over a century of his family's business in the liquor trade (before, during and after Prohibition) and extensive experiences traveling around the world spanning from Polynesia to Eastern Europe. Nearly a hundred recipes that have never before been published, including secrets from some of the most expensive and exclusive bars in the world (past and present) personally collected over decades - yet this is not simply a recipe book. What makes this most worthwhile is the detailed and thoughtful explanation behind several original methods of producing extraordinary flavors. The section on complexing agents alone is worth the price of this book. As a bonus, there is an appendix with dozens of authentic 1928 recipes for the manufacture of interesting and obsolete cordials and spirits.


  • Cocktails of the South Pacific and Beyond Advanced Mixology

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Babushka: Russian Recipes from a Real Russian Grandma: Real Russian Food & Ukrainian Food (Russian food, Russian recipes, Ukrainian food, Croatian Recipes)

Babushka: Russian Recipes from a Real Russian Grandma: Real Russian Food & Ukrainian Food (Russian food, Russian recipes, Ukrainian food, Croatian Recipes) Lowest new price: $14.29
Lowest used price: $14.48
List price: $14.99
Author: Anastasia Petrov
Brand: Petrov Anastasia

Are You fascinated by Russia? Have Russian Heritage?
Want to eat REAL Russian Food that is Delicious and Traditional?
With the help of my Babushka (grandma) who at 90 has been cooking since the early days of the Soviet Union we formulated a real Russian Recipe book. This book is unique in that it has REAL traditional Russian Recipes that have been in my family for generations! I also made sure to include popular regional dishes that are unique to certain areas of Russia or Ukraine. There’s a little bit of everything here from Russian Pierogis to the infamous Borscht. Pick your own delicious Russian adventure with our 90 recipes!

If you are ready to eat delicious Russian Recipes Today... Don’t waste any more time buy this books now!


  • Babushka Russian Recipes from a Real Russian Grandma Real Russian Food Ukrainian Food Russian Food Russian Recipes Ukrain

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Classic Russian Cooking: Elena Molokhovets' "A Gift to Young Housewives"

Classic Russian Cooking: Elena Molokhovets' "A Gift to Young Housewives" Lowest new price: $27.50
Lowest used price: $20.99
List price: $49.00
Author: Elena Molokhovets
Brand: Elena Molokhovets

Joyce Toomre... has accomplished an enormous task, fully on a par with the original author’s slave labor. Her extensive preface and her detailed and entertaining notes are marvelous." ―Tatyana Tolstaya, New York Review of Books

Classic Russian Cooking is a book that I highly recommend. Joyce Toomre has done a marvelous job of translating this valuable and fascinating source book. It’s the Fanny Farmer and Isabella Beeton of Russia’s 19th century." ―Julia Child, Food Arts

This is a delicious book, and Indiana University Press has served it up beautifully." ―Russian Review

... should become as much of a classic as the Russian original... dazzling and admirable expedition into Russia’s kitchens and cuisine."―Slavic Review

It gives a delightful and fascinating picture of the foods of pre-Communist Russia." ―The Christian Science Monitor

First published in 1861, this "bible" of Russian homemakers offered not only a compendium of recipes, but also instructions about such matters as setting up a kitchen, managing servants, shopping, and proper winter storage. Joyce Toomre has superbly translated and annotated over one thousand of the recipes and has written a thorough and fascinating introduction which discusses the history of Russian cuisine and summarizes Molokhovets’ advice on household management. A treasure trove for culinary historians, serious cooks and cookbook readers, and scholars of Russian history and culture.


  • Classic Russian Cooking Elena Molokhovets A Gift to Young Housewives

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Cooking in Russia - YouTube Channel Companion

Cooking in Russia - YouTube Channel Companion Lowest new price: $12.96
Lowest used price: $11.66
List price: $16.95
Author: Greg Easter
Brand: Easter Greg

The author shares over 40 years of his experience with professional tips and trade secrets, as well as a fascinating history of Russian cuisine explained for the first time in English. This is a comprehensive guide to more than 150 instructional cooking videos on YouTube by the author from around the world, as well as additional recipes and methods never before revealed.


  • Cooking in Russia Youtube Channel Companion

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