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Turkish Cooking

Yashim Cooks Istanbul

Yashim Cooks Istanbul Lowest new price: $17.62
Lowest used price: $17.18
List price: $35.00
Author: Jason Goodwin
Brand: Argonaut Books

Edgar-winning crime writer Jason Goodwin's 'Yashim the Ottoman Investigator' series is published in more than forty languages. Now Yashim's cooking has inspired a cookbook, evoking the color and flavor of the Ottoman world. 
Yashim Cooks Istanbul includes over eighty Turkish recipes, with full color illustrations and tempting descriptions from the novels.
Fans of the series have been asking for this book ever since Yashim made his first appearance in The Janissary Tree (2006), winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel.
NPR's Book Concierge selected YASHIM COOKS ISTANBUL: Culinary Adventures in the Ottoman Kitchen among their Best Books of 2016.
Yashim Cooks Istanbul covers the full spectrum of Turkish cookery, from simple meze and vegetable dishes to meat, fish and puddings. Good in the kitchen, good on the table, it will draw the reader into the extraordinary atmosphere of old Istanbul. Step back into Yashim's world, where the flavors and colors of Istanbul come to life: Yashim Cooks Istanbul is about time travel - and you don't have to leave your kitchen to make the trip.


  • Argonaut Books

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Nuwave Oven Cookbook: 160+ Amazingly Healthy and Delicious NuWave Oven Recipes for YOUR HEALTHY FAMILY

Nuwave Oven Cookbook: 160+ Amazingly Healthy and Delicious NuWave Oven Recipes for YOUR HEALTHY FAMILY Lowest new price: $14.99
List price: $14.99
Author: Mary Grace

Healthy and Delicious NuWave Oven Recipes for YOUR HEALTHY FAMILY

This innovative new idea is designed to save you time and effort and uses a special combination of 3 types of heat - convection, conduction and infrared. No pre-heating and no need to defrost food before placing it in the oven!

All you need to do is take the food from the freezer and place it into your NuWave oven. Once you’ve set the timer you do not have to do anything else, other than enjoy your meal.

No extra fat is needed for cooking in a NuWave oven, making this new idea a healthy choice for your family. The unique design also ensures that all the excess fat from your food drains away, leaving you with tasty and delicious low-fat food.

The advantages don’t stop there. It also:

  • Saves your time

  • Makes meat and fish irresistible

  • Saves energy

  • Reheats leftovers to their original standard

With our boom you'll discover the amazing recipes under various sections such as:

  • Tasty Breakfast

  • Amazing Appetizers,

  • Pleasing Poultry,

  • Best Beef and Lamb,

  • Super Seafoods,

  • Delightful Vegetables,

  • Baked Biscuits, Slices, Scones,

  • Delicious Desserts and Puddings,

  • Healthy Snacks

There are several reasons you should get this book:

  • We collected recipes for both fish and meat lovers
  • Our cookbook breaks every single step down and ensures that you know exactly what you need to do to prepare each recipe.
  • Your level of experience with NuWave oven doesn't matter - our book applies to any level!
  • recipes in this book are healthy and delicious.
  • You will enrich your daily life with tasty and nice-looking dishes
  • Healthy and well balanced food every day

Throughout the book, you will be introduced to the very concepts of your NuWave Oven and will be discussing the core mechanics of your NuWave Oven and help you fully familiarize with it before venturing into the world of modern day kitchen appliances.

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Air fryer Cookbook: 400+ Healthy Quick & Easy Recipes For Your Family

Air fryer Cookbook: 400+ Healthy Quick & Easy Recipes For Your Family Lowest new price: $14.99
Lowest used price: $10.85
List price: $14.99
Author: Camila Claire

The Only Air Fryer Cookbook You'll Ever Need...

Hot Air Frying!

The new Innovation in your kitchen

Dear Reader,

This is Camila Claire. This book has relevant information about the Air fryer and a great collection of Delicious 400+ healthy, quick and easy recipes to fry, bake, grill, And roast, with your air fryer

I Know you are in the urge of learning more about hot and sizzling new kitchen gadget air fryer. That’s why you are here. look no more because this is where you will get to know all you never knew about this magical kitchen mate.

This book is nicely illustrated with the basic knowledge of air fryer and its benefits. And as a bonus, you will find more than 400+ amazingly delicious air fryer recipes that are quick and easy to make with simple ingredients. There is a huge variety of meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, Sea Food, main course, meat, poultry, vegetarian and Dessert recipes.

Thus, the variety goes on and on for healthy eating. The food cooked in an air fryer is not only healthy but it contains very low fats Which help to stop your increasing weight. just imagine how much you can cut down on calories in take just by omitting so much fats the deep-fried foods absorb. Enjoy the healthy deep fried food with no fear of calories Now.

Grab Your 400+ Air fryer Delicious recipes cookbook Today, and start enjoying cooking in the whole new way.

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Essential Turkish Cuisine

Essential Turkish Cuisine Lowest new price: $21.14
Lowest used price: $3.50
List price: $40.00
Author: Engin Akin
Brand: Stewart Tabori Chang

Engin Akin shares her culinary mastery and describes the evolution of Turkey’s diverse culture of food in Essential Turkish Cuisine. Complete with 200 recipes found across the country, including traditional dolmas, kebabs, halva, and more, this definitive book offers rare insight into the myriad influences on modern Turkish cooking.
Featuring a wide range of large and small plates—from Stuffed Peppers and Eggplant to Lamb with Quince, Fresh Sour Cherry Hosaf to Crepes with Tahini and Pekmez—Akin includes expert instruction for each dish. Through these recipes and the gorgeous photographs of Turkey—its bustling markets, its food, and its traditions—Akin shares the country’s rich heritage and brings the spirit of Turkey into your kitchen.



  • Stewart Tabori Chang

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Air Fryer Cookbook: Your Ultimate Air Fryer Recipe CookBook To Fry, Bake, Grill, And Roast (Air Fryer, Paleo, Clean Eating, Healthy Eating, Ketogenic, Anorexia, Gluten Free, Sugar Free,)

Air Fryer Cookbook: Your Ultimate Air Fryer Recipe CookBook To Fry, Bake, Grill, And Roast (Air Fryer, Paleo, Clean Eating, Healthy Eating, Ketogenic, Anorexia, Gluten Free, Sugar Free,) Lowest new price: $16.30
Lowest used price: $14.13
List price: $16.99
Author: Diana Watson

Delicious & Healthy Air Fryer Recipes Ready To Be Made For You And Your Whole Family! Are you looking for a healthier way to cook your meals that are still tasty and delicious as they were made originally? Do you want less oil and fats in your meals but still retain that tender and juicy texture? Are you also tired of cleaning and scrubbing after making a hot mess from the traditional methods of cooking all your meals? Well what if I told you that there is a way you can make meals that not only tastes sinful, but in actual fact are low in fat, oil, is convenient, and is stupid easy to clean up? Doesn't that sound like the perfect meal? Introducing the Air Fryer Mastery Cookbook. With the recipes and methods of cooking found inside, you can enjoy the foods you love while simultaneously achieving better health, your weight goals, and a healthier body! Here Are Some of the Delicious Recipes That You Will Receive: Apple Dumplings Air Fryer Spinach Frittata Country Style Chicken Tenders Tarragon Chicken Halibut Steak With a Teriyaki Glazed Sauce Spicy Pumpkin Patch Cannoli Treats for Halloween And Much Much More... Fact: These Recipes only require 1 Tablespoon or Less of Oil to make. How healthy is that?!? ---- BONUS!!! ---- For a limited time, in The Air Fryer Mastery Cookbook You Will Also Get: DOZENS more recipes that you can Roast, Bake, Grill, or Fry with your Air Fryer! Tips To Picking Out The Perfect Air Fryer For You How To Cook Your Meals With Minimal Cleaning Techniques To Master Using Your Air Fryer (Timing, Temperature Settings) Grab Your Copy of This Book Today At A Bargain Price of $2.99, originally $9.99. Price might go up soon so hurry! Your Health and Happiness awaits you! Scroll To the Top And press the "Buy Now" button Today!

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Oklava Lowest new price: $23.64
Lowest used price: $25.45
List price: $35.00
Author: Selin Kiazim

Turkish-Cypriot dishes that will inspire food lovers to new gastronomic heights. With influences from the Mediterranean, Southern Europe, and the Middle East, Turkish-Cypriot food offers incredible flavor combinations unique to its region. Oklava: Recipes from a TurkishCypriot Kitchen celebrates the culinary delights of this area in a way no cookbook has done before. Oklava translates simply as rolling pin. For Selin Kiazim, this word conjures up memories of her Turkish-Cypriot grandmother: a rolling pin was never far from her hands, which meant a delicious treat was imminent. The same can be said for this book. These sensational recipes will take you on a journey from home-cooked meals and summers spent in Northern Cyprus to an exciting interpretation of modern Turkish-Cypriot cooking at home. Bring the Oklava experience into your home with Turkish delights such as Pistachio crusted Banana & Tahini French Toast with Orange Blossom Syrup and Smoked Bacon; Barbecued Chicken Wings with Garlic and Kayseri Pastirma Dressing; Zucchini, Feta & Mint Fritters; Crispy Pomegranate-Glazed Lamb Breast with Yogurt; Chili-Roasted Cauliflower; and Chocolate, Prune & Cardamom Delice.

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The Pasha of Cuisine: A Novel

The Pasha of Cuisine: A Novel Lowest new price: $25.99
List price: $25.99
Author: Saygin Ersin

For readers of Ken Follett's Kingsbridge series and Richard C. Morais's The Hundred-Foot Journey, a sweeping tale of love and the magic of food set during the Ottoman Empire.

A Pasha of Cuisine is a rare talent in Ottoman lore. Only two, maybe three are born with such a gift every few centuries. A natural master of gastronomy, he is the sovereign genius who reigns over aromas and flavors and can use them to influence the hearts and minds, even the health, of those who taste his creations. In this fabulous novel, one such chef devises a plot bring down the Ottoman Empire—should he need to—in order to rescue the love of his life from the sultan’s harem.

Himself a survivor of the bloodiest massacre ever recorded within the Imperial Palace after the passing of the last sultan, he is spirited away through the palace kitchens, where his potential was recognized. Across the empire, he is apprenticed one by one to the best chefs in all culinary disciplines and trained in related arts, such as the magic of spices, medicine, and the influence of the stars. It is during his journeys that he finds happiness with the beautiful, fiery dancing girl Kamer, and the two make plans to marry. Before they can elope, Kamer is sold into the Imperial Harem, and the young chef must find his way back into the Imperial Kitchens and transform his gift into an unbeatable weapon.

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Anatolia Lowest new price: $38.54
Lowest used price: $38.52
Author: David Dale

Anatolia is a beautifully illustrated exploration of classic Turkish cuisine and culture, adapted for modern life. Turkish-born chef Somer Sivrioglu and co-author David Dale re-imagine the traditions of Turkish cooking, presenting recipes ranging from the grand banquets of the Ottoman empire to the spicy snacks of Istanbul's street stalls. In doing so they explain their take on the classics and reveal the surrounding rituals, myths, jokes and folk wisdom of both the old and new Turkey. Somer and David bring us more than 150 accessible recipes with rich colour photographs shot on location in Turkey. Also included are feature spreads on local Turkish chefs and producers and their specialities, adding another fascinating layer to the book. Take a unique glimpse into the worlds of old and new Turkey with this beautiful, multidimensional cookbook.

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Turkish Bakery Delight

Turkish Bakery Delight Lowest new price: $272.45
Lowest used price: $65.45
List price: $24.95
Author: Deniz Gokturk Akcakanat

In Turkish Bakery Delight, the author introduces a mixture of traditional Turkish baking recipes—savory and sweet-along with recipes developed with a contemporary touch. Each recipe is introduced with fun facts about the origin of the dish and how to serve it. From Gozleme, a classic Turkish pastry prepared for kings, to the mango dessert Muhallebi sold on every corner, there's a little something for everyone. Includes a basic guide to Turkish pronunciation and a glossary of terms for names and ingredients. The perfect companion for the adventurous baker.

Creative combination of flavors in Turkish cookbook.: 25 classical recipes for all occasions.

Creative combination of flavors in Turkish cookbook.: 25 classical recipes for all occasions. Lowest new price: $157.67
Lowest used price: $165.67
List price: $185.49
Author: Ryan Hart

Turkish food culture is a combination of Greek, Roman, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is not mandatory to have one kind of food all the time instead it is always healthy to try something new which you might end up liking and would like to cook it every day. Well, healthy food is always the best choice. This dedicated book on Turkish cuisines offers you 25 healthy and delicious recipes, which you can try at home and make delicious food every day for your whole family.

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