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Healthy Living

Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly

Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly Lowest new price: $11.30
Lowest used price: $2.39
List price: $23.95
Author: Larry McCleary

Stay slim and mentally sharp by choosing foods that keep your waistline trim and your brain well fed.

Renowned neurosurgeon Larry McCleary, M. D., became fascinated by the paradox of the fattening of America and the brain starvation he was seeing in aging brains. His research led to this innovative conclusion: Calories you consume are bypassing your brain and being stored in fat cells. In Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly, he reveals how ''sticky'' fat cells send mixed messages to your brain, causing you to experience persistent hunger, to overeat, and to gain weight as a result.

If you are ready to get in touch with the signals your body generates so that you work with, not against, your innate metabolic machinery, this book is the tool you've been seeking. Weight loss will be easy as you keep hunger at bay while providing your brain with the high-octane fuel it thrives on. Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly pairs its advice with 7 days' worth of helpful meal plans and plenty of delicious recipes.

Dr. McCleary's counterintuitive perspective on the benefits of brain-healthy fat consumption--supported by clinical testing with a group that called themselves the ''Biggest Losers''--will help you make critical decisions about your diet. Learning to choose foods that prevent the production of sticky fat cells rather than forcing yourself to eat less is the best way for you to feed your hungry brain cells and stay thin.

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Inside-Out Wellness: The Wisdom of Mind/Body Healing

Inside-Out Wellness: The Wisdom of Mind/Body Healing Lowest new price: $17.24
Lowest used price: $5.00
List price: $23.99
Author: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This inspirational and informative 4-CD program features two of the leading experts in the field of self-development and health. As you listen, you’ll discover how to transform the old habits, traditional beliefs, and everyday thoughts that keep you from becoming all that you can be. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer will show you how to change your self-defeating thinking habits and live in the flow of harmony and peace: “When you let go of your excuses and retrain your thinking, you can create the life you want.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D., invites you to rewire your thought patterns and let your past go so you can reawaken your passions and follow your bliss: “When you dare to cultivate pleasure instead of stress, you create a life of unbridled joy and vibrant health.”

Together, these two best-selling authors address the false beliefs you harbor regarding mind/body wellness, illuminate what is actually true, and reveal how you can use that knowledge to heal and empower yourself from the inside out!

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The UV Advantage: New Medical Breakthroughs Reveal Powerful Health Benefits From Sun Exposure and Tanning

The UV Advantage: New Medical Breakthroughs Reveal Powerful Health Benefits From Sun Exposure and Tanning Lowest used price: $5.95
Author: Ph.D., MD. Michael F. Holick

Can sunshine, now shunned by so many who fear skin cancer and wrinkles, save many more lives than it harms? Most definitely, says the leading expert in the field, Dr. Michael F. Holick, a professor of medicine, dermatology, physiology, and biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Holick, who discovered the active form of Vitamin D, has pulled together an impressive body of evidence in support of his advice that no one should be, as he puts it, a "sunphobe," or, for that matter, a sun worshiper. He has concluded that relatively brief but unfettered exposure to sunshine or its equivalent several times a week can help to ward off a host of debilitating diseases, including osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and cancers of the colon, prostate, and breast.

Food and Love (audio CD)

Food and Love (audio CD) Lowest new price: $50.00
Lowest used price: $6.40
List price: $21.99
Author: Gary Smalley

What we eat affects every aspect of our lives, from our physical health to our emotions to our ability to love. Trusted relationship expert Gary Smalley demonstrates the connection between healthy living and healthy relationships and the importance of safeguarding our health, not only for ourselves, but also for the good of our marriages and our other relationships.

Put down that doughnut. If your weight or your spouse's weight is causing problems in your marriage, counselor and relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley's Food and Love is packed with appetizing ideas for making changes in nutrition and relationships. His integrated approach, addressing spiritual, emotional, and physical health, overflows with practical tips for personal application. A set of quizzes in the front section of the book helps pinpoint where improvement is possible, and other information is broken down into bite-sized, manageable chunks, such as "Ten ways to extend grace when weight is an issue for you and your spouse," or a section of often-asked questions paired with Smalley's answers. Crucial to weight loss is the notion that "you need God's strength and power to make changes you can never make on your own," Smalley writes. The spiritual component and gentleness of tone in this book are inviting, and distinguish it from other diet books. Smalley's workable suggestions, paired with personal revelations about his own mistakes in weight control and relationships, make for engrossing, life-changing reading. --Cindy Crosby

The Book of 1,001 Home Health Remedies

The Book of 1,001 Home Health Remedies Lowest new price: $1.90
Lowest used price: $1.55
List price: $27.96
Author: Natural Healing Newsletter

With the invaluable assistance of Dr. Mark Anders, the editors of FC&A have compiled a health book of symptoms and treatments for some of today's most common medical problems. Find out if your symptoms say you need a doctor NOW, if they'll wait until regular office hours, or will just clear up on their own. Using information pulled from the most recent peer-reviewed journals (research and reviews written by doctors for doctors), this quick reference book will help you understand and respond to your bodies cries for help. You'll learn the difference between a heart attack an attack of heartburn - whether your condition calls for an ambulance or just an antacid. Even better, The Health Answer Book arms you with the information you need to get well, whether this means making a doctor's appointment or using one of the 600 plus home remedies to heal yourself. You'll also find plenty of tips on preventing such problems again in the future. With this book at your side, you can translate the signals your body sends you into a longer, happier, healthier life.

Grow Young With HGH

Grow Young With HGH Lowest used price: $12.32
Author: Ronald Klatz

Emotional Longevity: What REALLY Determines How Long You Live

Emotional Longevity: What REALLY Determines How Long You Live Lowest new price: $46.52
Lowest used price: $1.39
List price: $14.00
Author: Norman B. Anderson

A dual study of biological and behavioral science seeks to connect optimism, positive relationships, and faith to longevity and other health benefits, drawing on the examples of famous figures and case studies. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.

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Nature's Prescription: Foods, Vitamins, and Supplements That Prevent Disease

Nature's Prescription:  Foods, Vitamins, and Supplements That Prevent Disease Lowest new price: $4.96
Lowest used price: $0.83
List price: $12.95
Brand: Brand: FCnA Publishing

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Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth about Exercise and Health

Lowest new price: $24.00
Lowest used price: $5.00
List price: $24.00
Author: Gina Kolata

The bestselling science reporter for The New York Times tells us what works and what doesn’t when we work out

Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth About Exercise and Health is Gina Kolata’s compelling journey into the world of American physical fitness over the past thirty years. It is a funny, eye-opening, brow-sweating investigation into the fads, fictions, and science of fitness training.

From the early days of jogging, championed by Jim Fixx— who later died of a heart attack—to weight lifting, cycling, aerobics, and Spinning, Kolata questions such popular notions as the “fat-burning zone” and “spot reducing,” the effects of food on performance, how much exercise helps build fitness, and the difference between exercise to help the heart and exercise to change the body. She explains the science of physical fitness and the objective evidence behind commonly accepted prescriptions. Along the way she profiles researchers and mavericks who have challenged conventional wisdom, marketed their inventions, and sometimes bucked criticism only to back down from their original claims.

Ultimate Fitness spotlights the machines and machinations of the fitness industry, and cuts through the marketing and hype not only to assess what is healthy, but also to understand what our obsession with staying healthy says about American culture today.

Become Younger

Become Younger Lowest new price: $67.57
Lowest used price: $2.55
List price: $1,550.00
Author: N.W. Walker

Become Younger (1949 Orange Hardcover Printing, First Edition) by N.W. Walker. ASIN: 0497195313. 216 Pages. Special Limited Edition. Rare Book.

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