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    Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning)

    Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning) Lowest new price: $34.99
    Lowest used price: $30.85
    List price: $80.00
    Author: Ian Goodfellow
    Brand: The MIT Press

    An introduction to a broad range of topics in deep learning, covering mathematical and conceptual background, deep learning techniques used in industry, and research perspectives.

    “Written by three experts in the field, Deep Learning is the only comprehensive book on the subject.”
    ―Elon Musk, cochair of OpenAI; cofounder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

    Deep learning is a form of machine learning that enables computers to learn from experience and understand the world in terms of a hierarchy of concepts. Because the computer gathers knowledge from experience, there is no need for a human computer operator to formally specify all the knowledge that the computer needs. The hierarchy of concepts allows the computer to learn complicated concepts by building them out of simpler ones; a graph of these hierarchies would be many layers deep. This book introduces a broad range of topics in deep learning.

    The text offers mathematical and conceptual background, covering relevant concepts in linear algebra, probability theory and information theory, numerical computation, and machine learning. It describes deep learning techniques used by practitioners in industry, including deep feedforward networks, regularization, optimization algorithms, convolutional networks, sequence modeling, and practical methodology; and it surveys such applications as natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, online recommendation systems, bioinformatics, and videogames. Finally, the book offers research perspectives, covering such theoretical topics as linear factor models, autoencoders, representation learning, structured probabilistic models, Monte Carlo methods, the partition function, approximate inference, and deep generative models.

    Deep Learning can be used by undergraduate or graduate students planning careers in either industry or research, and by software engineers who want to begin using deep learning in their products or platforms. A website offers supplementary material for both readers and instructors.


    • deep learning adaptive computation and machine learning series
    • deep learning adaptive computation and machine learning

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    (ISC)2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 8e & CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests, 2e

    (ISC)2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 8e & CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests, 2e Lowest new price: $60.41
    Lowest used price: $63.63
    List price: $90.00
    Author: Mike Chapple

    This value-packed packed set for the serious CISSP certification candidate combines the bestselling (ISC)² CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 8th Edition with an all new collection of Practice Exams to give you the best preparation ever for the high-stakes CISSP Exam.

    (ISC)² CISSP Study Guide, 8th Edition has been completely updated for the latest 2018 CISSP Body of Knowledge. This bestselling Sybex study guide covers 100% of all exam objectives. You'll prepare for the exam smarter and faster with Sybex thanks to expert content, real-world examples, advice on passing each section of the exam, access to the Sybex online interactive learning environment, and much more. Reinforce what you've learned with key topic exam essentials and chapter review questions.

    Along with the book, you also get access to Sybex's superior online interactive learning environment that includes four unique 250 question practice exams to help you identify where you need to study more, more than 650 Electronic Flashcards to reinforce your learning and give you last-minute test prep before the exam, a searchable glossary in PDF to give you instant access to the key terms you need to know for the exam.

    Add to that the all-new (ISC)² CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Practice Tests, 2nd edition with 2 more complete 250-question exams and another 100 questions for each of the 8 domains and you'll be as ready as you can be for the CISSP exam.

    Coverage of all of the exam topics in each book means you'll be ready for:

    • Security and Risk Management
    • Asset Security
    • Security Engineering
    • Communication and Network Security
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Security Assessment and Testing
    • Security Operations
    • Software Development Security

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    Learning Python, 5th Edition

    Learning Python, 5th Edition Lowest new price: $31.24
    Lowest used price: $18.83
    List price: $64.99
    Author: Mark Lutz
    Brand: O'Reilly Media

    Get a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the core Python language with this hands-on book. Based on author Mark Lutz’s popular training course, this updated fifth edition will help you quickly write efficient, high-quality code with Python. It’s an ideal way to begin, whether you’re new to programming or a professional developer versed in other languages.

    Complete with quizzes, exercises, and helpful illustrations, this easy-to-follow, self-paced tutorial gets you started with both Python 2.7 and 3.3— the latest releases in the 3.X and 2.X lines—plus all other releases in common use today. You’ll also learn some advanced language features that recently have become more common in Python code.

    • Explore Python’s major built-in object types such as numbers, lists, and dictionaries
    • Create and process objects with Python statements, and learn Python’s general syntax model
    • Use functions to avoid code redundancy and package code for reuse
    • Organize statements, functions, and other tools into larger components with modules
    • Dive into classes: Python’s object-oriented programming tool for structuring code
    • Write large programs with Python’s exception-handling model and development tools
    • Learn advanced Python tools, including decorators, descriptors, metaclasses, and Unicode processing


    • O'Reilly Media

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    Excel 2016 All-in-One For Dummies

    Excel 2016 All-in-One For Dummies Lowest new price: $23.66
    Lowest used price: $21.50
    List price: $39.99
    Author: Greg Harvey
    Brand: Wiley

    Your one-stop guide to all things Excel 2016

    Excel 2016 All-in-One For Dummies, the most comprehensive Excel reference on the market, is completely updated to reflect Microsoft's changes in the popular spreadsheet tool. It offers you everything you need to grasp basic Excel functions, such as creating and editing worksheets, setting up formulas, importing data, performing statistical functions, editing macros with Visual Basic—and beyond. In no time, your Excel skills will go from 'meh' to excellent.

    Written by expert Greg Harvey, who has sold more than 4.5 million copies of his previous books combined and has taught and trained extensively in Microsoft Excel, this all-encompassing guide offers everything you need to get started with Excel. From generating pivot tables and performing financial functions to performing error trapping and building and running macros—and everything in between—this hands-on, friendly guide makes working with Excel easier than ever before.

    • Serves as the ideal reference for solving common questions and Excel pain points quickly and easily
    • Helps to increase productivity and efficiency when working in Excel
    • Fully updated for the new version of Excel
    • Covers basic and more advanced Excel topics

    If working in Excel occasionally makes you want to scream, this will be the dog-eared, dust-free reference you'll turn to again and again.


    • Wiley

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    How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

    How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Lowest new price: $16.76
    Lowest used price: $11.50
    List price: $24.99
    Author: Tony Northrup
    Brand: Tony Northrup

    Stunning Digital Photography is much more than a book; it's a hands-on, self-paced photography class with over 14 hours of online training videos and free help from the author and other readers. That's why award-winning author and photographer Tony Northrup's book is the #1 photography book with over 250,000 readers.

    This book gives you five innovations no other book offers:
    1) Free video training. Watch over 12 hours of fast-paced, hands-on video tutorials integrated into the book to support and reinforce the lessons. View the videos using any web browser or by scanning QR codes with your smartphone.
    2) Hands-on practices. Complete the practices at the end of every chapter to get the real world experience you need.
    3) Practice quizzes. At the end of Chapters 2-13 you have the option of taking an online quiz to apply what you learned in the chapter and make sure you didn't miss anything important.
    4) Classroom support. Join an author led private community of supportive, helpful people who also want to improve their photography.
    5) Free ebook with lifetime updates. When you buy the book and join the private Stunning Digital Photography readers community, you can download the ebook and copy it to your smartphone or ereader for easy reference. The ebook is regularly updated with new content and videos as new photography trends and equipment emerge, so it never becomes outdated.

    In this book, beginner photographers will master:
    * Using composition to take great photos with any camera
    * Adjusting exposure to control the brightness of your photos
    * Setting your shutter speed to freeze action or blur motion
    * Controlling your aperture to blur or focus the background
    * Setting your ISO for bright and dark environments
    * Finding beautiful natural light for landscapes and portraits
    * Using flash without the ugly effects
    * Troubleshooting blurry, dark, and bad pictures
    * Taking great pictures of pets
    * Wildlife photography (mammals, birds, insects, fish, and more)
    * Taking pictures at night, including fireworks, stars, and meteors
    * Photographing sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, forests, waterfalls, rivers, fireworks, and more

    Advanced photographers can skip forward to learn the pro's secrets for:
    * Posing men and women, with checklists
    * Taking candid, casual, formal, and underwater portraits
    * Using RAW files
    * Using HDR to overcome lighting challenges or create art
    * Macro/close-up photography
    * Using diffusers, reflectors, and other light modifiers
    * Remotely triggering multiple flashes for inexpensive studio lighting
    * Building a permanent studio in your home
    * Using studio lighting on any budget
    * Shooting your first wedding
    * High speed photography
    * Location scouting/finding the best spots and times
    * Planning shoots around the sun and moon
    * Creating star trails using two techniques: long exposure and image stacking
    * Light painting
    * Eliminating noise
    * Focus stacking for infinite depth-of-field
    * Underwater photography
    * Getting close to wildlife
    * Using electronic shutter triggers


    • Tony Northrup s Dslr Book

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    iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy--and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood--and What That Means for the Rest of Us

    iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy--and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood--and What That Means for the Rest of Us Lowest new price: $10.87
    Lowest used price: $10.35
    List price: $27.00
    Author: Jean M. Twenge PhD
    Brand: ATRIA

    A highly readable and entertaining first look at how today’s members of iGen—the children, teens, and young adults born in the mid-1990s and later—are vastly different from their Millennial predecessors, and from any other generation, from the renowned psychologist and author of Generation Me.

    With generational divides wider than ever, parents, educators, and employers have an urgent need to understand today’s rising generation of teens and young adults. Born in the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s and later, iGen is the first generation to spend their entire adolescence in the age of the smartphone. With social media and texting replacing other activities, iGen spends less time with their friends in person—perhaps why they are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

    But technology is not the only thing that makes iGen distinct from every generation before them; they are also different in how they spend their time, how they behave, and in their attitudes toward religion, sexuality, and politics. They socialize in completely new ways, reject once sacred social taboos, and want different things from their lives and careers. More than previous generations, they are obsessed with safety, focused on tolerance, and have no patience for inequality. iGen is also growing up more slowly than previous generations: eighteen-year-olds look and act like fifteen-year-olds used to.

    As this new group of young people grows into adulthood, we all need to understand them: Friends and family need to look out for them; businesses must figure out how to recruit them and sell to them; colleges and universities must know how to educate and guide them. And members of iGen also need to understand themselves as they communicate with their elders and explain their views to their older peers. Because where iGen goes, so goes our nation—and the world.


    • ATRIA

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    Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2016: Introductory

    Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2016: Introductory Lowest new price: $141.35
    Lowest used price: $80.97
    List price: $189.95
    Author: Misty E. Vermaat

    Discover how to maximize the advantages that the latest version of Microsoft Office offers with the focused approach found in MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: INTRODUCTORY. This new edition is part of the acclaimed Shelly Cashman Series that has effectively introduced computer skills to millions of students like you. MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: INTRODUCTORY continues the Series' strong history of innovation with an enhanced learning approach to address your needs, no matter what your learning style. A trademark step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach encourages you to expand your understanding of Microsoft Office 2016 through experimentation, critical thought, and personalization. This new edition delivers the most effective educational materials specifically designed to engage, improve retention, and prepare you for success.

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    Accounting Information Systems (14th Edition)

    Accounting Information Systems (14th Edition) Lowest new price: $190.16
    Lowest used price: $129.99
    List price: $325.00
    Author: Marshall B. Romney

    For undergraduate and graduate courses in Accounting Information Systems (AIS).


    A market-leading text with the most comprehensive, flexible coverage of AIS available

    Accounting Information Systems, 14th Edition covers all of the most recent updates in AIS, including how developments in IT affect business processes and controls, the effect of recent regulatory developments on the design and operation of accounting systems, and how accountants can use the AIS to add value to an organization. Not only will readers see how AIS has changed the role of an accountant, but they’ll also be prepared for a successful accounting career in public practice, industry, or government.



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    Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release)

    Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release) Lowest new price: $40.00
    Lowest used price: $45.99
    List price: $59.99
    Author: Brian Wood

    Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Illustrator CC (2018 release) choose Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release) from the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks from Adobe Press. The 15 project-based lessons show users the key techniques for realizing your creative potential with Adobe Illustrator CC. Following hands-on step-by-step projects, users create logos, illustrations, posters, and more. Explore the new Essentials workspace that makes learning Illustrator even easier. Learn how to use the Shaper tool and Live Shapes along with dynamic symbols to streamline graphics creation. Create website assets and export them in multiple formats to support modern responsive web designs. From exacting illustration to free-form painting, you’ll build a strong foundation in Illustrator as you progress through the lessons.


    The online companion files include all the necessary assets for readers to complete the projects featured in each chapter as well as ebook updates when Adobe releases relevant new features for Creative Cloud customers. All buyers of the book get full access to the Web Edition: a Web-based version of the complete ebook enhanced with video and multiple-choice quizzes. 

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    The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book

    The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book Lowest new price: $1.36
    Lowest used price: $5.46
    List price: $7.95
    Author: Peter Pauper Press
    Brand: Peter Pauper Press

    Are you tired of losing track of those login/usernames and passwords you create every time you visit a new website? Now you can keep important website addresses, usernames, and passwords in one convenient place!

    • Lots of space: 144 pages, including tabbed alphabetical pages
    • Plenty of room for all those Web site addresses, usernames, passwords, and additional notes
    • A spiral binding that allows pages to lie flat for ease of use
    • Handy elastic band closure
    • Pages in the back on which to record additional useful information, such as your home network configuration, software license numbers, and other notes
    • Removable label and discreet cover design
    • 4-1/4'' wide x 5-3/4'' high


    • The Personal Internet Address Password Organizer

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