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    Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

    Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Lowest new price: $15.99
    Lowest used price: $16.49
    List price: $24.99
    Author: Tony Northrup
    Brand: Tony Northrup

    Stunning Digital Photography is much more than a book; it's a hands-on, self-paced photography class with over 12 hours of online training videos and free help from the author and other readers. That's why award-winning author and photographer Tony Northrup's book is the #1 photography e-book with over 100,000 readers.

    This book gives you five innovations no other book offers:
    1) Free video training. Watch over 12 hours of fast-paced, hands-on video tutorials integrated into the book to support and reinforce the lessons. View the videos using any web browser or by scanning QR codes with your smartphone.
    2) Hands-on practices. Complete the practices at the end of every chapter to get the real world experience you need.
    3) Practice quizzes. At the end of Chapters 2-13 you have the option of taking an online quiz to apply what you learned in the chapter and make sure you didn't miss anything important.
    4) Classroom support. Join an author led private community of supportive, helpful people who also want to improve their photography.
    5) Free ebook with lifetime updates. When you buy the book and join the private Stunning Digital Photography readers community, you can download the ebook and copy it to your smartphone or ereader for easy reference. The ebook is regularly updated with new content and videos as new photography trends and equipment emerge, so it never becomes outdated.

    In this book, beginner photographers will master:
    * Using composition to take great photos with any camera
    * Adjusting exposure to control the brightness of your photos
    * Setting your shutter speed to freeze action or blur motion
    * Controlling your aperture to blur or focus the background
    * Setting your ISO for bright and dark environments
    * Finding beautiful natural light for landscapes and portraits
    * Using flash without the ugly effects
    * Troubleshooting blurry, dark, and bad pictures
    * Taking great pictures of pets
    * Wildlife photography (mammals, birds, insects, fish, and more)
    * Taking pictures at night, including fireworks, stars, and meteors
    * Photographing sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, forests, waterfalls, rivers, fireworks, and more

    Advanced photographers can skip forward to learn the pro's secrets for:
    * Posing men and women, with checklists
    * Taking candid, casual, formal, and underwater portraits
    * Using RAW files
    * Using HDR to overcome lighting challenges or create art
    * Macro/close-up photography
    * Using diffusers, reflectors, and other light modifiers
    * Remotely triggering multiple flashes for inexpensive studio lighting
    * Building a permanent studio in your home
    * Using studio lighting on any budget
    * Shooting your first wedding
    * High speed photography
    * Location scouting/finding the best spots and times
    * Planning shoots around the sun and moon
    * Creating star trails using two techniques: long exposure and image stacking
    * Light painting
    * Eliminating noise
    * Focus stacking for infinite depth-of-field
    * Underwater photography
    * Getting close to wildlife
    * Using electronic shutter triggers


    • Tony Northrup s Dslr Book

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    Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming

    Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming Lowest new price: $25.32
    Lowest used price: $23.00
    List price: $39.95
    Author: Eric Matthes
    Brand: Eric Matthes

    Python Crash Course is a fast-paced, thorough introduction to Python that will have you writing programs, solving problems, and making things that work in no time.

    In the first half of the book, you’ll learn about basic programming concepts, such as lists, dictionaries, classes, and loops, and practice writing clean and readable code with exercises for each topic. You’ll also learn how to make your programs interactive and how to test your code safely before adding it to a project. In the second half of the book, you’ll put your new knowledge into practice with three substantial projects: a Space Invaders–inspired arcade game, data visualizations with Python’s super-handy libraries, and a simple web app you can deploy online.

    As you work through Python Crash Course you’ll learn how to:
    –Use powerful Python libraries and tools, including matplotlib, NumPy, and Pygal
    –Make 2D games that respond to keypresses and mouse clicks, and that grow more difficult as the game progresses
    –Work with data to generate interactive visualizations
    –Create and customize Web apps and deploy them safely online
    –Deal with mistakes and errors so you can solve your own programming problems

    If you’ve been thinking seriously about digging into programming, Python Crash Course will get you up to speed and have you writing real programs fast. Why wait any longer? Start your engines and code!

    Uses Python 2 and 3


    • Python Crash Course A Hands On Project Based Introduction to Programming

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    Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1

    Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1 Lowest new price: $13.93
    Lowest used price: $13.75
    List price: $19.99
    Brand: Dark Horse Deluxe

    Your favorite Overwatch® heroes' backstories are revealed in this anthology from Dark Horse Books and Blizzard Entertainment®!
    From Soldier: 76 to Ana, Tracer to Symmetra, discover the history behind Overwatch's heroes. How did Bastion become part of the team? Why did Ana Amari disappear? Where did Tracer get her catchphrase? Learn all this and more in this hardcover anthology of the first twelve issues of Blizzard's Overwatch comics, written and illustrated by an all-star creative team including Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Micky Neilson, Nesskain, Bengal, and more. Whether you're an Overwatch novice or a Grandmaster, this is an essential companion!

    • Reveals backstories and new details about Overwatch's heroes.
    • Essential companion to the international best-selling game Overwatch!
    • Overwatch has won 100+ Game of the Year awards!
    • Overwatch is a global phenomenon with 30 million players!
    • Includes short stories by World of Warcraft: Chronicle writers Robert Brooks and Matt Burns!

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    How to Draw Pokemon: Learn to Draw Your Favourite Pokemon Go Characters

    How to Draw Pokemon: Learn to Draw Your Favourite Pokemon Go Characters Lowest new price: $6.97
    Lowest used price: $79.90
    List price: $6.97
    Author: Joydom Coloring

    Learn to Draw Your Favourite Pokemon!

    Inside this book you will find 48 awesome one sided coloring pages.Each page will teach to draw one pokemon, step-by-step with written instructions. The pages are 8.5"x8.5".

    This book will be great for kids, teens and adults as well. Anyone who loves pokemon!

    Order your copy today and gain the ability to draw pokemon! :)

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    The Internet of Money

    The Internet of Money Lowest new price: $10.80
    Lowest used price: $11.82
    List price: $12.00
    Author: Andreas M. Antonopoulos
    Brand: Antonopoulos Andreas M

    While many books explain the how of bitcoin, The Internet of Money delves into the why of bitcoin. Acclaimed information-security expert and author of Mastering Bitcoin, Andreas M. Antonopoulos examines and contextualizes the significance of bitcoin through a series of essays spanning the exhilarating maturation of this technology.

    Bitcoin, a technological breakthrough quietly introduced to the world in 2008, is transforming much more than finance. Bitcoin is disrupting antiquated industries to bring financial independence to billions worldwide. In this book, Andreas explains why bitcoin is a financial and technological evolution with potential far exceeding the label "digital currency."

    Andreas goes beyond exploring the technical functioning of the bitcoin network by illuminating bitcoin's philosophical, social, and historical implications. As the internet has essentially transformed how people around the world interact and has permanently impacted our lives in ways we never could have imagined, bitcoin--the internet of money--is fundamentally changing our approach to solving social, political, and economic problems through decentralized technology.


    • The Internet of Money A Collection of Talks by Andreas M Antonopoulos

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    World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2

    World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2 Lowest new price: $22.68
    Lowest used price: $19.77
    List price: $39.99
    Brand: Blizzard Entertainment

    Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Books are thrilled to present the next installment of the wildly popular World of Warcraft Chronicle series. Volume 2 will reveal more sought-after details about the game universe's history and mythology. Showcasing lush, all-new artwork from fan favorites such as Peter Lee, Joseph Lacroix, and Alex Horley, this tome is sure to please all fans--casual and collector alike.


    • World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2

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    CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Ninth Edition (Exams 220-901 & 220-902)

    CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Ninth Edition (Exams 220-901 & 220-902) Lowest new price: $23.71
    Lowest used price: $26.82
    List price: $60.00
    Author: Mike Meyers
    Brand: Meyers Mike

    This bestselling on-the-job reference and test preparation guide has been fully revised for the new 2015 CompTIA A+ exam objectives for exams 901 & 902

    Written by the leading authority on CompTIA A+ certification and training, this self-study book and CD has been thoroughly updated to cover 100% of the exam objectives on the 2015 CompTIA A+ exams. New topics include managing and maintaining cellular devices, including tablets; configuring operating systems, including Windows 8, Android, and iOS; and enhanced, mobile-centered security and troubleshooting procedures. The All-in-One Exam Guide enables you to take the test with complete confidence. It also serves as a practical reference for IT support and technical personnel.

    Electronic content includes:

    • Practice exams download for both exam 901 and 902 with hundreds of accurate practice exam questions
    • More than an hour of online video training featuring Mike Meyers
    • Online performance-based simulations that prepare you for the performance-based exam questions
    • A link to Mike's favorite PC tools
    • A PDF copy of the book

    Key Features:

    • Written with the “in the trenches” voice and clarity Mike Meyers is known for
    • Features pre-assessment tests, exam tips, and “Try This!” sections to reinforce difficult topics
    • Includes a coupon for 10% off of the exam fee, a $37 value


    • Comptia A Certification All In One Exam Guide Exams 220 901 220 902

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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Complete Official Guide

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Complete Official Guide Lowest new price: $23.01
    Lowest used price: $64.55
    List price: $24.99
    Author: Piggyback
    Brand: Prima Games

    100% Complete Strategy to master The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    AT-A-GLANCE WALKTHROUGHS: Annotated maps and screenshots show you the way through every quest and all Shrines of Trials.

    TOTALLY COMPREHENSIVE: All side quests, all  Shrines of Trials and all information about collectable items – each mapped out and ready for you to discover and complete! Also includes optional challenges, mini-games, unlockables, Easter eggs, and more.

    PUZZLE MASTER: Every single puzzle and riddle unraveled with clear, visual solutions.

    EXPERT COMBAT STRATEGY: Practical, reproducible tactics to crush your enemies, even the toughest bosses.

    COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE: Exhaustive appraisals of all items and monsters – including key parameters that are hidden in the game.

    FREE MAP POSTER: covering the entire game world.

    QUALITY CONTROL: carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers.

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    Amazon Echo Dot: Echo Dot User Manual: From Newbie to Expert in One Hour: Echo Dot 2nd Generation User Guide: (Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Echo Dot, ... Manual, Alexa, User Manual, Echo Dot ebook)

    Amazon Echo Dot: Echo Dot User Manual: From Newbie to Expert in One Hour: Echo Dot 2nd Generation User Guide: (Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Echo Dot, ... Manual, Alexa, User Manual, Echo Dot ebook) Lowest new price: $6.99
    Lowest used price: $7.38
    List price: $6.99
    Author: Ray Higgins
    Brand: Ray Higgins

    >>  BONUS EBOOK: 199 Funny Things to Ask Alexa <<
    >> VISIT  ( )  TO CLAIM IT FOR FREE <<

    New Update: This manual has been updated in response to the valuable feedback from the customers.
    The newly added features are:

    • Step by Step Process of Installing and Controlling Smart Home Lights, Thermostat, Security Locks and Other Devices Has Been Added ( Covering Philips Hue, LIFX, Lutron, Nest, Ecobee3, WeMo, August etc).
    • A medium print edition (6 inch by 9 inch) has been added along with the large print edition.
    • A lot of additional content has been added on demand.
    • The font size has been reduced.
    • A link to video tutorials has been added.

    Go from Beginner to Expert in One Hour!Stop Spending HOURS trying to figure out AMAZON ECHO DOT 2nd Generation.

    This book contains the step-by-step walkthrough of the basic and advanced functions of the 2nd generation ECHO DOT. It contains screenshots and step-by-step instructions to help you make things right at the first go.

    On a lighter note, this book will also teach you how to give some funny commands and use some funny functions, games, updates, facts etc.The book also goes deep into the more advanced functions of the Echo Dot to unleash the skills of Alexa to organize your life, remind you of your appointments, entertain you with a command , make your home into a smart home and much more!

    Get your copy right now and unleash the magic of Alexa with the Echo Dot 2nd generation!

    For any query or suggestions, please email me at [email protected]


    • Amazon Echo Dot Echo Dot User Manual From Newbie to Expert in One Hour Echo Dot 2nd Generation User Guide Amazon Echo Amazon Dot Echo Dot Manual Alexa User Manual Echo Dot ebook

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    The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition

    The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition Lowest new price: $71.99
    List price: $79.99
    Author: Nintendo

    The Legend of Zelda(TM) is one of the most successful franchises of all time with nearly twenty video games and thirty years of history, but it all started with a gold cartridge...

    The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition honors the game that started it all by recreating the original gold cartridge as faithfully as possible. The book comes with a black polypropylene sleeve, lined with velvet flocking, and a scale instruction booklet with fun, theme-appropriate material inside.

    The cover is a gold foil paper with gloss lamination and a spot gritty varnish. The details are embossed and debossed. It has gold gilding on the top and foredge, with black gilding on the bottom. This book looks and feels so much like the original cartridge you might find yourself blowing into the bottom before you open it!

    A comprehensive collection of enemies and items, potions to poes, an expansion of the lore touched upon in Hyrule Historia, concept art, screencaps, maps, main characters and how they relate, languages, and much, much more, including an exclusive interview with Series Producer, Eiji Aonuma! This, the last of The Goddess Collection trilogy, which includes Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts, is a treasure trove of explanations and information about every aspect of The Legend of Zelda universe!

    Celebrate over thirty years of The Legend of Zelda with a heartfelt homage to the origins of this legendary franchise!

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