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A Girl's Guide to Missiles: Growing Up in America's Secret Desert

A Girl's Guide to Missiles: Growing Up in America's Secret Desert Lowest new price: $11.24
Lowest used price: $5.61
List price: $27.00
Author: Karen Piper

A surreal and poignant coming of age on a secretive missile facility, and "an incredible view in a town built for war."--Booklist

The China Lake missile range is located in a huge stretch of the Mojave Desert, about the size of the state of Delaware. It was created during the Second World War, and has always been shrouded in secrecy. But people who make missiles and other weapons are regular working people, with domestic routines and everyday dilemmas, and four of them were Karen Piper's parents, her sister, and--when she needed summer jobs--herself. Her dad designed the Sidewinder, which was ultimately used catastrophically in Vietnam. When her mom got tired of being a stay-at-home mom, she went to work on the Tomahawk. Once, when a missile nose needed to be taken offsite for final testing, her mother loaded it into the trunk of the family car, and set off down a Los Angeles freeway. Traffic was heavy, and so she stopped off at the mall, leaving the missile in the parking lot.

Piper sketches in the belief systems--from Amway's get-rich schemes to propaganda in The Rocketeer to evangelism, along with fears of a Lemurian takeover and Charles Manson--that governed their lives. Her memoir is also a search for the truth of the past and what really brought her parents to China Lake with two young daughters, a story that reaches back to her father's World War II flights with contraband across Europe. Finally, it recounts the crossroads moment in a young woman's life when she finally found a way out of a culture of secrets and fear, and out of the desert.

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Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology (9th Edition)

Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology (9th Edition) Lowest new price: $49.80
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $231.40
Author: Gerald Audesirk

Known for its thorough coverage of diversity, ecology, and environmental issues, this comprehensive book engages you with integrated, relevant case studies, and challenges you with thought-provoking questions throughout each chapter.   


The fully revised Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology, Ninth Edition, has the same friendly writing style appreciated by thousands of students, but with greater emphasis on engaging, real-world applications. New to this edition are “Case Study Continued” sections, which connect a chapter’s case study to relevant biological topics covered in the chapter, and “Have you ever wondered?” features that respond to commonly asked questions from students. Thoroughly revised illustrations and expanded critical thinking questions have been added to each chapter.   


For courses not covering plant and animal anatomy & physiology, an alternate version—Biology: Life on Earth, Ninth Edition is also available.


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Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography Lowest new price: $6.00
Lowest used price: $1.40
List price: $34.99
Author: Alex Ferguson
Brand: imusti

Sir Alex announced his retirement as manager of Manchester United after 27 years in the role. He has gone out in a blaze of glory, with United winning the Premier League for the 13th time, and he is widely considered to be the greatest manager in the history of British football.

Over the last quarter of a century there have been seismic changes at Manchester United. The only constant element has been the quality of the manager's league-winning squad and United's run of success, which included winning the Champions League for a second time in 2008. Sir Alex created a purposeful, but welcoming, and much envied culture at the club which has lasted the test of time.

Sir Alex saw Manchester United change from a conventional football club to what is now a major business enterprise, and he never failed to move with the times. It was directly due to his vision, energy and ability that he was able to build teams both on and off the pitch. He was a man-manager of phenomenal skill, and increasingly he had to deal with global stars. His relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance, was excellent and David Beckham has described Sir Alex as a father figure.

Over the past four years, Sir Alex has been reflecting on and jotting down the highlights of his extraordinary career and in his new book he will reveal his amazing story as it unfolded, from his very early days in the tough shipyard areas of Govan.


  • Hodder Stoughton

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Health Information: Management of a Strategic Resource

Health Information: Management of a Strategic Resource Lowest new price: $19.32
Lowest used price: $1.45
List price: $106.00
Author: Mervat Abdelhak

Following the AHIMA standards for education for both two-year HIT programs and four-year HIA programs, Health Information: Management of a Strategic Resource, 4th Edition describes the deployment of information technology and your role as a HIM professional in the development of the electronic health record. It provides clear coverage of health information infrastructure and systems along with health care informatics including technology, applications, and security. Practical applications provide hands-on experience in abstracting and manipulating health information data. From well-known HIM experts Mervat Abdelhak, Sara S. Grostick, and Mary Alice Hanken, this book includes examples from diverse areas of health care delivery such as long-term care, public health, home health care, and ambulatory care. An e-book version makes it even easier to learn to manage and use health data electronically.

  • A focus on the electronic health care record helps you learn electronic methods of organizing, maintaining, and abstracting from the patient health care record.
  • Learning features include a chapter outline, key words, common abbreviations, and learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, and references at the end.
  • Unique! Availability in the e-book format helps you in researching, abstracting, and managing data electronically.
  • A study guide on the companion Evolve website includes interactive exercises and cases containing real-life medical records, letting you apply what you've learned from the book and in the classroom.
  • Evolve logos within the textbook connect the material to the Evolve website, tying together the textbook, student study guide and online resources.
  • Well-known and respected authors include Mervat Abdelhak and Mary Alice Hanken, past presidents of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), and Sara S. Grostick, a 2007 AHIMA Triumph Award winner for excellence in education.
  • Self-assessment quizzes test your learning and retention, with answers available on the companion Evolve website.
  • Did You Know? boxes highlight interesting facts to enhance learning.

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Rotten to the Core? The Life and Death of Neville Heath

Rotten to the Core? The Life and Death of Neville Heath Lowest new price: $144.63
Lowest used price: $7.72
Author: Francis Selwyn

The Second World War created heroes and scoundrels in good measure. Few men shifted from role to role with the insolent ease of Neville Heath. Exchanging one alias for another, he was at various times Lord 'Jimmy' Dudley, Captain Bruce Lockhart, 'The Cambridge Blue', Group-Captain Rupert Brooke, and Lieutenant-Colonel James Robert Cadogan Armstrong, DFC, AFC. In reality Neville Heath was the product of public school and Borstal, an officer and gentleman dismissed by three armed services and four times convicted in the civilian courts. His final conviction was for the most notorious murder of the post-war world. Who was the real Neville Heath? As Francis Selwyn describes him, the masks he adopted corresponded to a distorted truth. He had been a pilot on active service, but his deeds of heroism were accomplished by log-book forgeries. Yet he was a daredevil, a driver of fast and stolen cars, a would-be cat-burglar, apparently impervious to fear. He lived on the edge of discovery and disgrace, as if exhilarated by the tension. But the escapism of the daydreamer and pilot was allied to a deep inner corruption. With some women who fell for his matinee-idol good looks and debonair charm, he was the perfect gentleman. To some he proved a cold-hearted swindler. With others, he was a sadist who delighted in causing pain. His moral aberration drove him to murder. Neville Heath ended his life on the gallows, playing the officer and gentleman to the last. Francis Selwyn's tense and vividly written book deals with Heath the psychopath, but it also depicts the curious post-war society which allowed him to take root and to flourish, showing that Heath the confidence trickster - and murderer - was a man of his time.

Tradition And Creativity In Japanese Dance

Tradition And Creativity In Japanese Dance Lowest new price: $19.00
Lowest used price: $5.23
List price: $40.00
Author: Michiyo Hata
Brand: Brand: Weatherhill

The Kikunokai Dance Troupe, its name derived from the chrysanthemum (kiku in Japanese), was founded by Michiyo Hata in 1972. Trained in classical Japanese Kabuki dance by Onoe Kikunojo I, in 1970 Hata was tapped to choreograph dances for the Osaka World Fair, which brought her into contact with the vivid, dynamic folk dance that was still alive in rural and regional Japan. This inspired her to form the unique dance troupe Kikunokai, which draws on the classic and folk traditions to produce new works combining the best of both with an invigorating spirit and a warm humanism that speaks directly to our timesl Kikunokai's activities included training and developing young dancers, and researching and studying folk arts - including traditional Japanese folk instruments - from different regions of Japan. Kikunokai has performed with great success not only in Japan but also France, Germany, England, India, Singapore, Guam, Thailand, the United States, Brunei, and Malaysia. It was awarded the Excellent Art Prize at the 1976 Cultural Festival sponsored by the Cultural Agency of Japan, received an official commendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1986, and it is the winner of many prizes and awards in Japan for its choreography and performances. The present book features beautiful color visual presentation of works of the traditional repertoire performed by founder Hata, as well as her original pieces choreographed for Kikunokai and performed by the troupe. The startling range of the troupe's repertory is eloquently documented in over 100 photographs. Brief but evocative essays by Hata describe the important role that Kyoto and the four seasons have played in her work, and the exciting and inspiring experience of choreographing the late Akira Kurosawa's film Dreams, portions of which were also danced by troupe members.


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Milestone Documents in American History: Print Purchase Includes Free Online Access

Milestone Documents in American History: Print Purchase Includes Free Online Access Lowest new price: $73.45
Lowest used price: $5.97
List price: $385.00

Conceived and produced by an expert group of teachers, librarians, and historians, Milestone Documents in American History offers an innovative approach to historical reference. This new series by Schlager Group offers students and researchers in-depth, analytical essays illuminating famous primary source documents from U.S and world history. Each entry includes the full text of the document in question as well as an in-depth, analytical essay that places the document in its historical context. With content aligned to the National History Standards and signed essays written by a team of nearly 100 esteemed historians, Milestone Documents in American History offers an unparalleled reference tool for students conducting primary source research.

The Trouble With Women

The Trouble With Women Lowest new price: $9.00
Lowest used price: $2.66
Author: Jacky Fleming
Brand: imusti




The Trouble With Women does for girls what 1066 and All That did for boys: it reminds us of what we were taught about women in history lessons at school, which is to say, not a lot.

A brilliantly witty book of cartoons, it reveals some of our greatest thinkers' baffling theories about women. We learn that even Charles Darwin, long celebrated for his open, objective scientific mind, believed that women would never achieve anything important, because of their smaller brains.

Get ready to laugh, wince and rescue forgotten women from the 'dustbin of history', whilst keeping a close eye out for tell-tale 'genius hair'. You will never look at history in the same way again.



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The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid on Playaway: Ready-To-Go Digital Audiobooks

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid on Playaway: Ready-To-Go Digital Audiobooks Lowest new price: $20.98
List price: $34.99
Author: Bill Bryson

Playaway is the simplest way to listen to a book on the go. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it comes with the audio content already on it and a battery to make it play. No Cassettes. No CDs. No Downloads. Simply plug in the earphones and enjoy. Bill Bryson was born in the middle of the American century 1951 in the middle of the United States Des Moines, Iowa in the middle of the largest generation in American history the baby boomers. As one of the best and funniest writers alive, he is perfectly positioned to mine his memories of a totally all-American childhood for 24-carat memoir gold. Like millions of his generational peers, Bill Bryson grew up with a rich fantasy life as a superhero. In his case, he ran around his house and neighborhood with an old football jersey with a thunderbolt on it and a towel about his neck that served as his cape, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and vanquishing awful evildoers (and morons) in his head as The Thunderbolt Kid. Using this persona as a springboard, Bill Bryson re-creates the life of his family and his native city in the 1950s in all its transcendent normality at once completely familiar to us all and as far away and unreachable as another galaxy. Warm and laugh-out-loud funny, and full of his inimitable, pitch-perfect observations, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid is as wondrous an audiobook as Bill Bryson has ever recorded. It will enchant anyone who has ever been young.

Milestone Documents of American Leaders: Exploring the Primary Sources of Notable Americans

Milestone Documents of American Leaders: Exploring the Primary Sources of Notable Americans Lowest new price: $44.58
Lowest used price: $5.91
List price: $395.00
Author: Paul Finkelman

The second title in the groundbreaking "Milestone Documents" series, "Milestone Documents of American Leaders" offers a unique biographical approach to the study of primary source documents. Plus free online access to the full content of this great reference set is available. "Milestone Documents of American Leaders" is the highly anticipated follow up to 2008's critically acclaimed "Milestone Documents in American History". This new, four-volume set continues the "Milestone Documents" tradition of pairing primary source texts with expert analysis by esteemed historians. Here, the lives of notable Americans are illuminated through an in-depth study of the primary source texts they produced during their lifetimes. From presidents, jurists, and legislators to influential private citizens both past and present, "American Leaders" features important full-text sources written by the people who shaped the nation - and crucial scholarly analysis to help the documents come alive. The subjects and documents covered include the following - Abraham Lincoln: "Gettysburg Address", "Emancipation Proclamation", and second inaugural address; Sandra Day O'Connor: "Bush v. Gore", "United States v. Lopez", and "McConnell v. FEC"; Martin Luther King Jr.: "I Have a Dream", "A Time to Break the Silence" speeches, and "Letter from Birmingham Jail"; Abigail Adams: "Letters to John and John Quincy Adams"; Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing speech and Evil Empire speech; Thomas Jefferson: "Declaration of Independence", Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, and first inaugural address. Organization and format: Essays are arranged alphabetically by last name of author, and include several sections, including the full text of the primary document; a summary overview of the person's place in history and their role as a producer of documents; a timeline of key events; a detailed explanation and analysis of the selected primary documents; the impact and legacy of the person's writings on American history; a selection of quotes; an annotated bibliography; and a comprehensive glossary. Customers who purchase this set will receive at no extra charge an additional online entry: "Barack Obama", featuring in-depth analysis of the speeches that catapulted Obama to the presidency, including his 2008 speech on race, and his acceptance speech at the 2008 convention. At a glance: This title contains 4 Volumes; 2,100 pages; and 124 entries. It features a standard structure; general introduction; full text of over 500 Primary Source Documents; 8 Original Teacher Activity Guides; Bibliography; Subject Index and Study Questions.

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