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General AAS

Sports Taping Basics NTSC Video Package

List price: $44.95
Author: Human Kinetics

Watching the Sports Taping Basics videos is like having a master taping technician conducting a workshop just for you. The videos provide a simple, straightforward tutorial on how to use tape both to help prevent injuries and to rehabilitate injured athletes.

Taping experts David Perrin and Melinda Flegel first demonstrate 15 specific techniques by showing the entire, uninterrupted process of taping the body part. Then they retape in order to highlight important aspects step-by-step, such as crimping the tape to prevent irritation, applying individual strips rather than a continuous wrap to prevent bulking, and using hip spica to prevent slippage. They also address special considerations, such as tearing tape and tape removal. The viewer then has a chance to pause the video action and practice the specific technique.

Sports Taping Basics is a two-video set. The Lower Body video demonstrates nine recommended taping procedures for common injuries to the lower extremities, including sites on the ankle, toe, arch, knee, hip, and hamstring. Upper Body covers six procedures for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, and finger.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Clinical Imaging Correlates Atlas

Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Clinical Imaging Correlates Atlas List price: $300.00

Offering a unique approach to the topic that merges multi-modality cardiac imaging with clinical history and presentation, this source is a convenient at-hand guide for busy practitioners, residents, and fellows seeking a review of the anatomy, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of adults with congenital heart disease.  With illustrative case studies, clinical pearls, multimodality imaging studies, and numerous self-review questions, Imaging of Adult Congenital Heart Disease supplies expert strategies to identify and navigate key anatomical structures, understand the latest radiologic-clinical correlates, and remain abreast of the current imaging practice environment. Perfect for board exam and recertification preparation, this guide reflects the increased importance of imaging technologies in day-to-day clinical practices, and targets challenges associated with the care of congenital heart disease patients.

Minimally Invasive Hip and Knee Surgery (Minimally Invasive Procedures in Orthopaedic Surgery)

List price: $150.00
Author: Javad Parvizi

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Biology and Treatment of the Skin

List price: $169.95
Author: Laskin

Atlas of Peripheral Nerve Surgery

List price: $169.95
Author: Allen H. Maniker

Pediatric Retina

Author: Reynolds James D./ Olitsky Scott E. M.D.

Orthopaedic Implants: Applications, Complications and Management

List price: $199.95

This timely reference addresses the issues pertaining to the performance, challenges, and outcomes of surgeries for the removal or replacement of orthopedic implants. Discussing the materials, design, structure, placement, and function of various prostheses, this source illustrates strategies to combat infection, reduce tissue damage, and enhance patient rehabilitation. 

Unlike any other source on the subject, this guide:

Mosby's Nursing Care of the Client with Substance Abuse Videotape Series: Substance Abuse in the Community - PAL Videotape

List price: $105.00
Author: Mosby

Mosby's Nursing Care of the Client with Substance Abuse Videotape Series: Substance Abuse in Families, Children, and Adolescents - PAL Videotape

List price: $105.00
Author: Mosby

This may be the best ACLS instructor tool ever! Mosby's ACLS Lecture Series is a unique video series that brings the ACLS experts right into your classroom, whenever you need them. Each video features an expert presenter, animations, interesting narration and powerful street footage. Viewers will experience the "real world" of ACLS with a focus on the "how" and the "why" behind the procedures and management of ACLS.

Airway and Vascular Access features expert presenter Glen Luedtke, a practicing paramedic and ACLS instructor. Content includes:
* Airway anatomy
* Oxygen delivery systems
* Alternatives for airway management including indications and contraindications, airway adjuncts, endotracheal intubation, LMA, and dual lumen devices
* Suctioning
* Ventilation techniques
* Methods and alternatives for vascular access including intravascular access and intraosseous access

Mosby's Nursing Care of the Client with Substance Abuse Videotape Series: Substance Abuse in Perinatal Care - PAL Videotape

List price: $105.00
Author: Mosby

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