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Classical Music


Bach: Inventions And Partita

Bach: Inventions And Partita Lowest new price: $11.74
Lowest used price: $6.51
Brand: Decca
Model: 3380206

Fresh from a triumphant concerto recording featuring Mendelssohn and Bruch, the pillars of the Romantic violin repertoire, Janine Jansen reverts to the roots of violin playing, and the music of Bach. On her latest recording, Janine performs Bach's beloved two and three part inventions specially transcribed for violin, viola and cello. She brings a characteristically fresh approach to the popular repertoire, with a unique survey of the musical voices of Bach. Janine herself takes center stage for a luminous performance of Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin. Violist Maxim Rysanov joins her for Two-Part Inventions BWV 772a-788 and cellist Torleif Thedeen adds a third voice for Three-Part Inventions BWV 787-801.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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J.S. Bach: The Toccatas and Inventions / Gould

J.S. Bach: The Toccatas and Inventions / Gould Lowest used price: $6.22

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Carnegie Hall [4 CD]

Carnegie Hall [4 CD] Lowest new price: $99.95

As history would have it, and thanks to the persistence of promoter Ron Delsener, Frank Zappa & his Mothers actually played Carnegie Hall. The two shows on October 11th, 1971 were recorded for posterity to mono 1/4' tape using a concealed Nagra tape machine and a Electrovoice 664 microphone. Both shows are presented here in their entirety along with the opening set of show 1 by the fabulous accapella group The Persuasions.

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25 Bach Favorites / Various

25 Bach Favorites / Various Lowest new price: $4.89
Lowest used price: $2.47

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J. S. Bach: Two Part Inventions & Three Part Inventions

J. S. Bach: Two Part Inventions & Three Part Inventions Lowest new price: $10.98
Lowest used price: $2.78
Model: 1989692


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Best Piano Classics 100

Best Piano Classics 100 Lowest new price: $17.88
Lowest used price: $4.95
Model: 11681977

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Switched-On Bach

Switched-On Bach Lowest new price: $110.00
Lowest used price: $59.99

Brand New

Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach is one of those rare novelty recordings that never gets boring. In the capable hands of Carlos, Bach's keyboard masterpieces sound like they were made for the otherworldly blurps, farts, and chimes of a Moog synthesizer. And, in a sense, they were. Bach's inventive music doesn't lose any of its contrapuntal punch in these complicated arrangements and, novelties aside, the playing is great on this Grammy Award-winning classic. Whether performing Bach's "Two-Part Inventions," "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," or "Wachet Auf," Carlos offers one-of-a-kind interpretations, her synthesizers still sounding as otherworldly as they did in 1968. This is one of those weird and wonderful classical releases that anyone--classical scholar or pop enthusiast--can enjoy. A Switched-On box set exists, capturing most of Carlos's baroque-gone-berserk output, but this is the disc that started it all. In a word, fun. --Jason Verlinde


  • Switched-On Bach

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Glenn Gould Plays Bach - The Six Partitas - The Two and Three Part Inventions - (3 Record Box Set)

Glenn Gould Plays Bach - The Six Partitas - The Two and Three Part Inventions - (3 Record Box Set) Lowest used price: $15.98


  • Records have been cleaned and new sleeved.
  • An original first pressing.
  • Stereo 360 Sound.
  • 2i grey columbia masterworks labels.
  • Has original inner sleeves.

Classical Music Collection

Classical Music Collection Lowest used price: $29.89

BABY EINSTEIN, CLASSICAL MUSIC COLLECTION is COLLECTOR'S EDITION 6 CD SET all wrapped up inside a cute little carrying case.
Perfect for that mom on the Go!

Includes Baby Bach, Baby Beethoven, Meet The Orchestra, Baby Mozart, Baby Mozart 2, and Baby Galileo.

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Bach: Two and Three Part Inventions

Bach: Two and Three Part Inventions Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $1.25

Better known among pianists and the public as the Two and Three Part Inventions, these little gems were written by Bach as instruction in proper keyboard and compositional technique for his son, Wilhelm Friedemann. True, the music may be in only two or three parts, but what parts! And as any pianist will tell you, this is not easy music to play, since Bach demands absolute equality between the various music lines. It's the sort of thing Gould loved above all else, and he simply has a blast with these pieces, as will you. Vintage Bach, vintage Gould. --David Hurwitz

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