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Whispers of Angels: A Story of the Underground Railroad

Whispers of Angels: A Story of the Underground Railroad Lowest new price: $13.68
Lowest used price: $3.97
List price: $19.95

Defiant, brave and free, the great abolitionists Thomas Garrett, William Still and Harriet Tubman, along with hundreds of lesser known and nameless opponents of slavery, formed a Corridor of Courage stretching from Maryland's eastern shore through the length of Delaware to Philadelphia and beyond -- making the Underground Railroad a real route to freedom for enslaved Americans before the Civil War.

Long-format interviews with prominent historians blend with dramatic reenactment to create a powerful story about the fight to end slavery. Actors Edward Asner and Blair Underwood portray the two most prominent abolitionists on the eastern line of the Underground Railroad, Thomas Garrett and William Still.

Bearing a remarkable resemblance to Thomas Garrett, Asner reenacts the famous courtroom scene in 1848 in which Garrett foreshadows the Civil War and firmly declares to redouble his efforts in fighting for true freedom in America. In spite of the court's imposition of a crippling financial punishment, Garrett's ideals were not altered; his clandestine activities continued for many years even during the War.

Reading documented text in the form of letters exchanged by Thomas Garrett and William Still (a free black abolitionist in Philadelphia), Asner and Underwood bring to life the fascinating working relationship between the two men and those they helped. Underwood, as William Still, meets in secret with the frightened fugitives who pass through his Anti-Slavery Society Offices in Philadelphia on their dangerous journeys to the north.

When sold by, When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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The Trains of Lafayette

The Trains of Lafayette Lowest new price: $24.95
List price: $24.95

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Travel the World by Train: South America

Travel the World by Train: South America Lowest new price: $38.95
Lowest used price: $5.97

Travel five continents in a 55 country rail trip in this ten part series. On this journey, we travel through Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and finally Argentina.

"Awesome" is the only word to describe the vistas in the South America volume of the Travel the World by Train series. When the train departs from Quito, Ecuador, passengers are permitted to sit atop it, on the roof! (No virtual reality for these thrill seekers.) The conductor warns riders to duck under low bridges as intrepid food vendors make their way along the tops of the swaying cars. We ascend into the Andes Mountains, overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of the natural world.

The tourist excursion from Cuzco, Peru, is cushy by comparison. The views from the train windows may be just as spectacular as those on the Ecuadorian route: 9,800-foot mountains, raging rivers. But here, comely train attendants serve passengers coca tea for altitude sickness. The ride terminates at mind-blowing Machu Picchu, the mysterious lost city of the Incas. Another Peruvian trip provides rare aerial panoramas of the baffling line drawings of Nazca: hundreds of colossal, two-dimensional figures of monkeys, condors, and lizards etched into the desert hillsides centuries ago. The sight of 3,200-square-mile Lake Titicaca, at 12,500 feet the highest navigable lake in the world, is equally stunning.

A wood-powered steam train shoos cattle off the tracks in sleepy, agricultural Paraguay. Journeys through Brazil, Chile, and Argentina (including rugged Patagonia) complete this fascinating train tour of South America; all in all, it's a splendid initiation into the myriad beauties of this vast and varied continent. --Laura Mirsky

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Train Crazy Kids

Train Crazy Kids Lowest new price: $39.95
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $7.99
Brand: Topics Entertainment

These 4-DVD collections will fascinate and delight the young and young at heart.Each set contains four complete programs aimed at teaching kids about the excitingworld of trains and big machines. Everything from the A-Train to the Zamboni comes to life in these entertaining and educational collections.


  • 2½ hours of action with real life steam locomotives, diesel engines & more!
  • four engaging and educational films is sure to captivate your little one time and again
  • Four top selling programs including Awesome Trains, The Alphabet Train, I Wanna Be a Train Engineer & Choo Choo Christmas
  • Go on a tour of an actual working diesel with Emmy Award-winning host Steve Pool
  • Train Crazy Kids is an engaging and educational collection of fun for the whole family!

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Great Trans American Train Ride: Broadway Limited, Penn Station, Union Station, California Zephyr, The Desert Wind

Great Trans American Train Ride: Broadway Limited, Penn Station, Union Station, California Zephyr, The Desert Wind Lowest new price: $2.92
Lowest used price: $1.81
List price: $9.00
Brand: CSDC

It's all aboard for adventure as travel expert Doug Jones guides you on a spectacular coast-to-coast journey on 3 of America's greatest trains! You'll experience the breadth of America, from the great cities of the East to the heartland prairies, from the majesty of snow-capped mountains to the Western desert. You'll take the fabled Broadway Limited from New York's Pennsylvania Station, through Philadelphia and Pittsburgh before changing at Chicago's Union Station for the legendary California Zephyr. Then it's across the rolling prairies and soaring mountains to Salt Lake City where you'll climb aboard the Desert Wind as it departs to Las Vegas and the California desert before making it's way, finally, to Los Angeles. The Great Trans-American Train Ride will carry you from "Sea to Shining Sea" on a romantic and nostalgic journey aboard the last great passenger trains of the USA.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Golden Age of Steam

Golden Age of Steam Lowest new price: $6.75
Lowest used price: $1.39
Brand: Topics Entertainment
Model: 60283

Four full seasons of steam railroading! It all adds up to a captivating new Golden Age of Steam on four DVDs, comprising an entire year of rail videos produced for rail fans and hobbyists alike.

Four full seasons of steam railroading: It all adds up to a captivating new Golden Age of Steam on four DVDs, comprising an entire year of rail videos produced for rail fans and hobbyists alike.

Steam in the Spring
The sheer joy of steam railroading is sure to be as revitalizing as the season, when Steam in the Spring takes enthusiasts on eight incredible journeys amidst newly budding trees, melting snowfall and emerging greenery. Logging locomotives, freights and passenger specials: They re all here, chugging through the heights of West Virginia, the rolling hills of Wisconsin farm country, the enthralling scenery of Michigan, Ohio, Colorado and the stunning summit of Cumbres Pass, 10,000+feet above New Mexico.

Steam in the Summer
Summertime, and the steamin is easy...and plentiful! Let Steam in the Summer take you on a cross-country seasonal interlude to visit six of America s most exciting regional steamers including the Nickel Plate Road s #587 pulling the official train of the Indiana State Fair, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum s #610 heading a Chattanooga passenger train, a 130-year-old steamer out of Colorado, and Ohio Central s #1293 chugging through Amish country.

Steam in the Autumn
As the leaves turn and the days get a little shorter, the old-time railroad action really heats up! Steam in the Autumn features seven classic locomotives leading spectacular photo charters, working to demonstrate their steam-powered stuff amongst the reds and golds of fall. The cast list for this autumnal epic includes Canadian National, Grand Trunk, Norfolk & Western, and Western Maryland Scenic steamers.

Steam in the Winter
A trio of recreated freight train adventures as cool as a crisp January day awaits the viewer of Steam in the Winter. Offering vivid recreations of regular service from a bygone era of steam power, these evocative rail journeys include a scenic mountain travelogue on Utah s Heber Valley line, a full-throttle excursion along the main line of the Ohio Central, and a thrilling mine run on the Nevada Northern.

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The Trains of Galesburg

The Trains of Galesburg Lowest new price: $18.85
Lowest used price: $5.99
List price: $24.95

Galesburg, Illinois is one of the midwest's busiest railroad towns, with lines radiating out in seven directions. In this program, you'll pay a visit to this important rail hub, and sample the action on each of the lines, as well as the depot area downtown and the junction at Cameron.

Today's BNSF Railway runs a tremendous amount of trains through here on both the old Santa Fe and Burlington lines. Galesburg is also a busy Amtrak location, and you'll see all of the Amtrak trains that serve it. If you like modern railroading, then this is the program for you!

Highlights include:

*Sample the action on all 7 lines coming into Galesburg
*See Amtrak and freights in the downtown depot area
*Get an overview of the yard
*See how the Burlington and the Santa Fe are now connected at Cameron

This is one busy railroad hot spot!

DVD contains chapter menus. Narration and lots of natural train sounds. Approx 90 minutes.

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American Trains-America By Rail-the Heartland

American Trains-America By Rail-the Heartland Lowest new price: $24.95
Lowest used price: $6.90
List price: $24.95

The cross-country train epic is now on DVD!

A coast-to-coast trip from Washington, DC to San Francisco aboard Amtrak's Capitol Limited and California Zephyr. See our nation's capitol, lush Ohio Amish Farmlands, the Great Plains, the Rockies and Sierras, before skirting along side San Pablo Bay and on into Oakland and San Francisco.

Along the way visit the following steam and diesel tourist railroads: Strasburg Railroad, Potomac Eagle, Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, Ohio Central, Boone & Scenic Valley, Omaha Zoo Railroad, Durango & Silverton, Heber valley, Virginia & Truckee, Napa Valley Wine Train, Roaring Camp & Big Trees, and Santa Cruz Trees & Pacific.

Includes music composed especially for this program by noted television composer Micheal Lynch, as well as lots of natural train sounds.

The VHS version of this program has sold nearly 200,000 copies, so now you can enjoy the crisp picture and stereo sound on DVD!

Total running time 2hours.

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Rising From the Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter

Rising From the Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter Lowest new price: $19.95

This listing only includes HOME VIDEO usage. Please contact for Library, Institutional and Educational licenses. "Rising From The Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter" is based on the best-selling book by Larry Tye. This high-definition documentary chronicles the relatively unheralded Pullman Porters, generations of African American men who served as caretakers to wealthy white passengers on luxury trains that traversed the nation in the golden age of rail travel. Special Features: - Behind-the-Scenes Featurette - Rare Pullman Company Training Filmstrips with Sound - Pullman Car Slideshow - Archival Railroad Films

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Travel the World By Train: Europe 3

Travel the World By Train: Europe 3 Lowest used price: $11.97
List price: $19.98

Travel five continents in a 55 country rail trip in this ten part series. On this journey, we travel from Germany to Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic.

Travel the World by Train: Europe, Volume 3 takes viewers on a journey through Germany and some of the more visually pleasing regions of Eastern Europe. Germany's famously extensive and efficient rail system is given a fine showcase here. On the so-called "Fairy Tale Road," the train stops at picturesque old haunts of those famous fairy-tale collectors the Brothers Grimm: towns such as Bremen (of the Bremen Town Musicians) and Hamelin (of the Pied Piper). The "Castle Road" trip departs Frankfurt on the Intercity Express, Germany's fastest train. This route features massive medieval edifices and such bastions of German romanticism as Heidelberg Castle, interspersed among vistas of verdant natural beauty.

Beginning in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, a train follows "The Romantic Road," passing Neuschwanstein, the grandiose castle built by Bavaria's "Mad" King Ludwig II. Looking like "The Little Engine That Could," a tiny Czech "Rail Bus" chugs up a 3,000-foot mountain in the Bavarian forest. The Hungary trip introduces us to the beautiful capital of Budapest, bisected by the Danube River. Magyar horsemen ride Hungary's sweeping plains. Idyllic farms dot the landscape of the Romania route, which leaves the capital of Bucharest for the Black Sea resort of Constantsa. From Belgrade, Yugoslavia, through Sofia, Bulgaria (the "greenest city in Europe"), the video's last route looks eastward toward the gateway to Asia: Istanbul, Turkey. --Laura Mirsky

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