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Romantic Comedy

Love Actually [Blu-ray]

Love Actually [Blu-ray] Lowest new price: $5.00
Lowest used price: $5.76
List price: $9.99
Model: 34272115

Funny, irresistible and heartwarming, Love Actually is the ultimate romantic comedy that follows eight couples whose lives intersect shortly before Christmas. From the makers of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Notting Hill, this beloved film is headlined by an incredible roster of stars including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Rowan Atkinson and more. Take a breathtaking tour of love’s delightful twists and turns as you fall under the spell of Love Actually and share the laughs and charm again and again!

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The Mel Brooks Collection (Blazing Saddles / Young Frankenstein / Silent Movie / Robin Hood: Men in Tights / To Be or Not to Be / History of the World, Part 1 / The Twelve Chairs / High Anxiety)

The Mel Brooks Collection (Blazing Saddles / Young Frankenstein / Silent Movie / Robin Hood: Men in Tights / To Be or Not to Be / History of the World, Part 1 / The Twelve Chairs / High Anxiety) Lowest new price: $29.64
Lowest used price: $23.40
List price: $59.98
Brand: Brooks
Model: 2218648


There are plenty of belly laughs in The Mel Brooks Collection, an eight-disc set of most of the director-writer-actor's best-known films. Four of them--Silent Movie, High Anxiety, To Be or Not to Be, and Robin Hood: Men with Tights--are making their debut on DVD, while a fifth, The Twelve Chairs, was briefly available as a non-anamorphic DVD from Image Entertainment (all the DVDs in this set are anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TVs). That means you can sample a 23-year stretch of Brooks's outrageous and affectionate spoofing of everything from movies to popular legends to movies to historical figures to, hey! more movies.

The earliest film, The Twelve Chairs (1970), is the least known, but is one of the funniest, helped greatly by a good story (adapted from a 1920s Russian tale) and the casting of Ron Moody and Frank Langella as treasure hunters. Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles followed in 1974. The former, a spoof of horror films, is easily one of the top two or three funniest movies of all time, and the latter is justly famous for its often-tasteless send-up of Western cliches. Silent Movie (1976) is just what the title describes, with its only word of dialogue spoken from the least-likely source, and High Anxiety (1977) pays tribute to the work of Alfred Hitchcock. History of the World, Part 1 (1981) mocks historical events and epics, and To Be or Not to Be (1983) is a remake of Ernst Lubitsch's 1942 classic of the same name (it's also the only film in the set for which Brooks didn't receive writing and directing credit). By this time, Brooks was more actively taking the leading roles himself (rather than the bit parts), and unfortunately relying less on his topnotch ensemble of recurring players, which included Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Harvey Korman, and Dom DeLuise. But he does use a new ensemble (including Cary Elwes and, in his film debut, Dave Chappelle), for Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993), the feature-length spin on the same hero Brooks had spoofed in his short-lived 1975 television series When Things Were Rotten.

Bonus features are minor. In addition to an HBO featurette on Men in Tights, there's a featurette and interviews on To Be or Not to Be and all the features (Brooks commentary, deleted scenes, interviews, etc.) that were on the original release of Young Frankenstein. Note that while rights issues kept The Producers, Spaceballs, and other films out of this set, 20th Century Fox was able to use Warner Bros.' Blazing Saddles. The features on that disc, however, are the ones that were on the 1997 DVD release, not the 2004 anniversary reissue. Regardless, the set's price for this many films is low, and because it has so many films new to DVD, Brooks fans will want to pick this up faster than they can say... "Frau Blücher!" --David Horiuchi


  • Factory sealed DVD

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TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: American Musicals (The Band Wagon / Meet Me in St. Louis / Singin' in the Rain / Easter Parade)

TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: American Musicals (The Band Wagon / Meet Me in St. Louis / Singin' in the Rain / Easter Parade) Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $19.95
List price: $27.92
Brand: Warner Home Video

EASTER PARADE Strolling along 5th Avenue or bumming around as A Couple of Swells, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire lead a parade of music (17 Irving Berlin tunes and an Academy Award-winning adaptation score) and gotta-dance fun in this neverending delight co-starring Ann Miller and Peter Lawford. MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS She's in love with the boy next door. And movie fans are forever in love with her Judy Garland in a nostalgia and humor-filled tale of life with the Smith family in 1903 St. Louis. Songs include The Boy Next Door, The Trolley Song and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. SINGIN IN THE RAIN Considered by many to be the greatest movie musical ever! Silent movies are giving way to the advent of sound and a Hollywood matinee idol (Gene Kelly) is caught in that bumpy transition, as well as his buddy (Donald O'Connor), prospective sweetheart (Debbie Reynolds) and vocally-challenged co-star (Jean Hagen). THE BAND WAGON Fred Astaire dazzles in a train station (By Myself), a penny arcade (A Shine on Your Shoes), a back-lot Central Park (Dancing in the Dark) and a smoky café (Girl Hunt), the latter two with incomparable Cyd Charisse. Nanette Fabray, Jack Buchanan and Oscar Levant co-star, and as the movies hallmark song goes, That's Entertainment!

Turner Classic Movies' Greatest Classic Films Collection: American Musicals collects four movies on two double-sided discs, with top picture quality and the bonus features that appeared on disc 1 when all of the films were released on two-disc sets. Here the subject is classic musicals from the glory days of MGM, starting with the greatest of them all, Singin' in the Rain (1952), with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor turning out classic routines set in the early days of Hollywood. Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) was one of Judy Garland's milestone pictures, in which she was directed by her future husband, Vincente Minnelli, and sings the great "Trolley Song," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," and "The Boy Next Door." Shift forward a few years to a pair of Fred Astaire movies, Easter Parade (1948), in which he plays a veteran dancer trying to train Garland to replace Ann Miller as his vaudeville partner, and The Band Wagon (1953), MGM's affectionate spoof of its own musical stable, directed by Minnelli and costarring Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant, Jack Buchanan and Nanette Fabray. Songs from the last two pictures include "A Couple of Swells," "Better Luck Next Time," "By Myself," "A Shine on Your Shoes," "Triplets," and "That's Entertainment." The two-sided discs lack most of the bonus features from the individual two-disc sets, but do include the content that was on the movie disc, including trailers and a commentary track for each movie. --David Horiuchi

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The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition)

The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition) Lowest new price: $3.59
Lowest used price: $2.08
List price: $5.00
Brand: MGM
Model: 3345774

From celebrated director Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally) and Oscar-winning* screenwriter William Goldman (Chaplin) comes "an enchanting fantasy" (Time) filled with adventure, romance and plenty of "good-hearted fun" (Roger Ebert)! Featuring a spectacular cast that includes Robin Wright (Forrest Gump), Cary Elwes (Liar, Liar), Mandy Patinkin (Dick Tracy) and Billy Crystal (City Slickers), this wonderful fairy tale about a Princess named Buttercup and her beloved is "a real dream of a movie" (People)!

*1969: Original Screenplay, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1976: Adapted Screenplay, All the President's Men

Screenwriter William Goldman's novel The Princess Bride earned its own loyal audience on the strength of its narrative voice and its gently satirical, hyperbolic spin on swashbuckled adventure that seemed almost purely literary. For all its derring-do and vivid over-the-top characters, the book's joy was dictated as much by the deadpan tone of its narrator and a winking acknowledgement of the clichés being sent up. Miraculously, director Rob Reiner and Goldman himself managed to visualize this romantic fable while keeping that external voice largely intact: using a storytelling framework, avuncular Grandpa (Peter Falk) gradually seduces his skeptical grandson (Fred Savage) into the absurd, irresistible melodrama of the title story. And what a story: a lowly stable boy, Westley (Cary Elwes), pledges his love to the beautiful Buttercup (Robin Wright), only to be abducted and reportedly killed by pirates while Buttercup is betrothed to the evil Prince Humperdinck. Even as Buttercup herself is kidnapped by a giant, a scheming criminal mastermind, and a master Spanish swordsman, a mysterious masked pirate (could it be Westley?) follows in pursuit. As they sail toward the Cliffs of Insanity... The wild and woolly arcs of the story, the sudden twists of fate, and, above all, the cartoon-scaled characters all work because of Goldman's very funny script, Reiner's confident direction, and a terrific cast. Elwes and Wright, both sporting their best English accents, juggle romantic fervor and physical slapstick effortlessly, while supporting roles boast Mandy Patinkin (the swordsman Inigo Montoya), Wallace Shawn (the incredulous schemer Vizzini), and Christopher Guest (evil Count Rugen) with brief but funny cameos from Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, and Peter Cook. --Sam Sutherland

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Check out an old favorite, Willow on DVD

See the new classic Under the Same Moon on DVD

Stills from The Princess Bride (Click for larger image)


  • MGM The Princess Bride (2-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition)

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The Proposal (Single-Disc Edition)

The Proposal (Single-Disc Edition) Lowest new price: $6.15
Lowest used price: $1.64
List price: $7.50
Brand: Buena Vista Home Video
Model: 5822847

Sandra Bullock is at her funniest in the fresh, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy THE PROPOSAL. On the verge of being deported and losing the high-powered job she lives for, the controlling Margaret announces she's engaged to her unsuspecting, put-upon assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). After proposing a few demands of his own, the mismatched couple heads to Alaska where they have four short days to convince his quirky family and a very skeptical immigration agent that their charade is real. Featuring a star-studded supporting cast, including Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and the delightfully inappropriate Betty White, this madcap comedy will have you saying "yes" to THE PROPOSAL again and again.

Rom-com favorite Sandra Bullock and the affably charming Ryan Reynolds’s superb chemistry turn The Proposal from otherwise standard romantic-comedy fare to one that is entertaining and sure to garner laughs. Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is a workaholic, tyrannical book editor (reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada) who suddenly finds her career in jeopardy as she faces deportation back to Canada. Her solution is to simply fake an engagement to her unsuspecting assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who in turn blackmails her for a promotion. However, when Margaret is forced to head to Alaska with Andrew to visit his family in an effort to make their story believable to the deportation officers, they soon realize that their plan may not be so simple after all. The supporting cast of Dad (Craig T. Nelson), Mom (Mary Steenburgen), and kooky Grandma (Betty White, still a scene-stealer at 87) is great casting that makes for many amusing scenes. Bottom line: witty Reynolds and Bullock are perfect sparring partners for each other and not half bad to look at either. --Lisanne Chastain

Stills from The Proposal (Click for larger image)


  • The Proposal DVD
  • The Proposal (Single-Disc Edition) [DVD] [2009]

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Audrey Hepburn 5-Film Collection

Audrey Hepburn 5-Film Collection Lowest new price: $13.74
Lowest used price: $13.73
List price: $15.47
Model: 43381990

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Four Christmases

Four Christmases Lowest new price: Too low to display
Lowest used price: $1.49
List price: $9.99
Brand: Warner Home Video
Model: 103618

Four Christmases (DVD)

Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon stars with Vince Vaughn in aholiday comedy to which many children of divorced parents canrelate...One happy couple; four dysfunctional, divorced parents who allinsist on celebrating with their kids; a single, well-planned, happy dayquickly spins out of control in to the madcap whirlwind of FourChristmases.



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Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition)

Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition) Lowest new price: $6.44
Lowest used price: $2.93
List price: $7.50
Brand: Buena Vista Home Video
Model: 2260009

This 15th Anniversary celebration of PRETTY WOMAN is even more irresistible than ever with all-new, never-before-seen special features you'll love at first sight. Academy Award(R) Winner Julia Roberts (Best Actress, ERIN BROCKOVICH, 2000) is a spirited, streetwise diamond in the rough when she meets a no-nonsense billionaire played by Golden Globe winner Richard Gere (Best Actor In A Motion Picture -- Musical Or Comedy, CHICAGO, 2002). It's a chance encounter that turns a weeklong business arrangement into a timeless rags-to-riches romance. This Special Edition will seduce you with all the comedy, charm, and passion you remember about this classic -- plus more!


  • Shrink-wrapped

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The Holiday [Blu-ray]

The Holiday [Blu-ray] Lowest new price: $8.63
Lowest used price: $4.78
List price: $14.99
Model: 2227661

In Nancy Meyers' The Holiday, a romantic comedy from the director of Something's Gotta Give and What Women Want, two women trade homes only to find that a change of address can change their lives. Iris (Winslet) is in love with a man who is about to marry another woman. Across the globe, Amanda (Diaz), realizes the man she lives with has been unfaithful. Two women who have never met and live 6000 miles apart, find themselves in the exact same place. They meet online at a home exchange website and impulsively switch homes for the holiday. Iris moves into Amanda's L.A. house in sunny California as Amanda arrives in the snow covered English countryside. Shortly after arriving at their destinations, both women find the last thing either wants or expects: a new romance. Amanda is charmed by Iris' handsome brother Graham (Law) and Iris, with inspiration provided by legendary screenwriter Arthur (Wallach), mends her heart when she meets film composer Miles (Black).


  • Condition: New
  • Format: Blu-ray
  • AC-3; Color; Dolby; Dubbed; Subtitled; Widescreen

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The Parent Trap (Special Double Trouble Edition)

The Parent Trap (Special Double Trouble Edition) Lowest new price: $6.44
Lowest used price: $2.33
List price: $7.99
Brand: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Model: 2260017

What makes the Special Edition of THE PARENT TRAP so cool isn't just that you get to enjoy Lindsay Lohan's amazing theatrical debut, but that's it's filled with bonus materials you've never seen before. Hallie Parker, a hip Californian, and Annie James, a proper London miss (both played by Lohan) are identical twins who don't even know each other exists -- until they accidentally meet at summer camp. Now they're up to their freckles in schemes and dreams to switch places, get their parents (Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson) back together, and have the family they've always wished for!|In casting the dual role of twins Hallie and Annie, director Nancy Meyers kept saying, "I'm looking for a little Diane Keaton ... Diane is so alive on screen and that's what I wanted from the actress in these parts."|To find the actress who would play Hallie and Annie, an exhaustive casting search was conducted in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, and London, with open calls in New York and Los Angeles. Eventually 11-year-old Long Island native Lindsay Lohan was given the role.


  • Walt Disney Home Entertainment The Parent Trap

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