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Vidas Secas

Vidas Secas List price: $29.95


Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands Lowest new price: $299.99
Lowest used price: $189.99
List price: $299.99

Directed by Bruno Baretto staring Sonia Braga BRAZIL (in Portugese with Eng ST)T his Brazilian comedy, based on the novel by leading Brazilian author Jorge Amado, follows the strange events that befall Dona Flor after the death of her wild, irresponsible husband. Attempting to marry more wisely the second time around, she weds a stable but boring pharmacist, only to be visited by the sexy ghost of her late husband

Black Orpheus (The Criterion Collection)

Black Orpheus (The Criterion Collection) Lowest new price: $15.22
Lowest used price: $2.90
List price: $29.95

1960 Academy Award Winner and winner of the Palme d'Or at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival, Marcel Camus' Black Orpheus retells the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice against the madness of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. With its magnificent color photography and lively soundtrack, this film brought the infectious bossa nova beat to the United States. Criterion is proud to present the extended international version of Black Orpheus in a gorgeous new transfer.


  • DVD
  • Color, Dolby, Subtitled
  • English (Subtitled), English (Dubbed), Portuguese (Original Language)
  • 1
  • 100

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Behind The Sun (2001)

Behind The Sun (2001) Lowest new price: $2.78
Lowest used price: $2.04
List price: $19.98
Brand: Buena Vista Home Video

Golden Globe Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, Behind The Sun is a critically acclaimed story about love, loyalty and the choice a son must make between honoring his family and following his heart. In th ebrutal Brazilian badlands of 1910, two families are locked in a bloody, generations-old feud. In one family, the oldest remaining son- distressed by the prospect of death and encouraged by his younger brother- begins to question the cycle of violence. Then, a beautiful young woman crosses his path and opens his eyes to life outside his culture's rigid code of honor. Stunningly photographed and exquisitely told, this outstanding motion picture masterpiece will transport you to a vastly different place and time... a place somewhere beind the sun!

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Behind the Sun is a rapturous Western, a big film about a big, unwanted destiny visited upon a vulnerable, young hero. Adapted from the novel Broken April by Albanian writer Ismail Kadare (the story has been transferred from Europe to Brazil's rugged, northeastern badlands in 1910), Behind the Sun concerns two families and their long-running land war, which has robbed many a young man of his hope, love and, ultimately, life. Sent by his aggrieved father to avenge the slaying of an older brother, Tonho (Rodrigo Santoro), in torment, carries out his bloody, ancestral obligation and then proposes a truce between the families. Director Walter Salles (Central Station) aims to make a magnificently crafted, lush, and exotic epic told in broad strokes for art house aficionados, and he succeeds almost to a self-conscious fault. Still, there is nothing like a stirring, archetypal tragedy about the endless repercussions of violence and the sacrifice of innocence to a dubious cause. --Tom Keogh

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O Fantasma

O Fantasma Lowest new price: $138.84
Lowest used price: $105.05
List price: $19.99

No one can live without love . . . By day, brooding, lonely Sergio works as a trash collector in the streets of Lisbon. By night, Sergio embarks on an increasingly intense odyssey of random, anonymous sexual encounters. Quickly, Sergio becomes fixated on a hot, young stranger and begins to retreat further and further into his dark dream life, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, love and obsession. In Portuguese with English Subtitles

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Pixote Lowest used price: $37.47
List price: $29.95

Hector Babenco's scathing and heartbreaking story of Pixote (Fernando Ramos Da Silva), a sweet-looking streetwise 10-year-old boy who is one of the three million homeless children living on the streets of S�o Paolo, Brazil, is based on the novel INFANCIA DOS MORTOS by Jos� Louzeiro. Forced to endure brutal conditions at a prisonlike reform school, Pixote befriends Lilica (Jorge Juliano), an older transvestite; her boyfriend, Dito (Gilberto Moura); and young charmer Chico (Edilson Lino). Together the four escape the reform school and struggle to survive in a desolate world of poverty and violence. Traveling in the underworlds of S�o Paolo and Rio, the makeshift family of boys turn to a lives of petty crime to support themselves. Homeless, the boys are forced to endure hunger and extreme danger as they begin dealing drugs and eventually end up working with Sueli, a burnt-out prostitute (Mar�lia P�ra in a devastatingly powerful performance) who seduces her johns while the boys rob them at gunpoint. This gritty and painful examination of Brazil's forgotten children is reminiscent of Luis Bu�uel's film about urban poverty and juvenile delinquency, LOS OLVIDADOS, while the character of Pixote, played by real-life homeless boy Da Silva, is a direct descendant of Fran�ois Truffaut's unforgettable protagonist Antoine Doinel from THE 400 BLOWS. Babenco's use of a largely nonprofessional cast and a powerful story combines to make one of the most haunting portrayals of childhood ever filmed. Furthering the film's relevance is the sad note that Da Silva died only a few years after starring in the film--shot by police who mistook him for a criminal. In 1996, WHO KILLED PIXOTE?, a documentary about the life and death of Fernando Ramos Da Silva, was released.

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Bus 174

Bus 174 Lowest new price: $49.96
Lowest used price: $1.86
List price: $9.95

On June 12, 2000, a bus filled with passengers was hijacked in Rio de Janeiro in broad daylight. The kidnapper, Sandro do Nascimento, terrorized his victims for four and a half hours as the whole country watched the drama broadcast live on Brazilian T. Based on extensive research of stock footage, interviews and official documents, "Bus 174" is the careful investigation of the hijacking -- focusing on andro do Nascimento, his childhood, and how he was unavoidably doomed he was to become a bandit.

A shocking, hypnotic look at a real-life disaster. In June 2000, an armed gunman hijacked a bus in downtown Rio de Janeiro. An angry, strung-out former street kid, he spent an afternoon threatening his hostages while the lurid drama was broadcast live over the national TV networks. The extensive newsreel footage from this terrible event forms the bulk of Bus 174, but director Jose Padilha takes time to fill in the background, too: the poverty-broken world of the gunmen is detailed, and so is the political situation that led to some ludicrous decision-making on the part of the authorities during the siege. The fact that most viewers outside Brazil don't know how the ordeal ended will add to the suspense, but either way this is a gripping experience. The sight of the crazed hijacker, self-consciously styling his weird version of action-movie villainy, will haunt you long after the film is over. --Robert Horton


  • Factory sealed DVD

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God Is Brazilian

God Is Brazilian Lowest new price: $24.99
Lowest used price: $5.79
List price: $19.95
Brand: Universal Music

God is stressed and needs a break from the Earth and the troublesome human race. But before he can take his vacation, he has to find himself a temporary replacement.


  • God is stressed and needs a break from the endless toil of minding the Earth and the troublesome human race. But before he can go on vacation, he must find a temporary replacement. To track down the person best suited for the job, God heads to Brazil, a country that, despite being very religious, has never had an official saint. Joined by a conniving fisherman and soul-searching young woman, he em

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Foreign Land

Foreign Land Lowest new price: $9.97
Lowest used price: $4.78

A Film by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas

Tired of living in squalor, an aspiring Brazilian actor accepts a "delivery job" from a shady antique dealer and travels to Lisbon carrying a violin filled with uncut diamonds. When the exchange goes bad, he finds himself on the run from an underworld thug and in the arms of a beautiful woman caught up in a Portuguese black-market.

A simple but superb little thriller. Aspiring actor Paco (Fernando Alves Pinto) lives in a poor area of São Paolo, Brazil, with his mother, who yearns to go back to her native Spain. When she dies abruptly, Paco finds himself without direction and falls in with a man named Igor, who asks him to carry an antique violin to Lisbon. There he finds himself caught up in a black-market scam, from which his only hope of escape is a woman named Alex (Fernanda Torres)--only Alex has an agenda of her own. Foreign Land resembles a lean, low-budget film noir like Detour or The Asphalt Jungle, only filmed with the spare yet beautiful visual aesthetic of a director like Antonioni. The gritty black and white images are astoundingly gorgeous, yet visual style never gets in the way of an engrossing, emotionally compelling crime story. As Paco and Alex drive to the border of Spain, hoping to escape the dangerous mess their lives have become, Foreign Land becomes downright heartbreaking. Sexy, suspenseful, poetic, and shot through with dark, ironic humor--basically, this is the movie just about every American director wants to make but doesn't know how. A knockout. --Bret Fetzer

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Tieta of Agreste

Tieta of Agreste Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $12.27
List price: $12.95

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