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Madame Sata

Madame Sata Lowest new price: $49.51
Lowest used price: $6.08
List price: $49.99
Brand: Genius

Legendary criminal. Proud homosexual. Cabaret star. Passionate lover. Killer. Devoted father of seven adopted children. Saint…or devil?

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City of Men

City of Men Lowest new price: $5.70
Lowest used price: $0.44
List price: $13.41
Brand: Buena Vista Home Video

Paulo Morelli's film is a pacy, bloody thriller that pays warm tribute to a diverse cross-section of American directors including Quentin Tarantino and Michael Bay. Bullets zing across the screen, heavy artillery is deployed at all times, and Morelli makes great use of the twisty favela streets during some frantic chase sequence. Silva and Cunha, who both had roles in CITY OF GOD, carry the picture with impressive ease, and while CITY OF MEN isn't an official sequel to Meirelles's lauded picture, it does serve as a neat continuation of that film's unshakable portrayal of the violence that has beset so many young lives in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

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To the Left of the Father

To the Left of the Father Lowest new price: $25.62
Lowest used price: $14.99
List price: $29.98
Brand: Kino International
Model: 2254941

Winner of more than 50 international awards, including Best Actor (Selton Mello), Best Cinematography awards at the 2002 Buenos Aires International Film Festival, To The Left Of The Father (aka Lavour Arcaica) is the "auspicious feature debut" (Dennis Harvey, Variety) or director Luiz Fernando Carvalho, the man who revolutionized Brazilian television in the 1990s by infusing it with cinematic language. Based on the eponymous book by award-winning writer Raduan Nassar, To The Left Of The Father is set in the Brazilian countryside and focuses on the relationship between a young man, Andr+ª (Mello), and his religious but caring family. After running away from his Lebanese-Brazilian abode, Andr+ª has to confront Pedro (Leonardo Medeiros), the older brother determined to convince him to return to the protective cares of their parents - played by acclaimed Brazilian actors Raul Cortez and Juliana Carneiro da Cunha. Torn apart by an unresolved incestuous past with his younger sister Ana (Simone Spoladore), Pedro has to choose between a life of utopian freedom, removed from past connections, or, in the case of an eventual return home, a re-engagement with strict patriarchal norms. This "splendid" (Howard Feinstein, The Village Voice) update on the return of the prodigal son shows "images of striking beauty" (Cecilia Sayad, Reverse Shot) and is considered one of the most original, poetic and emotionally complex Brazilian films made in the last decade.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Sadomaster Lowest new price: $78.26
Lowest used price: $15.95
List price: $4.95
Brand: Repnet LLC

Extreme urban violnce reigns in Argentina. Senator Beccar Varela rises as the only way to stop violence is with his "zero tolerance" politics. People don't suspect that Beccar is the head of the Nazi gang that causes the violence. When members of the g



Me You Them

Me You Them Lowest new price: $6.00
Lowest used price: $2.97
List price: $12.54

In the beautifully majestic landscape of rural Brazil, Darlene (Regina Case - Moon Over Parador) longs for love, family and passion. Determined, she abruptly uproots herself from her small town to find the one man who can fulfill her desires. Three years later and still single, Darlene returns to her hometown and accepts a modest marriage proposal from her humble neighbor Osias (Lima Duarte). Before long, Darlene finds herself in a grueling work routine while Osias oversees from the comfort of a hammock. Relief comes in the form of a permanent visit from Osias' cousin Zezinho, who can't hide his amorous feelings for Darlene. Their love for each other results in the birth of a child. Just when Osias and Zezinho are getting used to balancing their unique three-way marriage, along comes Ciro(Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos), a young and handsome drifter who ignites Darlene's untapped passion. Butwill he join the marriage?

This unexpected pleasure from Brazil has the feel of a magical fable crossing paths with a contemporary comedy about sexual politics. Regina Casé stars as Darlene, a young, unmarried mother who returns to her dusty hometown with a baby in tow. Over the next few years, she is courted and impregnated by one man, then another, and another, and another. Promiscuous? Well, it's more the case that Darlene (and actress Casé) is a strong-willed force of nature, undeniably aware of her earthy eroticism. Over time, she convinces all her suitors to forge an unusual family with her and the children, and it works. Shot in a bath of natural light by Breno Silveira, with a wonderful score by Gilberto Gil and sophisticated direction (never veering into prurience or mere prettiness) by Andrucha Waddington, Me You Them is a subtle, lovely work about the heart's capacity for invention and acceptance. --Tom Keogh

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God's Comedy

God's Comedy Lowest new price: $21.50
Lowest used price: $16.90
List price: $29.95

Joao is the manager of the Paradise Ice Cream Parlor. He divides his time between designing new flavors and fantasizing about his young female employees. His perverse obsession soon gets the better of him when he sets out to lure an adolescent girl into fulfilling his darkest fantasies. Grand Jury Prize winner at the Venice Film Festival.


Pixote Lowest used price: $37.47
List price: $29.95

Hector Babenco's scathing and heartbreaking story of Pixote (Fernando Ramos Da Silva), a sweet-looking streetwise 10-year-old boy who is one of the three million homeless children living on the streets of S�o Paolo, Brazil, is based on the novel INFANCIA DOS MORTOS by Jos� Louzeiro. Forced to endure brutal conditions at a prisonlike reform school, Pixote befriends Lilica (Jorge Juliano), an older transvestite; her boyfriend, Dito (Gilberto Moura); and young charmer Chico (Edilson Lino). Together the four escape the reform school and struggle to survive in a desolate world of poverty and violence. Traveling in the underworlds of S�o Paolo and Rio, the makeshift family of boys turn to a lives of petty crime to support themselves. Homeless, the boys are forced to endure hunger and extreme danger as they begin dealing drugs and eventually end up working with Sueli, a burnt-out prostitute (Mar�lia P�ra in a devastatingly powerful performance) who seduces her johns while the boys rob them at gunpoint. This gritty and painful examination of Brazil's forgotten children is reminiscent of Luis Bu�uel's film about urban poverty and juvenile delinquency, LOS OLVIDADOS, while the character of Pixote, played by real-life homeless boy Da Silva, is a direct descendant of Fran�ois Truffaut's unforgettable protagonist Antoine Doinel from THE 400 BLOWS. Babenco's use of a largely nonprofessional cast and a powerful story combines to make one of the most haunting portrayals of childhood ever filmed. Furthering the film's relevance is the sad note that Da Silva died only a few years after starring in the film--shot by police who mistook him for a criminal. In 1996, WHO KILLED PIXOTE?, a documentary about the life and death of Fernando Ramos Da Silva, was released.

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Blood and Wine: A Brazilian Story

Blood and Wine: A Brazilian Story Lowest new price: $3.99
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $14.99

The story of a simple Brazilian family engaged in the political life of the 50s, from the suicide of President Getulio Vargas, the establishment of martial law in 1964, and the tumultuous two decades that followed, culminating in the death of President Tancredo Neves, responsible for the redemocratization of the country. Within their simple lives lay the dreams of Brazilian politics: the illusions, fears, terrors and disappointments as lived by ordinary citizens left with only their own hopes and tragedies.


  • The story of a simple Brazilian family engaged in the political life of the 1950s; from the suicide of President Get lio Vargas, the establishment of martial law in 1964 and the tumultuous two decades that followed culminating in the death of President Tancredo Neves, responsible for the re-democratization of the country. Within their simple lives lay the dreams of Brazilian politics: the illus

Coffin Joe - This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse

Coffin Joe - This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse Lowest new price: $52.00
Lowest used price: $7.99

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The Other Side of the Street

The Other Side of the Street Lowest new price: $6.79
Lowest used price: $2.25
List price: $19.99

Regina (Fernanda Montenegro) is a retired divorc e living in Rio de Janeiro. She's estranged from her only son and his family because he's invited his father to live with him. She's devoted to her dog, Betina, and occupies her spare time as a member of the police force's special senior citizen program. Regina, operating under the code name "Snow White" spends a lot of her time looking for wrongdoers to report to the police. She spends her evenings looking out her apartment window with binoculars into the windows of her neighbors across the street. One night, she watches as an older gentleman appears to give his bedridden wife a lethal injection. She reports it to the police, but they back off when they learn that the gentleman, Carmago (Raul Cortez), is a respected member of the judiciary. Alcides (Luiz Carlos Persy), Regina's police contact, gets so much political flack that he kicks Regina out of the program. But Regina takes it upon herself to continue the investigation on her own. Carmago notices that he's been seeing her around a lot, and, thinking it's a coincidence, asks Regina out on a date. She accepts for the sake of her "investigation," but before long the two find that they are really hitting it off. The Other Side of the Street was co-written and directed by Marcos Bernstein, who co-wrote the script for Central Station, the film that earned Montenegro an Academy Award nomination. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi


  • Factory sealed DVD

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