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Marco Polo - Return to Xanadu

Marco Polo - Return to Xanadu Lowest new price: $1.38
Lowest used price: $0.91
List price: $9.98

Young Marco, whose ancestor was the famous explorer Marco Polo, takes an exciting journey to the mythical kingdom of Xanadu. Brave and resourceful, Young Marco overcomes many dangers put in his way by the evil magician, Foo-Ling, who does not want Marco to reach Xanadu. The help of his friends and the great powers of the medallion enable Marco to chase after Foo-Ling through space and time, and one day, bring him back to justice.


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Five Deadly Venoms

Five Deadly Venoms Lowest new price: $10.29
Lowest used price: $1.80
List price: $24.95

The dying master of the powerful Poison Clan dispatches his last pupil on a crucial mission. Worried that the skills he has taught are being used to evil ends, he orders the Yan Tieh to trace a retired colleague and warn him that the fortune he amassed from the clan activities is under threat from five of his former pupils. Each an expert in his own lethal combat style, The Centipede, The Snake, The Scorpion, The Lizard, and The Toad comprise a truly invincible force. Yan must discover the whereabouts and true identities of these deadly masked warriors, and decide which, if any, he can trust to join him in his perilous mission. A blindingly choreographed blend of intrigue and violence,Five Deadly Venoms adds a truly original dimension to the kung fu genre.

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Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, Wild Fire

Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, Wild Fire Lowest new price: $67.16
Lowest used price: $15.00
List price: $14.98

AKA: Scorching Sun, Fierce Wind, Wild Fire; Any Which Way You Punch; Dragon Connection. Languages:ENGLISH Subtitles: English, Chinese Plot:Kung-fu films' greatest woman wushu warrior joins an all-killer cast to beat bandits at their own bloody game. Angela Mao joins such greats as Lo Lieh and Tan Tao-liang in a fast moving, cliffhanger set in the violent 1920s Warlord Era. Overview: Unarguably, movie historys most famous and popular kung-fu starlet is Angela Mao, who graced such classics as Enter the Dragon, Lady Whirlwind, Deadly China Doll, Lady Kung-fu (a.k.a. Hapkido), and When Taekwondo Strikes. Here she joins such greats as Lo Lieh (5 Fingers of Death) and Tan Tao-liang (a.k.a. Delon Tam, of Flash Legs and The Hot, the Cool, and the Vicious fame) in a fast moving, cliffhanger set in the violent 1920s Warlord Era. Its every man and woman for him or herself against bandits, despots, soldiers, revolutionaries, escaped convicts, and even prostitutes, leading to a fierce fight every ten minutes! Cast: Angela Mao Ying, Lo Lieh, Dorian Tan (Tao Liang), Chang Yi, Tin Peng (Tien Peng), Phillip Ko Fei, Au Lap Bo, Lung Fong, Shih Ting Ken, Lee Keung, Weng Hsiao Hu, Chui Fook Sang, Lee Man Tai, Lau Ming, Chang Chi Ping, Ricky Cheng (Tien Chi), Chan San Yat, Poon Cheung Ming, Chu Fei, Gam Man Hei. . . Running Time: 90 mins. (approx.) Features: Letterboxed ~2.35:1 Mono Trailers

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Fleeing By Night

Fleeing By Night Lowest new price: $12.23
Lowest used price: $3.93
List price: $16.99
Model: 2250339

A woman discovers unexpected rivals for the affections of her fianc e in this drama from Taiwan set in the 1930s and 1940s. Hsu Shaodong (Huang Lei) is a gifted classical musician who is pledged to marry Wei Ying'er (Rene Liu), a young woman whose father owns a theater. However, Hsu Shaodong is attracted to Lin Chung (Yin Chao-te), a star vocalist with the Peking Opera, while Lin is infatuated with wealthy Huang Zilei (Tai Li-jen). While Wei Ying'er deeply loves Hsu Shaodong, as time passes she can't ignore his attraction to other men, which becomes all the more apparent after they leave China and emigrate to the United States. Ye Ben had its American premier at the 2000 Hawaiian Film Festival, where it was shown in competition. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


  • Factory sealed DVD

Going To School With Dad on My Back (Mandarin)

Going To School With Dad on My Back (Mandarin) Lowest new price: $11.44
Lowest used price: $9.43

Unable to afford schooling for both his children, a widowed father chooses to send his son Shiwa to school while forcing his daughter to toil in the fields at home. Tragedy strikes just after Shiwa comes in first in a national Olympic chemistry competition and Shiwa must decide between academia and his family. Based upon a true story, Going to School with Dad on My Back focuses on the selfless acts a family must endure to ensure the survival of their brightest and the hope of a better future for all of China.

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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers Lowest new price: $3.11
Lowest used price: $1.25
List price: $9.98
Model: FLP-12399

Blood Brothers is set in 1930s Shanghai, a flourishing modern-day Babylon, replete with warlords, politicians, wealthy industrialists, courtesans and gangsters. Three innocent young brothers, Kang (Liu Ye, Curse of the Golden Flower ), Fung (Daniel Wu, Around the World in 80 Days ) and Xiao Hu (Tony Yang), arrive in this seeming paradise in search of a better life. Enticed by the rich and powerful world of organized crime, the three brothers start down a path of no return: they are hired to do the bidding for one of the city s largest mob syndicate. When Fung begins an affair with the mob boss girlfriend, beauty Lulu (Shu Qi, Transporter), and life takes a difficult turn for all three brothers when the forbidden love affair is exposed. Friends turn against friends, brother against brother. The days of innocence have passed; the three brothers must stand up as men and make their choices.

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Postmen in the Mountains

Postmen in the Mountains Lowest new price: $45.99
Lowest used price: $31.79
List price: $18.98

1999 award winning DVD directed by Jianqi Huo (The Horse Thief) starring Lau Ye (Lan Yu) and Ten Rujun (The Red Sorghum). Winner of the Montreal World Famous Festival. In a southern China village, a retired postman is showing his son - the new postman - the ropes on his last round through his route. Both of them have a heavy heart when walking along the roads. The son feels the mountain roads seem to be never ended, while the father recalls the days of being postman. Mandarin with Chinese/English subtitles. NTSC/All Code. 89 minutes. 2002.

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts Lowest new price: $76.99
Lowest used price: $29.99
List price: $9.95


Discover China: Bodacious Beijing

Discover China: Bodacious Beijing Lowest used price: $8.67

Venture deep into the heart of the Chinese capitol with this travelogue that takes viewers to places rarely seen by foreign eyes.

The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh Lowest new price: $22.88
Model: 839 01 03

The Iceman Cometh


  • Official Item

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