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Shiri Lowest new price: $53.87
Lowest used price: $4.99
List price: $26.99

A phantom sniper methodically assassinates key figures in a South Korean intelligence investigation. Special Agent Ryu and his partner, Lee, suspect North Korea's most lethal female operative, Hee. When a security breach prompts the theft of high-tech liquid explosive, CTX, from South Korean authorities, Ryu and Lee are certain there's a mole within their ranks. Deceptions are uncovered, loyalties questioned and two nations threatened in the thriller that smashed the Korean box office record set by TITANIC!

A dazzling action movie from South Korea, Shiri follows two South Korean government agents, Ryu and Lee, as they pursue a female super-assassin from North Korea. Meanwhile, an elite paramilitary squad from North Korea has stolen a shipment of CTX, an undetectable liquid explosive of enormous power, which they've planted all over the city of Seoul. As their investigations are successively foiled, Ryu and Lee begin to suspect that there is a mole within the ranks of the agency--and it may be one of them. Both hyperstylish and hyperrealistic, Shiri rips along as a smooth fusion of Hong Kong and American action movies. Ryu's troubled romance with his alcoholic fiancée adds a striking emotional counterpoint to the blazing gunfights and high-speed chases; the ending is unexpectedly moving. It's not surprising that this film beat Titanic's box-office records in Korea. --Bret Fetzer


  • Digitally Mastered Audio & Anamorphic Video
  • Audio: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital), French and Korean
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Music Video: "When I Dream"

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Nowhere to Hide

Nowhere to Hide Lowest new price: $7.70
Lowest used price: $4.45
List price: $14.98
Model: 3277700

A U.S. marshal guards a hit man slated to testify against a mobster.

The most kaleidoscopic crime thriller you'll ever see. Nowhere to Hide is about a team of cops tracking down a murderous drug lord--but the plot is the only ordinary thing about the movie. Nowhere to Hide uses just about every visual trick imaginable: slow motion, rapid-fire editing, different film textures (from gritty black and white to luminous color), freeze-frames, as well as techniques that have only become possible with computers and that are impossible to describe. But the movie has more than visual razzle-dazzle: scenes go off in bizarre directions, the tone shifts radically from hyperviolence to total sentimentality (in one scene, the loose-cannon detective is brutally beating a handcuffed prisoner; moments later, he's as happy as a little boy when his sister gives him a pair of gloves), the characters are outrageously melodramatic. The soundtrack shares this amazing cinematic schizophrenia, featuring light pop songs, shrieking heavy metal, moody Spanish guitar, and soaring classical. The overall effect is dizzying, disorienting, but at the same time giddy and exciting. The closest American equivalent is Charlie's Angels; these are movies that have moved beyond story logic and character development into sheer sensory enjoyment; movies that push action-movie techniques to the point of becoming almost avant-garde, some insane hybrid of John Woo and Jean-Luc Godard. Not to be missed. --Bret Fetzer


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Doggy Poo (Includes CD Soundtrack)

Doggy Poo (Includes CD Soundtrack) Lowest new price: $4.19
Lowest used price: $2.79
List price: $15.00
Brand: Central Park Media

A little doggy poo feels all alone in the world. He believes that nobody needs him for anything, and that he has no purpose in life. If only Poo had a good friend! Then he wouldn’t give up on his dream to be someone important. One day, Poo meets a lovely dandelion sprout. Will she help him make his dream come true?


R-Point Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $19.98

During the Vietnam War, a South Korean army base begins receiving mysterious radio transmissions from a patrol that went missing six months earlier. A shell-shocked commanding officer (Gam Woo-Sung) and a ragtag military unit are sent into the desolate stretch of land known as R-Point to gather clues as to the whereabouts of the missing soldiers. What appeared to be a clear search-and-rescue mission turns into something far more terrifying than any battle.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Never Forever

Never Forever Lowest new price: $5.46
Lowest used price: $1.50
List price: $9.99
Model: 3997164

Sophie seems to have an idyllic life; she's the perfect housewife for Andrew, her successful husband. Their relationship is put to the test, though, when she can't conceive a child. To save her marriage, Sophie does something desperate. She initiates a bold and clandestine venture with Jihah, an illegal immigrant from Korea. Sophie soon finds this new arrangement spiraling into a situation that may actually destroy what it was meant to liberate. Stars Vera Farmiga (Down to the Bone, The Departed, Joshua)


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Yongary: Monster From the Deep

Yongary: Monster From the Deep Lowest new price: $4.22
Lowest used price: $4.30
List price: $5.98
Brand: Alpha Video
Model: 2233330

An atomic blast causes an earthquake, which causes a Godzilla-like monster to invade South Korea.

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Lies Lowest new price: $27.00
Lowest used price: $8.26

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Hera Purple: Devil Goddess

Hera Purple: Devil Goddess Lowest new price: $79.95
Lowest used price: $17.00

The haunting tale of a woman plagued by memories she can't recall who seeks help and discovers she is possessed by the spirit of a mythical goddess that compels her to commit a series of bizarre murders. A group of detectives race against time to stop the continuing carnage and unravel the secret of the demon goddess, Hera.


Ape Lowest new price: $29.99
Lowest used price: $3.60
List price: $14.98

Torn from his jungle home, this brutal 36-foot-tall monster unleashes a furious attack on the metropolis and people of Seoul, Korea. Nothing can withstand his rage. Buildings crumble to his touch. Armies cannot stop him. His only weakness: he has fallen for gorgeous American movie star Marilyn Baker (Joanna Kerns). Can she escape from his iron grip? Will the military be able to end his reign of destruction? A gargantuan spectacle... a heart-stopping adventure... a guy in a monkey suit... It's A*P*E!


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Sex Is Zero

Sex Is Zero Lowest new price: $5.40
Lowest used price: $2.13
List price: $19.95
Brand: Ryko Distribution

Very few comedies have grossed over one hundred million dollars at the box office, but those that have are absolute classics: Animal House, Porky's, There's Something About Mary, American Pie and Sex Is Zero! You never knew they made comedies in Korea? Well now you'll never forget! This film out performed Titanic 3 to 1 in its homeland - eventually becoming the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time. Ever wondered what Fast Times At Ridgemont High would have been if directed by the Farrelly Brothers? Wonder no more! This hysterical Asian import has a decidedly American sense of humor that will have you rolling on the floor just in time for spring break.

•Available for the first time in North America

• Completely Re-Mastered Video & Audio with over 100 minutes of Bonus Materials

• Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

• EnglishAudio Commentary with Mike McPadden & Mr. Skin of The Howard Stern Show

• Spanish Audio Commentary with Jesus "Pelos" Olvera of Al Borde

I Lost It In The Locker Room - an exclusive booklet by Mike McPadden, detailing the history of the Teen Sex Comedy

• Optional English and Spanish Subtitles

• Deleted Scenes & Outtakes

• Poster Art and Still Galleries

• Theatrical Trailers

• Separate Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish

• Foil Embossed Package Comes with a Free Sticker

Sex Is Zero is to South Korea what Porky's, American Pie, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High are to the United States. The Korean film has all the classic elements of a sex comedy: gratuitous breast shots, unusual use of bodily fluids, and a plot that's secondary to the physical comedic skills of the actors. Eun-Sik (Chang Jung Lim) is a 28-year-old sad sack of a college student. Though he's served in the military and is a skilled martial artist, he's insecure and socially inept. He accidentally wolfs down a sandwich made from rat poison and fried, um, sticky fluids (courtesy of his bizarre roommates). He ingests a drugged beverage intended to make women frisky. And when part of his dinner lands on a pin-up poster, what's a guy to do but lick it off? The highest-grossing comedy in South Korea, Sex Is Zero is slowed down with some drama that doesn't ring true. When the girl of his dreams suffers from a complicated abortion (after an affair with the selfish campus playboy), Eun-Sik matures into a caregiver--a role that is out of context for him in this movie. --Jae-Ha Kim

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