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The Long Ships

The Long Ships Lowest new price: $8.94
Lowest used price: $5.95
List price: $14.99
Model: 2227215

THE LONG SHIPS is a rollicking, action-packed Viking adventure saga starring Richard Widmark (Best Supporting Actor Oscar(r) nominee, Kiss of Death, 1947) and Sidney Poitier (Oscar(r)-winning Best Actor,Lilies of the Field, 1963). Viking brothers Rolfe (Widmark) and Orm (Russ Tamblyn, West Side Story)steal the Norse king's funeral ship as well as his beautiful daughter, Gerda (Beba Loncar), and head off in search of the fabled "Mother of Voices," a huge solid-gold bell "as tall as three tall men." The brothers battle a maelstrom, a mutinous crew and vengeful Moorish troops led by Prince El Mansuh (Poitier). Highlighted by rousing battle scenes, daring escapes and humorous interludes, Time magazine stated THE LONG SHIPS has "more enjoyable bloody foolishness than many an epic costing three times as much."

Looking for a rousing Viking adventure that's cheesy and entertaining? The Long Ships is just the movie for you. As England's greatest color cinematographer, Jack Cardiff had filmed 1958's The Vikings, so he was well-prepared to direct this exciting, occasionally grisly mini-epic (a British/Yugoslavian coproduction, filmed in Yugoslavia), which received mixed-to-favorable reviews when released in 1964. Back then, it was a perfect matinee marvel if you were young and impressionable, and it's still worth its weight in hot buttered popcorn. While that most contemporary of actors, Richard Widmark, is clearly out of place as a maverick Norse warrior, he's sufficiently valiant as he guides his Viking brother (Russ Tamblyn, still hot from West Side Story) and a long-ship full of warriors in search of a huge, solid-gold bell coveted by Mansuh (Sidney Poitier), a Moorish prince obsessed with retrieving the legendary bell at any cost. Treacherous maelstroms, lovely damsels, corny battles, and casual humor make The Long Ships a lot of fun--like a Ray Harryhausen adventure without the animated creatures. (Oh, and Mr. Poitier? James Brown called... he wants his hair back.) --Jeff Shannon


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Savior Lowest new price: $9.98
Lowest used price: $4.79
List price: $9.98

After losing his beautiful wife (Nastassja Kinski) and young son in a terrorist bombing, Joshua Rose (Dennis Quaid) avenges their death in a murderous rampage. To escape his crime, he joins the Foreign Legion and assumes the name of Guy. But as a mercenary for the Serbs, Guy is still possessed by his mission of vengeance until he meets Vera (Natasa Ninkovic), a young Serb girl who is pregnant with her Muslim rapist's child. Together they embark on an unforgettable journey of survival through a war-shredded world. He is her only hope for survival. She is his only chance for redemption.

Filmed in Montenegro and based on true accounts of the early '90s ethnic clashes between Serbia and neighboring states, Savior is a harrowing triumph for Serbian director Pedrag Peter Antonijevic and actor Dennis Quaid. For Antonijevic, who shaped Robert Orr's script through his own knowledge of the Serb-Bosnian struggle, the story provides the daunting challenge of putting a human face on a monstrous chapter in modern Europe's geopolitical evolution, and of transcending nationalism by capturing an even-handed but hardly unemotional portrait of the "war psychosis" that only partly explains the deep, divisive hatreds at work. For Quaid, Savior rescues his artistic reputation after too many formulaic studio outings that attempted merely to cash in on his wolfish charms.

Quaid is Joshua Rose, an American in Paris traumatized by the death of his wife and child in an Islamic terrorist bombing, wreaking immediate and fateful vengeance on innocent Muslim worshippers, then escaping into a new life as a mercenary supporting Bosnian Serbs. Under the nom du guerre Guy, Rose is a remorseless, nearly comatose presence until he intervenes in a brutal attack on a Serbian woman (Natasa Ninkovic) pregnant from a Muslim rape. Guy's gradual immersion in his charge's destiny brings him face to face with the centuries-old political, religious, and cultural feuds that haunt the region, and Quaid's own salvation comes through a remarkably subdued, sober performance. That restraint, and Quaid's haggard, close-cropped features are all but unrecognizable to those more familiar with his cocky, grinning turns as a more conventional hero.

Antonijevic makes the journey absorbing and, ultimately, elegiac, punctuated by a few brief but convincingly gruesome action sequences including a civilian massacre that would have been the climax of a more conventional war film. Instead, it's Quaid's own epiphanies that distinguish this probing, heartbreaking drama. The DVD edition retains the original widescreen aspect ratio and includes an audio commentary from the director. --Sam Sutherland.

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Before the Rain (The Criterion Collection)

Before the Rain (The Criterion Collection) Lowest new price: $26.02
Lowest used price: $21.50
List price: $29.99
Brand: Image Entertainment
Model: 3876041

Three segments explore religious tensions and ethnic hatred in Macedonia: "Words," "Faces" and "Pictures.]Religious tensions and ethnic hatred in Macedonia.]0]]Milcho Manchevski]]]Katrin Cartlidge]Rade Serbedzija]Gregoire Colin]Labina Mitevska]Silvija Stojanovska]]]]]

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Kelly's Heroes

Kelly's Heroes Lowest new price: $8.12
Lowest used price: $0.95
List price: $12.50

Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland. A top-flight cast highlights this big-scale story of a WWII American platoon that abducts a German general and accidentally discovers a fortune in gold. 1970/color/145 min/PG/widescreen.


  • Clint Eastwood Collection

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No Man's Land

No Man's Land Lowest new price: $29.90
Lowest used price: $1.71
List price: $14.98

Between war and peace, humor and hate, capture and surrender, life and death lies No Man's Land. Set in the unforgiving trenches of the Bosnian-Serb conflict, this "astonishing" (Chicago Tribune) film follows the story of three soldiers caught between two fighting lines. Hailed as "one of the best films of 2001,"* No Man's Land is a "powerful, harrowing, shockingly entertaining" (Movieline) exploration of the absurdity of war. Fleeing enemy fire, an injuredBosnian soldier named Čiki retreats to a trench, where he finds himself trapped with a woundedcomrade and worse a Serbian! With no way to escape and with his fellow soldier lying on a spring-loaded bomb set to explode if he moves, Čiki realizes he must do the unthinkabletrust his enemyIf he wants to survive. *Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Hollywood Reporter, New York Daily News, New York Post.

Danis Tanovic's Academy Award®-winning satire of the war in the Balkans is an astounding balancing act, an acidic black comedy grounded in the brutality and horror of war. Stuck in an abandoned trench between enemy lines, a Serb and a Bosnian play the blame game in a comic tit-for-tat struggle while a wounded Bosnian soldier lies helplessly on a land mine. A French tank unit of the U.N.'s humanitarian force (known locally as "the Smurfs"), a scheming British TV reporter, a German mine defuser, and the U.N. high command (led by a bombastically ineffectual Simon Callow) all become tangled in the chaotic rescue as the tenuous cease-fire is only a spark away from detonation. Tanovic directs with a ferocious, angry eloquence and makes his points with vivid metaphors and a savage humor as harrowing as it is hilarious. Searing and smart, this satire carries an emotional recoil. --Sean Axmaker


  • Rated R for Violence and Language
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Serbo-Croatian: 5.1 Surround
  • English, French & Spanish Language Subtitles

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Mirage Lowest new price: $167.09
Lowest used price: $23.72
Brand: Wolfe Video
Model: Mirage

Twelve-year-old first-time actor Marko Kovacevic delivers a riveting performance in this wrenching drama about the pain and pitfalls of false hope. Marko who is from an abusive family is also the victim of his bullying schoolmates. He manages to find refuge in a beached train car and in his poetry. One of his teachers encourages his literary endeavors but when the teacher falls prey to the same childish cruelties that torment Marko the boy solicits the help of a violent mercenary instead.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: FOREIGN/LATIN Rating: NR UPC: 667443559146 Manufacturer No: WOL4290D

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The White Warrior

The White Warrior Lowest new price: $7.89
Lowest used price: $4.30
Brand: Reeves Int

In an unusual bit of casting, muscleman Steve Reeves plays a Caucasian, Hadji Murad, whom the natives call the "White Warrior", who leads a small band of mountain warriors to victory over the superior Russian army of Czar Nicholas I. Based on a story by Leo Tolstoy, this is a spectacular epic from Italy's "cult" director, Recardo Freda, with photography by Mario Bava. Bonus Features: Movie Trailers| Scene Selection. Specs: DVD5; Dolby Digital Mono; 88 minutes; Color; 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio; MPAA - NR; Year - 1961; SRP - $9.99.

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Nadia Lowest new price: $194.95
Lowest used price: $39.50
List price: $9.98
Brand: MPI

Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci is profiled in this heart-warming family film. Nadia began training competitively at the age of six, with the now world-famous coach, Bela Karolyi and his wife Marta. At fourteen, she became the first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10 and walked away with five gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze at the 1976 Olympics. The petite gymnast from Romania was now an overnight media sensation, inspiring a whole new generation of future Nadias. But, fame came with a high price. As Nadia grew into a young woman she struggled with isolation, weight gain that threatened her career and the fear of exceeding increasingly high standards.

Nadia captures the hard work and determination of a young girl driven to success. The film stars Oscar® nominee Carrie Snodgrass (Diary of A Mad Housewife), Talia Balsam (Without A Trace), two-time Emmy® nominee Conchata Ferrell and Johann Carlo (Quiz Show).

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame Lowest new price: $38.95
Lowest used price: $38.94
List price: $14.98

This provocative and disturbing movie is based on an incident that happened in the first winter of the war in Bosnia in 1992. Two childhood friends, one a Serb the other a Muslim, square off on opposite sides of war, their friendship tattered and in ruins. Interactive Menus, Production Notes, Scene access, Trailer

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When Father Was Away On Business

When Father Was Away On Business Lowest new price: $22.58
Lowest used price: $22.56
List price: $22.64



  • Factory sealed DVD

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