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Kukumi Lowest new price: $11.94
Lowest used price: $10.95
List price: $15.23

With "a poetic, intense opening that recalls ... Tarkovsky," it is the story of Kukumi, Mara and Hasan, three patients "liberated" from a mental institution when the UN arrives, who wander the chaos of postwar Kosovo like lost children looking for a home. Arriving at the village of Hasan's brother, they find a less than enthusiastic welcome but move into an abandoned building and set up housekeeping.

Though what the film has to say about freedom, anarchy, love, hate, brutality, xenophobia and acceptance may be familiar; and though the device of viewing the insanity of war and post-war landscapes through the eyes of the legitimately insane is a long-standing one; the film's language is new and fresh, and seems, like the hapless trio itself, to be attempting to create a new tradition from the rubble.

Described variously as "enigmatic, mournful, darkly comic," and "lyrically surreal," praised for its visual originality, its "disturbingly pessimistic reflection on the meaning of freedom" and its statement via metaphor, the film, bolstered by a terrific musical score, was a prize winner at both the Sarajevo and Venice film festivals. Please join us in welcoming a new tradition - Kosovo cinema.

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The Best of Zagreb Film - Nudity Required

The Best of Zagreb Film - Nudity Required Lowest new price: $19.49
Lowest used price: $22.95
List price: $23.93

In four decades, Zagreb Film of Yugoslavia produced 600 animated films, winning more than 400 international awards. The studio quickly became famous for a unique animation style that became known as "the Zagreb school." One of the pioneering distinctions was that its filmmakers wrote, designed, and directed their own films, resulting in boldly entertaining cartoons unified in design, tone and message. The seven films included in this volume explore imagery and the human condition with equal parts beauty and outrageousness. Includes: Way to Your Neighbor, Satiemania, Album, Plop, The Match, Dream Doll, Mouseferatu.

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The Wounds

The Wounds List price: $29.95

Two dewey-faced, clever 16 year old boys, Pinki and Kraut, who come of age during the war torn early 1990s in Serbia--a period of moral and material disaster for the nation--look for role models and heroes on the TV talk show 'The Street Pulse' (a real program in Belgrade) where gangsters are treated as rock stars. Soon they become apprentices to one of their local mobsters and master the use of remorseless violence to achieve the power, wealth and fame they crave. The boys quickly and willingly take over their mentor's nihilistic operations yet still maintain their childish antics and a need to prove their toughness. When one boy seriously wounds the other because of a misunderstanding, their unwritten rule means that he will be repaid bullet for bullet.

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The Great Water

The Great Water Lowest new price: $71.54
Lowest used price: $8.67

A man near the end of his life relives a crucial period from his youth in this powerful drama. Lem Nikodinoski (Meto Jovanovski) is a prominent Macedonian politician who has suffered a severe heart attack. As Lem drifts between life and death, his mind wanders to his childhood, and he observes his younger self (played by Saso Kekenovski) during his days in a camp for children whose parents were unwilling to embrace Russia's Stalinist regime following World War II. Ariton (Mitko Apostolovski), the camp's headmaster, is a strong taskmaster, but he displays a genuine compassion for his charges; Olivera (Verica Nedeska), his second in command, takes a more stern approach, and is willing to dole out physical punishment to any child who does not absorb her Stalinist teachings. One day, a new boy enters the camp, Isak (Maja Stankovska), who displays a calm but resilient nature that's different from the fearful attitudes of the other children. After initial resistance, Lem becomes close friends with Isak, and their friendship helps Lem confront the horrors of camp life in a new way.

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The Master and Margaret

Lowest used price: $44.99

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Guardian of the Frontier

Guardian of the Frontier Lowest new price: $2.30
List price: $24.89
Brand: Vanguard Cinema

Three beautiful young college girls embark upon a leisurely boat trip down the river Kolpa, dividing Slovenia and Croatia, at the outset of the Balkan war. They are being watched and followed by a political extremist group.


  • Three beautiful young college girls embark upon a leisurely boat trip down the river Kolpa, dividing Slovenia and Croatia, at the outset of the Balcan war. They are being watched and followed by a political extremist group called the guardians of the frontier, and layers of social, political and historical differences boil to the surface. The trip takes on the mythical resonance of a fairy tale, o

Movie Matinee: The Little Shoemaker

Movie Matinee: The Little Shoemaker Lowest new price: $99.99
Lowest used price: $3.43
List price: $7.98

When I Close My Eyes

When I Close My Eyes Lowest new price: $25.66
Lowest used price: $12.01
List price: $29.95

Political intrigue meets romantic obsession in this enigmatic thriller. When the rural post office where Ana works is robbed by a young biker, she takes advantage of the confusion after the robbery to steal some money for herself. Despite the suspicions of the police regarding her complicity in the crime, she develops a bizarre attraction to the criminal and becomes increasingly focused on tracking him down, unwittingly delving into a deeper mystery involving the death of her father during her childhood.

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