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Beginners & Beyond: Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners

Beginners & Beyond: Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners Lowest new price: $6.39
Lowest used price: $1.49
List price: $10.49
Brand: Bodywisdom Media

This revolutionary, interactive DVD allows you to choose from 12 easy-to-follow customized routines ranging from 15-60 minutes. Get toned & burn calories while toning and stretching your entire body. These practices will leave you feeling invigorated, more energetic and de-stressed.
Routine sections include:
Getting Started
As You Progress
Yoga with Weights & More
Veteran instructor Maggie Rhoades gently guides you through these proven and effective routines. With so much variety, this DVD is perfect for both the beginner and seasoned student alike. You will feel younger, more fit and in shape with these targeted and effective routines.
This stunning and beautiful DVD was shot at one of the most majestic, tranquil beaches in the world, Half-Moon Bay, Antigua!


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Kids Yoga DVD - Once Upon a Mat - Children Ages 2.5+

Kids Yoga DVD - Once Upon a Mat - Children Ages 2.5+ Lowest new price: $12.99
Lowest used price: $9.48
List price: $13.49
Brand: Namaste Kid

Featured in the Yoga Motion 3-pack: a 3-disc DVD set including Yoga Motion, Once Upon a Mat, and Sport Yoga.

Parent Tested Parent Approved Award
Best Yoga DVD for Kids (
Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner

This video features a certified kids yoga instructor and her yoga mat. There are no children in this DVD. While children love to follow other children, they also love one-on-one attention! Once Upon a Mat gives your child a personal yoga instructor, who speaks directly to your child for the entire DVD.

Once Upon a Mat simply features Jessie and her mat. Jessie engages your child in the yoga story, as she guides them through yoga poses and breath work. The distraction-free background is perfect for little yogis, allowing their adventure to go as far as their imagination will take them. Your child will experience exciting yoga adventures, including an African safari, a trip to outer space, and getting caught in a thunderstorm!

Once Upon a Mat helps children exercise their bodies and expand their imaginations. Your little yogi will become a part of this adventure through real yoga poses and guided breathing.

Your child will love creating their own yoga adventure. Once Upon a Mat contains 9 chapters. Each chapter is a complete 3-5 minute yoga routine. This DVD can be played from beginning to end as a full 33-minute yoga workout. Your child can also mix-and-match chapters to create a unique yoga story.

This children's yoga video is ideal for kids ages 2 1/2 to 8. Because the DVD features real yoga poses, many parents enjoy following along with their children too. Once Upon a Mat makes a great addition to every family's exercise and fitness library. It's part of the Once Upon a Mat Bundle.


  • Simply features a yoga instructor on a clean white background, to minimize distractions.
  • Kids yoga video for toddlers, preschoolers, and children ages 2-7.
  • Unique icon-based menu system helps children enjoy quick yoga session, or a full workout
  • Each 3-4 minute session features easy-to-learn yoga poses for kids.
  • A perfect match with Namaste Kid yoga mats or as part of a Namaste Kid yoga bundle.

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Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga For Beginners [DVD]

Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga For Beginners [DVD] Lowest new price: $7.20
Lowest used price: $3.13
List price: $7.20
Brand: Lionsgate
Model: 25938566

It's Time to Get a Yoga Body! I love doing yoga in the morning to wake up my body and again at night to unwind from the day. Yoga is a great way to enhance your energy, build strength, and increase flexibility. Join me for my series of three AM yoga workouts, designed to make you feel rejuvenated and energized, and two PM workouts that will help you relax, unwind, and release tension and stress. ABS & BACK (AM) Strengthen and tighten your core to increase stability and support of your lower back. ENERGY (AM) Increase your energy and get ready for the day with light stretches and basic yoga poses. STRENGTH (AM) Engage your entire body with yoga and traditional weight training routines. MOBILITY (PM) Grab a sturdy chair and get ready to release all the stress from your active day! RELAXATION (PM) Relax and feel the tension release by gently stretching your core, shoulders, hips, back, and legs. BONUS 5-Minute stability and posture exercises to improve your balance. A towel, chair, yoga mat and light weights are recommended.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Shiva Rea: Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga Lowest new price: $7.19
Lowest used price: $0.99
List price: $8.89
Brand: White Swan
Model: 6509138

"Inspiring to all" --Yoga Journal

Restore energy, strength, and balance every day with world-renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Offering seven 20-minute practices, this program will help you fit yoga into your busy life every day without having to repeat a workout.

Practicing yoga daily, even for a short time, can be more beneficial than a long, intense practice once in a while. By tuning your workout to your needs each day, you'll acquire balance, composure, and tranquility in your life. On a stressful day, try one of the lunar programs for relaxation; when you need to be at your best, opt for an energizing solar practice, or put the two together to build stamina and sculpt long, lean muscles.

With the customizable Yoga Matrix, you can choose from more than two hours of yoga to create endless possibilities for longer practices. Open your heart, ignite your inner fire, and experience the transformative effects of daily yoga with one of the world’s most inspiring teachers.

Stills from Shiva Rea: Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Click for larger image)


  • "Inspiring to all." -Yoga Journal
  • Shiva Rea- love vinyasa yoga teacher, around the world.
  • Excellent for home yoga practice
  • Great worthwhile DVD

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Total Stretch for Beginners with Tamilee

Total Stretch for Beginners with Tamilee Lowest new price: $9.46
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $9.98

Everyoneù from the absolute beginner to the most accomplished athleteùcan benefit from stretching on a regular basis. Whether preparing for a sporting event or just winding down from a stressful day, stretching can prevent injuries, improve posture and circulation and help you become more limber and relaxed. Now, renowned fitness instructor Tamilee Webb has developed stretching routines that will provide increased flexibility and vitality to people of all ages, lifestyles and levels of fitness.

Total Body Stretch for Beginners
Whether you just finished a game of football, played 18 holes of golf, need to rejuvenate after a hectic meeting, or simply want an active and energetic way to stretch, Total Body Stretch For Beginners will stretch those major muscle groups to help prevent injuries soreness. Tamilee has designed three separate 10-minute stretch programs to best fit your body, lifestyle and schedule. Choose the program that's right for you or combine all three stretch programs for a complete total body stretching routine.

Beginner's Stretch for Flexibility
Is yoga too difficult, boring, or uncomfortable for your body? Do you wish that there were an easier way to relax tired, aching and tense muscles and unwind after a stressful day? Beginners Stretch for Flexibility can help bring balance and peace to your body and spirit. Tamilee will lead you through a 30-minute total body stretching experience that is easy to follow and relaxing. It will help you create that perfect balance between mind, body and soul.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Gentle Chair Yoga with Sarah Starr

Gentle Chair Yoga with Sarah Starr Lowest new price: $10.95
List price: $15.00

Bask and breathe in the gorgeous sunset amongst a brilliant sunflower backdrop as you experience a well balanced modified yoga session using a chair to support your posture. "Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Gentle Chair Yoga" includes gentle movement for all your major muscles, beginning with shoulder and neck stretches, moving into hip openers, hamstring stretches, heart openers and forward bends to free the muscles of the back, gentle twists to increase circulation to internal organs, ending with a relaxing guided meditation.

Apply these techniques for mini yoga breaks at work, a long plane ride, or any other time you need to balance the mind, increase blood flow and boost your energy. Enjoy a yoga practice that is invigorating, fun, and accessible, but most of all, effective.

As an added bonus, enjoy a 12 minute "Butterfly Garden Meditation Video" designed to inspire a sense of greater well being as we highlight the beauty of Mother Nature. Sarah Starr will guide you through a step-by-step practice of mindfulness using the breath to create calm, connecting the body, mind and breath, expanding the energy beyond and outward into the world, allowing you to feel the oneness of all of life.

Sarah encourages her students to relax, breathe and smile, as they become the watchers of their thoughts, worries and distracting mind dialogue. "If you're not having fun, you're not BEing Yoga."

47 minutes total run time

Yoga Segment 35 min
Bonus Guided Meditation 12 min

Note: If you have any physical impairments or limitations, please be sure to check with your physician before using this or any of Sarah's programs.

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners

Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners Lowest new price: $5.69
Lowest used price: $1.74
List price: $9.97
Brand: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Model: 22978778

Yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress, increase strength, tone muscle, cultivate flexibility, and improve overall health. Filmed on a lush, tranquil location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these two 30-minute programs offer great variety for your practice. The Hatha session will relieve stress, increase flexibility and recharge circulation as it guides you step-by-step through a breakdown of static poses using the strap, belt or towel to aid in stretching. The Flow session will build strength and stamina by taking postures from Ashtanga yoga and sequencing them into a simple, natural flow that aids in weight loss, tones muscle, improves balance and calms mental focus. These two diverse programs may be practiced individually but are also perfect to complement each other in the same day. Enjoy both sessions as they create breath awareness and foster clarity between your mind, body and spirit to help you realize your optimal potential.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Restoring Fertility by Drs. Brandon Horn, PhD, LAc (FABORM) and Wendy Yu PhD(c), LAc (FABORM)

Restoring Fertility by Drs. Brandon Horn, PhD, LAc (FABORM) and Wendy Yu PhD(c), LAc (FABORM) Lowest new price: $39.95
Lowest used price: $31.93
List price: $39.95

This revolutionary yoga for fertility DVD series was developed by reproductive medicine specialists who have helped thousands of women become pregnant.

The four sets in this DVD have been uniquely designed, integrating yoga poses with acupuncture channels, to optimize each of the four phases of the reproductive cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal).

The result is a powerful tool to optimize and restore your fertility.

This series comes highly recommended by prominent gynecologists and fertility specialists.

"This is a revolutionary approach in fertility support based on a thorough understanding of reproductive medicine ... these sets should be considered as a part of any fertility treatment"

- Dr. Rudy Quintero, MD (FACOG), Medical Director of California's Advanced Reproductive Endocrinology.


  • Developed by reproductive medicine specialists
  • Contains 4 yoga sets on two DVD's, addressing each phase of the reproductive cycle
  • Highly recommended by physicians
  • Please note, video quality is in Standard Definition (SD) and not High Definition (HD).

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Power Yoga - Total Body Workout

Power Yoga - Total Body Workout Lowest new price: $4.10
Lowest used price: $1.01
List price: $14.98

Build strength, stamina and endurance for everything in your life with Gaiam's Power Yoga Total Body Workout DVD. Yoga expert Rodney Yee guides you through a challenging yoga sequence that creates detoxifying heat in your body and helps you build inner and outer strength. 75 minutes. USA. Please note: this is one of our most strenuous DVDs as it offers a continuous hour long practice with no divided segments. Beginners may want to start with only part of the program at first.


  • Beginning poses and movements to build stamina
  • Intermediate poses for strength end and alignment
  • Overall centering practice for harmony
  • Rodney Yee is a well respected teacher in the world of yoga

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Total Yoga 3-Pack - Flow Series (Earth, Fire & Water)

Total Yoga 3-Pack - Flow Series (Earth, Fire & Water) Lowest new price: $3.49
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $6.76
Brand: Mill Creek Entertainment
Model: 683904510792

Gentle, Restorative, Recharging!

Millions have discovered the powerful benefits of yoga, bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony. The Flow Series is a collection of yoga practices dedicated to promoting good health and spiritual well-being.
Earth, is the first session and is a wonderful introduction for beginners or an excellent alternative practice for all levels.
Water, is a balanced intermediate practice of over twenty poses, suitable for all levels.
Fire, the most advanced session, combines both classical and contemporary postures in a rigorous workout with a higher level of refinement, toning and aerobic activity.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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