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Cult Classic Comedy

Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos Lowest new price: $11.31
Lowest used price: $11.21
List price: $14.98
Brand: NCLA
Model: 2261820

Pink Flamingos: 25th Anniversary (DVD) (WS)

Director John Waters breaks every rule of good filmmaking and good taste with his 1972 landmark cult classic, Pink Flamingos. Starring Divine, Mink Stole and Edith Massey (an ensemble cast like you wouldn’t believe), this underground epic sets a benchmark for the bizarre that has never been equaled. Divine, whose star is so big she can hardly fit in the role, is Babs Johnson, a trailer park bon vivant who proudly claims the title “The Filthiest Person Alive.” She’s the envy of every neighborhood degenerate and it isn’t long before another couple sets their sights on Divine’s legacy, in the proud American tradition, competition forces each contender to outdo the other. By the time the film reaches its final, unforgettable scene...well...make sure you’ve already finished your popcorn.



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Revenge of the Nerds: The Atomic Wedgie Collection

Revenge of the Nerds: The Atomic Wedgie Collection Lowest new price: $85.96
Lowest used price: $15.84
List price: $29.98
Brand: 20TH Century Fox

Disc 1: Revenge of the Nerds Special Edition Disc 2: Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds In Paradise Disc 3: Revenge of the Nerds 3: Next Generation Disc 4: Revenge of the Nerds 4: Nerds In Love


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Tremors (Collector's Edition)

Tremors (Collector's Edition) Lowest new price: $3.30
Lowest used price: $1.02
List price: $9.99
Model: 2219580

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward star as two country handymen who lead a cast of zany characters to safety in this exciting sci-fi creature comedy.Just as Val McKee (Bacon) and Earl Basset (Ward) decide to leave Perfection, Nevada, strange rumblings prevent their departure. With the help of a shapely seismology student (Finn Carter), they discover their desolate town is infested with gigantic man-eating creatures that live below the ground.The race is on to overcome these slimy subterraneans and find a way to higher ground, in this enjoyable thriller co-starring Michael Gross and Reba McEntire.

Who would have guessed that this clever, fast-paced creature feature from 1990 would become a beloved miniclassic? Tremors didn't actually break any new ground (even though its tunneling worm monsters certainly did), but it revved up the classic monster-movie formulas of the 1950s with such energetic enthusiasm and humor that it made everything old seem new again. It's also got a cast full of enjoyable actors who clearly had a lot of fun making the film, and director Ron Underwood strikes just the right balance of comedy and terror as a band of small-town rednecks battles a lot of really nasty-looking giant worms. The special effects are great, the one-liners fly fast and furious between heroes Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward (and yes, that's country star Reba McEntire packin' awesome firepower), and it's all done with the kind of flair one rarely associates with goofy monster flicks like this. It was followed by a direct-to-video sequel, Tremors: Aftershocks. --Jeff Shannon


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The Little Shop of Horrors in Color

The Little Shop of Horrors in Color Lowest new price: $3.75
Lowest used price: $4.28
List price: $9.95
Model: 4957184

A classic tale of boy-meets-girl, plant-eats-people with Jack Nicholson in one of his first film roles. Seymour's exotic plant has an insatiable appetite only for blood and flesh. As the ruthless plant grows larger with each feeding, so does Seymour's affections for shop girl, Audrey. The madness culminates with Seymour and his bloodthirsty plant in a feeding frenzy of epic proportions. This timeless cult favorite is in color for the first time on DVD and pristinely restored in high definition from rare 35mm film elements. Roger Corman's Little Shop of Horrors has never looked better.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman - Volume 1

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman - Volume 1 Lowest new price: $10.12
Lowest used price: $4.75
List price: $15.29
Model: 2227107

Legendary TV producer Norman Lear developed this outrageous soap-opera spoof staring Louise Lasser as a pigtailed, gingham-frocked housewife beset by a bewildering array of crises. The three-disc set features the first 25 episodes of the groundbreaking series hailed by critics as "hilarious" (TV Guide), "mind-blowing" (Newsweek) and "televisions zaniest show!" (Readers Digest)

Mass murders, kidnappings and a flasher may be troubling the residents of Fernwood, Ohio. But housewife Mary Hartman (Lasser) has a much more serious problem; waxy yellow buildup on her kitchen floor. And while her husband Tom (Greg Mullavey) struggles in the bedroom and her best friend, country singer Loretta Haggers (Mary Kay Place), struggles to make it big in Nashville, Mary teeters closer to the edge, desperate to save her marriage, keep her family together and give her kitchen floor a proper shine!

Long before Twin Peaks, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman turned the soap opera inside out. Produced by Norman Lear (All in the Family), the syndicated serial centers around gingham-clad housewife Mary Hartman (Woody Allen regular Louise Lasser). The saga begins with Mary agonizing over her floor's waxy yellow buildup when neighbor Loretta Haggers (Emmy winner Mary Kay Place) bursts in to announce that a mass murderer is on the loose in Fernwood. That isn't Mary's only problem. The magic has gone out of her marriage to Tom (Greg Mullavey) and her grandfather is revealed as the Fernwood Flasher. And that's just the pilot.

At first glance, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman resembles a daytime soap with consecutive airings (five nights a week), frame-filling close-ups, and syrupy score, but everything is off-kilter. When Mary isn't looking at other characters as if they're speaking in tongues, she appears to be on the verge of laughter or tears--maybe both at once. She's the ultimate desperate housewife. Aside from Grandpa Larkin (Victor Kilian), regulars include Mary’s preteen daughter Heather (Claudia Lamb), younger sister Cathy (Debralee Scott), and parents, Martha (Dody Goodman) and George Shumway (Philip Bruns). In addition, there's Sgt. Foley (Bruce Solomon), who has the hots for our sexually unsatisfied heroine, and Loretta's hubbie, Charlie (Graham Jarvis), who works with Tom and George at the plant. Mrs. Haggers, an aspiring country singer, loves her Baby Boy "more than a hundred billion frozen Milky Ways." The first set of this groundbreaking series features 25 episodes. Between 1976-1978, a whopping 325 were produced, some as Forever Fernwood when Lasser left in 1977, reportedly due to exhaustion. That year, the series also spun off talk-show satire Fernwood 2Nite, which would soon develop a cult following of its own. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Stills from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (click for larger image)

Beyond Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman at

More TV from the 1970’s

End Waxy Yellow Buildup

More TV Comedy


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Psycho Beach Party

Psycho Beach Party Lowest new price: $12.08
Lowest used price: $6.22
List price: $19.99
Brand: Strand Releasing

Robert Lee King directs this wacky, campy fusion of teenaged surfer flicks and slasher sagas. Impossibly perky Florence (Lauren Ambrose) doesn't quite fit in at her thoroughly square high school in her seaside Southern California town -- that is, until she happens upon a band of ultra-hip surfer dudes. Renaming herself "Chicklet," she tries her gosh-darnedest to be the sole girl riding the waves with the group led by suave Kanaka (Thomas Gibson). While adopting her surfer alter ego, Florence soon discovers that other less pleasant personalities emerge when confronted with the sight of polka dots. One called Anne Bowman is a tough, "experienced" older lady, while the other, Tylene, is a stereotypical sassy black woman. Blacking out whenever these other personalities take over, Florence becomes increasingly worried that she is responsible for a series of grizzly murders. Of course, she is far from the only suspicious character in her oceanside community -- there's B-movie star Bettina Barnes (Kimberly Davies), Swedish exchange student Lars (Matt Keeslar), and Florence's own unnervingly-perfect mom (Beth Broderick). This film was adapted from a popular off-Broadway play written by Charles Busch. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

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The Monkees - Head

The Monkees - Head Lowest new price: $18.99
Lowest used price: $9.98
List price: $18.99
Model: 2231217

Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz have a psychedelic free-for-all. Directed by Bob Rafelson.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke Lowest new price: $19.45
Lowest used price: $1.77
List price: $12.99

Cheech & Chong's first cannabis comedy is also their best, a souvenir from the more carefree days before "Just Say No," when people did not feel so defensive about inhaling. In 1978, the prevailing spirit was more like "Just Say Blow." Even New Yorker<

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The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $24.95
List price: $14.98
Brand: Sony Pictures Home ENT

That infamous cat and his twisted life are back! Staying within the tradition set by the audacious and racy Fritz the Cat, director-co-writer Robert Taylor takes Robert Crumb's way-cool felinecharacter from the boundary-pushing '60s to the harsh realities of Vietnam, racial riots and Watergate of the '70s in a sequel ripe with "pure silliness [and a] hip story-telling style" (Variety)! Fritz has got the post-college blues he's married to a mouthy wife who beats him constantly, and he's out of work and on unemployment! To escape his sad, nagging reality, Fritz launches himself into a psychedelic haze with a mind-blowing catnip that takes him to his eight other lives. There, he lives out fantasies as an out-of-this world astronaut, an aide to President Kissinger and orderly to Hitler! But as his star-crossed hallucinations put him on a collision course with reality, Fritz becomes a casualty just waiting to happen!

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Please Don't Eat My Mother

Please Don't Eat My Mother Lowest new price: $34.99
Lowest used price: $14.80
List price: $9.98
Brand: Image Entertainment

Pretty young ladies make the perfect plant food. Henry Fudd, an overage mama's boy and part time peeping tom, is the proud owner of two very peculiar plants he keeps locked in his bedroom. Named Adam and Eve and looking like overgrown Venus Flytraps with giant mouths filled with razor sharp teeth, the plants not only talk, but eat humans--especially the sexy centerfold kind. Definitely not for the kiddies, "Please Don't Eat My Mother!" also features legendary sex kitten Rene Bond as one of the plant's more delectable meals.

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