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Skiing & Snow Sports

Soccer Coaching:Soccer Fast Footwork Drills

Soccer Coaching:Soccer Fast Footwork Drills Lowest new price: $14.97
Lowest used price: $12.99
List price: $24.95

The Soccer Fast Footwork Drills video is brought to you by Marty Schupak and the Youth Sports Club. Soccer is a team sport combining individual skills and team work. Soccer Fast Footwork Drills shows some of the most creative drills that individual players can practice on their own. In fact many of the drills shown in this video are used by some of the best players in the world and are practiced continuously so world class players can keep their skills constantly polished. The drills are also applicible to youth, travel team, high school and college players. Most of the drills in this video do not require a full team to practice. They can also be done in a confined area so a full soccer field is not really required. Whether you are a beginning or experienced coach or parent, the drills in this video show basic fundamentals as well as some advanced skills. Parents and Coaches are encouraged to be creative, and change or create any of their own drills to make practices fun for the individual player or only a few neighborhood kids. Remember, the best practice drills for you are the ones that intertwine fun and skill building. This highly effective video covers: basic footwork skills, change of direction, lateral movements, hesitation dribbles,, 1V1 drills, dribbling techniques, offensive strategies, fun games and soccer bonus tips!

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Classic Ski Films

Classic Ski Films Lowest new price: $26.00
List price: $26.00

Product Features
7 classic films on 4 DVDs
Featuring the best of Otto Lang, John Jay and Dick Barrymore
Five hours of vintage alpine skiing movies
Films span 1938-1971
The best classics: Winter Magic Around the World, The Best of John Jay, The Basic Principles of Skiing, Ski Flight, Skifully Yours, The Performers, and The Last of the Ski Bums
See Hollywood stars from the 1930s on the slopes in Sun Valley!
Footage of locations, from New Mexico and Colorado to Switzerland and Japan

Product Description
Seven classic ski films by three legendary filmmakers!

Skiing s Best
Relive the golden age of alpine skiing with seven classic titles from three legendary filmmakers Otto Lang, John Jay and Dick Barrymore in Classic Ski Films. See five full hours of ski history, from the world s very first theatrical ski film premiering at Radio City Music Hall to European glacier skiing!

Seven Films
Winter Magic Around the World (1946-1970) by John Jay is part global travelogue and part thrilling ski spectacle while The Best of John Jay (1946-1970) is a greatest hits compilation covering Vail to Zermatt. The Basic Principles of Skiing (1941) by Otto Lang was used to train United States mountain troops. Ski Flight (1938), the first theatrical ski film, demonstrated the Arlberg System, and Skifully Yours (1939) focused on the star-studded Sun Valley ski scene in the late 30s. Dick Barrymore s The Performers (1971) ushered in the freestyle revolution and The Last of the Ski Bums (1967) follows the European exploits of three footloose American skiers.

Legendary Filmmakers Otto Lang was an entrepreneur, a ski instructor to the stars and an Academy Award®-nominated documentarian. John Jay was a Rhodes Scholar and respected ski filmmaker, and is considered the grand-daddy of the modern ski-film road show. Dick Barrymore was a Los Angeles fireman before he earned his global reputation as one of the greatest ski filmmakers of all time.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Warren Miller: Wintervention

Warren Miller: Wintervention Lowest new price: $23.95
Lowest used price: $16.44
List price: $19.93
Brand: Warren Miller

Warren Miller Entertainment is stepping in to solve your skiing and snowboarding problem: and we’re bringing board-certified experts with us. Athletes like Hugo Harrisson, Jossi Wells, Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Reggie Crist and Andy Mahre know all about the fine line between passion and obsession. They’re here to let you know: you don’t have a problem. It’s the people who don t know what they’re missing that really need the help.

For the past year, we’ve spanned the globe: literally. From ski mountaineering near the North Pole to launching zodiac boats toward the snowy shores of Antarctica, we leave no corner of the frozen planet untouched in our search for a cure to what ails you. There are terrain parks stocked with the sport’s top talent, peaks that define the Alaskan Chugach, and snow so deep it makes fat skis look skinny.

This film is for those who drive with the windows down in January; who can often be found laughing while they shovel their walkways; and who consider their own back porches to be a season-long archive of local snowfall. Join others like you for a celebration of the one season that defines your year. Join all of us for a Wintervention.

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Slednecks Trilogy (Slednecks / Slednecks 2 / Slednecks 3) (White Knuckle Extreme)

Slednecks Trilogy (Slednecks / Slednecks 2 / Slednecks 3) (White Knuckle Extreme) Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $18.45
List price: $19.95

Slednecks Trilogy is a compilation of the original freestyle snowmobile video series that started it all. Highlights include Blair Morgan's insane tricks in the Montana backcountry like his patented whips, Chris and Jason jumping around the 200 foot mark, Garth busting all the new tricks, Jay droppin' some huge cliffs, sick lines, some crazy hillclimbs, mid-air step-offs, sleds on fire, deep pow, couch rides down the street, dirtbike backflips, Bubba's high-speed chase, and of course Jed is more ridiculous than ever. There are also plenty of ugly crashes and comedy to keep you fully entertained. Includes music by Rob Zombie, Cowboy Coffee, Rexway, Temperedcast, Brick Bath and many more.

Right at the beginning someone complains that every snowmobile manual warns that the machines are not to be used for jumping. So of course this entire production features relentless footage of skillful (and maybe a little crazy) fellows jumping their snowmobiles over hills and ramps and even off some fearsome cliffs. As a 65-minute compilation assembled from the best of three earlier Slednecks films, the action is predictably wild. There are hill climbs that look impossible and drops over sheer cliffs that defy all common sense. A flaming snowmobile (manned by a dummy, we hope) shoots over a cliff, crashes, and tumbles gloriously, tossing fireballs as it skitters across the drifts. The graceful scenes of what are essentially snowmobile acrobatics are also punctuated with occasional clips of vicious wipeouts and runaway machines, as well as a few recurring comedic bits featuring a redneck character named Jed. But for the most part this is a very professionally shot tribute to some very skillful snowmobile daredevils. --Robert J. McNamara

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Breakthrough on Skis III: The New Skis

Breakthrough on Skis III: The New Skis Lowest new price: $28.45
Lowest used price: $28.25
List price: $29.95

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Clendenin Ski Method: Finding the Love Spot

Clendenin Ski Method: Finding the Love Spot Lowest new price: $24.95
Lowest used price: $18.99
List price: $24.95

Love Spot: n -- 1) the moment of rapture in skiing; 2) a fleeting, edgeless moment in a ski turn experienced by all great skiers and the rest of us, who do not step, stem, or hop into a turn; 3) the spot where becoming begins.

I have to be honest-I stole the Clendenin Ski Method (CSM). The method was taken from watching and studying great skiers like Jean-Claude Killy, Stein Eriksen, Jonny Mosley, Andy Mill, Bode Miller, and Lindsey Vonn. One basic flaw separates most skiers from great skiers.

We may look good on groomed terrain, but as soon as we get into bumps or any place on the mountain that raises the hair on the back of our neck, all hell breaks loose. After a few turns we start fighting for control and look bad doing it.

The initial focus of the CSM is to correct this flaw at turn initiation. When this instinctive habit is corrected, magic begins. Graduates control speed with aligned bones, skiing is easier, less tiring, and looks a whole lot better.

Our DVD starts with the One-Day Lesson where a couple of boomers go from groomers to black diamond bumps in one enchanting day. You will see the CSM Keys cure their 'flu.' Cured, both start floating through the "Love Spot "-skiing smooth, confident, and controlled in black-diamond bumps.

"One-Day" is followed by six additional segments. Each segment begins with a 2-minute Keys to the Kingdom sequence aired on national television. Each introduction presents a bit of freestyle history with an educational slant. The educational slant is then enhanced with lesson footage creating ownership for the simple CSM Key to the Kingdom, the key to the delightful world of all-mountain skiing.

When we float in the Love Spot, our bones are stacked, we have control, skiing is easier and safer, and we begin to dance in the Kingdom.

John Clendenin
Two-Time World Freestyle Champion

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Manchester United - Play Like Champions

Manchester United - Play Like Champions Lowest new price: $12.15
Lowest used price: $1.57
Brand: Team Marketing
Model: 2262055

Manchester United: Play Like Champions (DVD)

Take your game to the next level and learn to play like a champion with Sir Alex Ferguson and the first team players of Manchester United! Along with the club's Academy players, you can learn skills like the Flick Behind, the Step Over and the Roller Coaster. With unprecedented access from the training ground to the heart of Old Trafford you can find out what makes Manchester United one of the most exciting teams in the world!



  • Run Time 112 mins
  • Highest Quality Recording

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Warren Miller's Storm

Warren Miller's Storm Lowest new price: $20.00
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $14.97
Brand: Uni

STORM transports viewers from Steamboat’s world-famous champagne powder to the striking, colossal peaks of Alaska and from the legendary ski town of Aspen to the glorious Austrian Alps. Join the Antarctic expedition across turbulent seas to the Isle of South Georgia, a wind-whipped crag of ice and snow in the South Atlantic. Skill and passion abound as skiing legends and up-and-coming stars chase the storm, risking their lives in a powerful once-in-a-lifetime journey. The amazing soundtrack includes Dave Matthews Band, Ani DiFranco, Nickel Creek and other hugely and other hugely popular artists.

Warren Miller's Storm is another dazzling travelogue of extreme snow-sports fanatics doing their thing in the most amazing places on Earth. Join Storm's crew on a helicopter skiing trip to beautiful Blue River, British Columbia, and later get inside the psychology of Aspen, Colorado, residents who live for snow and spend every day in the mountains. Take a retrospective detour to Sun Valley, where property was once cheap, Hemingway and Gary Cooper vacationed together, and Miller--now almost 80--began shooting his first 8mm ski movies in 1947. Cross the desert in Lake Tahoe to ascend white-topped hills ripe for snowboarding, and hang out with extreme bikers for whom cities, parks, campuses, and mountains are all part of the same stunt-worthy surface. The film's grandest segment finds skier-climbers replicating Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated trip to Antarctica's South Georgia Island, one of the most haunting and astonishing spots on the planet. --Tom Keogh


  • Collector's Edition Deluxe DVD Warren Miller's Storm takes you deep within the blizzard, diving through danger and passion, into the magical world of skiing and snowboarding. Cruise through the glorious mountains of Austria with some incredible freeriders as they barrel through the powder. Blast through the backcountry with the U.S. Marines at their winter warfare training base in Calif

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Warren Miller's Ski World

Warren Miller's Ski World Lowest new price: $14.99
Lowest used price: $5.81
List price: $24.95

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Breakthrough on Skis II: Bumps & Powder Simplified

Breakthrough on Skis II: Bumps & Powder Simplified Lowest new price: $24.95
Lowest used price: $27.89
List price: $29.95

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