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Skiing & Snow Sports

Breakthrough on Skis III: The New Skis

Breakthrough on Skis III: The New Skis Lowest new price: $28.99
Lowest used price: $28.25
List price: $29.95

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Greg Stump Classics

Greg Stump Classics Lowest new price: $45.27
Lowest used price: $39.37
List price: $19.99
Brand: Topics Entertainment

From one of Skiing Magazine's 25 most influencial people in skiing of all time!

See some of the most influential ski films ever made by the man who introduced extreme skiing to the world in this 4-DVD collection, Greg Stump Classics. Stump's The Blizzard of Aahh's masterpiece was what put extreme skiing on the map. Each film features jaw-dropping footage of extreme skiing, interesting characters and entertaining stories set to four unique soundtracks in the way only Greg Stump can do it.

Four must have, classic Greg Stump films
Six hours of amazing footage, crazy stories and wild skiing
Films include The Blizzard of Aahhh's, Groove: Requiem in the Key of Ski, License to Thrill & P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape
Featuring Skiers Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt, and Mike Hattrup
Filmed at extreme ski locations around the world including Val D'Isere, Squaw Valley, and Blackcomb
Four unique soundtracks that include music by The Beastie Boys, Seal, Dinosaur Jr and more
Bonus! Greg Stump and Friends Reunion featuring Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley

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Classic Ski Films

Classic Ski Films

9 classic ski films. 3 legendary filmmakers. 1 distinctive collection.

From the TOPICS ENTERTAINMENT video vault, comes CLASSIC SKI FILMS, the 1st title in the new series aptly named, "Films of Distinction - Treasures of the American Cinema". Classic Ski Films relives the Golden Age of Alpine Skiingâ€"from 1940s Hollywood coming to Sun Valley, Idaho for lessons, to the birth of hotdogging in 1970s Aspenâ€"with Classic Ski Films on DVD. Whether it was the first WWII training film for U.S. mountain troops, or the pageantry and power of the 1960 Winter Olympics, three extraordinary pioneering filmmakers captured it through the lens of history.

* The Films of Distinction line is an exclusive archival video series bringing the work of pioneering producers and filmmakers to the attention of today’s discerning audiences. Look for other DVD boxed sets in the Films of Distinction library, available from TOPICS Entertainment®.

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Baseball Coaching:Hitting Drills & Techniques

Baseball Coaching:Hitting Drills & Techniques Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $3.56
List price: $23.97

The Hitting Dills and Techniques video is brought to you by Marty Schupak and the Youth Sports Club. Hitting a baseball is one of the most important and challenging skills in all of sports, especially on the youth level. Hitting Dills and Techniques exemplifies some of the best and most productive hitting drills for the youth player, including a comprehensive breakdown of the swing, from the grip to the follow through. The drills in this video have been used for years by Marty Schupak. And, many of his former players have gone on to have successful high school baseball careers and beyond. With the help from hitting expert and former professional, Bobby Woods, this program will introduce new ways to approach hitting. These creative drills can be practiced as a team on the ball field or at home with a limited number of players and in a confined area. Parents and youth baseball coaches should remember that it is better to have the youth player understand 5 or 6 concepts than to be confused by 20. Provides some of the most creative hitting drills and techniques for the youth player, including a comprehensive breakdown of the swing. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of the most productive and useful drills he has used over his 16 year youth baseball coaching career. This highly effective video covers: The grip Weight transfer The batting stance Bunting The stride Fun Games The inside-out swing Bonus Tips Expert advice from hitting expert Bobby Woods

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Alex Kovalev - My Training Methods

Alex Kovalev - My Training Methods Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $5.86
List price: $14.98

In this DVD 2-disc set, Alex Kovalev demonstrates his on-ice hockey training methods as well as the exercise program developed for him by his personal trainer, Tommy Sheehan. This interactive set shows each exercise and technique from various angles and allows you to switch back and forth between on-ice and off-ice exercises.

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Warren Miller's Storm

Warren Miller's Storm Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $1.69
Brand: Uni

STORM transports viewers from Steamboat’s world-famous champagne powder to the striking, colossal peaks of Alaska and from the legendary ski town of Aspen to the glorious Austrian Alps. Join the Antarctic expedition across turbulent seas to the Isle of South Georgia, a wind-whipped crag of ice and snow in the South Atlantic. Skill and passion abound as skiing legends and up-and-coming stars chase the storm, risking their lives in a powerful once-in-a-lifetime journey. The amazing soundtrack includes Dave Matthews Band, Ani DiFranco, Nickel Creek and other hugely and other hugely popular artists.

Warren Miller's Storm is another dazzling travelogue of extreme snow-sports fanatics doing their thing in the most amazing places on Earth. Join Storm's crew on a helicopter skiing trip to beautiful Blue River, British Columbia, and later get inside the psychology of Aspen, Colorado, residents who live for snow and spend every day in the mountains. Take a retrospective detour to Sun Valley, where property was once cheap, Hemingway and Gary Cooper vacationed together, and Miller--now almost 80--began shooting his first 8mm ski movies in 1947. Cross the desert in Lake Tahoe to ascend white-topped hills ripe for snowboarding, and hang out with extreme bikers for whom cities, parks, campuses, and mountains are all part of the same stunt-worthy surface. The film's grandest segment finds skier-climbers replicating Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated trip to Antarctica's South Georgia Island, one of the most haunting and astonishing spots on the planet. --Tom Keogh


  • Collector's Edition Deluxe DVD Warren Miller's Storm takes you deep within the blizzard, diving through danger and passion, into the magical world of skiing and snowboarding. Cruise through the glorious mountains of Austria with some incredible freeriders as they barrel through the powder. Blast through the backcountry with the U.S. Marines at their winter warfare training base in Calif

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Lacrosse Coaching:Backyard Lacrosse

Lacrosse Coaching:Backyard Lacrosse Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $24.99

Backyard Lacrosse provides creative lacrosse drills and lacrosse fundamental techniques for the youth player. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of the most successful Lacrosse drills used along with the correct techniques the parents and youth coaches should teach their players. This highly effective video covers: Stick Control Scooping Fundamentals Cradling Equipment Overview Shooting Techniques Creative Drills Dodging Bonus Tips

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Warren Miller: Wintervention

Warren Miller: Wintervention Lowest new price: $49.95
Lowest used price: $45.00
List price: $19.93
Brand: Warren Miller

Warren Miller Entertainment is stepping in to solve your skiing and snowboarding problem: and we’re bringing board-certified experts with us. Athletes like Hugo Harrisson, Jossi Wells, Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Reggie Crist and Andy Mahre know all about the fine line between passion and obsession. They’re here to let you know: you don’t have a problem. It’s the people who don t know what they’re missing that really need the help.

For the past year, we’ve spanned the globe: literally. From ski mountaineering near the North Pole to launching zodiac boats toward the snowy shores of Antarctica, we leave no corner of the frozen planet untouched in our search for a cure to what ails you. There are terrain parks stocked with the sport’s top talent, peaks that define the Alaskan Chugach, and snow so deep it makes fat skis look skinny.

This film is for those who drive with the windows down in January; who can often be found laughing while they shovel their walkways; and who consider their own back porches to be a season-long archive of local snowfall. Join others like you for a celebration of the one season that defines your year. Join all of us for a Wintervention.

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Breakthrough on Skis II: Bumps & Powder Simplified

Breakthrough on Skis II: Bumps & Powder Simplified Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $22.51
List price: $29.95

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Soccer Coaching:34 Soccer Goalie Drills

Soccer Coaching:34 Soccer Goalie Drills Lowest new price: $8.99
Lowest used price: $3.94
List price: $24.99
Brand: Youth Sports Club

"34 Soccer Goalie Drills" provides numerous creative drills that some of the best soccer goalkeepers in the world use to perfect and enhance their skills. and the Youth Sports Club have put together one of the most useful products for soccer goalkeepers of all ages.This highly effective video covers: Goalkeeping Conditioning Drills Lateral Skill Techniques Diving Skills & Drills Punting Techniques Breakaway Goalie Defense Fun Games Advanced Skills Bonus Tips

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