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Skiing & Snow Sports

Manchester United - Play Like Champions

Manchester United - Play Like Champions Lowest new price: $7.98
Lowest used price: $1.98
List price: $13.79
Brand: Team Marketing
Model: 2262055

Manchester United: Play Like Champions (DVD)

Take your game to the next level and learn to play like a champion with Sir Alex Ferguson and the first team players of Manchester United! Along with the club's Academy players, you can learn skills like the Flick Behind, the Step Over and the Roller Coaster. With unprecedented access from the training ground to the heart of Old Trafford you can find out what makes Manchester United one of the most exciting teams in the world!



  • Run Time 112 mins
  • Highest Quality Recording

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Baseball Coaching:Schupak's Baseball Super 8 DVD Set

Baseball Coaching:Schupak's Baseball Super 8 DVD Set Lowest new price: $99.95
List price: $99.95

Secrets of youth baseball revealed! This set contain eight of Marty Schupak's best baseball instructional videos in DVD format. Ever notice that the same coaches win year after year! These programs have been used by many championship youth baseball coaches throughout the world. Over 250 creative drills are included in these programs. Little League coaches and parents will get the most out of these products. This eight DVD set is appropriate for new and experienced baseball coaches.


  • Baseball Hitting Techniques
  • Baseball Fielding Fundamentals and Techniques
  • Baseball Pitching Techniques
  • Advanced Baseball Strategies
  • Baseball Baserunning and Bunting Techniques

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Breakthrough on Skis III: The New Skis

Breakthrough on Skis III: The New Skis Lowest new price: $28.45
Lowest used price: $28.25
List price: $29.95

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Breakthrough on Skis II: Bumps & Powder Simplified

Breakthrough on Skis II: Bumps & Powder Simplified Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $25.23
List price: $29.95

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Warren Miller's SnoWhat? [VHS]

Warren Miller's SnoWhat? [VHS] Lowest new price: $45.93
Lowest used price: $6.50

Extreme skiing demonstration

Ski School 2

Ski School 2 Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $43.96
List price: $9.98
Brand: Gaiam

Extreme sports meets extreme comedy when David, a fun-loving, commitment-phobic ex-ski school instructor learns that his ex-girlfriend is about to marry. With the aid of a motley crew, including a hunk who drives women wild, David bumbles through one uproarious obstacle after another in a quest to prove that he is the better man and to win her back before it's too late. Riotously funny, sexy and exciting, this zany comedy about competition is sure to win you over.

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The 2002 Olympic Games - Olympic Highlights

The 2002 Olympic Games - Olympic Highlights Lowest new price: $9.88
Lowest used price: $6.46
List price: $13.87

Nearly 2 hours captured on one DVD from NBC Sports - The best moments of the 2002 Winter Olympics from Salt Lake. You'll witness 17 days of stunning highlights such as: Gold medal winning performances from third-generation Olympian Jim Shea n the Skeleton, figure skating-sensation Sara Hughes, and speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno; Follow the events making news such as the US medal sweep in the Men's Half Pipe to the controversy on ice in the Pairs Figure Skating competition; And wrap it all in between the pageantry of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Bonus coverage includes additional footage of Snowboarding, Bobsledding, and Downhill Skiing, plus interviews from a number of US and International stars!

This 90-minute package captures highlights from NBC-TV's coverage of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. First seen as a salve in the wake of a bribery scandal and terrorist attacks, the games in Salt Lake City turned out to be a record-smashing triumph for the American team. Some of the memorable moments preserved here are the spectacular halfpipe and ski jumping, third-generation Olympian Jim Shea Jr.'s emotional victory in the skeleton, Apolo Anton Ohno's adventures in the frenetic short-track speed skating, the controversy surrounding Canadians Jamie Sale and David Pelletier in the pairs figure skating, and Sarah Hughes's upset victory in women's figure skating.

Unfortunately, covering 17 days and 24 sports in such a limited time means that most of the individual runs and the opening and closing ceremonies are edited. In addition, Bob Costas's constant narration might not be for everyone, and skating fans will be disappointed to hear New Agey music accompanying the routines in place of the competition music. --David Horiuchi

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Greg Stump Classics

Greg Stump Classics Lowest new price: $59.98
List price: $19.99
Brand: Topics Entertainment

From one of Skiing Magazine's 25 most influencial people in skiing of all time!

See some of the most influential ski films ever made by the man who introduced extreme skiing to the world in this 4-DVD collection, Greg Stump Classics. Stump's The Blizzard of Aahh's masterpiece was what put extreme skiing on the map. Each film features jaw-dropping footage of extreme skiing, interesting characters and entertaining stories set to four unique soundtracks in the way only Greg Stump can do it.

Four must have, classic Greg Stump films
Six hours of amazing footage, crazy stories and wild skiing
Films include The Blizzard of Aahhh's, Groove: Requiem in the Key of Ski, License to Thrill & P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape
Featuring Skiers Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt, and Mike Hattrup
Filmed at extreme ski locations around the world including Val D'Isere, Squaw Valley, and Blackcomb
Four unique soundtracks that include music by The Beastie Boys, Seal, Dinosaur Jr and more
Bonus! Greg Stump and Friends Reunion featuring Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley

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Little League Coaching:Base Running & Bunting Drills

Little League Coaching:Base Running & Bunting Drills Lowest new price: $1.95
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $24.99

In the "Baserunning & Bunting Drills" DVD, Nationally known youth baseball coach Marty Schupak and address two of the most underrated and under-coached skills in youth baseball: baserunning and bunting. Baserunning is one crucial skill that is rarely practiced in baseball, especially on the youth level. Practicing proper baserunning fundamentals will increase scoring opportunities in games while forcing young ballplayers, 7-12 years old, to pay attention while on the bases and be ready for all situations. The baserunning portion of the video points to some of the most basic skills, such as sliding and running techniques, while also addressing more advanced techniques, such as the delayed steal, tagging up, and reading signs. Bunting is also a skill that needs to be practiced at a young age. The creative bunting drills in this video allow even average skilled athletes to achieve success while learning a valuable "small ball" strategy in the sport. The bunting section goes through the different types of bunting techniques, such as the square bunt and the pivot bunt, while always trying to keep the explanations simple for the age group in mind. The video then shows a few strategies that combine both baserunning and bunting. This program stresses why baseball is called "a game of inches" is one of Marty Schupak's best produced programs.

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Baseball Coaching:Hitting Drills & Techniques

Baseball Coaching:Hitting Drills & Techniques Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $5.49
List price: $23.97

The Hitting Dills and Techniques video is brought to you by Marty Schupak and the Youth Sports Club. Hitting a baseball is one of the most important and challenging skills in all of sports, especially on the youth level. Hitting Dills and Techniques exemplifies some of the best and most productive hitting drills for the youth player, including a comprehensive breakdown of the swing, from the grip to the follow through. The drills in this video have been used for years by Marty Schupak. And, many of his former players have gone on to have successful high school baseball careers and beyond. With the help from hitting expert and former professional, Bobby Woods, this program will introduce new ways to approach hitting. These creative drills can be practiced as a team on the ball field or at home with a limited number of players and in a confined area. Parents and youth baseball coaches should remember that it is better to have the youth player understand 5 or 6 concepts than to be confused by 20. Provides some of the most creative hitting drills and techniques for the youth player, including a comprehensive breakdown of the swing. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of the most productive and useful drills he has used over his 16 year youth baseball coaching career. This highly effective video covers: The grip Weight transfer The batting stance Bunting The stride Fun Games The inside-out swing Bonus Tips Expert advice from hitting expert Bobby Woods

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