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Skiing & Snow Sports

Baseball Coaching:Backyard Baseball Drills

Baseball Coaching:Backyard Baseball Drills Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $17.41

From The Youth Sports Club The producers of the best selling videos, "The 59 Minute Baseball Practice" and "48 Championship Basketball Drills","Championship Soccer Drills" and "Winning Baseball Strategies" comes our newest DVD: "Backyard Baseball Drills". "Backyard Baseball Drills" has taken over two years to complete. This creative DVD is geared for all parents and kids who love baseball or softball. The DVD is comprised of over 30 great drills that can be played in one’s own backyard. Coach Marty Schupak shows parents how to get the most out of common items found in one’s home and creates different and new baseball drills and games. Using things such as a bathroom plunger, a plastic milk container and a cinder block, coach Schupak goes through some basic drills a child age four or five can do. He also shows alternatives for baseball training props such as a "do it yourself" tarp made for under twenty dollars which does the same job as a two hundred dollar net.! The DVD also contains some advanced drills kids ages eight to fourteen can do. This is a true baseball lovers delight that parents will use continually as a resource. PLEASE NOTE:THIS DVD IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY WITH ALL DRILLS CATEGORIZED WITH MENUS AND CHAPTERS.

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The Nomads Extreme Sports Collection: Big Mountain Skiing (Institutions)

The Nomads Extreme Sports Collection: Big Mountain Skiing (Institutions) Lowest new price: $49.95
List price: $49.95

The Nomad's Anthem:  "To experience cultures, to be consumed by a lifestyle, to live every second of everyday, to see and learn and to never say I can't ... "

With gorgeous footage and  non-stop action  the NOMAD'S series presents those few, select athletes who know how to live on the edge, exploring an extreme sports lifestyle filled with adrenaline for the sport, the place and the competition.

In this series, meet the world class championship athletes who comb the earth for the most perfect spots to compete - see those remote places where their extraordinary skills can be most successfully put to the test.  When they find it, they give it their all, pushing themselves to the edge of perfection.

This DVD presents 3 episodes from the Nomad's series:

Part 1:  British Columbia Boat Trip to Mount Waddington
Four athletes, Stian Hagen, Andrea Binning, Phil Meier and Bryce Phillips, from across the globe spend ten days aboard a luxury yacht in pursuit of a once in a life time heli-ski experience.  As the days go by and the weather refuses to cooperate their mental and physical stamina is put to the test.  Their hosts provide a number of cultural experiences and fun activities to distract the athletes from their arduous wait.  When the time finally comes to ski, the athletes skills are put to the test by less than desirable avalanche conditions; and for some, it is literally the run of their life. 

Part 2:  Heli - Ski - Haines, Alaska
Haines Alaska, is the wild west of heli-skiing.  It is the perfect location for this group of athletes to push the limits of their sport.  X-Games gold medalists Reggie Christ and brother Zach dominate skier-X then head straight to Haines Alaska to experience the pinnacle of big mountain skiing.  The trip is a long overdue reunion with childhood friend and freeskiing icon Kent Kreitler.  Down days ensue and an Alaskan rookie, Jamie Pierre joins the team.  The mountains are awe inspiring and the action is world class. 

Part 3:  Road Trip!
Skiing deep snow is the ultimate goal of these big mountain skiers.  Follow a group of athletes as they load up an RV for the ultimate storm chasing road trip.  Deep snow, huge air and being stuck in a parking lot are all part of the package.  The team begins in Utah, home of the lightest snow in the west, then move on to Squaw Valley for the storm of the century and plenty of face shots.  This journey is the ultimate snow seeking road trip that highlights the diverse and dynamic mountains that the western United States has to offer, and shows how one good snow storm makes these locations the ultimate skier's playground.  Includes Athletes:  Brant Moles, Shroder Baker, Lynsey Dyer, Jon Klaczkiewicz, Patrick White, Kent Kreitler, Rod Adams, Jeff Robertson.

Originally produced by Wink Inc for RUSH HD
(c) 2006 RUSH HD COMPANY LLC - All Rights Reserved

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Warren Miller's Ride

Warren Miller's Ride Lowest new price: $49.95
Lowest used price: $2.98
List price: $14.97
Brand: Vas

Ride is awesome adventure snowboarding as you have never seen it! It’s breathtaking adventure in spectacular locations, from the radical drops of Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, to the vertical exhilaration of skiing Russia. Share the thrills of helicopter drops into fresh powder, unimaginable inclines and heart-stopping speeds with 2002 Olympians and world-famous snowriders!

This dazzling Ride begins with a bang: A terrific piece about Whistler's avalanche hunters, i.e., a team of explosives experts who begin their days blowing away potentially lethal slides before skiers hits steep slopes. Typical of Miller's films, Ride globetrots through some of the most exciting and exotic places on Earth to capture Hollywood-caliber (and often better) footage of extreme snow-sporting. Among these hot spots, so to speak, are New Zealand (where a high mountain considered holy by the Maori offers some interesting downhill challenges), the North Cascades (particularly a couple of breathtaking sites accessible only by helicopter), France (where a resort harvests ski-able snow from ice-fishing), and Breckenridge, Colorado (where snowboarders bounce along the famous Breckenridge Bumps). A highlight is a ski trip in Russia, where three Americans catch a bus through a war zone to reach, as one fellow puts it, "the top of Europe." --Tom Keogh


  • Ride is awesome adventure snowboarding as you have never seen it! It s breathtaking adventure in spectacular locations, from the radical drops of Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, to the vertical exhilaration of skiing Russia. Share the thrills of helicopter drops into fresh powder, unimaginable inclines and heart-stopping speeds with 2002 Olympians and world-famous snowriders! Format: DVD M

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Ski Movie

Ski Movie Lowest new price: $13.98
Lowest used price: $4.75

See the stars shine in Matchstick Productions' latest ski film, Ski Movie. See Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey, Vincent Dorion, Jonny Moseley, along with Brad Holmes plus all the biggest names in skiing throwing down in Whistler, Chamonix, and Mt. Baker, Washington. Includes unbelievably stupid sick snowmobiling footage and liver-splitting humor.

Ski Movie is full of the most insane snow action ever filmed, so watch what the winter of 2000 produced. Includes music by Methods of Mayhem, Cottonmouth Kings, Fillibuster, Anthrax, Nashville Pussy, and many more. 60 minutes.

This showcase for some of the world's most fearless skiers benefits from beautiful camera work, a thumping soundtrack, and a skewed sense of humor. Masters of extreme skiing, including Jonny Mosely, Shane McConkey, and Seth Morrison, go hurtling down mountainsides so close to vertical that no normal person would think of skiing them. And of course the glorious footage, often shot from helicopters, makes it all seem absurdly easy. The genuine danger of this snowy showboating is illustrated in a segment in which Dean Cummings, while making a jump on a mountainside in Alaska, makes a slight error that sends him careening out of control. "I was dealt a pretty hard blow while tearing it," he comments, noting that he was lucky to come away with only a broken leg. A spectacular scene in which skiers are shown gracefully cavorting so high that they can look down on the clouds helps explain why people would be driven to such extremes. And for those who just can't get enough of a rush on skis, a comical sequence features intrepid and insane fellows who up the ante by roaring down impossible slopes on snowmobiles. Just about everything in Ski Movie is something you shouldn't even think about doing yourself, and that's what makes it so entertaining. --Robert J. McNamara

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Ski Porn

Ski Porn Lowest new price: $14.99
Lowest used price: $2.96
List price: $14.99
Brand: Vas

Award-winning ski film producer Johnny Decesare is proud to present his latest explosive, erotic alpine thriller Ski Porn. Johnny, his crew of top-shelf cinematographers, and the best freeskiers on the planet tackle the latest challenges that backcountry and urban skiing has to offer. This year Ski Porn looks forward to continuing Poor Boyz goal in blowing our minds. Ski Porn features skiers Pep Fulas, Simon Dumont, TJ Schiller, JP Auclair, Sammy Carlson, Chris Benchetler, Anthony Borownowski, Henrik Winstetd, Pete Olenick, Andy Mahre, Grete Eliassen, Seth Morrison, Kristi Leskinen, Candide Thovex, Julien Regnier, and more Johnny Decesare is an award-winning producer of epic ski films with over a decade of experience and XX phenomenal films in his bag. Poor Boyz Productions met its 2005 goal with their film titled War when it was voted Movie of the Year by Freeskier magazine. Now the Poor Boyz Crew are dedicated to continuing their excellent track record with their latest ski film Ski Porn.'


  • Poor Boyz Productions

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Ski Tips 3: Ski Powder

Ski Tips 3: Ski Powder Lowest used price: $50.00
List price: $19.95

Vivid (Snowboarding)

Vivid (Snowboarding) Lowest used price: $2.16
List price: $19.95

Tired of the same old formula? Here’s some next level action that will be setting the new standard. Rice, deMarchi, Solberg, Jones and Pauporte deliver some unforgettable riding, while names like Müller, Kalbermatten and Moore make some big deposits of their own in your long-term memory banks. This breakthrough film includes impossible new camera angles that let you tag along within high-fiving distance of some of the best riders on the planet.

One California Day

One California Day List price: $29.95
Brand: Koastal Media

Follow the lives of eight California surfers in the newly released film, "One California Day." Produced by Builde Worldwide, and Co-Directed by Mark Jeremias (maker of DRIVE) and Jason Baffa (maker of Singlefin:Yellow), this super 16mm film stars Joel Tudor, Chris Malloy, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Jimmy Gamboa, Joe Curren, Dane Perlee, and Tyler Hatzikian, with special appearances by Skip Frye, Dan and Keith Malloy, Tom Curren, Gerg Noll, and Lance Carson


  • An inside look at California surf culture, yesterday, today and tomorrow. 1957 - 2007
  • Limited Edition Two-Disc Set with 8 panel Digi-pak packaging, booklet, director's commentary, and bonus segments that include: The Making Of, A tour of Greg Noll's board shed, Lance Carson interview, Devon Howard profile, Malibu, Santa Clara Rivermouth and Swami's surf sequences, Tyler Warren's artwork, and California sunrises.
  • A mark Jeremias / Jason Baffa Film

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Ski Movie 2: High Society

Ski Movie 2: High Society Lowest new price: $10.72
Lowest used price: $1.60
List price: $16.98

Ski Movie 2: High Society

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SNOW SKIING - USA & CANADA - Set of 4 DVD Lowest new price: $29.95
List price: $29.95

Set of 4 DVDs: Breckenridge Ski Resort - Winter Park Resort - Steamboat Springs - Copper Mountain - Taos Aspen & Snowmass - Lake Tahoa - Mont Tremblant - Killington - 480 Minutes - ©2012 - Color Set of 4 DVDs

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