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Skiing & Snow Sports

Ski Movie 2: High Society

Ski Movie 2: High Society Lowest new price: $21.98
Lowest used price: $1.60
List price: $21.98

Ski Movie 2: High Society

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Ski School 2

Ski School 2 Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $39.95
List price: $9.98
Brand: Gaiam

Extreme sports meets extreme comedy when David, a fun-loving, commitment-phobic ex-ski school instructor learns that his ex-girlfriend is about to marry. With the aid of a motley crew, including a hunk who drives women wild, David bumbles through one uproarious obstacle after another in a quest to prove that he is the better man and to win her back before it's too late. Riotously funny, sexy and exciting, this zany comedy about competition is sure to win you over.

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West Coast Style - Mountain Biking DVD

West Coast Style - Mountain Biking DVD Lowest new price: $19.96
Lowest used price: $20.95
List price: $24.95

West Coast Style - Mountain Biking video, is now available in this special, expanded DVD edition. With over an hour of instruction on riding all types of technical terrain. Filmed on, and near, Vancouver's famous North Shore trails in British Columbia, Canada. This mountain bike DVD will help you progress your skills as a rider like never before.

Over 20 skills are explained, from West Coast Basics to Wheelie-drops. With instruction by Joan Jones, Director of the West Coast School of Mountain Biking (WCSMB), whose teaching methods form the core of the West Coast Style series. Co-host is the entertaining and renowned Elladee Brown, who also hosts the companion mountain bike DVD - West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals.A comprehensive Freeride DVD that expands on the lessons presented in the Mountain Bike DVD.

West Coast Style showcases montages by world-class riders, including Ryan Leech, creator of the "Art of Trials" and "Manifesto" DVDs, professional trials and stunt rider, host Elladee Brown and Cindy Devine, both World Downhill medalists, as well as eight-year old Stevie Baia, who placed first at the 2002 World Trials Championships in Japan. These mountain bikers show you the key to improving your skills, in step by step examples.

This mountain bike DVD invites you to refine your skills in style - West Coast Style.

Skills: Mountain Bike Instruction in easy to understand progressions.

* West Coast Basics
* Slow-Speed Maneuvers
o Switchbacks
o Tail Whips
o Trackstands
o Hopping
o Rocking
* Up, Around and Down
o Climbing
o High-Speed Cornering
o Descending
* Wheel Lifts
o Basic Front Wheel Lift
o Manual Front Wheel Lift
o Rear Wheel Lift
o Level Lift
o Bunny Hop
* Up, Around and Down
o 1/4 Pedal Kick
o 1/2-1/4 Pedal Stroke
o 1/2-1/4 Wheelie Drop

Special Features: Found only on this mountain bike DVD.

* Digitally Mastered Sound and Video
* Feature Commentary with Joan Jones, Elladee Brown and Daamiann Skelton
* Responding to Accidents - Step into a critical situation on the trail. A rider is down. Are you prepared to help effectively?
* Kyle Guay - This Ride Guide segment presents rising star Kyle Guay in his quest to conquer British Columbia, and then the world.
* CMIC - Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Certification, is breaking new ground in the training and certification of mountain bike guides and instructors throughout the world.
* Talladega - "The Fly" Music Video - Simply the best riding you'll ever see.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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NOMADS: Ski Salt Lake City

NOMADS: Ski Salt Lake City Lowest new price: $12.99
List price: $12.99

Spend a season accessing the front and back Wasatch Mountains from one of America's best winter sport gems: Salt Lake City, Utah. From the front, encounter steeps, powder, and an extreme ski competition in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. On the back, check out the half-pipe at Park City, backcountry excursions from the Canyons, and the Sundance Film Festival held each January. Throughout, meet the people that make SLC one of they best places in the world to ski and snowboard.

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Ski Movie

Ski Movie Lowest new price: $60.02
Lowest used price: $3.99

See the stars shine in Matchstick Productions' latest ski film, Ski Movie. See Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey, Vincent Dorion, Jonny Moseley, along with Brad Holmes plus all the biggest names in skiing throwing down in Whistler, Chamonix, and Mt. Baker, Washington. Includes unbelievably stupid sick snowmobiling footage and liver-splitting humor.

Ski Movie is full of the most insane snow action ever filmed, so watch what the winter of 2000 produced. Includes music by Methods of Mayhem, Cottonmouth Kings, Fillibuster, Anthrax, Nashville Pussy, and many more. 60 minutes.

This showcase for some of the world's most fearless skiers benefits from beautiful camera work, a thumping soundtrack, and a skewed sense of humor. Masters of extreme skiing, including Jonny Mosely, Shane McConkey, and Seth Morrison, go hurtling down mountainsides so close to vertical that no normal person would think of skiing them. And of course the glorious footage, often shot from helicopters, makes it all seem absurdly easy. The genuine danger of this snowy showboating is illustrated in a segment in which Dean Cummings, while making a jump on a mountainside in Alaska, makes a slight error that sends him careening out of control. "I was dealt a pretty hard blow while tearing it," he comments, noting that he was lucky to come away with only a broken leg. A spectacular scene in which skiers are shown gracefully cavorting so high that they can look down on the clouds helps explain why people would be driven to such extremes. And for those who just can't get enough of a rush on skis, a comical sequence features intrepid and insane fellows who up the ante by roaring down impossible slopes on snowmobiles. Just about everything in Ski Movie is something you shouldn't even think about doing yourself, and that's what makes it so entertaining. --Robert J. McNamara

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Alex Kovalev - My Training Methods

Alex Kovalev - My Training Methods Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $4.98
List price: $14.98

In this DVD 2-disc set, Alex Kovalev demonstrates his on-ice hockey training methods as well as the exercise program developed for him by his personal trainer, Tommy Sheehan. This interactive set shows each exercise and technique from various angles and allows you to switch back and forth between on-ice and off-ice exercises.

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Soccer Coaching:Schupak's Soccer 6 Pack DVD Set

Soccer Coaching:Schupak's Soccer 6 Pack DVD Set Lowest new price: $99.95
List price: $99.95

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Slednecks Trilogy (Slednecks / Slednecks 2 / Slednecks 3) (White Knuckle Extreme)

Slednecks Trilogy (Slednecks / Slednecks 2 / Slednecks 3) (White Knuckle Extreme) Lowest new price: $73.58
Lowest used price: $18.45
List price: $19.95

Slednecks Trilogy is a compilation of the original freestyle snowmobile video series that started it all. Highlights include Blair Morgan's insane tricks in the Montana backcountry like his patented whips, Chris and Jason jumping around the 200 foot mark, Garth busting all the new tricks, Jay droppin' some huge cliffs, sick lines, some crazy hillclimbs, mid-air step-offs, sleds on fire, deep pow, couch rides down the street, dirtbike backflips, Bubba's high-speed chase, and of course Jed is more ridiculous than ever. There are also plenty of ugly crashes and comedy to keep you fully entertained. Includes music by Rob Zombie, Cowboy Coffee, Rexway, Temperedcast, Brick Bath and many more.

Right at the beginning someone complains that every snowmobile manual warns that the machines are not to be used for jumping. So of course this entire production features relentless footage of skillful (and maybe a little crazy) fellows jumping their snowmobiles over hills and ramps and even off some fearsome cliffs. As a 65-minute compilation assembled from the best of three earlier Slednecks films, the action is predictably wild. There are hill climbs that look impossible and drops over sheer cliffs that defy all common sense. A flaming snowmobile (manned by a dummy, we hope) shoots over a cliff, crashes, and tumbles gloriously, tossing fireballs as it skitters across the drifts. The graceful scenes of what are essentially snowmobile acrobatics are also punctuated with occasional clips of vicious wipeouts and runaway machines, as well as a few recurring comedic bits featuring a redneck character named Jed. But for the most part this is a very professionally shot tribute to some very skillful snowmobile daredevils. --Robert J. McNamara

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Some Kinda Life -- NEW SNOWBOARD DVD!!

Some Kinda Life -- NEW SNOWBOARD DVD!! Lowest new price: $4.50
List price: $4.50

Neoproto films is proud to release its third and most memorable movie "some kinda life".

Baseball Coaching:Backyard Baseball Drills

Baseball Coaching:Backyard Baseball Drills Lowest new price: $5.99
Lowest used price: $3.99
List price: $14.42

From The Youth Sports Club The producers of the best selling videos, "The 59 Minute Baseball Practice" and "48 Championship Basketball Drills","Championship Soccer Drills" and "Winning Baseball Strategies" comes our newest DVD: "Backyard Baseball Drills". "Backyard Baseball Drills" has taken over two years to complete. This creative DVD is geared for all parents and kids who love baseball or softball. The DVD is comprised of over 30 great drills that can be played in one’s own backyard. Coach Marty Schupak shows parents how to get the most out of common items found in one’s home and creates different and new baseball drills and games. Using things such as a bathroom plunger, a plastic milk container and a cinder block, coach Schupak goes through some basic drills a child age four or five can do. He also shows alternatives for baseball training props such as a "do it yourself" tarp made for under twenty dollars which does the same job as a two hundred dollar net.! The DVD also contains some advanced drills kids ages eight to fourteen can do. This is a true baseball lovers delight that parents will use continually as a resource. PLEASE NOTE:THIS DVD IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY WITH ALL DRILLS CATEGORIZED WITH MENUS AND CHAPTERS.

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