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Intimate Stories

Intimate Stories Lowest new price: $65.63
Lowest used price: $13.00
List price: $29.95

Nothing is going to stop Maria, Don Justo or Roberto from reaching San Julián, where Maria has been promised fame, Roberto foresees love and Don Justo seeks redemption. But getting there is no small task. With her little baby in tow, Maria hops on the bus, nervous about the journey ahead, but unwilling to let her chance to star on the popular game show "Multicolored Casino" slip away. For Don Justo, the journey to reunite with his long-lost friend Badface promises to be even more challenging, as he hits the road, trusting that the truckers he’s met through the years will stop to offer him a lift. In Roberto’s case, getting to San Julián isn’t the problem - it’s getting there by surprise, with a heartwarming gift, in the hope of of making a favorable impression on his secret love. Although the three neighbors begin their journeys separately, they encounter their share of detours along the way on the deserted routes, and their stories and dreams crisscross in seemingly free-form patterns at the most remote stopping points. In the end, Maria, Don Justo and Roberto will get more or less what they set out for, but it will come to them in ways that they never expected.

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Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down Lowest new price: $14.98
Lowest used price: $10.77
List price: $14.99
Model: 5071359

Tantalizing and sexy, cult director Eliseo Subiela's latest film explores the tantric possibilities of sexual imaginations and awakenings. This thoughtful film delves into mysticism and spirituality. When 19-year-old Eloy sleepwalks and crashes through the roof of a beautiful woman, Elvira, he discovers the tantric and therapeutic powers of the Kama Sutra of which she is an expert.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Camila Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $22.95
List price: $29.95


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Si sos Brujo: A Tango Story

Si sos Brujo: A Tango Story Lowest new price: $22.95
Lowest used price: $10.92
List price: $24.95

Si Sos Brujo is a heartfelt, inspiring film that could do for Argentine Tango what the Buena Vista Social Club did for the music and musicians of Cuba illuminating an evolving culture, a way of life and the triumph of preserving one of the most intricate musical traditions of the world, following nearly 50 years of relative obscurity. This beautifully shot documentary brings the compelling story of a group of young Argentine musicians racing against time to learn and preserve the elegant and nuanced music played by the legendary Golden Age tango orchestras of Buenos Aires in the 40 s and 50 s.If you are familiar with the names of Pugliese, Triolo and Piazzolla, this film is essential viewing. Yet it has broad appeal, and anyone interested in the creative, musical process will love this film.

Son of the Bride

Son of the Bride Lowest used price: $25.08
List price: $29.95

Rafael Belvedere (Darín) is not happy with the life he leads. He can't reach anybody's expectations. He has no ideals, he only lives for the restaurant his father founded (Alterio). He has a divorce behind him, he never took time off to see his daughter Vicky grow (Nóbile), he has no friends and prefers to elude any commitment with his girlfriend (Verbeke). Furthermore, he hasn't seen his mother in a year (Aleandro), who suffers from Alzheimer's and lives in a rest home. Rafael just wants to beleft alone. But a series of unexpected events make Rafael take a look at his situation. He'll take into account the possibility of selling the family restaurant, he'll meet again with an old childhood friend, Juan Carlos (Blanco) who, despite having a personal tragedy on his shoulders, will help him in a very particular way to reconstruct his past and recover his present. And along the way, he'llsupport his father and fulfill his mother's dream!

This magnificent Argentinean film centers on Rafael (Ricardo Darín), a restaurateur whose life is becoming a knot of stress and failing relationships. When his father, Nino (Héctor Alterio), decides that after 44 years of marriage he wants to give his wife, Norma (Norma Aleandro), the church wedding she always wanted, Rafael scoffs; Norma has advanced Alzheimer's and doesn't recognize where she is or who's around her. After Rafael has a heart attack, he realizes he has to change his life--but when he makes changes, he discovers how much of his life he'd been taking for granted, and that he may have cast aside the very things he seeks. Son of the Bride is smartly and richly written, directed with generosity and precision, and full of astonishingly full performances. The story's full of clever touches, but it never lets cleverness overwhelm humanity. Simply a superb movie. --Bret Fetzer

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Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone

Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone Lowest new price: $39.81
Lowest used price: $24.99
List price: $39.81

An alien virus being tested by the FBI infects a small town, transforming people into killer mutant zombies. The FBI decides to isolate the town from the rest of the world. But this is a decision that a few survivors will not accept. John West, a pro wrestler, Bill Johnson, a medical student, and Max Giggs, a computer nerd, engage in a brutal combat with thousands of zombies as they search for a map that contains details on the only existing exit. Over-the-top action/zombie flick akin to Peter Jackson's Dead Alive and the blood-drenched trappings of the Evil Dead series!

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The Official Story

The Official Story Lowest used price: $14.98
List price: $19.98

This is one of those rare political films that transcend politics with a stirring emotional story. Argentinean first-time director Luis Puenzo tells the story of a strong-willed teacher who tries to learn the true identity of her adopted daughter's father, coming to suspect that he was a political prisoner. Her political awakening is actually an emotional one as well because of her detached persona. Ironically, even though she is a teacher, she doesn't connect with people very well, thinking of history in the most abstract terms. But she learns the painful truth of present-day life. Tautly directed by Puenzo, The Official Story was a 1985 Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Film, with a riveting performance by Norma Aleandro. --Bill Desowitz

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Rosa... de lejos

Rosa... de lejos Lowest used price: $106.98


La Leon (Ws Sub B&W)

La Leon (Ws Sub B&W) Lowest new price: $9.94
Lowest used price: $8.89
List price: $14.95
Model: 5072429

Deep in the lush river jungles of Argentina, Alvaro lives a solitary existence fishing and harvesting reeds. What sets him apart from the rest of his village is that he is gay. There are no other gay men in his world, his only means of expression is with the occasional outsider who passes through. Most of these men come via the river taxi El León, who s captain. El Turu is a mean man with a homophobic streak and a secret.
Attitudes begin to change when illegal loggers appear in the jungle and El Turu accuses Alvaro of aiding them. Then again El Turu s attitude seemed to have already changed since he began watching Alvaro more closely in the shower.
This is a world where there are no signs of gay life, just men as men. These two men must battle each other over land and respect. Alvaro must live his life as he does, going from one encounter to the next. El Turu works to hide his secret and earn his crew s respect.
Santigo Otheguy s feature film is ground breaking by Argentinean standards. Never before has such an beautiful and erotic film been made about men who openly share thier feelings, both mental and physical. A must not just for gay audiences, but for all film buffs alike.

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Los Muertos

Los Muertos Lowest new price: $22.61
Lowest used price: $22.09
List price: $26.44

Beautifully shot in the Argentine jungle, LOS MUERTOS is a coolly hypnotic and elegantly austere investigation into the boundaries between nature and civilization--and the violence that lurks within both.
An old man named Vargas is released from prison. Seemingly anxious to get lost, Vargas buys a canoe and heads downriver. He methodically relieves himself of clothing and money along the way, allowing the jungle to reclaim him.
Filmmaker Lisandro Alonso (La Libertad) refuses to explain his themes and metaphors-- the isolation of the Argentine jungle; the path from guilt to absolution; the reintegration into civilization by an ex-criminal preferring his audiences to luxuriate in the sensual sights and vivid sounds of the tropics. Alonso, one of the most talented and distinct voices of Argentinian cinema, boldly explores an inner world that is revealed through nature, but with unsettling implications.

Winner-Venice Film Festival Intl. Critics Prize
Winner-Torino Film Festival Best Film
Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival
Official Selection of the Toronto Film Festival
Winner-Vienna Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize


  • Factory sealed DVD

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