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Kept and Dreamless (Las Mantenidas Sin Sueos) – Exclusive

Kept and Dreamless (Las Mantenidas Sin Sueos) – Exclusive Lowest new price: $16.47
Lowest used price: $16.00
List price: $24.95

Kept and Dreamless (Las Mantenidas Sin Sueos) – Exclusive

During Argentina's economic crisis of the '90s, nine year-old Eugenia and her mother, Florencia, live a seemingly colorful life surrounded by eclectic neighbors and an offbeat collection of family.

But for Eugenia, who must deal with her mother's dysfunctional and drug-addled lifestyle, life is anything but pleasant in this darkly inspiring story of expectation, acceptance and nontraditional family, led by standout performances from director Vera Fogwill and young actress Luca Snieg.

"This is cinematic practice at its best: whilst exhibiting the social and political problems and gender roles, the film establishes a close connection with its local audiences, but it also achieves its universal aim."

"Matching style and originality with a refreshing lack of moralizing, 'Kept & Dreamless' keeps the banner of Argentinean independent cinema flying high…" –Variety

Kept and Dreamless is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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36 Pasos

36 Pasos Lowest new price: $2.95
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $6.26
Brand: Maya Entertainment
Model: 812034010746

Just three simple rules to stay alive: silence, obedience and happiness. How hard can that be? Well, for six beautiful young women, not following the rules can cost them their lives. Their kidnapper is a cranky coat-wearing man child who uses a hatchet to keep them inspired. There are just 36 steps between horror and freedom. Will they make it?


  • Six girls are trapped in a Hitchcock style birthday party. As captives of a diabolical family their own lives depend on the success of the party. 36 Pasos is an explosive mix of horror, action, and black comedy. Run time: 99 min Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HORROR Rating: NR Age: 812034010746 UPC: 812034010746 Manufacturer No: 812034010746

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The Official Story

The Official Story Lowest used price: $45.00
List price: $19.98

This is one of those rare political films that transcend politics with a stirring emotional story. Argentinean first-time director Luis Puenzo tells the story of a strong-willed teacher who tries to learn the true identity of her adopted daughter's father, coming to suspect that he was a political prisoner. Her political awakening is actually an emotional one as well because of her detached persona. Ironically, even though she is a teacher, she doesn't connect with people very well, thinking of history in the most abstract terms. But she learns the painful truth of present-day life. Tautly directed by Puenzo, The Official Story was a 1985 Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Film, with a riveting performance by Norma Aleandro. --Bill Desowitz

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Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down Lowest new price: $14.97
Lowest used price: $9.22
List price: $24.99
Model: 5071359

Tantalizing and sexy, cult director Eliseo Subiela's latest film explores the tantric possibilities of sexual imaginations and awakenings. This thoughtful film delves into mysticism and spirituality. When 19-year-old Eloy sleepwalks and crashes through the roof of a beautiful woman, Elvira, he discovers the tantric and therapeutic powers of the Kama Sutra of which she is an expert.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Whisky Romeo Zulu

Whisky Romeo Zulu Lowest new price: $15.90
Lowest used price: $9.39
List price: $24.98
Brand: Image Entertainment

In this fascinating true story, former pilot Enrique Pineyro explores his own past as a whistle blower against airline industry corruption and shoddy safety practices. As he becomes increasingly convinced that a major crash is imminent and the airline continues to ignore his complaints, he contacts the media and suffers the consequences. Mercedes Moran (The Motorcycle Diaries) co-stars as his long-lost childhood love, who re-enters his life as the airlines' public relations representative. This beautiful award-winning film of personal integrity and courage exposes the chilling reality behind big businesses intent on making a any cost.

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Camila Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $88.99
List price: $29.95


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Rosarigasinos ( aka GANGS FROM ROSARIO)

Rosarigasinos ( aka GANGS FROM ROSARIO) Lowest new price: $5.25
Lowest used price: $4.15
List price: $11.64

Writer-Director Rodrigo Grande directs this critically acclaimed film about two gangsters trying to adjust to society after spending half their lives behind bars. ROSARIGASINOS (aka GANGS FROM ROSARIO) stars Federico Luppi and Ulises Dumont as Tito and Castor, two thieves who finally get out of prison after thirty years only to find the outside world is not at all like the one they once knew. Trying to fit back in, they seek the help of old gang members and a case of hidden money they stashed away before their incarceration. The problem is, the money has gone missing and their old friends may know why it disappeared. Suspicions run high... Who took their money and how can they ever get it back? Mix one part THE GODFATHER, one part GOODFELLAS, add a dash of humor and you have ROSARIGASINOS, an engaging and humorous look at the gangster life in Argentina. SPECIAL FEATURES:
Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) Transfer - Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround - Newly Translated Removable English Subtitles - Chapter Selections

Mexico, the Frozen Revolution: The Films of Raymundo Gleyzer

Mexico, the Frozen Revolution: The Films of Raymundo Gleyzer Lowest new price: $659.99
Lowest used price: $579.99
List price: $59.95

Documentary filmmaker Raymundo Gleyzer was the founder of the Cine de la Base, a group dedicated to bringing revolutinary films to the people. In 1976, he was abducted and thrown into a concentration camp by Argentina's military dictatorship. He was one of 30,000 innocent people in these camps that were tortured and murdered. This explosive retrospective of his films reveals his commitment to social reform in Latin America--a commitment he gave his life for.
This collection features, Mexico the Frozen Revolution, which uses rare newreel footage of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata to connect the betrayal of the 1910 Mexico Revolution with the failed revolution of Gleyzer's own time. At great risk to his own safety, Gleyzer exposed corruption in the PRI--the party that governed Mexico for almost 70 years. Also included is The Traitors, Gleyzer's only fiction film, which skillfully interweaves documentary footage with fictional scenes to trace the Peronista movement during the most explosive era in Argentina's history. The third disc offers a rare opportunity to experience nine of Gleyzer's short films, including Swift, It Happened in Hualfin, Don't Forget, Don't Forgive, and the tragic The Land Burns.

Son of the Bride

Son of the Bride Lowest used price: $16.93

Rafael Belvedere (Darín) is not happy with the life he leads. He can't reach anybody's expectations. He has no ideals, he only lives for the restaurant his father founded (Alterio). He has a divorce behind him, he never took time off to see his daughter Vicky grow (Nóbile), he has no friends and prefers to elude any commitment with his girlfriend (Verbeke). Furthermore, he hasn't seen his mother in a year (Aleandro), who suffers from Alzheimer's and lives in a rest home. Rafael just wants to beleft alone. But a series of unexpected events make Rafael take a look at his situation. He'll take into account the possibility of selling the family restaurant, he'll meet again with an old childhood friend, Juan Carlos (Blanco) who, despite having a personal tragedy on his shoulders, will help him in a very particular way to reconstruct his past and recover his present. And along the way, he'llsupport his father and fulfill his mother's dream!

This magnificent Argentinean film centers on Rafael (Ricardo Darín), a restaurateur whose life is becoming a knot of stress and failing relationships. When his father, Nino (Héctor Alterio), decides that after 44 years of marriage he wants to give his wife, Norma (Norma Aleandro), the church wedding she always wanted, Rafael scoffs; Norma has advanced Alzheimer's and doesn't recognize where she is or who's around her. After Rafael has a heart attack, he realizes he has to change his life--but when he makes changes, he discovers how much of his life he'd been taking for granted, and that he may have cast aside the very things he seeks. Son of the Bride is smartly and richly written, directed with generosity and precision, and full of astonishingly full performances. The story's full of clever touches, but it never lets cleverness overwhelm humanity. Simply a superb movie. --Bret Fetzer

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Herencia Lowest used price: $4.71
Brand: Allumination

Factory sealed DVD


  • Factory sealed DVD

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