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The Official Story

The Official Story Lowest new price: $228.28
Lowest used price: $100.00
List price: $19.98

This is one of those rare political films that transcend politics with a stirring emotional story. Argentinean first-time director Luis Puenzo tells the story of a strong-willed teacher who tries to learn the true identity of her adopted daughter's father, coming to suspect that he was a political prisoner. Her political awakening is actually an emotional one as well because of her detached persona. Ironically, even though she is a teacher, she doesn't connect with people very well, thinking of history in the most abstract terms. But she learns the painful truth of present-day life. Tautly directed by Puenzo, The Official Story was a 1985 Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Film, with a riveting performance by Norma Aleandro. --Bill Desowitz

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Funny Dirty Little War

Funny Dirty Little War Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $25.12
List price: $19.95

Hector Olivera's scathing satire of Argentina's bloody political past is an acerbically funny look at the dirty tricks and terrorism in the wake of President Juan Perón's death in 1974. Federico Luppi (The Devil's Backbone) stars as the liberal city administrator of a provincial town who barricades himself in the city hall when the right wing of the Peronist movement targets him in a smear campaign. The name calling and Keystone Kops shootout begins as a farce but gets darker and deadlier as a fascist goon squad starts executing "subversives" and torturing prisoners, and the local activist youth group turns terrorist guerrilla brigade. Simultaneously horrifying and hilarious, Olivera deftly twists the satirical knife (both sides chant "Viva Perón" while killing their former friends and neighbors) without losing the black humor, the gut-wrenching irony, or the humanity of the victims. --Sean Axmaker

36 Pasos

36 Pasos Lowest new price: $2.95
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $6.69
Brand: Maya Entertainment
Model: 812034010746

Just three simple rules to stay alive: silence, obedience and happiness. How hard can that be? Well, for six beautiful young women, not following the rules can cost them their lives. Their kidnapper is a cranky coat-wearing man child who uses a hatchet to keep them inspired. There are just 36 steps between horror and freedom. Will they make it?


  • Six girls are trapped in a Hitchcock style birthday party. As captives of a diabolical family their own lives depend on the success of the party. 36 Pasos is an explosive mix of horror, action, and black comedy. Run time: 99 min Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HORROR Rating: NR Age: 812034010746 UPC: 812034010746 Manufacturer No: 812034010746

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Familia Rodante

Familia Rodante Lowest new price: $8.79
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $11.63
Brand: Universal Music

When an Argentinean grandmother is invited to a wedding of a distant niece, she invites the whole family to accompany her.


  • Factory sealed DVD

Los Muertos

Los Muertos Lowest new price: $26.43
Lowest used price: $22.79
List price: $26.44

Beautifully shot in the Argentine jungle, LOS MUERTOS is a coolly hypnotic and elegantly austere investigation into the boundaries between nature and civilization--and the violence that lurks within both.
An old man named Vargas is released from prison. Seemingly anxious to get lost, Vargas buys a canoe and heads downriver. He methodically relieves himself of clothing and money along the way, allowing the jungle to reclaim him.
Filmmaker Lisandro Alonso (La Libertad) refuses to explain his themes and metaphors-- the isolation of the Argentine jungle; the path from guilt to absolution; the reintegration into civilization by an ex-criminal preferring his audiences to luxuriate in the sensual sights and vivid sounds of the tropics. Alonso, one of the most talented and distinct voices of Argentinian cinema, boldly explores an inner world that is revealed through nature, but with unsettling implications.

Winner-Venice Film Festival Intl. Critics Prize
Winner-Torino Film Festival Best Film
Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival
Official Selection of the Toronto Film Festival
Winner-Vienna Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Mexico: The Frozen Revolution

Mexico: The Frozen Revolution Brand: FACETS VIDEO

Documentary filmmaker Raymundo Gleyzer was the founder of the Cine de la Base, a group dedicated to bringing revolutionary films to the people. In 1976, he was abducted and thrown into a concentration camp by Argentina s military dictatorship, then tortured and murdered by a paramilitary group operating within Argentina's military dictatorship. MEXICO: THE FROZEN REVOLUTION, his best-known film, reveals his commitment to social change in Latin America.
Using rare newsreel footage of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, Gleyzer connected the betrayal of the 1910 Mexican Revolution with the failure of revolution in his own time. At risk to his own safety, he then exposed the PRI--the party that governed Mexico for almost 70 years as corrupt. Also included on this DVD are the shorts films, THE LAND BURNS and IT HAPPENED IN HUALFIN.

The Traitors

The Traitors Lowest new price: $18.49
Lowest used price: $11.50
List price: $25.55

Raymundo Gleyzer s only fictional film, THE TRAITORS is a compelling political thriller about a trade unionist corrupted by his rise to power. Skillfully weaving documentary and fictional sequences, THE TRAITORS covers the Peronistas movement Argentina s most explosive political era.
Gleyzer founded Cine de la Base, a group dedicated to bringing revolutionary films to the people. In 1976, he was abducted and thrown into a concentration camp by Argentina s military dictatorship, then tortured and murdered. THE TRAITORS reveals his commitment to using film to prompt social change.


  • Factory sealed DVD

Nobody's Wife

Nobody's Wife Lowest new price: $29.94
Lowest used price: $8.75
List price: $29.95

Maria Luisa Bemberg directs this stirring film about a woman undergoing a drastic life change after leaving her family due to her husband's extramarital affairs. Deeply wounded emotionally, she struggles to adjust, but eventually finds a new job, new home and new lovers. Regardless, she is still torn between her old existence and her new, independent life.


  • Factory sealed DVD

Amando A Maradona/Loving Maradona

Amando A Maradona/Loving Maradona Lowest new price: $23.19
Lowest used price: $0.99
Brand: Image Entertainment

En SUS palabras... la historia de su vida

Sin duda alguna, Diego Armando Maradona es uno de los más grandes y admirados futbolistas en la historia. Contada en sus propias palabras y las de innumerables fans y seres queridos, AMANDO A MARADONA e

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Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone

Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone Lowest new price: $35.84
Lowest used price: $8.95

An alien virus being tested by the FBI infects a small town, transforming people into killer mutant zombies. The FBI decides to isolate the town from the rest of the world. But this is a decision that a few survivors will not accept. John West, a pro wrestler, Bill Johnson, a medical student, and Max Giggs, a computer nerd, engage in a brutal combat with thousands of zombies as they search for a map that contains details on the only existing exit. Over-the-top action/zombie flick akin to Peter Jackson's Dead Alive and the blood-drenched trappings of the Evil Dead series!

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