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Dostana Lowest new price: $7.99
Lowest used price: $0.85
List price: $11.99
Brand: Yash Raj Films

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Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India

Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India Lowest used price: $4.91
List price: $26.95

Queen Victoria's India. The year is 1893. Champaner... a small farming village in Central India. Onthe outskirts of the village stands a British cantonment, commanded by Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne)- an arrogant and capricious man who wields the power of life and death over the villages under his jurisdiction. LAGAAN - a story of a battle without bloodshed. Fought by a group of unlikely heroes led by Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), an enigmatic young farmer with courage born of conviction - and a dream in his heart. Helped by Elizabeth (Rachel Shelley), an English rose who came to India and lost her heart, and Bhuvan's pillar of strength, Gauri (Gracy Singh), the young and perky village girl who dreams only of a home with the man she loves. A story of extraordinary circumstances thrust upon ordinary people.

Would you believe the most enchanting musical of the year is an almost four-hour-long epic about a ragtag group of 19th-century Indian farmers who form a cricket team to take on an arrogant British captain? The old-fashioned Hollywood musical is alive and well in India's Bollywood industry, where the joyful explosion of music and dance and innocent romance abounds in sweeping epics. In this infectious tale of bloodless revolution, the underdog outcasts and oddballs of a fractured village pull together into a unified team to take on the oppressive colonial Brits at their own game. Think The Longest Yard meets The Seven Samurai by way of Rudyard Kipling, with cricket bats, choreographed dance numbers, romantic triangles, and a rousing call to solidarity. There are no surprises, but what spirit, what color, what good fun! --Sean Axmaker

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Shree 420

Shree 420 Lowest new price: $10.20
Lowest used price: $18.99
List price: $19.95

Wearing torn Japanese shoes, English trousers, a red Russian cap, and a Hindustani heart, orphaned Ranbir Raj comes to Bombay to make his fortune. He pawns his gold medal, gambles with the money, loses everything, & the balance is pick-pocketed. He ends up on the beach, meets with Vidya Shastri, a teacher who runs a private school, and both fall in love. Ranbir gets a job in a laundry. When he goes to deliver some clothes to Maya, she notices that he has a way with cards, gets him to accompany her to a casino of sorts, where he wins Rs.20000/-, which unfortunately is pocketed by Maya. Then a rich industrialist, Sonanand Dharmachand, approaches Ranbir, hires him to work for him, and soon Ranbir is on his way to a wealthy life. Vidya gets a first hand look at this wealthy life, and decides to break up with him. Sonachand teaches Ranbir that in order to make money one must never discriminate between the rich and poor. So they set out to offer homes to the homeless for Rs.100/-. Watch what happens when Ranbir finds out that Sonachand has been setting him up to be the fall guy

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Rangeela Lowest new price: $3.90
Lowest used price: $3.89
List price: $6.99

A poor young woman, who dreams of Bollywood fame, is caught in a love triangle between her childhood friend and a famous actor.

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Karan Arjun

Karan Arjun Lowest new price: $5.90
Lowest used price: $5.74
List price: $8.99

Rakesh Roshan's KARAN ARJUN is about faith & reincarntion. Durga's (Rakhee) sons, Karan (Salman Khan) & Arjun (Shahrukh Khan) are murdered by Dhurjan Singh (Amrish Puri). When Durga's pleas to bring Karan Arjun back to life are heard by the Goddess Kali, the two brothers are reborn in different families. Karan as Ajay, grows up to be a boxer & goes to work for Saxena (Ranjeet), Dhurjan Singh's partner in crime. Arjun as Vijay, grows up to work with horses and falls in love with Sonia (Kajol), Saxena's daughter and Dhurjan Singh's soon to be daughter-in-law. By divine intervention Ajay & Vijay realize they are Karan Arjun, and return to their mother Durga in 'Malakhera' to take revenge upon Dhurjan Singh. Will Karan & Arjun succeed this time in defeating Dhurjan Singh?

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Lowest new price: $9.25
Lowest used price: $7.02
List price: $8.49
Brand: Yashraj Films
Model: YRD-60230

Shy, introverted, and kind-hearted Surinder Sahni is an office worker for Punjab Power. He quietly falls in love with the daughter of his former professor, beautiful and vivacious Tania Gupta, whom he first sees during the preparations for her wedding. Upon their first meeting however, Taani jokingly berates and blames him for setting an impossible set of standards that she was never able to meet as a child. A short while later, Taani's father suffers a heart attack when the entire wedding party learns that her fiance and his family were killed in a traffic accident. Fearing that Taani will be alone in the world, the professor asks Suri to marry her. Suri concedes; Taani tearfully agrees only to please her father. However, Taani tells him that while she will try to be a good wife, she can never love him due to having no love left within her. Suri still continues to indulge her every desire. This includes frequent visits..


  • Original Yashraj Films DVD

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FIRE Lowest used price: $45.95


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Yeshwant Lowest new price: $8.99
Lowest used price: $39.99
List price: $8.99


When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Pather Panchali

Pather Panchali Lowest new price: $69.95
Lowest used price: $49.99
List price: $29.95

One of the greatest directors of modern cinema, Satyajit Ray became an instant success with his debut film, PATHER PANCHALI (Song of the Little Road). The first Indian film to ever become a hit in the West, PATHER PANCHALI is the moving story of a rural family cursed with bad luck. Father Hari is adreamer and poet, while his hard-working wife struggles to feed the family. But Durga, a free-spirited and petty thief, brings tragedy to the family in a moment's carelessness. Awarded many prizes atfilm festivals all over the world, PATHER PANCHALI catapulted Satyajit Ray to international acclaimand launched one of the cinema's most distinguished careers.

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13 B (Bollywood Movie / Hindi Film / Indian Cinema / DVD)

13 B (Bollywood Movie / Hindi Film / Indian Cinema / DVD) Lowest new price: $7.99
Lowest used price: $19.44
Model: 13b

Single Disc Dvd With English Subtitles

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