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Yanni - Live at the Acropolis

Yanni - Live at the Acropolis Lowest new price: $9.21
Lowest used price: $1.22
List price: $11.98
Brand: YANNI
Model: 3141349

DVD version of the longform video of his PBS Special. Yanni performs with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Also contains interviews, behind-the-scenes/making of the video footage and music not found on the album of the same name



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Zorba The Greek

Zorba The Greek Lowest new price: $6.60
Lowest used price: $2.11
List price: $16.95

A lusty Greek peasant shows a British writer how to live and run a lignite mine. Best supporting Oscar for Lila Kedrova.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Antigone Lowest new price: $18.84
Lowest used price: $13.93
List price: $19.91
Brand: Kino Video
Model: 2254844

Sophocles' immortal tragedy Antigone receives a definitive cinematic interpretation in this 1961 film. Irene Papas (Z, The Trojan Women, The Guns Of Navarone) heads a cast of over 500 actors of the Greek stage and screen, joined by soldiers and horsemen of the Greek Royal Guard. Performing in the original Greek, Papas and, in particular, Manos Katrakis as the tyrannical Theban King Creon, embody Sophocles' timeless themes with earthy conviction and irresistible passion. In the aftermath of a bloody civil war that fatally pitted both her brothers against each other, Antigone (Papas), daughter of Oedipus, picks through the carnage outside the gates of Thebes in search of her fallen siblings' bodies. Vowing to bury both men, Antigone defies a direct edict from Thebes ' King Creon that Antigone's rebel brother remain unsanctioned for having led the insurrection. Antigone's defiance of Creon and devotion to her shattered family divides the city of Thebes, threatens her sister's betrothal to Creon's son and invokes the wrath of a king willing to defy the gods themselves to satisfy his selfish vengeance. But by condemning Antigone, Creon unwittingly doomed himself to a sentence far crueler than any punishment he could inflict on his enemies. While remaining faithful to the original text, director Georges Tzavellas interprets Antigone as an intimate black and white epic that recalls Orsen Welles' Macbeth and Laurence Oliver's filmed Hamlet. As relevant now as it was in the fourth century BC, Antigone's riche tapestry, love and fate comes vividly to life in this superior film adaption.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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The Trojan Women

The Trojan Women Lowest new price: $17.22
Lowest used price: $16.19
List price: $18.35
Model: 2254843

For this ambitious screen version of one of the most powerful works of classic Greek theater, director Michael Cacoyannis (Zorba The Greek, The Cherry Orchid) "unleashes the talents of four of the screen's most exciting actresses" (NY Daily News). Four time Oscar winner Katharine Hepburn (The Lion In Winter, A Delicate Balance), Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave (Julia), Oscar nominee Genevieve Bujold (Anne Of The Thousand Days) seamlessly mesh into an unprecedented ensemble cast that "one could never hope to see on stage" (Pauline Kael, New Yorker). After their ten-year siege, the victorious Greek army seeks to curse those Trojans whom fate has yet spared. Separated from their children, denied their mourning and destined for slavery, the women of fallen Troy huddle within the parched wreckage of their once glorious city. Beautiful Cassandra (Bujold) is betrothed against her will despite her vanishing sanity. Andromache (Redgrave) discovers her son is to be executed to and end her royal bloodline. Helen (papas) desperately wields the arrogant beauty that leveled a city as she pleads for hr life. But it is Hecuba (Hepburn), widowed queen of Troy, whose enduring dignity and unfaltering strength makes cowards of Troy's captors


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Rembetiko: Special Edition

Rembetiko: Special Edition Lowest new price: $19.98
Lowest used price: $19.97
List price: $19.99
Model: Rembetiko

REMBETIKO sparked a rediscovery of rembetika music, the Greek blues. This passionate, soulful music, born of the plight and pain of the poor, captured the hearts and imaginations of the Greek people. Costas Ferris s classic film is the tale of a Greek singer s remarkable career from the backstreet taverns of Pireas to the nightclubs of Chicago.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Young Aphrodites

Young Aphrodites Lowest new price: $10.91
Lowest used price: $9.91
List price: $17.55

Parallel stories of Eros set in 200 B.C. Nomadic shepherds, plagued by drought, happen on a fishing encampment with plentiful fresh water. The local men are away but will return when it rains; the shepherds stay to refresh their flock until the rain comes. A shepherd lad and a local girl, both on the verge of puberty, start a mating dance. Also, one of the shepherds approaches a beautiful local woman, inviting her to sleep with him. How will she respond? She's married, her husband at sea for the week. Is love forever or temporary? A subtext dramatizes the capture of fish, birds, foxes, and other animals: their fates seem arbitrary.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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The 10th Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom Lowest new price: $18.15
Lowest used price: $1.50
List price: $14.98

At the edge of the mortal world lies a mystical vortex which leads to the Nine Kingdoms a fantastic land where fairy tales are reinvented... and not with happily-ever-after results! An evil queen (Dianne Wiest) has just doomed Prince Wendell (Daniel Lapaine) to life as a dog. His quest to recapture the throne leads him through a portal to the mythical Tenth Kingdom... Central Park! With the help of ordinary mortals Virginia (Kimberly Williams) and Tony (John Larroquette) they battle evil in a parallel universe of vile trolls goblins and every fairy tale character imaginable. Stunning visual effects and a stellar cast include Scott Cohen Rutger Hauer Camryn Manheim and Ed O'Neill dominates this epic adventure that will enchant audiences of all ages.System Requirements:Starring: Ann-Margret Scott Cohen Rutger Hauer John Larroquette Camryn Manheim and Ed O'Neill Directed By: David Carson and Herbert Wise Running Time: 417 minutes Color Presented in "Standard" formatFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: NR UPC: 707729127185 Manufacturer No: 12718

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Never on Sunday

Never on Sunday Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $22.51
List price: $14.98

Nominated* for five Academy AwardsÂ(r), including Best Actress, Director and Original Screenplay, and featuring the OscarÂ(r)-winning* song "Never on Sunday," this "racy, arty comedy"(The Hollywood Reporter) is as intoxicating as fine Greek wine...and a "rambunctious" (Time) delight! Glasses are smashing, fingers are snapping and everyone's dancing to the sultry music of the bouzoukies! It's just another glorious moment in the carefree world of Illia (Melina Mercouri), Greece's most radiant lady of the night. Sensuous Illia adores her life, and every man in her seaport paradise adores her. But when Homer (Jules Dassin), a stuffy American intellectual, sails into town and tries to reform her, Illia shows him that she's one free spirit who's happy with her wild life and not about to be tamed. *1960: Original Song (won), Costume Design

Thirty-two years before My Big Fat Greek Wedding brought Greek-American culture to a mainstream audience, Never on Sunday took mainstream culture to Greece, with similarly popular results. Expatriate director Jules Dassin wrote, directed, and costars in this vibrant and (in retrospect) rather simple-minded celebration of good living, as embodied by the vivacious Melina Mercouri in the Cannes award-winning role of her career. She's Ilya, a fiercely independent prostitute who hand-picks her clientele, and Dassin plays Homer, an American intellectual enamored of all things Greek, and determined to steer Ilya onto the straight and moral path. He's out of his depth, of course; it's not long before his efforts are exposed as naively self-serving, and half the fun of Never on Sunday comes from watching Mercouri amiably deflect any attempt to dampen her indomitable spirit. Innocently good-natured by latter-day standards, Dassin's delightful film still retains its popular charm, and its familiar bouzouki theme is an irresistible invitation to join in the fun. --Jeff Shannon

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Electra Lowest new price: $28.65
Lowest used price: $14.90
List price: $14.98

From "one of the world's most talented filmmakers" (Los Angeles Times) comes this riveting, OscarÂ(r)-nominated* retelling of Euripides' searing classic. Written, produced and directedby Michael Cacoyannis (Stella, Zorba the Greek), and starring legendary Greek beauty Irene Papas (The Trojan Women), Electra is "majestic and awesome" (The New York Times)"a truly powerful and visually impressive picture" (Boxoffice). Desolationand despair reign supreme in the kingdom of Mycenae: The great Agamemnon has been brutally murdered; his son, Orestes, has fled to an unknown land; and his daughter Electra has been imprisoned withinthe very walls of the castle she once loved so well. All hope seems lost until the sacred oracle speaks and replaces Electra's broken spirit with an unquenchable desire for justiceand bloody vengeance! *1962: Foreign Language Film

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The 11th Day - Greek & English Multilanguage Edition

The 11th Day - Greek & English Multilanguage Edition Lowest used price: $52.93
List price: $24.95




On May 20, 1941, thousands of elite Nazi paratroopers assaulted the island of Crete. It was the beginning of the Battle of Crete--the largest Nazi airborne operation of World War II. They had expected to control the island within a few days; after all, they only needed to occupy Paris for a week before France surrendered. What they hadn't expected was that the men, women, and even children of Crete would fight them to their dying breath. Together with hundreds of stranded soldiers from England, Australia, and New Zealand, and a handful of British special operations commandos who had parachuted in to help, the Cretan resistance dealt Nazi Germany one of its most crippling defeats of the entire war. They would even kidnap the German commandant of Crete, General Kreipe--the famous operation masterminded and led by British Special Operations officer Patrick Leigh Fermor. It was the only successful kidnapping of a German general throughout the war.

With dramatic re-creations and over 20 veterans interviewed from Crete, England, Australia, and New Zealand, including Leigh Fermor himself, The 11th Day is a heart-pounding adventure story about courage, faith, and heroism...a story that is all the more remarkable because it is history.

"Until now, we knew that Greeks were fighting like heroes; from now on we shall say that the heroes fight like Greeks." --Winston Churchill

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