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Electra Lowest new price: $20.00
Lowest used price: $11.99
List price: $14.98

From "one of the world's most talented filmmakers" (Los Angeles Times) comes this riveting, OscarÂ(r)-nominated* retelling of Euripides' searing classic. Written, produced and directedby Michael Cacoyannis (Stella, Zorba the Greek), and starring legendary Greek beauty Irene Papas (The Trojan Women), Electra is "majestic and awesome" (The New York Times)"a truly powerful and visually impressive picture" (Boxoffice). Desolationand despair reign supreme in the kingdom of Mycenae: The great Agamemnon has been brutally murdered; his son, Orestes, has fled to an unknown land; and his daughter Electra has been imprisoned withinthe very walls of the castle she once loved so well. All hope seems lost until the sacred oracle speaks and replaces Electra's broken spirit with an unquenchable desire for justiceand bloody vengeance! *1962: Foreign Language Film

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Blind Date

Blind Date Lowest new price: $38.39
Lowest used price: $17.95
List price: $9.99

Accidentally blinded, John Ratcliff (Joseph Bottoms) has a "seeing eye" computer chip implanted directly into his brain, only to witness a murder and see the serial killer--but only in bold outline. The cat and mouse game begins in this riveting shocker featuring Kirstie Alley, "Star Trek: The Next Generation's" Marina Sirtis, and "2001: A Space Odyseey's" Keir Dullea. Now available for the first time in Nico Mastorakis' director's cut, "Blind Date" has been newly remastered and features extensive bonus material including never before seen footage of Kirstie Alley's daring love scene.

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Evil Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $0.85
List price: $6.99
Brand: TLA Releasing

Comic horror by Greek director Yorgos Noussias. When an evil force is awakened in downtown Athens, transforming the unsuspecting citizens into raving zombies, the few survivors must fight hard for their lives...


  • Brand Name: TLA RELEASING Mfg#: 807839002638
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  • Genre: HORROR
  • All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.

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From the Edge of the City

From the Edge of the City Lowest new price: $42.99
Lowest used price: $8.00
List price: $42.99

Buff and barely eighteen, Sasha lives outside Athens. At night, he and his friends go to the city to work as male prostitutes. Everyday they endure johns, drug dealers and pimps as they desperately try to survive in a country that is not their own.

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Ulysses' Gaze

Ulysses' Gaze Lowest new price: $89.95
Lowest used price: $33.00
List price: $19.98

Quick Shipping !!! New And Sealed !!! This Disc WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. A multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player is request to view it in USA/Canada. Please Review Description.

The Greek director Theo Angelopoulos, winner of the top prize at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival for Eternity and a Day, will never build an audience of casual filmgoers. But then he doesn't mean to. Demanding, difficult, portentous, Angelopoulos makes films in his own deliberate style: sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes mystifying. When he's at his best, as in the beautiful and devastating Landscape in the Mist, the results can be spellbinding. Ulysses' Gaze is a typically fascinating, typically long (three hours) work. Harvey Keitel, moving through the film at an intense murmur, plays a Greek filmmaker known only as "A." After many years in America, he returns home for an odyssey in search of some early film footage shot in the Balkans, a quest that leads him through that war-torn area and finally into the bombed-out city of Sarajevo. Angelopoulos establishes such a dreamlike rhythm, and his images (like a giant stone head of Lenin, floating down a river) are so striking, that adventurous filmgoers should find this experience absorbing, if enigmatic. On the other hand, Roger Ebert described Ulysses' Gaze as "a numbing bore." But even he would probably admit that no one else on earth makes movies quite like Theo Angelopoulos. --Robert Horton

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Triple Agent

Triple Agent Lowest new price: $24.99
Lowest used price: $5.99
List price: $24.99

True lies are given a historical spin in Eric Rohmer's invigoratingly ambitious Triple Agent. A period tragedy in the vein of the octogenarian French New Wave director's The Lady And The Duke, it's very loosely based on the true story of White Russian Army general Fyodor (Serge Renko) who played a triply duplicitous role as a spy in 30s France, deceiving not only Marxists, Soviets and Fascists but also his long-suffering wife Arsinoé (Katerina Didaskalou) until the forces of history finally caught up with him.


  • Directed by Eric Rohmer, TRIPLE AGENT is a 1930s-era thriller that focuses on the activities of a devious Russian spy. Rohmer guides his cast through some though-provoking material as Marxists, Fascists, and other groups fall under the watchful gaze of the spy, with most of the action based on actual accounts of undercover activities from the period. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: FOREIGN Ra

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Young Aphrodites

Young Aphrodites Lowest new price: $13.23
Lowest used price: $10.75
List price: $24.98
Model: 4989286

Parallel stories of Eros set in 200 B.C. Nomadic shepherds, plagued by drought, happen on a fishing encampment with plentiful fresh water. The local men are away but will return when it rains; the shepherds stay to refresh their flock until the rain comes. A shepherd lad and a local girl, both on the verge of puberty, start a mating dance. Also, one of the shepherds approaches a beautiful local woman, inviting her to sleep with him. How will she respond? She's married, her husband at sea for the week. Is love forever or temporary? A subtext dramatizes the capture of fish, birds, foxes, and other animals: their fates seem arbitrary.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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The 11th Day - Greek & English Multilanguage Edition

The 11th Day - Greek & English Multilanguage Edition List price: $24.95




On May 20, 1941, thousands of elite Nazi paratroopers assaulted the island of Crete. It was the beginning of the Battle of Crete--the largest Nazi airborne operation of World War II. They had expected to control the island within a few days; after all, they only needed to occupy Paris for a week before France surrendered. What they hadn't expected was that the men, women, and even children of Crete would fight them to their dying breath. Together with hundreds of stranded soldiers from England, Australia, and New Zealand, and a handful of British special operations commandos who had parachuted in to help, the Cretan resistance dealt Nazi Germany one of its most crippling defeats of the entire war. They would even kidnap the German commandant of Crete, General Kreipe--the famous operation masterminded and led by British Special Operations officer Patrick Leigh Fermor. It was the only successful kidnapping of a German general throughout the war.

With dramatic re-creations and over 20 veterans interviewed from Crete, England, Australia, and New Zealand, including Leigh Fermor himself, The 11th Day is a heart-pounding adventure story about courage, faith, and heroism...a story that is all the more remarkable because it is history.

"Until now, we knew that Greeks were fighting like heroes; from now on we shall say that the heroes fight like Greeks." --Winston Churchill

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The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard Lowest new price: $18.10
Lowest used price: $9.70
List price: $22.99
Brand: Kino International

Acclaimed international director Michael Cacoyannis (Zorba the Greek) and a dream cast of British screen talent revive Anton Chekhov's masterpiece of imprisonment in wealth and regret. Working from his own translation, Cacoyannis expands and condenses The Cherry Orchard with a fidelity that preserves Chekhov's emotional extravaganza and unblinking eye for human frailty. In pre-Revolutionary Russia, Madam Ranevskaya (Charlotte Rampling) returns to her decaying estate after an exile in Paris. Ranevskaya's dissolute brother Gaev (Alan Bates), her insecure adopted daughter Varya (the late Katrin Cartlidge in one of her final film roles) and dotty butler Feers (Michael Gough) are as ill-prepared for the grim financial realities that threaten their existence as Raneskaya is. At stake are the estate and its beloved cherry orchard, the pride of this extended family of aristocrats and freed serfs. As spring gives way to summer and memory threatens reason, the family must either find their footing in a Russia turned upside down or flounder in a sea of longing and doubt, a bittersweet luxury that they can literally no longer afford. Rampling (The Night Porter, Under the Sand) who the London Times declared "has rarely delivered a more exquisite performance, " imbues Raneskaya, mistress of an aristocratic dream world without predators now facing wolves at the door, with a grace and dignity rarely seen in this classic role of Russian drama. For The Cherry Orchard, Cacoyannis has liberated Bates (Gosford Park), Gough (Out of Africa), Cartlidge (Breaking the Waves) and the talented supporting cast from stage conventions, deftly shepherding them through the single most satisfying film adaptation of Chekhov's work ever made.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Angel Lowest used price: $1.25
Brand: Water Bearer Films
Model: 07273360

Angel is George Katakouzinos' ground breaking, boldly told tragedy of innocence betrayed. The first openly gay film in Greek history to have received major theatrical distribution both domestically and abroad. Angel has garnered both international and critical acclaim and numerous prestigious international awards including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Screenplay prizes at the Greek equivalent of the Oscars, Thessalonkiki Film Festival 1982. Angel, a young handsome Athenian attempts to escape his abusive father and the grinding poverty of his daily life by falling in love with a macho sailor who promises Angel a better life. But survival on the margins proves risky and difficult so Angels' lover persuades him to work the streets as a transvestite prostitute in order to make ends meet. After a series of dangerous and humiliating encounters, Angel revolts in a sudden burst of shocking and cathartic violence. Set in a Greece Tourists rarely see, Angel beautifully spotlights a nocturnal Athens of street hustlers and garish bars. Seen by almost one Greek in twenty, Angel is one of the most successful films in Greek History.

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