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Rose's Songs

Rose's Songs Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $19.95
List price: $29.95

Budapest, Fall 1944, and the Jewish residents of the Hungarian capital helplessly await a tragic fate. However, there is one house in the city that defies the horror. To bear the unbearable, an extrordinary voice gives the strength to the Jews in hiding. The magical voice is that of Irme Rose, the world famous Jewish opera singer. He never leaves his room up high in a tower, yet every evening his voice can be heard throughout the neighborhood. As long as he sings, all is not lost.


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Underground Lowest used price: $9.98
List price: $29.95
Model: 09626447

This sprawling, exhausting, deeply moving Palme d'Or winner represents the pinnacle of Serbian director Emir Kusturica's considerable abilities, and what is easily one of the best cinematic achievements of the 1990s. It encapsulates 50 turbulent years of Yugoslavian history, from the outbreak of World War II in the 1940s to the destruction of this once-great nation in the 1990s. \n When we first meet Marko (Miki Manojlovic) and Blacky (Lazar Ristovski), it's hard to take these jokers seriously. All they want to do is party their lives away. But the Nazi shelling of Belgrade changes everything, and the resourceful duo comes up with an ingenious plan--one will stay aboveground while the other goes underground. The arrangement represents an ideal opportunity for all concerned: Blacky, his wife, and the rest of their friends and neighbors will be protected from the chaos going on above, while Marko and the lovely Natalija (Mira Sorvino look-alike Mirjana Jokovic) will sell the weapons they're making down below. Everyone will share in the profits. \n But Marko commits the ultimate act of betrayal--against Blacky and the rest of his subterranean comrades. This sort of deception can only lead to tragedy, and Kusturica doesn't spare us the details. In fact, it's his eye for detail that makes "Underground" such a memorable experience--the perfect note his cast strikes between the extremes of physical comedy, passionate romance, and mortal pain, the insidiously infectious brass-heavy score and the strikingly colorful images. \n "Underground" is basically a parable, and doesn't always adhere to the laws of physics. It isn't for the literal-minded, the impatient, or the partisan. It's loud, it's long, and it isn't for the easily offended. It may just also be one of the saddest movies ever made and stands as a fitting tribute to a country that exists only in the hearts and minds of its former residents. "--Kathleen C. Fennessy"

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Platzkonzert: Imre Dosza, Adel Orosz, Ferenc Havas, Gabriella Lakatos, and Gyula Harangozo are featured in this performance of the Johann Strauss work with Gedeon Frater conducting the Ballet and Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera. Die Listigen Studen


Divan Lowest new price: $99.99
Lowest used price: $54.99
List price: $29.95

Pearl Gluck travels to Hungary to retrieve a turn-of-the-century family heirloom: a couch upon which esteemed rabbis once slept. En route for the ancestral divan, Pearl encounters a colorful cast of characters who provide guidance and inspiration. (Zeitgeist Films)

Forbidden Relations

Forbidden Relations Lowest new price: $29.95
List price: $29.95

In this astonishing film based on a true story, a brother and a sister fall in love and become lovers. But for "Forbidden Relations" - a shocking, original, and beautiful film - incest is just a beginning. Juli becomes pregnant and Gyorgy is sentenced t

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The Red and The White

The  Red and The White Lowest used price: $470.22
Brand: Kino Video

Banned for many years in the USSR, Hungarian director Miklos Jancso's masterful The Red and the White is a haunting, powerful film about the absurdity and evil of war. Set in Central Russia during the Civil War of 1918, the story details the murderous entanglements between Russia's Red soldiers and the counter-revolutionary Whites in the hills along the Volga. The epic conflict moves with skillful speed from a deserted monastery to a riverbank hospital to a final, unforgettable hillside massacre. The director of such Hungarian cinema classics as Silence and Cry (1968), My Way Home (1967), Jancso here creates what many believe to be his finest work. The Red and the White is a moving visual feast where very inch of the cinemascope frame is used to magnificent effect. With his brilliant use of exceptionally long takes, vast and unchanging landscapes and Tames Somlo's hypnotic black and white photography, Jancso gives the film the quality of a surreal nightmare. In the director's uncompromising world, people lose all sense of identity and become hopeless pawns in the ultimate game of chance.



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Abandoned Lowest new price: $69.99
Lowest used price: $45.94

Nine-year-old Aron finds himself abandoned at a bleak orphanage by his recently divorced and despondent father. The ultra-strict nature of the institution comes as a complete shock to the boy, and he must frequently endure beatings both from the staff and the other boys. He finds solace in a special relationship with his young classmate Attila. And that sexual awakening gives him the courage to lead his peers in revolt. In Hungarian with English subtitles.

Awards / Festivals: Best Foreign Language Film - Official Academy Awards entry from Hungary, Grand Prize - Montreal World Film Festival, Alfred Bauer Award - Berlin International Film Festival - Official Selections: Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney International Film Festivals (among many others)

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White Palms (Widescreen Edition)

White Palms (Widescreen Edition) Lowest new price: $13.48
Lowest used price: $3.49
List price: $19.99

Having suffered as a boy under a brutal Communist-era coach, champion Hungarian gymnast Miklos moves to Canada years later in search of a new start, only to find himself unwittingly perpetuating the very same cycle of abuse among his own pupils. Redemption appears in the unlikely form of Kyle, a troubled, young Canadian teen with the potential to become a world champion. The friendship and rivalry between teacher and student each played by actual gymnasts (one, Kyle Shewfelt, an Olympic medallist) forms the basis of this gripping, resonant sports drama. Beautifully shot and edited, effortlessly evoking its respective time-periods, and through them, the clash of different cultures and values, WHITE PALMS made its international premiere in Directors Fortnight at Cannes.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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The Porcelain Doll

The Porcelain Doll Lowest new price: $21.99
Lowest used price: $8.98
List price: $29.95
Brand: MPI

Director Peter Gardos (THE LAST BLUES) interweaves three whimsical fables of Hungarian rural life in this award-winning drama. Adapted Taken from the novel STAR FARM by Hungarian writer Ervin Lazar, the stories focus on life, death, and resurrection. The first involves a gawky but athletic teenager who bests a series of visiting soldiers in various athletic competitions. In the second, a visiting state official promises he can resurrect the dead, prompting the villagers to exhume four bodies with startling results. Finally, an elderly couple outwits the authorities who want them to relocate with a highly unusual trick. Gardos combines a variety of camera tricks and visual techniques to produce a trio of tales with thought-provoking endings reminiscent of O.Henry or Rod Serling. Taking place between the 1930s and 1950s, the tales serve as allegories for the historical events of the 20th century.


  • Factory sealed DVD


Adoption Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $17.77
List price: $29.98
Brand: Kino International
Model: Adoption

Widowed, financially secure and involved with a married man, forty-three year old Kata yearns for the motherhood she instinctively knows will push her out of personal ambivalence. Though having little in common, Kata befriends Anna, a rebellious teenage girl consigned to a woman's shelter and unaccustomed to anything more than perfunctory charity. In spite of mind games and harsh words, an unlikely bond grows between the two women. Kata's yearning for the clarity of motherhood inadvertently exposes the vulnerability underneath Anna's cynical bad-girl exterior: As their relationship grows, Kata probes the limits of her middle-aged limbo just as Anna resists the suffocation of a youth stripped of hope.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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