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Ray Charles Live - In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony

Ray Charles Live - In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Lowest new price: $4.79
Lowest used price: $1.65
List price: $14.98
Brand: Koch International
Model: 2263567

This DVD was recorded on January 27, 1981 in Edmonton, Alberta at Jubilee Auditorium. It captures Ray Charles at his finest as a live performer, and includes performances of classics "Hit The Road Jack", "Georgia On My Mind", "And Take These Chains From My Heart", mixed in both stereo and Dolby Surround 5.1.

Track Listing:
1. Riding Thumb
2. Busted
3. Georgia On My Mind
4. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
5. Some Enchanted Evening
6. Hit The Road Jack
7. I Can't Stop Loving You
8. Take These Chains From My Heart
9. I Can See Clearly Now
10. What'd I Say
11. America The Beautiful
12. Long Gone Lonesome
13. Steel Guitar Rag
14. Let's Fall In Love

There's no such thing as a bad song as long as it's sung by the late Ray Charles, and Live at the Jubilee Auditorium Canada offers yet more irrefutable evidence of that. This concert, recorded in 1981, has its flaws; it's brief (48 minutes, no bonus features), and hearing Charles with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in a big, formal venue with a rather listless audience isn't exactly ideal. But Charles, the man who's rightly credited with "inventing" soul music, always had an inimitable way with a song. On the one hand, he transforms a relatively unfamiliar choice, Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Oh What a Beautiful Morning," from a gentle waltz into a rousing, funky romp ("Some Enchanted Evening," another tune by that team, is marred by an awful disco beat). On the other hand, even if he performed "Georgia on My Mind," "Hit the Road Jack," "What'd I Say," and "I Can't Stop Loving You" literally thousands of times, the man was incapable of merely going through the motions. He adds little vocal inflections and filigree that help make the hoariest of standards sound fresh--check out "What'd I Say," where a long, funny intro (Ray yodels!) blossoms into a cooking version of the tune. This may not be Ray Charles's greatest performance, but hey, any Ray is good Ray. --Sam Graham


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Alley Cat

Alley Cat Lowest new price: $30.99
Lowest used price: $22.99
List price: $7.98

In the mold of SAVAGE STREETS, MS. 45 and ANGEL, comes the ALLEY CAT! The beautiful Karin Mani stars as Billie Clark, a pretty young woman, without a care in the world...until suddenly, out of nowhere, a brutal street gang attacks her grandparents, and Billie must use her black belt prowess to fight them off. But now, marked for vengeance, it's only a matter of time before Billie's loved ones fall prey to this vicious gang of thugs.Forced to seek justice, Billie becomes like a cat, stalking her prey - and no prison, police force, boyfriend, or crooked judge can get in her way.

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A Gentleman's Game

A Gentleman's Game Lowest new price: $15.99
Lowest used price: $1.51
List price: $7.98
Brand: First Look Pictures
Model: 687797964090

A young golf prodigy is sent off by his father to caddy at an exclusive country club with the hopes of honing his son's golf skills. At the club, the young man is taught by a golf teacher with a past and comes to learn the hard values that come with privilege.

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Who Gets The House: Liking Someone Really Boils Down to Simply Making a Choice

Who Gets The House: Liking Someone Really Boils Down to Simply Making a Choice Lowest new price: $1.44
Lowest used price: $0.70
List price: $1.05
Author: Unknown

Who Gets The House: Liking Someone Really Boils Do


  • DVD
  • Activity Book

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Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave

Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave Lowest new price: $4.45
Lowest used price: $3.55
List price: $6.99
Brand: Platinum Disc Corporation
Model: 096009700294

Sit Down for an Intimate Concert with Country Music's Greatest Legend

A pale blue Cadillac travels down a long, empty freeway. The date, December 31, 1952.
It's a lonely New Year's Eve for Hank Williams as he spends it en route to a concert in Ohio. In his solitude, he dreams about the concert he'd like to give in a small country bar like the ones passing by on the highway.
Instead, Hank Williams died in the back seat of his Cadillac that night. He was just 29 years old.
Sneezy Waters performs more than twenty of Hank's hits in the show he never gave.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Doors - Soundstage Performances

Doors - Soundstage Performances Lowest new price: $8.43
Lowest used price: $1.64
List price: $9.99
Brand: PBS
Model: 2263296

The Doors Soundstage Performances are a truly unique compilation of three completely different Doors performances at three distinct stages in their career. The concept of the "Soundstage Performances" laid the way to assemble all three appearances. The majority of the material has never been seen before. Not only is it rare but it is startlingly great. Providing commentary are all three remaining Doors: Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Krieger. Even without an audience, the Doors mesmerize, playing for nothing but the cameras. Morrison still delivers electrifying performances, whether reciting poetry in Denmark proceeding "Love Me Two Times" or getting it on during "The Soft Parade" - Jim Morrison's charisma, beauty and brilliance shine during all.

Track Listing:
1. The End
2. Alabama Song
3. Back Door Man
4. Texas Radio
5. Love Me Two Times
6. When the Music's Over
7. Unknown Soldier
8. Tell all the People
9. Back Door Man
10. Wishful Sinful
11. Build Me a Woman
12. The Soft Parade

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3 Needles

3 Needles Lowest new price: $5.00
Lowest used price: $1.60
List price: $17.99
Brand: Wolfe Video
Model: WOL4257D

In China, Ping (Lucy Liu) is a pregnant young woman running a black market blood collection scam that creates a mini-epidemic in a rural village. In Montreal, Denys (Shawn Ashmore) is a porn actor hiding his positive HIV status in order to continue working and supporting his mother (Stockard Channing), who herself goes to extreme lengths to provide for the family's future. And, in Africa, Sister Clara (Chlo Sevigny) is a young novice nun driven to convert the rapidly dying Africans to Catholicism before it's too late who makes a desperate bargain with a corrupt plantation owner to help prevent the spread of HIV in the region.

Good performances by an impressive cast, some beautiful cinematography, and a relatively light touch on a heavy subject (AIDS, which is never once mentioned by name) help make 3 Needles an absorbing, provocative viewing experience. Writer-director-producer Thom Fitzgerald's 2005 film assays a global view of the pandemic, similar to Traffic's approach to the drug trade and Babel's slant on the interconnectedness of human events 'round the world (although 3 Needles is considerably less affecting than those two efforts). Using five different languages (Afrikaans, Mandarin, Xhosa, French, and English), he take us to three continents. In China, a pregnant woman (Lucy Liu) pays peasants who donate their blood (which she then sells illegally), in the process starting an mini-scourge that virtually wipes out an entire village. In Montreal, a porn actor (Shawn Ashmore) cheats on a blood test; when his mother (an excellent Stockard Channing) discovers he's HIV positive, she's driven by outrageous fortune to react in some very strange and unpredictable ways. Finally, three nuns (an unlikely combo of Olympia Dukakis, Sandra Oh, and Chloe Sevigny) set out to save souls "condemned to purgatory" by their disease; but when Sister Clara (Sevigny), who's still a novice, tries to save actual lives as well, she makes a startling bargain with the devil to do it. While much of this is quite poignant, it's to the film's credit that little or none of it is handled with excessive sententiousness, self-pity, or tragedy for its own sake. Actually, there's a good deal of gentle humor, not to mention some absolutely gorgeous shots (including Montreal in autumn and the overall geography of the unnamed coastal African country where the final scenario takes place). And the ultimate message, delivered by Dukakis in voice-over, is hauntingly simple: "Why have we not joined together at last to fight this virus?" Bonus material includes interviews, deleted scenes, and a couple of AIDS documentaries. --Sam Graham


  • Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk DOES NOT have English audio and subtitles.

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Adventure Theater - Double Feature: Indian Paint/African Safari

Adventure Theater - Double Feature: Indian Paint/African Safari Lowest new price: $175.33
List price: $9.98
Brand: Crown

Indian PaintA heart-warming story about an Indian boy who raises a wild colt becoming extraordinarily close o the animal. When- in the course of their many perilous adventures- the boy and the colt become separated from the tribe months pass before they return to the home campfires forcing the boy to learn lessons of survival love and life.African SafariA true story this engrossing intriguing look at the exciting and sometimes hair-raising adventures of animal collector Ron Shanin as he travels through Central and Eastern Africa.System Requirements:Running Time: Approximately 189 MinutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR UPC: 787364715893

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The Grifters (Miramax Collector's Series)

The Grifters (Miramax Collector's Series) Lowest new price: $6.66
Lowest used price: $2.47
List price: $9.99
Brand: Buena Vista Home Video

Academy Award(R)-winning actress Anjelica Huston (Best Supporting Actress, PRIZZI'S HONOR, 1985), John Cusack (SERENDIPITY), and Annette Bening (AMERICAN BEAUTY) star in this acclaimed hit where seduction and betrayal could lead to murder! When small-time cheat Roy Dillon (Cusack) winds up in the hospital following an unsuccessful scam, it sets up a confrontation between his estranged mother Lilly (Huston) and sexy girlfriend Myra (Bening). Both Lilly and Myra are ruthless confidence artists playing the con game in a league far above Roy ... and always looking for their next victim! The question soon becomes who's conning who as Roy finds himself caught in a complicated web of passion and mistrust!

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The Kinks - One for the Road

The Kinks - One for the Road Lowest new price: $50.91
Lowest used price: $35.99
List price: $24.98

In an era when bands change members as easily as guitar strings, The Kinks have remained remarkably stable since their formation in 1964. Founding members Ray Davies (vocals, guitar), Dave Davies (guitar, vocals), and Mick Avoy (drums), are joined on this show by Jim Rodford (bass), and Ian Gibbons (keyboards). One For The Road showcases the diversity of the The Kink's vast repertoire, including the classics "Victoria" (described by Rolling Stone as being "English as a vengence"), "Lola," and "Celluloid Heroes." "Superman," "Catch Me Now I'm Falling," "Attitude," "Hardway," and "Low Budget" are also presented in riveting live versions. The Kinks have made brilliant music at the cutting edge of rock 'n' roll. One for the Road continues this tradition with the same inventiveness, energy, passion and poise that have always been theirs.

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