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Chile & Peru


Fitzcarraldo Lowest new price: $45.40
Lowest used price: $9.48
List price: $19.98

Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale. Directed by Werner Herzog. A man hires natives in a South American jungle to pull his 320-ton steamship over a mountain in this breathtaking drama. 1982/color/157 min/PG.

Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald (Klaus Kinski), known as Fitzcarraldo to the native Peruvians, is an avid opera lover and rubber baron who dreams of building an opera house in the Peruvian jungle. To accomplish this, he plans to reach an isolated patch of rubber trees and make his fortune. But these trees are not directly accessible by river because of dangerous rapids, so Fitzcarraldo runs his ship as close as possible via an alternate river and then enlists the aid of the native Peruvians to drag his ship over a mountain to the desired area. However, the natives seem to have their own agenda in so mysteriously acceding to Fitzcarraldo's wishes. The results manage to both mock and affirm the dreams of determined figures like Fitzcarraldo, making absurdity out of the stuff of human endeavor without negating the beauty of that effort. There is hardly a more awe-inspiring or arresting image than that of Fitzcarraldo's ship pulling itself up the mountain with cables and pulleys, or of the ship resting in mid-ascent as seen through the thick morning fog of the jungle.

The tortured production history of Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo (ably recorded in Les Blank's documentary Burden of Dreams) tends to take the spotlight away from this deeply mesmerizing film. And that's unfortunate, because the film itself is even more fascinating than the trials and tribulations, amazing though they might be, that led to its being made. Part of the problem is the film's deliberate, some might say ponderous, pace, which invites the viewer to experience the slow immersion into the jungle that Fitzcarraldo and company experience. Herzog did something similar in Aguirre, the Wrath of God, sometimes aiming his camera at the river rapids for extended periods of time, with hypnotic results. This could never happen in a Hollywood film, and it should be treasured. --Jim Gay

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DON'T TELL ANYONE (No Se Lo Digas A Nadie). A beautiful Peruvian student must confront his macho father, his overly religious mother, and his doting girlfriend, before discovering his true sexual nature. Based on the best-selling novel by popular talk show host Jaime Bayly. Featuring Latin TV stars Santiago Magill, Christian Meier, and Lucia Jimenez. Official Selection: Latin American Film Series at Lincoln Center as well as The Los Angeles & Chicago Latin American Film Festivals.

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El Nominado (The Chosen One)

El Nominado (The Chosen One) Lowest new price: $11.01
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Brand: Unknown

In the brutal battle for ratings, how far will a reality show go?

With a standout cast that includes Cristian de la Fuente (TV's Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Hidden Hills, Basic) and Rene Lavan (Guerrilla, Christmas with the Kranks, Azucar Amarga), this hard-hitting, action-packed thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as contestants struggle to survive in the most extreme reality show ever. Dropped by helicopter into the snow-covered Andes Mountains, a group of 12 people live together in an underground bunker, every move of their lives captured on camera. Each week one of the contestants is voted off the show, but when one man refuses to leave and starts shooting people, the ratings skyrocket from meager to incredible. Cast your ballots for this twisted look at the reality show phenomenon.

Con un elenco estelar que incluye a Cristián de la Fuente (Basic, Hidden Hills) y Rene Lavan (Christmas with the Kranks, Azúcar Amarga), esta película de acción y suspenso te mantendrá inmóvil en tu asiento de principio a fin al ver cómo un grupo de participantes lo arriesgan todo a fin de sobrevivir en el programa de televisión más extremo nunca visto. Dejados caer por un helicóptero en las Montañas nevadas de los Andes, 12 personas conviven en un refugio subterráneo donde cada movimiento es filmado por las cámaras. Cada semana un "participante" es expulsado, pero cuando uno de ellos - el psicópata - se niega a salir, la vida del resto entra en alto riesgo, lo que hace subir la audiencia a niveles históricos. Atrévete a bola en este extraño y macabro Reality Show.

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