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That Sugar Film / Super Size Me 2 Pack

That Sugar Film / Super Size Me 2 Pack Lowest new price: $14.95
List price: $14.95

Enjoy 2 hit documentaries that expose the food industry in 1 pack!

THAT SUGAR FILM is one man s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar. Damon Gameau embarks on a unique experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived as healthy . Through this entertaining and informative journey, Damon highlights some of the issues that plague the sugar industry, and where sugar lurks on supermarket shelves. THAT SUGAR FILM will forever change the way you think about healthy food.

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock makes himself a test subject in this documentary about the commercial food industry. After eating a diet of McDonald's fast food, three times a day for a month straight, Spurlock proves the physical and mental effects of consuming fast food. Spurlock also provides a look at the food culture in America through it's schools, corporations, and politics. SUPER SIZE ME is a movie that sheds a new light on what has become one of our nation's biggest health problems: obesity.

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The Complete Pepin: Techniques and Recipes

The Complete Pepin: Techniques and Recipes List price: $29.99
Brand: PBS

It doesnt matter whether you can make the fanciest gourmet meal if you lack the skills to do something as basic as poach an egg. Once you acquire those basic skills, your culinary repertoire is limited only by your imagination. The Complete Pépin is an entire cooking course on DVD that features dozens of techniques that Jacques has sharpened over his decades in the kitchen.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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The Best of Lidia

The Best of Lidia Lowest new price: $9.98
Lowest used price: $2.69
List price: $13.94
Model: 6633010

Enjoy highlights from the popular public television show, Lidias Italy. Featuring Lidia Bastianich, known as the beloved doyenne of Italian cooking in America. Lidia shares some of her simplest and most delicious recipes from her travels to all of the regions of Italy. The Best of Lidia features family friendly starters, quick pastas, main courses, and some of Lidias favorite desserts.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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GOOD EATS WITH ALTON BROWN : Vol. 1 = Meats, Sweets and Holiday Treats

GOOD EATS WITH ALTON BROWN : Vol. 1 = Meats, Sweets and Holiday Treats Lowest new price: $43.50
Lowest used price: $43.95
List price: $24.98

Good Eats with Alton brown is the most fun you can have watching TV while still learning something. Its cooking class meets science class meets recess (In fact, if you had this guy for chemistry, you'd never want to leave high school.) Mix in his quirky personality and random jabs at pop culture and you have great TV. Or, as Alton would say, Good Eats. This collection contains three discs: Juicy Meats, Super Sweets, and Holiday treats, each of which contain three episodes.

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Kitchen Classics (Good Eats Vol. 18)

Kitchen Classics (Good Eats Vol. 18) Lowest new price: $69.99
Lowest used price: $8.22
List price: $24.98

Alton Brown combines culinary classics with chemistry (and comedy) in Volume 18: ''Kitchen Classics.'' Learn his scrumptious recipes for classic dishes like spinach salad and beef stew, and the basics behind successful kitchen substitutions. Then, explore the art of perfect seasoning, from grinding your own spices to searching for the rare pod that is vanilla. Lastly, end your delicious education with fun facts on espresso, cake, and homemade ice cream!

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Top Chef: New York - Season 5

Top Chef: New York - Season 5 Lowest used price: $16.89
List price: $24.98
Brand: A&E

Product Description

The world-class culinary competition only gets hotter in TOP CHEF: NEW YORK - the No. 1 food show on cable - as 17 new cheftestants head to the Big Apple to test their skills and compete for culinary stardom.

Featuring some of the biggest names in food and entertainment, including Martha Stewart, Foo Fighters, Jean-Georges, and Rocco DiSpirito, the fifth season of this Emmy®-award winning series welcomes newbie Toby Young (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People) to the judges' table alongside host Padma Lakshmi, head judge and celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons. Each episode features two challenges for the chefs: a Quickfire test of basic abilities and an Elimination Challenge designed to test versatility and inventiveness as the chefs take on unique culinary trials, such as working with unusual and exotic foods or catering for a range of demanding clients.

In the most challenging season yet, the cheftestants battle to prove they have what it takes to be crowned the next Top Chef.

Special Features

  • Exclusive Cookbook
  • Never-Aired Stew Room Footage
  • Extended Interviews
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • PC Game Demo

DISC ONE: Melting Pot / Show Your Craft / Foo Fighters Thanksgiving / Today Show / Bonus
DISC TWO: Gail's Bridal Shower / 12 Days of Christmas / Focus Group / Down on the Farm / Bonus
DISC THREE: Restaurant Wars / Super Bowl Chef Showdown / Le Bernadin / The Last Supper / Bonus
DISC FOUR: Finale Part 1 / Finale Part 2 / Watch What Happens / Bonus

Foodies and budding chefs love the reality show Top Chef, but so do millions of other viewers, as evidenced by Top Chef's position as the number one food show on cable. Season 5 of Top Chef takes place in the food city of New York as well as in New Orleans and pits 17 chefs against each other in a test of culinary skill, creativity, flexibility, and performance under pressure. While the show is all about food, it's also about personalities, and this 14-episode season is full of strong personalities. There's the brashly confident Stefan, hyper Carla, ladies' man Fabio, overachiever Jeff, gay and lesbian "team rainbow," and many others, and everyone's antics in the kitchen, the stew room where they await judgment, and their shared apartment translate into some great entertainment. Host Padma Lakshmi is joined by head judge Chef Tom Colicchio, judges Gail Simmons and Toby Young, and an array of guest judges, including celebrities like Emeril Lagasse, Martha Stewart, Jean-Georges, and Wylie Dufresne. The judges are demanding, exacting, and sometimes downright harsh, but they push each chef to deliver the very best food that he or she can--all in hopes of escaping Padma's dreaded words "please pack your knives and go."

Each episode consists of a quickfire challenge and an elimination challenge. The quickfire challenges test the chefs' culinary techniques and palates as well as their ability to think on their feet and create winning dishes with very little time and some particularly odd ingredients. The elimination challenges give the chefs more time but test their versatility and creativity, requiring them to cater to groups such as rock's Foo Fighters and other Top Chef contestants and highly regarded food legends; to cook in specific styles that may lead them far from their comfort zones; to employ highly exotic ingredients; to make do with severely limited kitchens; or to engage in the highly competitive restaurant wars at the very last moment, among other trials.

Just as entertaining as the food challenges are the unpredictable interactions between contestants, which range from unlikely friendships to romantic liaisons and ugly shouting matches. This fifth season gives rise to several burning questions: can a person get voted out for serving deviled eggs or s'mores in a cooking contest? Is making an ostrich egg omelet original enough to keep a contestant in the competition? Is the Top Chef competition all about food, or does service count, too--and if so, how much does it count? Is this purely a cutthroat competition between chefs, or is there room for compassion and maybe even a little holiday spirit? Bonus features include footage and interviews from inside the eliminated cast house, extended interviews with the top four chefs, some pretty amusing stew room footage, and cooking demonstrations of selected contestants' dishes on "The Wong Way to Cook." The DVD also comes with a cookbook insert that features five recipes from past Top Chef seasons. --Tami Horiuchi



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Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: The Complete Second Season (3 DVD Set) (2009)

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: The Complete Second Season (3 DVD Set) (2009) Lowest new price: $21.00
Lowest used price: $12.99

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives are popular again thanks to faithful baby boomers, a slew of younger fans and a whole new generation of owners.

Disc 1: Take a ride with Guy as he goes back on the road in search of the best stuff to eat in four great episodes: "Totally Fried", "Route 66", "One of a Kind" and "Local Flavor". The fried food, classic spots and unique local joints can't be beat.

Disc 2: Hop back in the car for more delicious drives with Guy in these great episodes: "Real Deal BBQ", "Seaside Eats", "Talkin' Turkey" and "Viewer's Choice". These real-deal BBQ spots, scrumptious seafood, good old fashioned turkey dinners and fan favorites are sure to have your mouth watering.

Disc 3: Join Guy for a spin to some tried and true spots for great grub with five fabulous episodes: "Family Owned", "Open 24/7", "Off The Hook Specials", "Burgers, Rings, and Fries" and "The New Jersey Diner Tour". You'll be tempted by everything for short ribs to burgers to delicious homemade pie; all made the old fashioned way.

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The Mind of a Chef: Gabrielle Hamilton - Season 4

The Mind of a Chef: Gabrielle Hamilton - Season 4 Lowest new price: $13.92
Lowest used price: $13.15
List price: $16.01
Model: 35221751

Enter the mind of Chef Gabrielle Hamilton in Season 4 of the James Beard Award-winning show The Mind of a Chef brings you into the kitchen with Chef Gabrielle Hamilton, best-selling author of Blood, Bones, and Butter, and owner of New York Citys famed restaurant, Prune.

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America's Test Kitchen: Season 1

America's Test Kitchen: Season 1 Lowest new price: $19.91
Lowest used price: $22.59
List price: $19.92
Brand: PBS
Model: 5458913

America's Test Kitchen is the public television cooking show filmed in the test kitchen of Cook's Illustrated magazine just outside Boston, MA, that demonstrates the secrets to foolproof home cooking along with no-nonsense reviews of kitchen equipment sand supermarket ingredients. This 2-DVD set includes all 13 episodes of Season 1!


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Cook's Country: Season 9 DVD

Cook's Country: Season 9 DVD Lowest new price: $15.19
Lowest used price: $19.42
List price: $15.69
Model: 42926469

Season 9 of Cook s Country from America s Test Kitchen features the best regional home cooking in the country from host Christopher Kimball and your favorite chefs from America's Test Kitchen as they uncover blue-ribbon regional specialties from across the country, and classic fare in need of a makeover. Also includes tips & techniques, food tastings, equipment tests, and printable versions of all 31 recipes.

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