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Surfing Movies

Siestas & Olas - A Surfing Journey Through Mexico

Siestas & Olas - A Surfing Journey Through Mexico Lowest new price: $17.49
Lowest used price: $1.39
List price: $17.49
Brand: Mutiny Media

Follow four world-class surfers living the lifestyle most only dream about - for three months these adventurers drive their Chevy Suburban from dusty Baja to tropical mainland's Puerto Escondido. "Siestas & Olas", Spanish meaning 'naps' and 'waves', beautifully captures the true travel experience with rich visual imagery, traditional Mexican music, and insights into local cultures. Between searching for the next perfect beach the adventurers discover the warmth and beauty that is Mexico and have the times of their lives riding down and cruising along flawlessly breaking waves. This DVD Version Includes: * Director's Discussion * Behind The Scenes Stories * Where Are They Now? * :30 Second T.V. Spot * 2nd Audio Track

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Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2005

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2005 Lowest new price: $29.99
Lowest used price: $24.00

The Vans triple Crown of Surfing is the world's most prestigious and famous surfing event, encompassing three events over six weeks at separate world-class surf breaks along the North Shore of Oahu's Seven-Mile miracle. --- The official DVD set of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing contains: The 35th Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters event; The Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Trials; A 2005 Winter Retrospective covering the Op Pro Haleiwa; O'Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach; and the Womens Triple Crown events. Also, Faces and Places, a documentary featuring surfers from around the globe free-surfing the best swells to lap upon Hawaii's shores in 2005.

Classic Surf Films

Classic Surf Films Lowest new price: $39.97
Lowest used price: $40.88
List price: $19.99

Before Taj Burrow, Kelly Slater, and Andy Irons, there was Fred Van Dyke, Lance Carson, Skip Frye and Mike Doyle, some of the world s original surfing legends. Classic Surf Films from the 50 s and 60 s, filmed by legendary surf cinematographer Walt Phillips, takes you back to a time when finding the perfect wave, experiencing the perfect ride, and pushing the limits filled unforgettable summers.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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The Ride: Back to the Soul of Surfing

The Ride: Back to the Soul of Surfing Lowest new price: $199.99
Lowest used price: $39.99
List price: $19.99

When cocky young haole surfing champion David Monroe wipes out on a big wave, he slips back in time to 1911 Hawaii. Washing up on Waikiki Beach, he discovers the true spirit of surfing when he is befriended by a young Hawaiian beachboy not yet known to the world - the future Olympic surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku. Once David develops feelings for the land and its people, falls in love with the beautiful and smart Lehua and learns the spirit of surfing, he changes and no longer desires to go back to his 21st century life. Wanting to avoid common Hollywood stereotypes and represent a Hawaii that locals would recognize in look, sound and spirit, writer/producer/director Nathan Kurosawa based his film on real people, filmed on location in Hawaii and carefully chose historical, cultural and surfing advisors. The Ride gracefully depicts Hawaiian values and traditions while affectionately telling the story of surfing's early days with an all Hawaiian cast and crew, liberal use of "pidgin" and local mannerisms. The young Duke Kahanamoku is played by Honolulu musician Sean Kaawa, whose tremendous screen presence and gentle dignified bearing bring the charismatic surfer to life. Weldon Kekauoha (award-winning Hawaiian musician) plays Blackie, one of the original Waikiki beachboys and Johann Bouit (former University of Hawaii football player) is Caps, one of Duke's closest friends. University of Hawaii dramatic-arts graduate Scot Davis plays David Monroe and model Mary Paalani is his love interest Lehua. Soundtrack provided by various Hawaiian artists including Keali'i Reichel, Hapa and Makaha Sons. Winner of the Hawaii Film Award and the Audience Award for Best Feature Film. Starring: Scot Davis, Sean Kaawa, Mary Paalani, Weldon Kekauoha, Johann Bouit, Wil Kahele ( 2005 - 93 minutes)

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Bustin' Down the Door

Bustin' Down the Door Lowest new price: $1.49
Lowest used price: $0.99
List price: $6.15
Brand: Gaiam
Model: MHV68107445DVD

This ground breaking action-packed documentary takes you back to the winter of 1975 in Hawaii -a dramatic moment in history when a group of young South African and Australian surfers sacrificed everything. They put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that is today worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. A powerhouse film, the spell-binding action footage and fascinating subjects make Bustin' Down the Door a surfing classic.

In the early 1970s, Australian chargers Mark Richards, Peter Townend, Ian Cairns, and Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew landed in Oahu with something to prove. Hawaii was seen as the center of the surfing universe and the brash Aussies sought to shake things up. Along with South Africans Shaun and Michael Tomson, the crew ripped apart legendary breaks like Pipeline and Waimea with radical innovations and bravery that bordered on insanity. Combining classic footage and revealing modern-day interviews, Bustin' Down the Door exposes the soul of this revolutionary period in a way few surf films can. The ground-breaking talents of MR and Co. are rightfully lauded for helping to build the concept of professional surfing, yet no excuses are offered for the reckless arrogance that helped ignite a powder keg of cultural pride on the North Shore. The self-promoting Australians were not shy about their talents, but by the time Cairns declared that "Aloha is dead" during the summer of '75, competitive banter had dangerously escalated beyond the waves. But what the group lacked in diplomacy, they made up for in determination, as their shared desire to be the best gave rise to a new era of surfing. --Dave Callanan


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Tubular Swells + A Day In The Life of Wayne Lynch Surfing DVD by Jack McCoy & Dick Hoole

Tubular Swells + A Day In The Life of Wayne Lynch Surfing DVD by Jack McCoy & Dick Hoole Lowest used price: $24.99

The most unusual film of the 70's that explores the limits of performance surfing at that time. A group of imaginative young surfers radically changed our concept of wave riding. These surfers perform their dance on tubular swells that even today's heroes might not have attempted. The 1975 surfing film classic 'Tubular Swells', a film by Dick Hoole and Jack McCoy, edited by David Lourie, presented the dream of the hottest surfing of the time with a fresh and imaginative approach that has entertained generations of surfers and non-surfers alike. EVERY wave is worth watching. EVERY wave is a treat. You'll see the best in Australia, Hawaii and then SECRET SPOTS in Bali and Indonesia. Spectacular travel sequences show lush island paradises of sparkling beauty, with long outer reef break tubes. 'Tubular Swells should create a new high standard of truly professional entertainment for surf documentaries' Phil Jarrett, Editor TRACKS Magazine 'Having captured these three areas of the world, namely Bali, Australia and Hawaii at its best, it adds up to some of the best surfing I have ever seen on film' Jeff Divine, Photo Editor The Surfers Journal 'It's a HOT movie' George Greenough, Legendary Surfing Innovator Starring: Mark Richards, Rabbit Bartholomew, Shaun & Michael Tomson, Gerry Lopez, Rory Russell, Michael Peterson, Ian Cairns, Larry Bertleman, Peter McCabe, Peter Townend, Tony 'Doris' Eltherington, Terry Fitzgerald and MANY MORE! BONUS SEQUENCE: A Day In The Life of Wayne Lynch Digitally Remastered 16:9 Running Time: 100 mins.

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Surfing Hollow Days

Surfing Hollow Days Lowest new price: $19.98
Lowest used price: $14.98
List price: $14.98

The fourth movie Bruce Brown made travels to Mexico, California and Florida, along with a trip to Australia and Hawaii with Phil Edwards. Features a fifteen-foot shark checking the line-up at Rincon and the first wave ever ridden at Pipeline. Time to hang ten with another of Brown's outstanding surf films--it's almost better than being there!


  • Bruce Brown

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Toka Toka: A Documentary About Surfing In Forbidden Fiji

Toka Toka: A Documentary About Surfing In Forbidden Fiji Lowest new price: $3.98
Lowest used price: $2.70
List price: $3.98

Fiji is the destination for some intrepid surfers on this program. Some of the waves are highly dangerous and usually regarded as off-limits to surfers, making this a real treat for adrenaline addicts.

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The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 1

The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 1 Lowest new price: $15.94
List price: $19.95

From Bud Browne's pioneering films of Makaha Point Surf in the 1940s to the punk-bash videotape of the 90s, the complete four-volume set transports the viewer along a fascinating, fifty-year surf cinema timeline. Written by acclaimed surf historian journalist Matt Warshaw, each volume presents rarely seen footage from personal libraries of the most significant surf filmmakers of all time. The Journal's privileged access to this footage, along with the filmmaker's own candid, behind-the-scenes commentaries and recollections of their cult hero-surf stars turns these volumes into unique and enchanting perspectives of surfing's cultural evolution unlike any other you have ever seen before.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Endless Summer

Endless Summer Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $20.96
List price: $14.98

Keith has spent his whole life dreaming about Alicia. On his last day in town he tries desperately to be noticed by her, but his plans get foiled by his embarrassing grandmother, bullying sister, demanding father, and Alicia's 'player' boyfriend.

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