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Surfing Movies

Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet Lowest new price: $8.87
Lowest used price: $1.93
Brand: Wet

This is surf filmmaker supreme Bruce Brown's first film: the story of five surfers on their dream trip to Hawaii, spending an entire winter living and surfing on the North Shore of Oahu on $100 a month. Try doing that today! "Slippery When Wet" features an original musical score by jazz legend Bud Shank.

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The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 1

The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 1 Lowest new price: $15.94
List price: $19.95

From Bud Browne's pioneering films of Makaha Point Surf in the 1940s to the punk-bash videotape of the 90s, the complete four-volume set transports the viewer along a fascinating, fifty-year surf cinema timeline. Written by acclaimed surf historian journalist Matt Warshaw, each volume presents rarely seen footage from personal libraries of the most significant surf filmmakers of all time. The Journal's privileged access to this footage, along with the filmmaker's own candid, behind-the-scenes commentaries and recollections of their cult hero-surf stars turns these volumes into unique and enchanting perspectives of surfing's cultural evolution unlike any other you have ever seen before.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Loose Change: Surfing

Loose Change: Surfing Lowest used price: $4.00

Remarkable surfing footage shot in Sumatra, France, Mexico, South Africa, Bali and Austrailia. Loose Change is an adventure comedy that also uncovers the scary philosophical truth about where these guys would be if they were not surfing. Benji Weatherly, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian - Director: Taylor Steele.

This attempt to fuse action footage of expert surfers with a comedic material is uneven, but deserves some credit for effort. Skits purporting to show what some dudes would be if they weren't great surfers are interspersed with segments showing some phenomenal surfboard prowess. The comedic bits aren't terribly inventive, and if the acting is pretty bad, at least it's obvious that no one was taking it too seriously. In fairness, some of the action is weird enough to generate laughter: seeing skinny surfers in a barroom brawl is like watching a stampede of poodles. When it comes to the surfing footage, however, things are entirely professional, as the camera follows acrobatics on the waves to spectacular effect. The DVD menu allows viewers to watch the skits without the surfing, and after initial curiosity wanes, most will likely choose the option to watch the surfing without the skits. -- Robert J. McNamara

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Super Slide: Beyond the Glide

Super Slide: Beyond the Glide Lowest new price: $3.98
Lowest used price: $3.97
List price: $9.49
Brand: Unknown

Super Slide is about the history and resurgence of classic surfing. World Champion Joel Tudor leads the charge with solid surfing backup from fellow Californians. "Super Slide" takes you to the hottest locations and traces the revival of classic longboarding around the Pacific while going back through the generations with amazing archival footage and the real-life stories of those whose surfing inspired the resurgence.

A revival movement to recapture some of the greatest moves of surfing's past is celebrated in this very professional look at how "long boards" have come back into fashion. In the late 1960s, classic surfboards were put aside in favor of the newer short boards that became the standard surfboards around the world. But now, as one contemporary surfing champion puts it in this documentary, "We're bringing it back to where it all left off... and it should never have left off in the first place." Mastery of the older, longer boards involved "walking the board," showing one's expertise by putting "your toes on the nose." The classic techniques, captured in vintage surfing movies shot in the early 1960s, are being reproduced by today's generation of surfers, and this film contains some beautiful footage showing how the older style boards are making a comeback. One segment puts a spotlight on women surfers who are mastering the long boards, and a trip to a surfing festival in Australia provides an opportunity for people to reminisce about the days in the 1950s when Californians first brought the classic surfboards down under and the revolutionized surfing on Australian beaches. Interviews with surfing champions of the past and present provide a comprehensive look at the fabled long boards, and extras on the DVD include a selection of music videos utilizing some of the striking footage used in the film. --Robert J. McNamara


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Barefoot Adventure

Barefoot Adventure Lowest new price: $32.95
Lowest used price: $5.22
List price: $14.99

This film from the Bruce Brown Collection explores the trials and tribulations of the barefoot adventurers from the Wedge to Waimea, Honolulu to Huntington, Santa Cruz to Kaui. This film features a Bud Shank musical score, brand new narration and some of the biggest surf ever ridden, including the legendary Point surf at Makaha.

The grandfather of surf movies, Bruce Brown introduces his third film by showing off the microphone he would use onstage while narrating Barefoot Adventure when he would show it in the early 1960s in auditoriums around southern California. He notes that a tape recording of his original narration couldn't be found in his attic, so he and his son have written a new narration for the film. That seems unfortunate at first, but the necessity of coming up with new commentary allows Brown to speak wistfully of surfing days gone by. Most of the film was shot in Hawaii in 1960, when the islands were already a magnet for tourists, but visitors were mostly content to take hula lessons and lounge around their hotels. Fanatics seeking the perfect waves of Hawaii were still a relative rarity, and Brown reminisces about traveling the islands, seeking out incredible new surfing spots in rattletrap cars that could be purchased for $45. The film shot by Brown, who would encase his camera in a watertight Plexiglas box, is often gorgeous, though the footage does show some scratches and other minor flaws that speak to its authenticity. While the camera never strays too far from showing surfers riding spectacular waves, there are some quirky comedic bits, generally playing on the dangers of going barefoot or the problems surfers faced living with virtually no money. This is a beautiful document of the earliest days of the surfing craze. --Robert J. McNamara

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Waterlogged Lowest new price: $34.95
Lowest used price: $4.01
List price: $34.95

The "Fellini of Foam's" fifth and last film before The Endless Summer, Water Logged is made up of highlights from Bruce Brown's four previous films: Slippery When Wet, Surf Crazy, Barefoot Adventure, and Surfing Hollow Days. This film features the best of four years of surf photography.

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The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 3

The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 3 Lowest new price: $19.95
List price: $19.95

Beginning with the short-board revolution of the late 1960s and continuing into the early years of professional surfing, attitudes were changing along with surfboard size. Four filmmakers were able to capture the transformation: Paul Witzig's Evolution, released in 1969, quickly became a symbol for the turbulent early stages of the short-board era. Three years later, Alby Falzon made Morning of the Earth and showed how things had mellowed out. While Witzig and Falzon offered the Australian perspective during this time, Hal Jepsen focused on California and Hawaii. His 1969 movie, Cosmic Children, is a period classic. His follow-up, A Sea for Yourself, is smoother and better-founded. Bill Delaney's Free Ride wasn't just the definitive look at surfing in mid-1970's, it was probably the last great surf movie. His second film, 1990's Surfers: The Movie, was an intriguing mix of old and new footage, combined with interviews from a wide variety of surfers.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Surfing for Life

Surfing for Life Lowest new price: $25.00
Lowest used price: $39.95
List price: $27.95

A testimonial to the surfing lifestyles, healthy and foe filling way of life, hear about this wonderful way to retain you heath body and soul from senior surfers, Doc Ball, Woody Brown and other seniors.

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Flow - The True Story of a Surfing Revolution - Surfing Video on DVD Special Collector's Edition

Flow - The True Story of a Surfing Revolution - Surfing Video on DVD Special Collector's Edition Lowest new price: $8.95
Lowest used price: $4.00
List price: $8.95
Brand: Koastal Media

Director/Writer/Producer Josh Landan works with Producer/Writer/Editor Scott Stankey to craft one of the most revealing and compelling surfing stories ever told, offering a feature documentary delivered in a truly unique cinematic style. FLOW is narrated by Brandon Boyd (Incubus) with music from the bands Incubus, Bloc Party, Sparta, Pinback, and many others including original music and score by Michael Einziger, Tim Curran, and Todd Hannigan. FLOW chronicles the last 31 years of surfing through a unique, insider's perspective as to the dedication, devotion, and individual passion that has revolutionized modern surfing and its mostly misinterpreted lifestyle. The story focuses on Channel Islands Surfboards founder and world-renowned surfboard craftsman Al Merrick and his special relationships with the team of world champion Channel Islands Team riders and arguably the two best and most influential surfers ever: Kelly Slater (7 time world champion) and Tom Curren (3 time world champion). The film highlights Al's visionary approach that cultivated the Channel Islands Team rider's talent into 19 world titles, bringing you back to the early 60's with the evolution of the shortboard and takes you on a journey up to present day. We relive those profound years that experienced a revolutionary leap forward in surfing design, performance, and image, and weave through to the present where you experience first hand what it takes to be a part of the most progressive surfing team in the world. FLOW reveals the core, revolutionary changes that resulted in a worldwide recognition of modern surfing. It is not just a surf film with beautiful imagery and a loose story structure, but rather a heart-felt, soulful perspective on one man's influence on a bevy of talented individuals. This film will not only illustrate the revolution of modern surfing, but it will inspire people that are completely distanced from the sport.


  • Directed by Josh Landan.
  • Includes Theatrical Film and never before seen Directors Cut.
  • Bonuc music CD included!
  • Bonus "A Curren Visual". A short film by Dana McCorkle.

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Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 04'- Very Best of Winter From The North Shore, Oahu

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 04'- Very Best of Winter From The North Shore, Oahu Lowest new price: $1.95
Lowest used price: $0.98
List price: $17.03
Brand: WEA DES Moines Video

The Vans triple Crown of Surfing is the world's most prestigious and famous surfing event, encompassing three events over six weeks at separate world-class surf breaks along the North Shore of Oahu's Seven-Mile miracle.

For established champions and aspiring pipeliners alike, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is like a greatest-hits collection that never goes out of style. This 65-minute surf-orgy covers all three competitions in the 22nd annual Triple Crown challenge, which is essentially the Stanley Cup, World Series, and Super Bowl of surfing, all rolled into one awesome showdown on the most challenging breaks of Oahu's north shore. It's there, in the tropical winter of 2004, that the world's greatest surfers showed up to compete against the best of the best, a stellar lineup of veterans and newcomers including Derek Ho, Mark "Occy" Occilupo, Phillip MacDonald, brothers Bruce and Andy Irons, Tom Carroll, and many others. The TC tour is comprised of the Vans Hawaiian Pro tournament at Haleiwa (which many consider the "scariest" break of all, with huge waves on a shallow-water base); the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach ("the most challenging," some say); and the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters competition at Pipeline, where the biggest breaks (and a deadly reputation) cause even the boldest surfers to get a case of the jitters. It's there that finalists Jamie O'Brien, Kalani Robb, Bruce Irons, and six-time Triple Crown winner Sunny Garcia (the first surfer to surpass $1 million in prize money) compete for the title of "best in the world," and director Bill Kiely's camera crew is there, in the roiling surf, to capture all the action. While not as visually awesome as Billabong Odyssey, this Triple Crown survey has more to offer for seasoned surfers and pros-in-the-know, providing an insider's view of the race for their most coveted prize. The pounding rock soundtrack (parental advisory suggested, for "f-word" lyrics) is excerpted on a bonus disc with eight tracks from various artists (Death by Stereo, Matchbook Romance, Pennywise and others) on the Epitaph label. --Jeff Shannon


  • Factory sealed DVD

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