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Surfing Movies

The Endless Summer Revisited

The Endless Summer Revisited Lowest new price: $10.85
Lowest used price: $3.48
Brand: Vas
Model: 2209375

It sounds so simple, yet in 1966 a young filmmaker named Bruce Brown captured the essence of a sport as never before. To stand atop a crescendo of water, to ride on nature's all powerful wave feeling the speed and spray accelerate with each moment, and to embrace a lifestyle uniquely connected to a single word: surfing. The film was aThe Endless Summera. Now, Bruce Brown and filmmaker son, Dana, have created an all new classic, featuring never-before-seen footage from aThe Endless Summera. Embark on a journey of adventure, discovery, and the incredible challenge of facing a fifteen foot wall of water as the sport's greatest surfers look back on the thrill's, the spills, and the movie that uniquely embraced the lifelong search for that shining beach, that glowing sunset, that perfect wave.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Islands in the Stream

Islands in the Stream Lowest new price: $5.97
Lowest used price: $2.59
List price: $11.32
Brand: Mutiny Media

Starring: Tom Curren, Layne Beachley, Donovan Frankenreiter, Tamayo Perry, Mark Healey, appearances by Kelly Slater, and many others. Directed By: T.J. Barrack and Wes Brown In the beginning there was the legendary Bruce Brown and he blessed us with "The Endless Summer". Next, with his son Dana, he awed us with "The Endless Summer II". Then Dana, with his son Wes, once again captivated us with "Step Into Liquid". Now, with "Islands in the Stream", a third generation of filmmakers continue the incredible journey, as Wes Brown and T.J. Barrack transport us to the beautifully magnificent waves of Tahiti, starring three Time Men's World Champion Tom Curren and six time Consecutive Women's World Champion (and "Step into Liquid" star) Layne Beachley. Tahiti. Dawn is breaking... waves beginning to roll in... another incredible day in Paradise. Another chance to connect with Nature's power, to bond with that astonishing force, to stand atop a moving wall of water and channel energy into that majestic ride. Filmed on location in Tahiti

Musica Surfica Surfing and Classical Music Surf DVD + Soundtrack CD by Derek Hynd, Tom Wegener Tom Carroll

Musica Surfica Surfing and Classical Music Surf DVD + Soundtrack CD by Derek Hynd, Tom Wegener Tom Carroll Lowest new price: $54.78

Blue Crush (Surfing Documentary)

Blue Crush (Surfing Documentary) Lowest new price: $13.99
Lowest used price: $2.58

The original Blue Crush surf film by Bill Ballard has become one of the biggest selling surf titles of all time. Starring the talents of the same great female surfers featured in the Universal theatrical release and featuring an awesome soundtrack with Crystal Method, Dance Hall Crashers, Morcheeba, Da Da and others! Surfers include Rochelle Ballard (surfing double for lead actress Kate Bosworth in Universal's Blue Crush), Megan Abubo (stunt surfer for Michelle Rodrigues in Universal's Blue Crush), Sanoe Lake (played role of Lena in Universal's Blue Crush), Kealla Kennelly (played herself in Universal's Blue Crush), and Kate Skarratt (played herself in Universal's Blue Crush).

Not to be confused with the 2002 feature film of the same title, Blue Crush is billed as the original all-girl surfer's movie, and it's guaranteed to please devotees of the sport. It's a mixed blessing, however, because it assumes familiarity with the sport and its superstars, dispensing with any educational or historical detail that would appeal to neophytes. After all, how can this film be dedicated to Rell Sunn (the pioneer of female competitive surfing, who died in of breast cancer in 1998 at age 47) and fail to explore her illustrious career? This haphazard approach extends to profiles of the young women who regard Sunn as their hero; we learn little of their backgrounds and how they rose to prominence on the waves. Blue Crush works best as a globetrotting, music-video tour of surfdom's prime locations (Samoa, Hawaii, the Gold Coast, South Africa) hosted by the sport's most prominent competitors, including several (Rochelle Ballard, Megan Abubo, Sanoe Lake, Keala Kennelly, Kate Skarratt) who appeared in Universal's popular feature. It's a lot of fun, especially if you "hang ten" on a regular basis. --Jeff Shannon

Lost Across America Volume 2: The Decline of Surfing Civilization

Lost Across America Volume 2: The Decline of Surfing Civilization Lowest used price: $20.85

...Lost has got a following. Doesn't matter whether you support it or not. They'd probably like it better if you didn't. They may not be fooled by the emperor's new clothes, but as long as they're tearing down surfing's sacred cows, they might as well be putting together sick surf footage from all over the country. Watch this video and realize what the U.S. has to offer in terms of size, variety and completely unique waves that locals all over the country call home. DVD has another video's worth of footage! In addition to the surf, there is some "Jackass"-esque stuntman style video ..... but not too much to draw your attention away from the constantly changing surf conditions. The high energy soundtrack is a blend of mostly old school and new school punk-influenced music. A must have. DVD BONUS: 7 bonus sections on the DVD version ...over two hours of footage! 120+ min. 2001

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 04'- Very Best of Winter From The North Shore, Oahu

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 04'- Very Best of Winter From The North Shore, Oahu Lowest new price: $3.90
Lowest used price: $1.49
List price: $12.70

The Vans triple Crown of Surfing is the world's most prestigious and famous surfing event, encompassing three events over six weeks at separate world-class surf breaks along the North Shore of Oahu's Seven-Mile miracle.

For established champions and aspiring pipeliners alike, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is like a greatest-hits collection that never goes out of style. This 65-minute surf-orgy covers all three competitions in the 22nd annual Triple Crown challenge, which is essentially the Stanley Cup, World Series, and Super Bowl of surfing, all rolled into one awesome showdown on the most challenging breaks of Oahu's north shore. It's there, in the tropical winter of 2004, that the world's greatest surfers showed up to compete against the best of the best, a stellar lineup of veterans and newcomers including Derek Ho, Mark "Occy" Occilupo, Phillip MacDonald, brothers Bruce and Andy Irons, Tom Carroll, and many others. The TC tour is comprised of the Vans Hawaiian Pro tournament at Haleiwa (which many consider the "scariest" break of all, with huge waves on a shallow-water base); the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach ("the most challenging," some say); and the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters competition at Pipeline, where the biggest breaks (and a deadly reputation) cause even the boldest surfers to get a case of the jitters. It's there that finalists Jamie O'Brien, Kalani Robb, Bruce Irons, and six-time Triple Crown winner Sunny Garcia (the first surfer to surpass $1 million in prize money) compete for the title of "best in the world," and director Bill Kiely's camera crew is there, in the roiling surf, to capture all the action. While not as visually awesome as Billabong Odyssey, this Triple Crown survey has more to offer for seasoned surfers and pros-in-the-know, providing an insider's view of the race for their most coveted prize. The pounding rock soundtrack (parental advisory suggested, for "f-word" lyrics) is excerpted on a bonus disc with eight tracks from various artists (Death by Stereo, Matchbook Romance, Pennywise and others) on the Epitaph label. --Jeff Shannon


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Beyond The Surface Surfing DVD

Beyond The Surface Surfing DVD Lowest new price: $19.48
List price: $19.48

Set against the rich hues of India, Beyond The Surface follows Ishita Malaviya, India's first female pro surfer, and fellow wave riders Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. While on their trip through India, the women surfers and the folks they meet talk story related to surfing, yoga, and ecological awareness, resulting in mutual feelings of hope, a fuel for change, and the empowerment of women (yes!!). Highlighted by the undeniable power of surfing, Malaviya and her crew of talented women search for the perfect waves as they forge with the people of India an unshakable determination to make the world a better place. Filmed by award winning cinematographer, Dave Homcy, has captured this rare and inspiring endeavor with the goal of sharing these stories with the global surf community and beyond. Homcy is best know for critically acclaimed work in Sliding Liberia, Surfwise, A Broke Down Melody, El Mar Mi Alma, Come Hell or High Water, One Track Mind, Shelter, and Dear and Yonder.

Hot Buttered Soul: The Movie (Surfing DVD)

Hot Buttered Soul: The Movie (Surfing DVD) Lowest new price: $19.99

Hot Buttered Soul was a revolutionary four track LP released by Isaac Hayes and the Bar-Kays in 1969. A few months later, 20-year-old Terry Fitzgerald, fresh from a Hawaiian winter season and a big fan of funk and soul rhythms decided to identify the name for his new surfboard company with this multi-layered music genre. But all three words didn't quite fit on the rainbow sash logo. Thus Hot Buttered Surfboards were born - and with it one of surfing's true originals. But the third word never went missing. Instead it's lived in the handmade, hand-painted HB surfboards and the styles that arose from riding them, over three decades, in the best surf on the planet. Hot Buttered Soul: The Movie draws on a deep well of surf cinema heritage to present the surfing of the HB extended family. Choice selections from HB's "Sultans of Speed" series, along with surf flick classics Morning of the Earth, A Winter's Tale, Fantasea, Storm Riders and more, are expertly intercut by editor Mick Waters, with interviews and commentary from Andrew Kidman and Derek Hynd. Wherever they went, "Sultans" trips always had the knack of scoring amazing waves. Viewers will be stunned by the NSW north coast sessions of '88, when in an outrageous 10 day binge, Poto, Simon Law, Cattle and Deaney surfed all the classic pointbreaks at their maximum size and shape. They'll also freak at Joel's hair-raising couple of bombs at a terrifying Irish reefbreak, and wallow in the pleasure of perfect Periscope Point on Sumbawa, Indonesia, before the surf camps arrived. Then the movie swings to a down home sequence that sees Terry, Kye and Joel head back to Jeffreys Bay on a family trip with some timeless TF equipment, including Driftas and wing pin single fins, and ride 'em into the ground at J-Bay and the rarely glimpsed Cape St Francis.

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The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 3

The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 3 Lowest new price: $19.95
List price: $19.95
Model: B001L4L8U0

Beginning with the short-board revolution of the late 1960s and continuing into the early years of professional surfing, attitudes were changing along with surfboard size. Four filmmakers were able to capture the transformation: Paul Witzig's Evolution, released in 1969, quickly became a symbol for the turbulent early stages of the short-board era. Three years later, Alby Falzon made Morning of the Earth and showed how things had mellowed out. While Witzig and Falzon offered the Australian perspective during this time, Hal Jepsen focused on California and Hawaii. His 1969 movie, Cosmic Children, is a period classic. His follow-up, A Sea for Yourself, is smoother and better-founded. Bill Delaney's Free Ride wasn't just the definitive look at surfing in mid-1970's, it was probably the last great surf movie. His second film, 1990's Surfers: The Movie, was an intriguing mix of old and new footage, combined with interviews from a wide variety of surfers.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Bustin' Down the Door

Bustin' Down the Door Lowest new price: $1.49
Lowest used price: $0.90
List price: $6.11
Brand: Gaiam
Model: MHV68107445DVD

This ground breaking action-packed documentary takes you back to the winter of 1975 in Hawaii -a dramatic moment in history when a group of young South African and Australian surfers sacrificed everything. They put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that is today worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. A powerhouse film, the spell-binding action footage and fascinating subjects make Bustin' Down the Door a surfing classic.

In the early 1970s, Australian chargers Mark Richards, Peter Townend, Ian Cairns, and Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew landed in Oahu with something to prove. Hawaii was seen as the center of the surfing universe and the brash Aussies sought to shake things up. Along with South Africans Shaun and Michael Tomson, the crew ripped apart legendary breaks like Pipeline and Waimea with radical innovations and bravery that bordered on insanity. Combining classic footage and revealing modern-day interviews, Bustin' Down the Door exposes the soul of this revolutionary period in a way few surf films can. The ground-breaking talents of MR and Co. are rightfully lauded for helping to build the concept of professional surfing, yet no excuses are offered for the reckless arrogance that helped ignite a powder keg of cultural pride on the North Shore. The self-promoting Australians were not shy about their talents, but by the time Cairns declared that "Aloha is dead" during the summer of '75, competitive banter had dangerously escalated beyond the waves. But what the group lacked in diplomacy, they made up for in determination, as their shared desire to be the best gave rise to a new era of surfing. --Dave Callanan


  • Factory sealed DVD

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