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Surfing Movies

Live from the Moon Surfing DVD by Body Glove

Live from the Moon Surfing DVD by Body Glove

Surf Crazy

Surf Crazy Lowest new price: $67.68
Lowest used price: $4.84
Brand: Image Entertainment

In Surf Crazy, Bruce Brown takes a group of surfers exploring deep into unsurfed Mexico, shows some vintage California surfing and then goes on to the mammoth waves of Hawaii. Features one of the biggest waves ever ridden at Waimea Bay.

The second film by the grandfather of surf movies, Bruce Brown, Surf Crazy focuses on a surfing trip to Mexico in 1959, a time when surfing was so obscure that most of the Mexicans encountered along the Pacific shoreline had no idea why the crazy young Americans had long wooden boards strapped to the roof of their red Ford station wagon. The big problem with being a pioneer is that the subjects of Brown's film couldn't ask anyone where the good surfing spots were, so much of the film consists of the Americans riding rough, unmarked roads in search of worthwhile waves. Brown appears on camera to explain that when this film was first shown in venues around California, he would appear onstage and narrate it. And a recording of his original narration, full of jokes both quirky and corny, accompanies the color film footage in this version. The film itself sometimes shows its age, as scratches flicker past, but the color is vibrant and the footage of surfers in an utterly pristine environment is often riveting. The second half of the film took Brown and his trusty camera to Hawaii, where surfers hit the waves at gorgeous Waimea Bay. Surf Crazy captures a beautiful, golden era in the history of surfing, and even those who have never stepped on a board will find it very entertaining. --Robert J. McNamara

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110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2 Lowest new price: $22.99
Lowest used price: $23.00
List price: $22.99

110% SURFING TECHNIQUES VOLUME 2 is packed full of tips for high performance surfing. This comprehensive, easy to use coaching tool consists of 20 separate sections, where the action is split into Advanced Moves and Key Techniques. Advanced moves use detailed breakdowns of how to perform turns at the highest level; including forehand tube rides, snaps, off the tops, whitewater climbs and how to adapt your bottom turn to suit the top turn. The Key Techniques section will help you to improve your overall surfing, demonstrating how to create your own board speed, master heavy drops, improve cutbacks, make fast waves, throw the tail out, improve take off, catch more waves, perform full rail carves and more. The DVD is split into 2 separate sections for regular and goofy stance, making it easier to relate them to your own surfing. Including slow motion and split screen to highlight correct techniques against common mistakes. Land, water and board cam angles are used to help explain the tips. Filmed on location in England, South Pacific, France, and Hawaii.

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Flow - The True Story of a Surfing Revolution - Surfing Video on DVD Special Collector's Edition by Thirty Four Films

Flow - The True Story of a Surfing Revolution - Surfing Video on DVD Special Collector's Edition by Thirty Four Films Lowest new price: $9.95

Director/Writer/Producer Josh Landan works with Producer/Writer/Editor Scott Stankey to craft one of the most revealing and compelling surfing stories ever told, offering a feature documentary delivered in a truly unique cinematic style. FLOW is narrated by Brandon Boyd (Incubus) with music from the bands Incubus, Bloc Party, Sparta, Pinback, and many others including original music and score by Michael Einziger, Tim Curran, and Todd Hannigan. FLOW chronicles the last 31 years of surfing through a unique, insider's perspective as to the dedication, devotion, and individual passion that has revolutionized modern surfing and its mostly misinterpreted lifestyle. The story focuses on Channel Islands Surfboards founder and world-renowned surfboard craftsman Al Merrick and his special relationships with the team of world champion Channel Islands Team riders and arguably the two best and most influential surfers ever: Kelly Slater (7 time world champion) and Tom Curren (3 time world champion). The film highlights Al's visionary approach that cultivated the Channel Islands Team rider's talent into 19 world titles, bringing you back to the early 60's with the evolution of the shortboard and takes you on a journey up to present day. We relive those profound years that experienced a revolutionary leap forward in surfing design, performance, and image, and weave through to the present where you experience first hand what it takes to be a part of the most progressive surfing team in the world. FLOW reveals the core, revolutionary changes that resulted in a worldwide recognition of modern surfing. It is not just a surf film with beautiful imagery and a loose story structure, but rather a heart-felt, soulful perspective on one man's influence on a bevy of talented individuals. This film will not only illustrate the revolution of modern surfing, but it will inspire people that are completely distanced from the sport.

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14 Day Productions Presents: DRIVE THRU NEW ZEALAND Surfing Film DVD

14 Day Productions Presents: DRIVE THRU NEW ZEALAND Surfing Film DVD Lowest new price: $20.91
Lowest used price: $18.67
List price: $24.65
Brand: Koastal Media

The Drive Thru Series embarks on another zany adventure as veteran road warriors Donavon, Benji, and Pat-O scour the beautiful surf soaked land of New Zealand. Joined by iconic surf legend Mark Occhilupo, air maestro and surf expressionist Ozzie Wright, and California charger Alex Gray, the barren road leads them into the unknown. The crew trucks it 3700 km from Auckland on the North Island all the way to Dunedin on the rugged and wave rich South Island. Kiwi guides Cory Scott and Maz Quinn navigate the crew through unpredictable weather and gnarly terrain to score epic Tasman and Pacific waves. As always, fresh beats and hilarious antics with rockslide mishaps, Zorbing, and the debut of the Drive Thru Band featuring Donavon on the organ and Occy singing will get you amped for THE DRIVE THRU NEW ZEALAND!


  • Produced by: 14 Day Productions
  • Directed by: Greg Browning
  • Executive Producer: Taylor Steele
  • **Featuring a debut second disc with insane additional surf and lifestyle footage shot in super 8 mm and narrated by this shredding cast of travelers.**

The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 2

The Surfer's Journal - Fifty Years of Surfing on Film Vol 2 Lowest new price: $19.95
List price: $19.95

Columbia Pictures released Gidget in 1959, and by the early 60s, with the help of Frankie and Annette, Hollywood's version of surfing was being steadily fed to the masses. The whole thing was an embarrassment to the surfers. Meanwhile, these three surf filmmakers were doing an excellent job in bringing real beauty, excitement, culture and color of the sport to the big screen. Bruce Brown's early films demonstrated his dry wit and a casual rapport with the best surfers of the late 50s and early 60s. His sixth film, The Endless Summer, showed the rest of the world what the sport was really all about. Greg MacGillivray, along with his partner Jim Freeman, produced a series of films from the mid-60s to the early 70s that set the standard for technical excellence. Their last work, Five Summer Stories, is a period classic. As surfer designer and filmmaker, George Greenough has made tremendous contributions. He was the first to take a camera inside the tube, and his slow motion footage from within is as beautiful and hypnotic today as it was when first seen by a stunned surfing public in 1970.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Dark Fall New Jersey Surfing DVD by Alex DePhillipo and Andrew Gessler

Dark Fall New Jersey Surfing DVD by Alex DePhillipo and Andrew Gessler Lowest used price: $29.95

Dark Fall is all of us. It is a representation of NJ surfing, the lives we lead, the friendships we make, and the brotherhood that bonds us to our coastline. New Jersey is but a spec on the map of the surfing world and this film is our outlet, it is a voice that's going to travel across the globe and explain our story. Experience Dark Fall, Alex DePhillipo's award-winning documentary. Dark Fall follows a year in the life of New Jersey's professional surfers tackling some of the best surf right in their own back yard and travelling to remote locations across the globe. This film examines lifestyle of the Northeast's cold-water surfers and tells the passionate story of what it takes to make it in the world of surf. Dark Fall is a surge from the depths of the most uncommon of surf states, a must see! Is there even surf in New Jersey?! This high-definition film glorifies the most prestigious and naturally beautiful time for a surfer in the Northeast, the Fall. Featuring Dean Randazzo, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, Zach Humphries, Clay Pollioni, and many more, shot in High Definition, including work with the Red One camera. This epic surf film is a must-see. Music by Bruce Springsteen, The Parlor Mob, ASG, Jumpship, Chris Arena, Sabotoge Soundsystem and more. Winner of the Best Feature and Viewer's Choice Awards at the 2010 New York Surf Film Festival.


  • Directed by Alex DePhillipo
  • Narrated by Andrew Gessler
  • Starring: Andrew Gessler, Zack Humphreys, Dean Randazzo, Sam Hammer
  • Music by Bruce Springsteen, The Parlor Mob, Sabotage Soundsystem, ASG and More!
  • Winner of Best Feature & Viewers' Choice Awards at the 2010 New York Surf Film Festival

Se7en Signs & Innersection Black Surfing DVD

Se7en Signs & Innersection Black Surfing DVD Lowest new price: $24.99
Lowest used price: $16.99

Endless Summer DVD

Endless Summer DVD Lowest new price: $42.34

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing – Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters - 2006

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing – Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters - 2006

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is a unique combination of sport, history, lifestyle, and travel in the birthplace of surfing: Hawaii. 4 Shows featuring the 3 Contests that make up The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Hawaii, North Shore. Pipeline, Backdoor, Sunset, Haleiwa, OTW, Rock Piles and Rocky's. **Disc One** - Pipeline Masters Show and Recap Show "Said & Done" **Disc Two** - OP Pro Haleiwa Show and Sunset Beach Show

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