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Outdoor Recreation

Sea Hunt: The Complete Series Collector's Edition (Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4) - 20 DVD Set

Sea Hunt: The Complete Series Collector's Edition (Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4) - 20 DVD Set Lowest new price: $45.45
Lowest used price: $57.33
List price: $59.99
Model: 35341119

Sea Hunt: The Complete Series Collector's Edition (Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4) - 20 DVD Set

This 20 disc collection contains all four complete seasons of the classic television show Sea Hunt comprised of 155 full-length episodes.

This action-packed underwater adventure series stars Lloyd Bridges as diving expert and former U.S. Navy frogman, Mike Nelson. Traveling on his boat, the Argonaut, Nelson outmaneuvers villains, undertakes daring rescues, and defends national security – all in a day's work! Originally airing from 1958 to 1961, this television classic features innovative underwater cinematography and fast-paced plots, full of action, mystery and adventure.

Some young, soon to be superstars who appeared in this classic CBS TV series were Jack Nicholson, Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges.

This Complete Series Collector's Edition contains all 155 episodes of the Sea Hunt series, spanning four seasons.

SEASON ONE: 39 Episodes
SEASON TWO: 39 Episodes
SEASON THREE: 39 Episodes
SEASON FOUR: 38 Episodes

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Mythbusters: Season 2

Mythbusters: Season 2 Lowest new price: $35.46
Lowest used price: $55.98
List price: $39.95
Brand: Discovery Channel
Model: 536112

Follow the MythBusters in this 11-episode, 4-DVD set as they debunk, decode and demystify some of the most popular urban myths and legends. Using modern-day science, they put each myth to the test, separating the real from the really out there.

Episodes Include:

- Myths Revisited

- Scuba Diver

- Ancient Death Ray

- Elevator of Death

- Beat the Radar Detector

- Quicksand

- Exploding Jawbreaker

- Ping Pong Rescue

- Boom-Lift Catapult

- Exploding House

- Ming Dynasty Astronaut

They don't just tell myths, they put them to the test - and methodically bust urban legends in the process.

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Step Into Liquid

Step Into Liquid Lowest new price: $6.78
Lowest used price: $1.42
List price: $14.98
Brand: LGF
Model: 2209751

"Dana Brown, the son of surfing documentarian Bruce Brown, outdoes his father in Step into Liquid. This beautifully shot documentary takes you around the world to experience surfing like it's never been done before.

Thanks to Dana Brown's delightful Step Into Liquid, the surfing scene in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, should get a healthy boost. That's because Brown, in the tradition of his father, filmmaker Bruce Brown (The Endless Summer), has captured dazzling images of surfers riding curls in some of the world's most exotic--and sometimes unlikely--places. Besides the action on Lake Michigan, Brown leads us to Costa Rica, where the sport's senior elite (including Summer star Robert August) prove they still have the moves, and Oahu's North Shore, where the legendary Pipeline inspires this quote: "It's so scary, maybe you die a little." Most entertaining is a segment in County Donegal, where the American Malloy brothers startle the locals and meet their Irish counterparts on the grayest ocean imaginable. Great personal stories here, including the tale of Northern California's Dale Webster, who has never missed a day on the waves in 30 years. --Tom Keogh


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Water Dog

Water Dog Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $14.20
List price: $29.95
Brand: MasterMind Entertainment Inc.

"Water Dog", the DVD, is the recognized "Bible" for training both upland and waterfowl hunting dogs. Made from the famous book, "Water Dog", by Richard A. Wolters, this DVD teaches his time-proven techniques, showing its viewer how to quickly and easily transform his/her dog into a master hunting machine. Take a few minutes each day, follow the video's simple steps and have the finished gun dog you've always wanted in a few short months!!

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Whitetail Adrenaline - The Reckoning Round 1 - All Public Land Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting

Whitetail Adrenaline - The Reckoning Round 1 - All Public Land Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting Lowest new price: $18.98
List price: $18.98

We've all been there as hunters. the deer have gotten the best of us and we walk away feeling defeated. but not forever, there will be a day or a season when the tables are turned. Round 1 of The Reckoning is about overcoming the obstacles and pressing on through adversity and tough times. coming your way are the stories of our bow season with the lowest of low points and the highest of the highs. The adventures ran rampant from a boat hunt to chasing deer around with decoys to several hour long stalks and belly crawling through dirt. This is whitetail hunting like you have never seen it captured before. The truth and reality of what really happened is shown. thanks to all who have loyally embrased Whitetail Adrenaline. Enjoy!


  • Duration: 206 minutes
  • Not found on TV Anywhere
  • Grond Stalking Bow Edition
  • Real as we could film it - unscripted
  • Incredibly close shond long stalks

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The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer Lowest new price: $9.60
Lowest used price: $5.99
List price: $10.69
Model: 7462081

They call it The Endless Summer the ultimate surfing adventure, crossing the glob in search of the perfect wave. From the uncharted waters of West Africa, to the shark-filled seas of Australia, to the tropical paradise of Tahiti and beyond, these California surfers accomplish in a few months what most people never do in a lifetime... They live their dream.

Director Bruce Brown creates a film so powerful it has become a timeless masterpiece that continues to capture the imagination of every new generation. When it first played in theaters, audiences lined up to see it again and again, spellbound by its thrilling excitement and awesome photography. But in fact, what's most compelling about the film is the sport of surfing itself, and once you've seen it, you ll never forget why.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Mile Mile & A Half

Mile Mile & A Half Lowest new price: $14.85
Lowest used price: $13.90
List price: $17.89
Model: 29015816

In an epic snow year, a group of artists leave their daily lives behind to hike & record California's historic John Muir Trail, a 219 miles stretch from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. Their goal - complete the journey in 25 days while capturing the amazing sights and sounds they encounter along the way. Inspired by their bond, humor, artistry and dedication, the group continues to grow: to include other artists, musicians & adventure seekers. Before they all reach the summit, hikers and viewers alike affirm the old adage - it's about the journey, not the destination. Mile... Mile & A Half is the feature-length documentary of that journey.


  • Factory sealed DVD

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Meru Lowest new price: $12.90
Lowest used price: $6.50
List price: $19.95
Model: 35218176

In the high-stakes pursuit of big-wall climbing, the Shark's Fin on Mount Meru may be the ultimate prize. Sitting 21,000 feet above the sacred Ganges River in Northern India, the mountain's perversely stacked obstacles make it both a nightmare and an irresistible calling for some of the world's toughest climbers. In October 2008, renowned alpinists Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk arrived in India to tackle Meru. Their planned seven-day trip quickly devolved into a 20-day odyssey in sub-zero temperatures with depleting food rations. Within 100 meters of the elusive summit, their journey - like all previous attempts - fell short of the goal. Heartbroken and defeated, the trio returned to their everyday lives, where the siren song of Meru continued to beckon. By September 2011, Anker had convinced his team to reunite and undertake the Shark's Fin once more, under even more extraordinary circumstances. MERU is the story of that journey, an expedition through nature's harshest elements and one's complicated inner demons, and ultimately on to impossible new heights.

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Skagit Revolution by Tom Larimer / Beattie Fly Fishing / Casting - 4 hour / 2 DVDs on one disc

Skagit Revolution by Tom Larimer / Beattie Fly Fishing / Casting - 4 hour / 2 DVDs on one disc Lowest new price: $29.95
List price: $32.75

Beattie Outdoor Productions 2016, Tutorial Fly Fishing DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 240+ minutes. DVD 1 establishes a strong foundation from which students will progress in their casting journey. Covering roll casting, the Snap-T and Double Spey Cast from both sides of the river, this tutorial will pull beginners from the sidelines directly into casting action. While DVD 1 is truly about the basics, intermediate and advanced casters will walk away with new perspective on the finer elements that enforce strong, consistent casting. "Casting is half the equation," says Tom. "People get so geeked out over the casting that they forget about the fishing." Dvd 2 focuses on adaptation, building upon the fundamentals outlined in Disk 1 and propelling students to an entirely new level of Spey casting mastery. In addition to learning Perry Pokes and poke variations from both riverbanks, anglers will refine their ability to adjust to subtleties such as shifting fishing conditions and tackle requirements.

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Purple Noon

Purple Noon Lowest new price: $15.75
Lowest used price: $5.99
List price: $15.75
Brand: Buena Vista Home Video

Filled with suspense, PURPLE NOON is the critically acclaimed thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat! A handsome, wealthy bachelor has a sexy girlfriend and all the finest things money can buy. His envious friend, on the other hand, has nothing but his charm, good looks ... and a wickedly sinister plot to take over the rich man's life! Tensions mount as this deadly game unfolds and the murderer struggles to stay one step ahead of the police -- and the ever-growing suspicions of the dead man's friends! Prepare yourself for PURPLE NOON, a shocking story of betrayal, murder, and stolen identity in a world where nothing is as it seems!

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