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GoVideo DVR4300 DVD-VCR Combo

GoVideo DVR4300 DVD-VCR Combo Lowest used price: $60.64
Brand: Go Video

You can have it all with this Go.Video DVD-VCR Dual Deck. Save space with this convenient all-in-one system that lets you watch a DVD or play a music CD while recording your favorite television program. This versatile deck comes with composite, S-Video and component video outputs, and auto clock set and channel search for easy set up. Play DVDs, Video CDs, VHS tapes and MP3s on CD-R and CD-RW. Copy non-copy-protected DVDs to VHS with one touch. Virtual 3D Surround Sound provides life-like acoustics through an existing pair of speakers, even your TV speakers. The intuitive remote with glow keys operates both DVD and VCR. The sleek new design of the dual deck features a reflective front panel that will make it a space-saving showpiece in your home.

GoVideo's DVR4300 is a step into the future with its compact size and dual-deck DVD and VCR convenience. A sleek design with a reflective front panel makes this a gorgeous addition to any home entertainment system, and its features will make it the showpiece. This versatile deck plays DVDs, music CDs, MP3s on CD-R and CD-RW, and VHS tapes. You can watch a DVD while recording a television program, and with one touch record non copy-protected DVDs (home movies, say) to VHS tape.

As a DVD player, the DVR4300 offers Dolby Digital and DTS digital outputs for easy connection to a compatible surround receiver for immersive, 5.1-channel surround sound. Composite-video, S-video, and component-video outputs provide high video quality and complete system flexibility. If you're not set up for surround sound, the unit's Virtual 3D Surround Sound provides lifelike acoustics through an existing pair of speakers--even TV speakers. The hi-fi stereo VCR's Complete Program Record automatically adjusts tape speed to ensure the recording of a complete program, no matter what tape is used. The VCR's four-head design ensures smooth slow-motion play (forward and reverse) and clear still-frame images. Nineteen-micron heads deliver the clearest possible picture when recording or playing back in EP (extended-play) mode.

In the connections department, there are two sets of stereo analog-audio inputs (front and rear), two accompanying composite-video inputs, and one RF coaxial video input (for use with a cable box, laserdisc player, or an additional, older VCR). A convenient child lock effectively toddler-proofs the front panel, and an intuitive remote control operates both DVD and VCR.


  • DVD player with Dolby Digital and DTS surround-sound audio and component-video, composite-video, and S-video outputs
  • 4-head hi-fi stereo VCR with 19-micron heads for optimum quality when recording in EP mode
  • 1-touch record from non-copy-protected DVDs to VHS tape
  • Complete Program Record automatically adjusts tape speed to ensure the recording of a complete program
  • CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3-CD playback

GoVideo DVR5000 DVD-VCR Combo

GoVideo DVR5000 DVD-VCR Combo Lowest new price: $859.00
Lowest used price: $230.00
List price: $449.95
Brand: Go Video
Model: DVR5000

NO REMOTE. slight scratches on casing. works perfectly. power cable included.


  • Play DVDs, audio CDs, MP3-encoded CD-ROMs, or VHS tapes
  • Watch a DVD while recording a TV show to the VCR
  • Joystick remote with glow-in-the-dark keys controls both DVD and VCR decks as well as your cable box
  • Dolby Digital decoding, DTS output, and choice of optical or coaxial digital audio outputs
  • Will copy only non-Macrovision-protected DVDs to VHS

GoVideo DDV3110 Dual Deck 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

GoVideo DDV3110 Dual Deck 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR Lowest used price: $199.99
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV-3110

Why settle for an ordinary VCR when you can get 2 VCRs in 1? Why skip commercials when you can remove them for good? The Go Video Dual Deck 4-Head VCR is a convenient home editing and copying system that lets you watch a video tape while recording a TV show. In addition, its commercial-free feature automatically removes ads and trailers instead of just skipping them. VCR features MTS stereo/SAP audio with hi-fi playback and recording so even copies sound great. Other features include front and rear A/V inputs; auto head cleaners; automatic tape speed adjustment; 8-scene editor/titles for custom home movies; 181-channel cable-ready tuner with 16 event/1-yr. timer; front-panel child lock; and auto clock set and channel search. Comes with multi-brand jog/shuttle remote for precision forward and reverse scan during playback. 4Hx21Wx12-3/4D".

Do you have a lot of home movies on cassette that need to be edited and copied? Do you have a lot of shows that you tape regularly? Make your life easier with this dual-deck, 4-head VCR from GoVideo. With the DDV3110, you get all of the advantages of having two VCRs without the connection headaches, all in a component that isn't much bigger than a regular VCR. Each deck features 4-head recording to ensure superior picture and sound.

With two decks in one unit, you can now record up to 12 hours of programs at a time. You can schedule up to 16 shows in advance with the recording timer. You'll never be left hanging by a recording that cuts off too early--the DDV3110 offers a feature that automatically adjusts the tape speed while recording in timer mode, fitting the entire program onto the tape.

Skipping unwanted material is easier than ever with the DDV3110. The Commercial Advance feature automatically marks commercials while recording. When you play back the tape, the VCR will fast forward past the commercials. You can even opt to have a blue screen appear during the commercial skip, so you never have to see another ad. Although the DDV3110 can handle the process automatically, you retain the option to control the recording and playback yourself.

When dubbing tapes recorded with the Commercial Advance feature, the commercials will not be copied onto your edited tape. When using the commercial-free copy mode, you can record a show in deck one, and have the DDV3110 automatically create a cleaned-up dub copy in deck two.

When you are watching a prerecorded videocassette, you can jump straight to the movie with GoVideo's Movie Advance feature. The DDV3110 will prompt you to skip each or every preview at the beginning of the tape. The remote features a jog/shuttle dial that gives you even greater control over what you watch. Along with the automatic skip features, you can fast-forward and reverse with great precision at high speed or even frame by frame.

Home-movie makers will find a number of features on the DDV3110 that are perfect for creating an impressive final cut. The VCR allows you to create onscreen titles for your movies that can vary in length and onscreen time. With the automatic editing function, you can flag up to eight scenes that you want to use on your final copy. The DDV3110 will do all the work for you in the dubbing process. You can add new music or narration to your movie as well. Simply connect your audio source to the front or back audio/video inputs.

Setup is simple. Your available channels will automatically be set as soon as you turn on the DDV3110 for the first time. Composite-video outputs provide a quick connection from VCR to TV or to your home theater receiver. Front inputs allow for easy connections of camcorders and audio sources when you are editing tapes. An easy-to-use, onscreen menu lets you customize your setup by identifying the components plugged into the DDV3110.

What's in the Box
Dual deck VCR, coaxial cable, remote control, two AA batteries, owner's manual.


  • Dual-deck VCR offers 12 hours of recording
  • Sophisticated commercial-skip features for viewing and dubbing
  • Front and back composite audio/video inputs
  • Editing and dubbing tools for home movies
  • Measures 21 x 4 x 12.75 inches (W x H x D)

Rio Cali 128 MB Sport MP3 Player

Rio Cali 128 MB Sport MP3 Player Lowest new price: $24.58
Lowest used price: $24.93
Brand: Rio

Work, walk or jog to your favorite tunes uninterrupted with the Rio Cali Sport 128MB MP3 Player that provides more than 2 hours of MP3 (about 30 songs) or 4 hours of WMA (about 60 songs) music with 128MB of memory. Features: FM tuner; carrying case with armband; expandable memory up to 512MB using SD or MMC cards (sold separately); sport clip earphones; USB cable; installation disk; quick start guide; connects to almost any computer; allows transfer of content between multiple PCs; 18-hour continuous playback and 5-band adjustable equalizer with presets. Songs purchased from Napster 2.0 are compatible with Rio portables. Please use the Rio Music Manager or the Windows Media Player 9 to transfer songs purchased from Napster 2.0 to your Rio. Napster 2.0 Client users can also use the free Napster Plug-In for the Windows Media Player 9 for an integrated experience. Available storage capacity may vary.


  • 128 MB of memory for over 2 hours of MP3 or 4 hours of WMA music
  • Secure Digital card/MMC expansion slot provides up to 512 MB of additional memory
  • 5-band adjustable equalizer with pre-sets
  • 18-hours of continuous playback with one AAA battery
  • Compatible with computers with USB 1.1 ports running Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, Mac OS X

GoVideo DVR4200 DVD-VCR Combo

GoVideo DVR4200 DVD-VCR Combo Lowest new price: $439.99
Lowest used price: $63.50
Brand: Go Video

GoVideo's DVR4200 brings the convenience of VHS recording with the simplicity and quality of DVD, from front-panel AV inputs to high-resolution component-video outputs and even MP3-CD playback. The DVR4200 allows you to conveniently record TV programs while watching a DVD or listening to a CD. If it's the DVD you want to record, the unit offers one-touch copy. The hi-fi VCR's four-head design gives the player superior slow motion and stop-action control, while Complete Program Record actually adjusts the VCR's speed to make sure it records programmed recordings in their entirety. Its component-video output is ideal for use with the latest high-resolution televisions, and standard composite-video and S-video outputs work with most older TVs.

The DVR4200 is compatible with standard CDs, audio CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and discs encoded with MP3 audio files. Using its coaxial digital-audio output, Dolby Digital 5.1-channel signals are rerouted to a Dolby-decoding AV receiver to enjoy stunning surround sound from movies. When used with a compatible receiver and a six-channel speaker system (left, center, right, left/right surround, and subwoofer), the player puts you in the middle of the action. The unit's Virtual 3D surround sound can also simulate surround effects through an existing pair of speakers.

The DVD player offers standard composite-video outputs (two), S-video (one), and premium component-video outputs (one set, three RCA jacks). The VCR section offers two sets of composite-video inputs, one composite-video output, and one RF (cable-type) input and output. For audio, two sets of stereo, analog-audio RCA outputs are for the DVD player (one of which doubles as a VCR output), while the VCR accepts two stereo analog-audio inputs. A coaxial digital-audio output routes DVD audio signals to an AV receiver. A convenient child lock protects the front panel from fingers, toast, and other nonmedia, while the included remote control operates both the DVD and VCR features. Auto clock set and channel search simplify VCR setup (no more flashing 12:00!). The DVR4200 comes with two AAA batteries, a user's manual, and a stereo analog-audio interconnect.


  • Plays DVDs, audio CDs, VHS tapes, and MP3s on CD-R and CD-RW
  • Watch a DVD while recording a television program
  • Dolby Digital output for easy connection to surround sound systems
  • Complete Program Record automatically adjusts tape speed to ensure you record a complete program no matter what tape you use
  • Convenient child lock protects the front panel from fingers, toast, and other non-media

GoVideo DVR4000 DVD-VCR Combo

GoVideo DVR4000 DVD-VCR Combo Lowest used price: $68.99
Brand: Go Video
Model: OUTLET-DVR4000

GoVideo DVR4000 DVD-VCR Combo DVD/CD player with 4-head, hi-fi stereo VCR. This unit shows some light wear / use, but it will be guaranteed NOT DOA! This unit will come with remote control and built-in power cable.


  • DVD/CD player with 4-head, hi-fi stereo VCR
  • Component-video, composite-video, and S-video outputs offer optimal connection with compatible DVD player
  • Plays DVD-Video, Video CD, SVCD, and audio CDs
  • Dolby Digital and DTS digital-audio output for 5.1-channel surround sound (with compatible AV receiver)
  • One-touch copying from DVD to VCR for non-Macrovision-encoded DVDs

GoVideo DDV2110 Dual Deck Hi-Fi VCR

GoVideo DDV2110 Dual Deck Hi-Fi VCR Lowest used price: $125.99
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV2110

Hi-fi heaven. Play your favorite video while recording your favorite show with this dual-deck VCR. Enjoy recorded television programs without interruption using the commercial-free copying feature. Auto setup automatically sets the VCR's clock and searches for channels for quick and easy setup. Enhance your custom home videos by adding voice explanations or on-screen text while editing. You can even automatically change the order of up to eight scenes at a time. Child lock disables all the buttons on the front panel. Complete Program Record(CPR) senses the end of the tape and switches to slow play to make sure your tape doesn't run out before the end of the show. You can even rewind one tape while watching another. An auto head cleaner is located on both decks to keep videos looking sharp.


  • One-touch commercial-free copying for ad-free tapes
  • Two 4-head VCR decks in one
  • Complete Program Record technology automatically adjusts tape speed to record your entire show
  • Rear A/V inputs
  • Sequential recording for 12 hours of programs on 2 tapes

Diamond Rio Digital Player

Diamond Rio Digital Player Lowest new price: $69.00
Lowest used price: $35.00
Brand: Slacker
Model: RIO PMP300

Internet Music in the Palm of Your Hand! Diamond's Rio PMP300 is the first portable MP3 music player for under $200 that stores up to 60 minutes of digital-quality sound. It's smaller than an audio cassette and has no moving parts, so it never skips. Powered by a single AA battery, Rio provides up to 12 hours of continuous music playback.


  • Diamond Rio Digital Player

GoVideo DDV9500 Dual Deck VCR

GoVideo DDV9500 Dual Deck VCR Lowest used price: $54.99
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV9500

Both 4 Head Mono


  • The DDV9500 4-head x 4-head Hi-Fi VCR offers EZ Copy(TM) for one-touch copying
  • AmeriChrome(TM) circuitry for picture perfect copies
  • simultaneous video viewing while taping TV show; Eng/French on-screen programming
  • digital auto tracking; real time tape counter; hi-speed rewind; date/time stamp; 1-year 8-event timer; 181-channel MTS stereo tuner. Up to 20 hours continuous taping (T-200 tape x 2 decks)
  • Measures: 21"W x 4"H x 15-3/4"D.

Rio 800 64MB Digital Audio Player

Rio 800 64MB Digital Audio Player Lowest used price: $65.00
Brand: Rio
Model: 90260092

Get all the versatility of a 64 MB digital audio player in a sleek design with the Diamond Rio 800. This Rio adds memory and features to the Rio line, plus recharging capability. The Rio 800's 64 MB of flash memory means you can capture and play back over an hour of near-CD quality music (MP3s encoded at 128 Kbps) from the Internet or your CDs, or up to 32 hours of spoken word recordings. Additional snap-on Rio memory backpacks (sold separately) can add up to 340 MB of storage.

This player comes with its own recharger unit so you can save on battery costs. The remote control also allows you to play, pause, advance, and rewind without removing the player from the case. The LCD display shows the song/book you are listening to, plus the artist and time. The Rio 800 supports the MP3 and WMA audio formats, and it is upgradable to support emerging digital standards so your Rio is always up to date. It's SDMI compliant, enabling you to download secure tracks from all the major recording labels.

The USB interface allows you to download songs from your PC or Mac to your Rio faster than with any other interface type. Note that USB connectivity requires a USB port and either a PC running Windows 98 or 2000 or a Macintosh G3/G4 or iMac running System 8.1 or later.

The included Rio Audio Manager software works with Windows 98 to organize your audio tracks by name, artist, and length. It turns your CDs into MP3 or WMA digital formats for playback on your Rio 800. You can also master your mix with custom playlists. For Mac users, SoundJam software is included, which works with your iMac or G3/G4 to organize tracks and turn your CDs into AIFF, WAV, or QuickTime digital formats. It allows for easy drag-and-drop transfer to the Rio 800.

The Rio 800 comes with the recharger, remote control, folding headphones, one AA battery, a USB cable, a carrying case with belt clip, and software on CD-ROM. Rio covers this player with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.


  • 64 MB of built-in flash memory
  • First rechargeable Rio--recharger included
  • Includes microphone for voice recording
  • Additional memory backpacks add up to 340 MB for 9 hours of playback
  • Fast USB connectivity; PC and Mac compatible

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