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Rio 600 32 MB Digital Audio Player (MP3/WMA)

Rio 600 32 MB Digital Audio Player (MP3/WMA) Lowest new price: $49.99
Lowest used price: $9.25
Brand: Rio
Model: 600

With the Rio 600, Diamond adds customizable features and high-end audio you can't get from other players. Capture and play back up to a hour of digital-quality music from the Internet or your CDs. Seize your audio, master your mix, retool your memory, even select your faceplate color--it's complete freedom of choice.

The Rio 600 supports the most popular audio formats like MP3 and WMA, and it is upgradable to support emerging digital standards so your Rio is always up to date. SDMI compliance means you can download secure tracks from all the major recording labels. The 32 MB of memory will hold up to an hour of digital-quality music and 16 hours of spoken word. You can also upgrade your Rio 600 with separate snap-on memory backpacks up to 340 MB to give you up to 9 hours of music playback. The USB interface allows you to download songs from your PC or Mac to your Rio faster than with any other interface type.


  • 32 MB of built-in flash memory
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Fast USB connectivity
  • Can accept additional memory backpacks to expand memory up to 340 MB
  • PC and Mac compatible

GoVideo DDV2110 Dual Deck Hi-Fi VCR

GoVideo DDV2110 Dual Deck Hi-Fi VCR Lowest used price: $80.00
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV2110

Hi-fi heaven. Play your favorite video while recording your favorite show with this dual-deck VCR. Enjoy recorded television programs without interruption using the commercial-free copying feature. Auto setup automatically sets the VCR's clock and searches for channels for quick and easy setup. Enhance your custom home videos by adding voice explanations or on-screen text while editing. You can even automatically change the order of up to eight scenes at a time. Child lock disables all the buttons on the front panel. Complete Program Record(CPR) senses the end of the tape and switches to slow play to make sure your tape doesn't run out before the end of the show. You can even rewind one tape while watching another. An auto head cleaner is located on both decks to keep videos looking sharp.


  • One-touch commercial-free copying for ad-free tapes
  • Two 4-head VCR decks in one
  • Complete Program Record technology automatically adjusts tape speed to record your entire show
  • Rear A/V inputs
  • Sequential recording for 12 hours of programs on 2 tapes

Diamond Rio Digital Player

Diamond Rio Digital Player Lowest used price: $49.50
Brand: Slacker
Model: RIO PMP300

Internet Music in the Palm of Your Hand! Diamond's Rio PMP300 is the first portable MP3 music player for under $200 that stores up to 60 minutes of digital-quality sound. It's smaller than an audio cassette and has no moving parts, so it never skips. Powered by a single AA battery, Rio provides up to 12 hours of continuous music playback.


  • Diamond Rio Digital Player

RioVolt SP250 Portable MP3-CD Player with FM Tuner and 8 Minutes Anti-Skip

RioVolt SP250 Portable MP3-CD Player with FM Tuner and 8 Minutes Anti-Skip Lowest used price: $89.00
Brand: Rio
Model: 90260281


  • Plays standard audio CDs as well as MP3- and WMA-encoded discs; integrated FM tuner
  • Electronic shock protection up to 8 minutes; upgradable firmware for enhancements
  • Supports ID3 tags and audio CD title display (CD Text) as well as M3U playlists
  • Includes 2 sets of headphones (earbud and over-ear)
  • 15-hour battery life using only 2 AA batteries; includes rechargeable batteries. Resume play feature.

GoVideo DDV9500 Dual Deck VCR

GoVideo DDV9500 Dual Deck VCR Lowest used price: $71.69
List price: $499.99
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV9500

Both 4 Head Mono


  • The DDV9500 4-head x 4-head Hi-Fi VCR offers EZ Copy(TM) for one-touch copying
  • AmeriChrome(TM) circuitry for picture perfect copies
  • simultaneous video viewing while taping TV show; Eng/French on-screen programming
  • digital auto tracking; real time tape counter; hi-speed rewind; date/time stamp; 1-year 8-event timer; 181-channel MTS stereo tuner. Up to 20 hours continuous taping (T-200 tape x 2 decks)
  • Measures: 21"W x 4"H x 15-3/4"D.

GoVideo DDV9556 Dual Deck Hi-Fi VCR

GoVideo DDV9556 Dual Deck Hi-Fi VCR Lowest used price: $129.99
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV9556

With Go-Video's DDV9556 hi-fi dual-deck VCR, a number of recording and playback options are at your disposal. You can watch a video while recording a favorite TV program, record from two sources simultaneously, and play two tapes consecutively with video-sequencing playback and record. (The unit contains only one TV tuner, however, so you cannot record one channel while watching another.) Expand your home video library or make multiple copies of a single tape with EZ Copy one-touch duplicating, a process in which both decks communicate with one another. Tapes are cued, copied, rewound, then ejected automatically without accidental reuse. Date/time stamping documents your recorded movies and programs. VCR Plus+ simplifies conventional cable and TV recording. The event timer can handle 16 different programs over a 365-day period.

With Q Sound, hi-fi audio is rapidly processed into a special signal that can be experienced over a standard pair of stereo speakers. Separation and depth are increased without compromising the original audio. The Go-Video DDV9556 also copies surround sound and can record from four different sources.

Digital auto tracking also helps eliminate video imperfections. You can create your own home movies with eight-scene automatic editing. Front and rear audio-video inputs let you hook up a camcorder, video game system, or Web browser for added entertainment. V-chip technology lets parents monitor what their children watch.

Go-Video offers a one-year warranty on parts, 90 days on labor.


  • Dual-Deck 4-head VCR with Q Sound technology and surround sound dubbing
  • Patented EZ Copy duplication allows for 1-touch recording and communication between both decks
  • VCR Plus+ programs your VCR and cable box in 1 easy step
  • Create high-quality home movies with 8-scene automatic editing
  • V-chip technology lets parents monitor what their children watch

RioVolt SP100 Portable CD/MP3 Player with 120 Second Anti-Shock

RioVolt SP100 Portable CD/MP3 Player with 120 Second Anti-Shock Lowest used price: $68.95
Brand: SONICblue
Model: 90260193

Item number 4709-12, Grading is cover/record: M- using Goldmine standards. Please see seller profile for abbreviation descriptions.

The Rio Volt portable MP3-CD player grants free listening across standard audio CDs as well as the MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files that you've recorded to CD-Rs and CD-RWs, letting you enjoy over 20 hours of digital audio from one CD (or around 250 songs). Plus, Rio Volt's large backlit LCD supports both ID3 tags and CD Text, simplifying song identification from any compatible disc, while 120-second antishock circuitry guards your listening almost anywhere.

While the Rio Volt is the first portable CD player in the family of Rio digital audio players, the manufacturer was thinking ahead: the device supports firmware upgrades to accommodate future digital audio formats.

Amazingly, the Rio Volt sports a playback time of up to 15 hours on two AA batteries (included), making it the first disc player we know of that can't play a single CD in its entirety. Don't fret, however--you'll find an AC/DC adapter in the box in case you want to listen to all 250 tracks of a single disc in one sitting.

The ID3 text display includes track number, song name, artist name, folder (album title), and overall playing time. The Rio Volt also lets you navigate through directories and search for tracks one by one or in blocks of 10.

A sleek eight-function remote control lets you operate the Rio Volt while it's tucked away in its carrying case or even in a backpack. The Rio Volt comes bundled with RealNetworks music management software and Adaptec CD-burning software for use on your PC or Macintosh.

Audio features include adjustable equalization curves with five presets (normal, jazz, rock, classical, ultrabass), repeat and shuffle play modes, and programmable playlists.

The Rio Volt comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.


  • Plays MP3, WMA, and standard audio CDs
  • Listen to CD-R and CD-RW discs with more than 10 hours of music on them
  • Can be upgraded to accommodate emerging audio-compression schemes
  • Includes audio management software for PCs and Macintoshes
  • Includes 8-function remote control and offers repeat and shuffle modes, adjustable equalization, and programmable playlists

GoVideo DDV-9700Z Dual Deck VCR

GoVideo DDV-9700Z Dual Deck VCR Lowest used price: $249.00
Brand: Go Video
Model: DDV9700X

Tested and in good working order. Plays VHS tapes from both sides. All buttons appear to be working. **No remote.** Will include an A/V cable.

The Go-Video DDV9700Z Dual-Deck VCR provides two hi-fi stereo four-head VCRs in one convenient package. This compact unit allows you to conveniently copy a tape or record a TV show while watching a second tape. Despite having the equivalent of two VCRs inside, the Go-Video DDV9700Z is easy to set up, compact, attractive, and has intuitive controls.

It's easy to tape a TV show while watching a tape. However, because the two decks share one TV tuner, you can not tape two different TV shows at the same time. Copying tapes is surprisingly simple: You just pop in the tape you want to watch (as you would on a conventional VCR), insert your blank cassette into the second tape slot, and press record.

If you want to make more customized copies, the DDV9700Z features multi-scene editing functions. You can select up to eight scenes anywhere on your original tape and copy them to another tape using only the buttons on the remote control. With appropriate multimedia software, you can even control editing and scene cataloging from your PC through the VCR's external PC control port.

With its enormous list of features, two fully functional four-head hi-fi stereo decks, sophisticated editing capabilities, and nearly perfect copying, the Go-Video DDV9700Z makes a great addition to your video setup.


  • Makes tape copying a simple process
  • High-quality duplication
  • Sophisticated editing functions
  • Great suite of features


  • Only one TV tuner


  • Dual-deck VCR for easy copying of your tapes
  • AmeriChrome circuitry enhances quality of copies
  • Multi-scene automatic editing
  • Q-Sound audio enhancement
  • S-VHS compatible

Rio Carbon Pearl 6 GB MP3 Player

Rio Carbon Pearl 6 GB MP3 Player Lowest new price: $179.00
Brand: Rio
Model: 90260591

6GB Memory / Up to 20 hours use per charge with included rechargeable battery / Premium Carry Case / Voice Recorder Rechargeable battery offers up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge USB 2.0 for faster downloads Charge from USB or the included power adapter 5-band adjustable equalizer with presets Rio Music Manager the most intuitive way to create and manage your digital music library Windows 2000 and XP Friendly


  • Plays MP3, WMA & Audible
  • 6 GB of memory stores up to 1500 songs
  • Built-in mic for voice record
  • Drag and drop data and music files
  • Rechargeable battery -- up to 20 hours

Remanufactured Rio Nitrus 1.5 GB MP3 Player

Remanufactured Rio Nitrus 1.5 GB MP3 Player Lowest used price: $55.00
Brand: Rio
Model: NITRUS 1.5GIG

THIS MODEL HAS BEEN FACTORY REFURBISHED TO PERFORM AS NEW. IT INCLUDES A 90-DAY RIO LIMITED WARRANTY! Rio Nitrus 1.5GB Digital Audio Player - The Nitrus from Rio combines the small physical size of flash memory players, with the large storage space of hard drive based players. It does this by using a tiny 1" hard drive that can store up to 1.5GB of music! Its durable plastic body with rubber bumpers is perfect for the active individual. Supports - Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP


  • Compatible with computers with USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible) ports running Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, or XP
  • 1.5 GB HDD plays over 25 hours of MP3 of 50 hours of WMA music
  • Includes Sennheiser earbuds; 5-band adjustable equalizer with pre-sets
  • 16-hours continuous playback with rechargeable LiIon battery
  • Remanufactured to like-new condition; includes 30 day warranty

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