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Parrot Bluetooth Color Display Car Kit

Parrot Bluetooth Color Display Car Kit Lowest new price: $190.99
Lowest used price: $137.75
Brand: Parrot
Model: CK3200LS

Parrot Bluetooth Color Display Car Kit is the first Bluetooth hands free car kit with a color LCD Select one of the color wallpapers and hifi ringtones available to personalize your kit. Store and access your phonebook Your contacts are stored in the memory of the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR. The voice recognition feature enables numbers to be dialed automatically by stating the contact¿s name: ¿Call John.¿ If photos are stored and sent with your phone contacts, they can be displayed on the screen. New Parrot universal mute cable The new Parrot universal mute cable comes with an additional adapter for any car brand. Please visit our web site for car models details. An added bonus is the new Parrot control module which can be updated without removing it. Take advantage of a universal Bluetooth solution 100% Bluetooth enabled, compatible with virtually all Bluetooth phones on the market. Please refer to the Phone Compatibility guides on

With the Parrot 3200 LS Color Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit, you'll be able to place and receive calls in comfort and safety, without ever touching your mobile phone. Plus you get the benefits of a large, 160 x 128 color screen that supports 262,000 colors.

At a time when legislation is tightening up to restrict the use of mobile phones in vehicles due to safety concerns, the Parrot 3200 LS's benefits are not just for the sake of convenience and comfort -- they are fast becoming a real necessity. The Parrot 3200 LS wirelessly connects with all Bluetooth phones on the market and offers effortless synchronization with information on your phone. The display of the 3200 LS provides the same visual information and functions as your mobile phone, such as caller ID, carrier signal strength, or last calls received, on a unit that can be clipped in the ideal position for the driver to see. And thanks to the big color screen, you can even view pictures of incoming callers. A large control knob easily adjusts the volume while also offering fast navigation of the unit's menus and options.

Turn on the car engine and the phone connects wirelessly to the Parrot 3200 LS. The screen unit has easy-to-navigate menu options just like your phone, and your mobile phone book is wirelessly downloaded to the car kit. Calls can be dialed either through the screen, or by using voice-recognition speed dialing (up to 150 names can be programmed into the voice recognition system). According to your phone's model and firmware, most features are accessible from the hands free console, including one-touch redial, dual call, and auto-answer.

The 3200 LS can be installed in almost any vehicle, and is designed to automatically mute the radio during use. Incorporating high-quality sound, the unit's speakerphone includes both echo cancellation and noise reduction technology. The device also features polyphonic ringtones, multi-user use for up to five phones, private conversation mode, and much more.

Since this car-kit is installed by hard-wiring to the existing car stereo, professional installation is highly recommended. The included universal Parrot interface is designed to work with virtually any car brand.


  • Address phonebook synchronization
  • Voice recognition up to 150 names
  • TFT 160 x 128 pixels with 262,144 colors
  • LCD color screen
  • Customizable color interface with wallpapers
  • LCD color screen
  • TFT 160 x 128 pixels with 262,144 colors
  • Customizable color interface with wallpapers
  • Voice recognition up to 150 names
  • Address phonebook synchronization

HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo Printer

HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo Printer Lowest new price: $154.54
Lowest used price: $32.65
List price: $165.14
Brand: HP
Model: Q3419A#ABA

Easily print and share 4-by-6-inch photos almost anywhere--without a computer--with the lightweight, portable HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo Printer. Conveniently print crisp, true-to-life 4-by-6-inch color photos with up to 4,800-optimized dpi color.


  • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi color, 1,200 x 1,200 black
  • Color 4-by-6-inch photos in as fast as 60 seconds
  • 2.5-inch flip-up color LCD to preview, select, and enhance photos
  • Simple one-touch buttons; prints stills from video clips
  • USB, memory card, and PictBridge interfaces; optional Bluetooth; PC/Mac

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D-Link DBT-120 Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter

D-Link DBT-120 Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter Lowest new price: $44.35
Lowest used price: $29.85
List price: $44.48
Brand: D-Link
Model: DBT-120

D-Link Wireless Bluetooth Adapter DBT-120 USB


  • Sync Data between Your Bluetooth PDA, Mobile Phone, and PC
  • Secure Encyption for Enhanced Network Protection
  • Experience The Convenience of Bluetooth Headphones, Cameras, Mice, and Keyboards
  • Works with PC & Mac
  • Plug and play

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Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth Headset Lowest used price: $21.95
Brand: Plantronics
Model: EXPLORER 320

The Plantronics Explorer 320 is a lightweight and affordable Bluetooth headset that delivers a discreet, stylish design that is comfortable enough to wear all day. Perfect for the mobile professional or anyone on the go, the Explorer 320 offers one-touch button controls and up to 8 hours talk time and 100 hours standby. The Explorer 320 combines the benefits of Bluetooth wireless mobility with a comfortable ergonomic design.

Get ready for total wireless freedom with the Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth headset. At a price that's right, plus comfort and high performance, this is a great choice for professionals on the go, or for anyone who wants to enjoy the advantages of a stylish wireless headset.

The Explorer 320 is designed for total ease of use. All functions can be controlled from a single button, whether you're answering or ending a call, adjusting call volume, redialing the last number, or using voice-activated dialing. What's more, the headset is easy to take on and off, easy to activate, and easy to pair with your Bluetooth-capable phone. And because it's a Bluetooth headset, you're free to roam up to 33 feet from your phone. The headset is comfortable, too, with a weight of just 2/3 of an ounce. It can be worn on either ear for all day comfort.

All day battery life is what you'll get, too. The Explorer 320 is rated for up to eight hours of talk time and up to 240 hours of standby time. Charge the embedded rechargeable lithium ion battery with an included AC adapter. The device ships with a one year warranty. It supports the Bluetooth 1.2 specification, and phones with the headset and hands free profiles.

What's in the Box
Explorer 320 headset, AC adapter, user guide, warranty guide, and safety guide.


  • Extremely lightweight design for all-day wearing comfort
  • Up to 8 hours talk time and 100 hours standby
  • Noise-canceling microphone for superior sound quality
  • Over-the-Ear wearing style
  • Affordable and easy to use

Bluetooth Stereo Gateway DC800 Bluetooth Adapter for Home Stereo

Bluetooth Stereo Gateway DC800 Bluetooth Adapter for Home Stereo Lowest new price: $99.99
Lowest used price: $79.50
Brand: Motorola
Model: 98690H

Motorola Bluetooth Home Stereo Transceiver By streaming music to your the Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, the Bluetooth Home Stereo Adapter turns audio devices such as home stereos and MP3 players into wireless music systems. Just plug the DC800 into your home stereo or MP3 player with an included RCA cable or 3.5mm cable and you are ready to go. You can even hook up to your RCA capable TV!


  • Warranty Information: 1 Year Limited
  • Dimensions: 5.12" x 5.91" x 2.76"
  • Enjoy your favorite tunes upstairs and down
  • Weight: 3.50 oz

Sony Clie PEG-UX50 Handheld

Sony Clie PEG-UX50 Handheld Lowest used price: $149.99
Brand: Sony
Model: PEG-UX50/U

The PEG-UX50, a new Clie handheld from Sony, is a personal entertainment communicator. It is extremely portable, at 6 oz. (including stylus), and features integrated wireless LAN (802.11b) and Bluetooth interface. The high-resolution TFT Color Display (480 x 320 dots, 65,536 colors) has swivel screen design. The automatic data back-up feature backs up data to non-volatile memory (16MB). There is a dedicated internal media memory (29MB) for storing multimedia content. Other features include a built-in 310K pixels CMOS rotating camera with 3x digital Zoom (JPEG, 640 x 480 resolution), built-in QWERTY-layout with a wide-pitch keyboard with backlight, video recording (MPEG-4 compatible, 30 fps, 160 x 112), and playback. Other features include: *Dedicated Application Buttons for Launching Web Browser, Mail and Date Book Applications. *Integrated Memory Stick Slot. (Compatible with Memory Stick Pro Media) *Center Jog Dial Navigator with Back Button *Built-in Voice Recorder with Adjustable Recording Sensitivity (Built-in Monaural *Built-in Audio Player (Compatible with MP3 and ATRAC3 audio formats) *Polyphonic Audio Alert Feature *Key Applications (CLIE Mail, World Alarm Clock, etc.) Pre-installed in the ROM *Bundled with Decuma Input Handwriting Recognition Software (Decuma AB). *Bundled with Picsel Viewer Software (Picsel Technologies, Ltd.) for Viewing Native *PowerPoint, PDF and HTML Files *Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery (Internal) Box Contents: Clie Handheld, Charger Cradle, USB Hot Sync Cable, AC Power Adapter, Hand strap, Retractable Stylus, Installation CD-ROM, Instructional Manual, Graffiti2 Card, End User License Agreement


  • PDA with swivel screen and Palm OS 5 operating system
  • Integrated wireless LAN (802.11b) and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Widescreen 480 x 320 display
  • Built-in camera with 3x zoom for taking pictures and video
  • Built-in QWERTY keypad; weighs only six ounces

Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Headset (Color Sent Based on Availability. Comes in Black, Blue and Grey, or Silver)[Bulk Packaged]

Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Headset (Color Sent Based on Availability. Comes in Black, Blue and Grey, or Silver)[Bulk Packaged] Lowest new price: $159.95
List price: $99.99
Brand: Motorola
Model: HS850

No wires. No limits. Designed to enhance the experience of any Bluetooth technology enabled phone, the Motorola Wireless Headset HS850 also stores information and wirelessly interacts with up to eight different Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 compliant devices, including handsets, PDAs and computers. The Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Headset is in it's original condition. Product also includes original charger, warranty, and manual.

The Motorola HS850 is the company's update to their HS810 headset, one of my personal favorites. The changes made to produce the new HS850 are few, but the effect is relatively substantial. But first, let's start with what is the same.

Like the HS810, the HS850 makes use of a body design that employs a folding microphone boom. The folding microphone boom acts as the on and off switch, as well as just providing a convenient way to make the headset smaller and more pocketable when not in use. When a call comes into your phone, you can turn on and answer the phone at the same time just by unfolding the microphone boom. You can end the call and turn it off by removing the headset and re-folding it. Using the headset in this way conserves battery power, since no battery juice is wasted on standby time - time where the headset sits around waiting to be contacted by a mobile phone or other compatible device. The physical design of the HS850 and the battery savings it imparts is my favorite aspect of the Motorola HS850.

The HS850 folds neatly and fits easily in your pocket.

Of course you don't have to remove and turn off the headset between calls. If the headset is already on when an inbound call comes, you will hear the ringing come through on the headset and can answer it by pressing on the main multi-function call control button. You can end the call with this same button, and adjust volume levels with the two volume buttons. If you are using a phone that supports the Hands Free Bluetooth profile, then you can also use the call control button to reject an inbound call or redial the last number.

The HS850's audio properties are also like those of the HS810 before it. The audio quality in both directions is very clear and understandable, but sounds a bit thin. You and the party on the other end of the call will both be able to understand each other easily, it just doesn't sound as full and natural as it might with some other headsets. The HS850 makes up for this small lacking by having great resistance to wind noise, though. That makes the headset perfect for people that enjoy driving with their windows down, or those that work outside. Most headsets are very susceptible to wind noise, the HS850 bucks that trend.

Two softly pulsating blue LEDs signal when the headset is in use.

And now for the new stuff. First up, a more powerful battery. The HS850 I tested managed an amazing 7 hours and 50 minutes of talk time. That is a full two thirds improvement over the older model. The truly amazing part is that this new battery life didn't come at the expense of added weight. Like the HS810 before it, the HS850 weighs only .7oz (19.9g).

The next major change perhaps sounds more important than it worked out to be in reality. The HS850 supports the newer Bluetooth v1.2 spec, whereas most headsets support v1.1 only. Motorola claims that when used with a v1.2 compatible phone (there are still relatively few available at the time I write this), the HS850 will be able to connect faster, use less battery power, and offer improved audio quality. While I can see what appears to be a slight improvement in connection speed, I haven't really noticed much of a change in battery life or audio quality.

The last major change is purely cosmetic. The new headset is sold in this very nice black color and is also available in blue-gray, like a darker version of the HS810's color. I find both colors more attractive than the light silver found on the HS810.

But regardless of the color, you can't go wrong with Motorola's HS850, which I consider to be perhaps the best value on the market.


  • Small, light
  • Comfortable
  • Nearly 8 hours of talk time
  • No wind noise
  • Can be worn on both ears


  • A bit unusual looking
  • Audio lacks bass

What's in the box:
Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Headset, User Manual, and Quick Start Guide.

--Reviewed by Michael Oryl, editor in chief of


  • Mono Bluetooth headset for handsfree voice communication with unique body design that employs a folding microphone boom
  • Unfold the boom microphone, place the headset over the ear and a link will be established automatically
  • Multifunction call control button and volume buttons
  • Measures less than 5 cm in diameter when folded and weighs just 20 grams
  • Talk time of up to 8 hours and standby time of up to 200 hours

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HP C8249A Bluetooth Printer Card

HP C8249A Bluetooth Printer Card Lowest new price: $89.99
List price: $89.99
Brand: HP
Model: C8249A

HP Bluetooth CF Printer Card - Bluetooth - Plug-in Module

HP IPAQ H2210 Pocket PC

HP IPAQ H2210 Pocket PC Lowest new price: $259.00
Lowest used price: $42.99
List price: $259.00
Brand: HP
Model: FA103A#8ZQ

Hewlett Packard iPAQ h2210 Battery. This is a 3.7 Volt, 1000 mAh, Li-Ion Battery . Dimensions: 2.04 x 1.55 x 0.22. 100% OEM compatible.


  • Intel 400 MHz processor
  • 64 MB SDRAM, Dual slot expansion
  • 3.5" Dazzling Transflective TFT color with LED frontlight display
  • What's in the box: hp iPAQ Pocket PC h2210, USB Desktop cradle/charger, AC adapter, Slip case, battery, getting started poster

HP iPAQ 2215 Pocket PC

HP iPAQ 2215 Pocket PC Lowest new price: $319.90
Lowest used price: $99.90
List price: $319.90
Brand: HP
Model: FA159A#8ZP

It's a small and sleek HP iPAQ Pocket PC that has a combination of features, performance, and expandability that allow you to use your Pocket PC seven days a week—at home, at work, and on the go. Contains both Compact Flash and Secure Digital slots for flexibility and convenience in storage and expansion; and is small enough to fit in almost any pocket or purse. With integrated Bluetooth, you can connect wirelessly to the Internet and corporate data and keeps you productive outside of the office with the combination of popular applications, features and storage capabilities. Features a 64MB (56MB main) memory; and a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor. It's powered by Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003 Premium, and has a 3.5" viewable image size with a 64K, 16-bit sensitive TFT color with LED Backlight and a 240x320 resolution. The unit has an ergonomic design; two alarm settings; and audio system includes. Includes USB Desktop cradle/charger; A/C and charger adapters. 5.1 oz. 3Wx4-35/64Lx39/64D".


  • A sleek Pocket PC with the optimal combination of features, performance, and expandability
  • Compact Flash and Secure Digital slots for flexibility and convenience in storage and expansion
  • Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication with other Bluetooth devices
  • Removable/rechargeable Lithium-lon battery for on the go power
  • HP iPAQ Pocket PC, USB Desktop cradle/charger, AC Adapter, Slip case, battery, getting started poster; charger adapter; HP iPAQ Pocket PC Companion CD

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