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Plasma TVs

Samsung SPN4235 42-Inch Widescreen Plasma Flat-Panel HD-Ready TV

Samsung SPN4235 42-Inch Widescreen Plasma Flat-Panel HD-Ready TV Lowest used price: $699.00
Brand: Samsung
Model: SPN4235X/XAA

Now you can use your PC and enjoy home-theater entertainment all from a single, broad flat-panel screen with brilliant colors and extraordinary contrast. Samsung's 42-inch SPN4235 plasma TV offers high-definition compatibility with HD sources and a native resolution of 852 x 480 pixels. Its direct-digital DVI input works with compatible DTV set-top boxes and PCs, and the EDTV set accepts full HDTV inputs (720p, 1080i) and scales them for progressive 480p viewing.

A built-in analog tuner, a pedestal stand, and a generous array of inputs and outputs make set up a snap, and the SPN4235's widescreen (16:9) display is specially configured to match or approximate the native aspect ratios of your favorite movies, either from DVD or from HDTV broadcasts when the set is hooked up to a DTV receiver (not included).

With a plasma screen you get vivid colors like you've never seen before, extremely wide viewing angles (wider, even, than those of most LCD screens), and easy placement due to a plasma monitor's slim profile. The SPN4235 is an astoundingly slim 3.1 inches deep, perfect for desk or wall mounting (the set includes a convenient pedestal stand, pictured). Brightness tends to be extremely uniform across plasma screens, which are also impervious to the picture distortion and negative color balances that afflict CRT monitors when placed near lighting or sound systems.

Additional inputs include one HD component-video input (480p/720p/1080i) and one SD component-video input (480i) as well as one each S-video, composite-video, and RF. Samsung's proprietary video-enhancement technology, Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe), performs 3D noise reduction and detail and contrast enhancement for all interlaced (non-HD) sources.

The set also houses a 10-watts-per-channel audio amplifier for use with optional speakers, such as those in your existing stereo or home theater, or Samsung's matching PSM4230 speakers. A dedicated subwoofer output is just what you need to hook the set up with a powered sub for rafter-rattling low frequencies from your favorite movies and music. And, if you're listening in stereo or 2.1 (stereo plus subwoofer), onboard Dolby Virtual surround sound will simulate an enveloping surround experience with no need for rear-channel speakers.

The set's NTSC two-tuner picture-in-picture (side-by-side, split-screen) grants convenient, simultaneous viewing of two TV programs, and a fanless cooling system ensures quiet operation. Other optional accessories include a wall-mount kit (WMN4230) and a pneumatic floor stand (FS420).

What's in the Box
TV, pedestal stand, remote control, remote batteries, 3 ferrite cores, 2 speaker cables, 1 RF audio/video cable, 1 S-video cable, 1 PC cable, 1 component-video cable, 1 composite-video cable, stereo analog audio (left/right RCA) interconnect, detachable AC power cord, user's manual, and registration information.


  • 42-inch widescreen high-definition plasma display with DVI input and 16:9 aspect ratio; 40.4 x 24.8 x 3.1 inches (W x H x D)
  • 852 x 480-pixel EDTV (480p) resolution; built-in image scaler accepts 720p and 1080i signals and scales them for 480p viewing
  • Extraordinary 1,200:1 contrast ratio, high 700 cd/m2 brightness
  • NTSC dual-tuner, split-screen PIP lets you watch two programs simultaneously
  • 10-watts-per-channel speaker outputs (for use with optional matching speakers, model PSM4230); subwoofer output for a direct sub hookup

ViewSonic VPW425 42" Plasma Flat-Panel HD-Ready TV

ViewSonic VPW425 42" Plasma Flat-Panel HD-Ready TV Lowest used price: $500.00
Brand: ViewSonic
Model: VPW425

Feel the action of up to 2 games at once on the amazingly crisp screen of this 42" Viewsonic plasma TV. Picture-in-picture feature picks up stunning images via the built-in TV tuner, while the spectacular brightness and depth, in conjunction with the XtremeView performance with 160° viewing angle offers an unmatched viewing experience. Features widescreen format with 852x480 VGA resolution. Built-in virtual surround sound speakers, progressive scan technology and high definition format compatibility round out the state-of-the-art features. At less than 4" deep, it's hard not to make room for this plasma TV in your life. View larger image for cable hookup guidelines. $99.99 freight provides in-home truck delivery service ($200 value). 72.2 lbs. Imported.

The ViewSonic VPW425 42-inch plasma TV includes a built-in TV tuner to bring stunning images into the home and boardroom. At less than 4 inches deep, it easily fits in just about any location. Revolutionary NextVision technology brings images to life with spectacular brightness and depth, and XtremeView performance offers viewing angles up to 160 degrees while delivering vivid images with unmatched picture quality.

Progressive scanning, for use with sources like DVD players and digital TV set-top boxes, creates a picture using twice the scan lines of a conventional picture, providing higher resolution and sharper images while eliminating nearly all motion artifacts. The display is compatible with high-definition signals, including 480p, 480i, 720p, and 1080i.

Picture-in-picture and split-screen (picture-on-picture) capabilities make it easy to view multiple windows at once. Professional-grade adjustment features let you tailor images to a particular application, and built-in virtual surround sound speakers round out the multimedia experience with a clean, professional look. Also included are tools for managing image shadowing, precise white balance adjustment, and an external RS-232C control interface (RS-232 cable not included). You'll also enjoy ViewSonic's free, 24/7 technical and customer support (excludes major U.S. holidays).


  • 42-inch flat-panel, HDTV-ready plasma TV with NextVision technology; 40.9 x 25.6 x 3.7 inches (W x H x D)
  • 852x480 VGA resolution compatible with VGA up to UXGA
  • XtremeView performance with up to 160-degree viewing angles (horizontal and vertical)
  • Picture-in-picture and split screen capability
  • Built-in TV tuner accepts all VHF and UHF channels and CATV input

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