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Analog TVs

Memorex MVT2135B 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo

Memorex MVT2135B 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo Lowest used price: $279.00
List price: $229.99
Brand: Memorex
Model: MVT2135B

The Memorex MVT2135B combination TV/VCR offers a compact 13-inch screen so you can you view your favorite TV shows and videos in the comfort of your bedroom, kitchen, dormitory, or office. A .125-inch headphone jack affords private listening, and a full-function remote control simplifies operation. A handy sleep timer will power down the unit after a preset duration, saving power after you've drifted off to sleep.

The 2-head, monaural VCR offers both playback and recording capabilities, so you'll never have to miss a favorite show. You can use the unit with your other entertainment products, too--front audio/video inputs accommodate a DVD player, camcorder, digital camera, second VCR, or gaming console. The set houses a full, 181-channel, drift-free PLL tuner for cable-ready convenience and clear tuning.

What's in the Box
TV/VCR combo, remote control, remote batteries, a user's manual, and warranty information.


  • 13-inch color television with 2-head VHS player/recorder
  • Front AV input accommodates a DVD player, camcorder, second VCR, or gaming console
  • Includes full-function remote control
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Sleep timer saves energy by shutting the set off after you've drifted to sleep

Apex AT2002 20" TV

Apex AT2002 20" TV Lowest used price: $179.98
List price: $189.99
Brand: Apex
Model: AT2002

Need a basic, dependable television that wonM-^Rt cost a lot of money? This stylish, gray 20" model from Apex features rear and side A/V inputs, a rear A/V output, and three picture modes. You can view the on screen menu in English, Spanish, or French, and let the sleep timer take care of turning off the TV for you. A V-chip and parental controls make this TV ideal for a child's bedroom or the family room. Count on Apex to bring you reliability and value in one great television!


  • Black enhanced square CRT tube
  • 23 key remote control
  • Rear and side A/V inputs, rear A/V output
  • V-chip parental controls
  • 181 channel tuner; sleep timer

Apex AT1302 13" TV (Silver/Blue)

Apex AT1302 13" TV (Silver/Blue) Lowest used price: $139.98
List price: $79.99
Brand: Apex
Model: AT1302

Looking for a basic, dependable television to fill a small space? Your TV has arrived--and it wonM-^Rt cost you a lot, either. This stylish gray 13" model from Apex features rear and side A/V inputs, a rear A/V output, and three picture modes. You can view the on-screen menu in English, Spanish, or French, and let the sleep timer turn off the TV for you. Perfect for a kitchen or a dorm room. Small televisionM-^Ebig value!


  • 13-inch TV with normal, theater, and personal picture modes; 14.7 x 14.1 x 14.6 inches (W x H x D)
  • Parental control with V-chip
  • 181-channel tuner with channel scan
  • On screen menu in English, Spanish, or French
  • Includes 23-key remote control

Panasonic PV-C2062 20-Inch TV/VCR Combo

Panasonic PV-C2062 20-Inch TV/VCR Combo Lowest used price: $375.00
List price: $299.99
Brand: Panasonic
Model: PV-C2062

This TV has a superb picture. It is a wonderful CRT model. This Panasonic stereo TV has an energy star rating and has built in Omnivision Forehead VHS Player and has built in FM Radio. The 20 inch screen provides for a large viewing platform. This TV has amazing built in VCR. It was made in August, 2002. It is a Panasonic PV-C2062 model. It works and looks likes new. Has a few light marks and scuffs, however it has been cleaned off nicely and is in great overall condition. It includes power cord only with no other cords or manuals included. It is 120 volts of AC power. And it has a 110 watt screen. The top may have a couple scratches, but nothing that takes away from the usage.

Casio, Inc. Casio 3" Screen TV ( EV-670 )

Casio, Inc. Casio 3" Screen TV ( EV-670 ) Lowest new price: $99.00
Brand: Casio
Model: EV-670

Keep in touch with the latest news and your favorite programs with the Casio EV-670 handheld TV, which features a 3-inch, anti-glare TFT screen. It receives VHF (2 to 13) and UHF channels (14 to 69) and is powered by an AC adapter or 3 AA batteries; it's also compatible with an optional car power adapter. Other features include a rod antenna that folds down, easel back stand, A/V input, built-in mono speaker, headphone mini jack.

What's in the Box
Casio EV-670 handheld TV, printed instruction book


  • Water-resistant, handheld TV with 3-inch screen; measures 7 x 8.5 x 3 inches (WxHxD)
  • Powered by optional AC adapter or via 3 AA batteries
  • Receives VHF (2 to 13) and UHF channels (14 to 69)
  • Rod antenna that folds down, easy back stand, 1 A/V input
  • Internal mono speaker; headphone mini jack

Sony 13" Flat-Screen TV (KV-13FM12)

Sony 13" Flat-Screen TV (KV-13FM12) Lowest used price: $49.99
Brand: Sony
Model: KV-13FM12

Yes, now you can get a flat screen in a thirteen inch television! Sony adds its innovative Trinitron WEGA¬ę flat screen technology to this space-saving TV to bring you a distortion-free, lifelike picture. A stylish gray model, its features include 3-line digital comb filter for crisp, distinct images and front A/V jacks for added convenience. Thanks to Sony, a great picture comes in a small package. (Color: Gray)


  • 13-inch flat-screen TV
  • 2 front A/V inputs
  • Last channel recall
  • Basic remote included

Daewoo DTQ14U5SC 14" Flat Screen TV

Daewoo DTQ14U5SC 14" Flat Screen TV Lowest used price: $139.98
List price: $149.99
Brand: Daewoo
Model: DTQ14U5SC

14"" Flat TV, Front and Rear A/V-In, S-Video, Earphone Jack

Daewoo's DTQ14U5SC is an affordable, easy-to-use 14-inch flat-screen television that gives you a high-quality picture and appealing sound in a small package. The DTQ14U5SC features a pure flat screen that reduces glare and reflection, and increases the viewing angles in your TV room, so you no longer have to sit right in front of the screen to see the whole picture.

The DTQ14U5SC includes TV essentials, such as automatic channel programming, a wake-up and sleep timer, closed-captioning, and parental controls. All of these features are controlled through an easy-to-navigate on-screen menu that lets you control the TV in your choice of English, French or Spanish. Connecting the TV to your VCR or DVD player is easy. The DTQ14U5SC features both front and rear panel A/V inputs.

What's in the Box
TV set, remote control, owner's manual


  • 14-inch flat screen reduces glare, has wide viewing angles; TV measures 15.4 x 14.3 x 15.6 inches (W x H x D)
  • Sleep and wake-up timers, last channel recall, multilingual onscreen menu
  • Automatic channel setup, closed captioning, parental control settings
  • Front- and rear-panel RCA A/V inputs
  • Headphone jack, single front-panel speaker

Philips Magnavox RD0525C 5" TV

Philips Magnavox RD0525C 5" TV Lowest used price: $79.99
List price: $199.99
Brand: Philips
Model: RD0525C

Philips Magnavox's RD0525C 5-inch color TV features a dark-glass picture tube with specially tinted phosphors, black matrix technology, and a 90-degree deflection angle for an enhanced picture with a high contrast ratio. The specially designed sunshield cuts down on glare caused by sunlight or fluorescent lighting. AC/DC operation means you can take the TV on trips, in the car, or anywhere you want to go.

Convenient features include individual picture controls (color, tint, brightness, and contrast), one-touch seek tuning, a headphone jack, and a set of audio-video jacks. The TV comes with an AC adapter, DC car cord, and antenna for easy portability.

Philips Magnavox provides a one-year warranty on parts, 90 days on labor.


  • 5-inch color TV with AC/DC operation
  • Dark-glass picture tube renders a sharp high-contrast picture
  • 84-channel VTS tuning system
  • 3-inch full-range speaker
  • Headphone jack for private listening

RCA E13344 13" Kitchen TV (White)

RCA E13344 13" Kitchen TV (White) Lowest used price: $319.99
List price: $169.00
Brand: RCA
Model: E13344

Designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen counter, bedroom dresser, or dorm room desk, the RCA E13344 13-inch TV brings top-quality images to space-challenged locations. The TV is more than just a basic unit, with a high-contrast picture tube and adjustable color, tint, and sharpness sliders. Its flexibility extends to its trilingual onscreen display, which complements the onscreen clock, sleep, and alarm timers. Other features include auto channel programming, closed captioning, and the ability to lock the front panel buttons. Parents can also rest easy due to the V-chip parental control, which allows them to restrict their children's access to mature programming.

The TV's white color blends into most kitchen backgrounds, and for good measure, the unit includes an easy-to-clean white remote and a rubber bumper that protects it from rough handling. It also comes with an AV input for connection to a VCR, DVD player, or game system.

What's in the Box
TV, remote control, batteries, user's manual.


  • 13-inch high-contrast TV designed for kitchen use; 14.9 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches (W x H x D)
  • Onscreen clock, sleep, and alarm timers, plus trilingual display
  • Advanced auto channel search with 181-channel tuner
  • 1 coaxial cable input and rear AV input
  • Headphone jack for private listening

Sony KV-20VS40 20" Trinitron TV/VCR Combo

Sony KV-20VS40 20" Trinitron TV/VCR Combo Lowest used price: $495.00
List price: $599.99
Brand: Sony
Model: KV20VS40

This compact-sized combination TV/VCR is perfect for a kitchen countertop or bedroom dresser. This TV features Sony's acclaimed Trinitron picture tube, which is based on a cylindrical model that contains a flat screen face. Because the screen is flat from top to bottom, vertical lines remain straight and distortion is minimized. The Trinitron tube also significantly reduces glare by reflecting light toward the floor, rather than directly into the viewer's eyes where it can make the picture appear washed out.


  • 20-inch screen
  • Audio-video (AV) window onscreen menu
  • Built-in hi-fi stereo VHS VCR
  • 4-head recording and playback
  • 6-event/1-month programmable timer

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