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Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius ST-B2 Starmate Replay Boombox

Sirius ST-B2 Starmate Replay Boombox Lowest new price: $209.99
List price: $129.99
Brand: Sirius
Model: ST-B2

Sirius Starmate Replay Boombox


  • Plug 'n' play boombox for Sirius Starmate Replay satellite radio receivers (DOES NOT PLAY STARMATE 3, 4, AND 5)
  • 4 microdrivers and subwoofer combine to create rich, dynamic sound
  • Indoor/outdoor antenna with attached 16.33-foot cable; 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Auxiliary input for other audio devices; runs on 8 D-cell batteries
  • Measures 11.06 x 8.56 x 4.94 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Tivoli Model Satellite Table Radio (Sirius Satellite Radio / AM / FM ) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Tivoli Model Satellite Table Radio (Sirius Satellite Radio / AM / FM ) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest new price: $479.99
Lowest used price: $329.99
List price: $299.99
Brand: Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio introduces the world’s first satellite table radio designed exclusively for home use with built in SIRIUS Satellite Radio. The new Model Satellite radio is designed by Tivoli Audio CEO, Tom DeVesto, and is based on the popular, award-winning

Tivoli Audio has won acclaim far and wide for their line of small, yet powerful audio components, including the venerable Henry Kloss Model One. What better way to continue the tradition than release a satellite radio all wrapped up in classic Tivoli styling?

The Model Satellite is the first satellite table radio designed exclusively for home use with the Sirius Satellite Radio service. Tivoli Audio has teamed up with Sirius to offer an elegantly simple, yet technologically sophisticated satellite radio. The new Model Satellite radio is designed by Tivoli Audio CEO, Tom DeVesto, and is based on the popular, award-winning tuner used in the Tivoli Model One, Two and Three radios, which were engineered by Audio Hall of Fame member Henry Kloss.

The Model Satellite delivers digital quality sound from 65 commercial-free music channels, as well as over 40 news, sports and entertainment channels (Subscription required, activation fee applies). The blue, backlit LCD is easy to read and provides easy and clear navigation. The radio has pre-sets for your favorite Sirius channels and searches by artist, song, and channel. All the information you need -- artist info, song title, category, and time -- is easily viewed on the screen. Sirius is the only place where subscribers can hear the entire NFL season, as well as popular programming from NPR, CNN, FOX News and many others. The radio is housed in a finely crafted furniture grade cherry wood cabinet with taupe metallic faceplate and champagne-toned knobs. It comes with a remote control and a compact indoor/outdoor Sirius antenna.

Of course, Tivoli hasn't forgotten about FM tuning, either. The tuner uses a discrete-component FM tuner technology originally developed for cell phones and engineered for the first time in the Model One. The exceptionally sensitive and accurate tuner receives weak or hard-to-tune FM stations so you can tune into all your favorite stations, and perhaps ones you didn't know existed! And yes, AM tuning is also provided so you won't miss your favorite local talk radio. The Model Satellite also features inputs for other Tivoli Audio components including an optional stereo speaker, the Model CD Player and the Model Subwoofer.

What's in the Box
Model Satellite Radio, external FM antenna, external Sirius antenna, external AM loop antenna, power supply, remote control with battery, warranty registration card.


  • Legendary Tivoli quality meets the power of Sirius satellite radio
  • World's first satellite table radio designed exclusively for home use with the Sirius service
  • Large, backlit LCD displays artist info, song title, category, and time
  • Analog FM tuner uses same advanced technology as other Tivoli radios
  • Inputs for Tivoli stereo speaker, Model CD Player and Model Subwoofer

Sanyo CRSR-10 Sirius Satellite Receiver with Car and Home Kit

Sanyo CRSR-10 Sirius Satellite Receiver with Car and Home Kit Lowest used price: $99.99
Brand: Sanyo
Model: CRSR-10

This Sanyo/Fisher Sirius satellite radio receiver system has a built-in transmitter that allows you to listen through an existing car or home radio. It has over 120 channels of programming and 65 channels of commercial-free music, 3 interchangeable color rings that change the display colors and clock, program alert, auto shut down and sleep mode time functions. System also stores up to 20 of your favorite channels and captures and stores up to 10 artist names and song titles and alerts you when they are currently playing. Includes main unit, car and home antennas, car suction cup mount, power adapters, cables, stand and color rings. Imported. 4Hx1-3/4Wx4L".

Enjoy up to 120 Sirius satellite radio channels (65 of them commercial-free) in the car or at home with the Sanyo CRSR-10 plug-and-play tuner. The package, which includes such items as a suction-cup car mount, a car antenna, a home stand, a home antenna, and much more, gives you everything you need to set up your Sirius system right out of the box. It all starts with the tuner, naturally, and its variety of valuable functions. The CRSR-10 offers four search methods: by category (pop, rock, country, hip-hop, R&B/urban, dance/electronic, jazz/standards, classical, Latin and world, news, traffic and weather, sports, and talk and entertainment), channel, artist name, or song title. Once you've selected a channel, the tuner's blue backlit readout displays up to six lines of information, including the three-digit channel number and name, the artist name, the song title, the category name, the satellite signal strength monitor, and more.

On those occasions when you want to hear a specific tune, you can turn to the "song seek" memory, which stores up to 10 song and artist names and tells you when a saved song is playing on a given station. And old-fashioned channel surfers will delight in the three-digit direct tuning pad and the 20 station presets (in two banks), which make it a breeze to quickly access your favorite channels.

The CRSR-10 even adds a bit of style to your car or living room with its three interchangeable faceplate rings in chrome, metallic blue, and glossy black. The rings let you match the tuner to its surroundings while also varying the display color.

The tuner offers a couple of interface options with your audio equipment. The built-in FM transmitter broadcasts the satellite signal to any unused FM frequency--from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz--so you can listen without connecting cumbersome cables to your stereo receiver. This option is particularly convenient for car stereos that don't have auxiliary inputs. To output the best possible sound quality, however, the tuner offers a 3.5 mm auxiliary output and a patch cord that connects directly to compatible car and home receivers. Other terminals include a power input that accepts a plug from either a home AC adapter or vehicle cigarette lighter adapter (both included) and a jack for the included home and mobile antennas.

Additional features include a password option that restricts channel access (ideal for families); a built-in clock with alarm and sleep timer functions; and a program alert that automatically switches to a select channel at a specific time. The CRSR-10 receiver measures 4 by 4 by 1.81 inches (W x H x D) while the home base measures 4 by 4.8 by 3.73 inches. The car mount, meanwhile, checks in at 3.41 inches in diameter. The entire bundle comes with a one-year warranty.

Note: You must subscribe to Sirius satellite radio to receive the satellite radio signal.

What's in the Box
Sirius satellite radio tuner, chrome faceplate, metallic blue faceplate, black faceplate, home stand base, home stand upright, 1/4-inch screw, home antenna with 19.75-foot cable, car base with suction-cup mount, 70.5-inch audio patch cord, 6-foot cigarette lighter adapter, power connector adapter, home AC power adapter, magnetic car antenna with 21-foot cord, 6.5-inch mobile antenna rubber tail, 6.5-inch dual-sided adhesive strip, antenna installation manual, user's guide.


  • Complete satellite radio kit for listening to Sirius programming in car or at home
  • Tuner with 6-line display offers 20 station presets and 3-digit direct tuning pad
  • Song seek memory stores 10 artist/song titles and alerts you when one is playing
  • Built-in FM transmitter; includes home stand, car suction-cup mount, and home/car antennas
  • Built-in clock with alarm; tuner measures 4 x 4 x 1.81 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Sirius Satellite Receiver Vehicle Package

Sirius Satellite Receiver Vehicle Package Lowest new price: $44.50
Brand: Xact
Model: XTR7CK

Requires subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio Service Backlight Display Parental Control 3 Line Display 30 Channel Preset Capability Search Music By - Artist Name, Song Title,or Category Stereo Headphone Jack with Volume Control Vehicle Kit Features Vehicle Docking Cradle with Suction Mount Vehicle Antenna 12v Vehicle Power Adapter Stereo Line Level Audio Outputs Satellite Radio Features Over 120 Channels of Satellite Radio 65 Music Channels, all 100% Commercial-Free


  • Everything you need to listen in your vehicle including the XACT XTR7 SIRIUS Satellite receiver
  • Includes XTR7 receiver, IR remote, car power adapter, docking cradle, and antenna

Sirius Sportster Car Kit

Sirius Sportster Car Kit Lowest new price: $79.90
Lowest used price: $49.99
List price: $79.95
Brand: Directed Electronics
Model: SPC2

The Sportster Replay plug-and-play satellite radio (sold separately) comes with the accessories needed to play it over an in-dash stereo. If To use it in multiple vehicles, this handy kit can help.

The kit includes a docking station where all conne


  • Car docking station and adjustable dashboard mount
  • Magnetic antenna
  • 6 DC adapter

JVC KS-K6012 Wireless FM Car Kit for the KT-SR2000 Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver

JVC KS-K6012 Wireless FM Car Kit for the KT-SR2000 Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver Lowest new price: $34.99
Lowest used price: $18.90
Brand: JVC
Model: KSK6012

JVC's KSK6012 Car Kit features a built-in wireless transmitter making installation extremely easy. The 12 Channel FM Transmitter permits the user to install this kit into their car without having to disassemble the dash and remove the radio! Coupled with the magnetic mount antenna and JVC exclusive suction-cup mounting solution, this kit is completely portable and can be moved from one car to another!

JVC's KS-K6012 wireless FM car kit lets you enjoy your KT-SR2000 Sirius Satellite Radio receiver in your car or truck. The unit's wireless FM transmitter channels Sirius programming right through your car stereo on any of 12 user-selectable FM frequencies. The easy-to-install kit contains a car docking cradle, a suction-cup mount, a cigarette lighter DC power adapter, and a magnetic, roof-mount Sirius antenna.

The docking cradle mounts easily to your dash with its innovative suction cup, holding your Sirius receiver and providing connections for audio, power, and antenna cables. You should mount the antenna on the roof of your car or truck (it comes with installation instructions). The 12V power adapter plugs into your cigarette lighter and powers the receiver through its cradle. Beyond power and antenna, there's nothing more to connect.

The cradle offers a stereo minijack audio output and a dedicated FM output in case you want a hard-wired connection with an optional FM switcher.

What's in the Box
A car docking cradle, a suction-cup mount, a cigarette lighter adapter, a roof-mount Sirius antenna, a stereo minijack-to-stereo RCA audio adapter cable, and a user's manual with installation instructions.

Note: The JVC KT-SR2000 Sirius Satellite Radio receiver, required for use, is sold separately. The KS-K6012 does not include an audio connecting cable, but it offers a standard stereo (left/right) minijack output, which you can use with the adapter cable provided or with any cassette-shell audio adapter (sold separately) for a wired connection with your car stereo.


  • Provides everything you need to listen to your Sirius satellite radio receiver through your vehicle (or boat) stereo system
  • Includes a car docking station with a built-in wireless FM modulator, a low-profile roof-mount antenna, and a cigarette-lighter power adapter
  • Offers 1 audio and 1 FM tuner output
  • Innovative suction-cup mount simplifies positioning and removal
  • For exclusive use with the JVC KT-SR2000 Sirius satellite radio receiver

Sirius SC-FM1 Starbase Satellite Radio FM Modulated Tuner System

Sirius SC-FM1 Starbase Satellite Radio FM Modulated Tuner System Lowest new price: $65.00
Lowest used price: $48.00
Brand: Directed Electronics
Model: SCFM1

Add Sirius Satellite Radio to a vehicle with this complete package, including a Starbase digital control unit, SiriusConnect trunk-mounted receiver and antenna. Digital control unit can be mounted in the dash in a single DIN slot or attached with included mount to the dashboard. FM modulator for listening to music from the receiver through a vehicle's FM radio.


  • Compatible with virtually all OEM or aftermarket radios
  • 2-piece design with compact tuner module and dash-mountable display
  • Connects to radio via antenna jack or RCA jacks
  • Backlit 3-line LCD screen displays artist and song title information
  • Display: 4 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H x 3/4" D

Audiovox SIR-HK3 Sirius Satellite Radio Home Kit for Sirius SIR-PNP3 Receiver

Audiovox SIR-HK3 Sirius Satellite Radio Home Kit for Sirius SIR-PNP3 Receiver Lowest new price: $62.99
Lowest used price: $59.99
List price: $49.99
Brand: SiriusXM
Model: SIR-HK3

Tune in to the music you love and tune out everything else with Sirius* Satellite Radio’s 120+ stations, including 60 commercial-free offerings. This sleek, smart dock keeps your Audiovox SIR-PNP3 Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver where you want it most: on a kitchen countertop, on your desk, or next to the bed, with an FM transmitter built right in for a wireless connection to your home stereo system. The weighted base ensures a secure hold, with RCA audio output jacks for creating a mini system anywhere in the house. Comes with an AC/DC power adapter and adjustable weather-resistant home antenna with 21" cable. Mobile dock and receiver unit also available (sold separately). Imported. *Sirius satellite radio subscription required.

The Audiovox SIR-HK3 Sirius satellite radio home kit is a sleek, low-profile home desktop docking station intended for use with the Audiovox SIR-PNP3 Sirius satellite radio receiver. This kit is equipped with an AC/DC power adapter and RCA adapter cables for quick power up and easy connectivity. It also includes an adjustable indoor/outdoor antenna with 21 feet of cable, guaranteeing exceptional reception of Sirius' 120-channel satellite radio network.

What's in the Box
SIR-HK3 docking station, AC/DC power adapter, antenna, audio cable, user's manual.


  • Home docking kit for Audiovox SIR-PNP3 Sirius satellite radio receiver
  • Low-profile docking station powers receiver and holds it in easy-to-access location
  • Adjustable indoor/outdoor antenna guarantees exceptional reception of Sirius channels
  • Includes AC/DC power adapter and RCA adapter cables for easy connectivity
  • SIR-PNP3 receiver sold separately; 1-year warranty

Clarion CLBB Sirius Radio Calypso Boom Box

Clarion CLBB Sirius Radio Calypso Boom Box Lowest new price: $123.00
Brand: Clarion
Model: CLBB

Clarion CLBB Calypso Boombox

From the home to the car to the family picnic, Clarion's Calypso plug 'n' play Sirius satellite radio receiver defines true portability. The receiver plays Sirius's 65 all-digital satellite radio music channels--including such genres as authentic country, bluegrass, Latin, reggae, and jazz--along with 55 sports, news, and entertainment streams like ESPN, Radio Disney, and E! Entertainment Radio. At the same time, the receiver is small enough to transport handily from the living room (where it can be paired with a Clarion home kit) to the car (via Clarion's car kit). Both kits (at least one of the two is required to use the Calypso) include docking cradles, power adapters, patch cables, and satellite radio antennas. Listeners can even enjoy the satellite streams at the park or beach with the Calypso boombox, which features a docking slot designed expressly for the Calypso receiver.

Navigating Sirius's digital streams is a breeze thanks to the Calypso's 30 station presets and intuitive rotary control knob. The Calypso also lets listeners scan by category, artist, and song title, depending on their mood or tastes. And should listeners want to hear a favorite song, they can activate the S-Seek function, which prompts users when a pre-selected title is playing on any of the stations. S-Seek stores up to 20 favorites at a time.

Cosmetically, the Calypso touts an attractive piano-like finish and a techno-blue dot matrix display. The illuminated display is not only easy to read (with a 128 x 48 resolution), but scrolls artist, song, and channel information across the screen while you listen. It also offers two selectable font sizes for increased visibility, along with auto dimming and adjustable contrast controls.

Adding to the convenience is a built-in FM transmitter with 10 selectable channels. The transmitter makes car connection easy, as all you have to do to enjoy the satellite channels is find an unused FM frequency on your existing car stereo. The Calypso then broadcasts the Sirius stations over the FM dial and through your speakers. If you'd prefer to connect the Calypso directly to a stereo system, simply use the RCA audio outputs on the back of the docking cradles.

Other features include a built-in clock, an adjustable audio output level, and an infrared remote control. The Calypso measures 4.33 by 2.87 by 1.10 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Note: You must subscribe to Sirius satellite radio to receive the satellite radio signal.

What's in the Box
Calypso satellite radio receiver, wireless remote control, AAA batteries, user's manual.


  • Portable “Boombox” With Docking Station for Calypso
  • Antenna Docking Station and Chord Wrap
  • 120-Volt AC Adaptor (8 D-Cell Batteries)
  • AC-to-DC Connector
  • Detachable 4" Coaxial Speakers (Includes 5' Speaker Cords)

Audiovox SIR-BB3 Sirius Satellite Radio Boombox

Audiovox SIR-BB3 Sirius Satellite Radio Boombox Lowest used price: $129.95
Brand: AudioVox
Model: SIR-BB3

It’s the boom box heard around the world. Designed to work with the Audiovox SIR-PNP3 Sirius* Satellite Radio Receiver, this radio picks up signals from satellites orbiting the globe, broadcasting 120+ exclusive stations, including 60 that are completely commercial free. Extremely portable and delivering outstanding sound, the boom box includes an easy-to-use dock for your receiver, plus headphone outputs, an AC adapter (or uses 8D batteries, not included), antenna, plus an AUX input for use with an MP3 or CD player. * Sirius satellite radio subscription required.

With more than 120 streams of original coast-to-coast programming, Sirius satellite radio is quickly growing in popularity. And now listeners can enjoy the fashionable format while at the beach, in the backyard, or at a tailgater thanks to this satellite radio boombox. The device features a dock in the center that holds the Audiovox SIR-PNP3 Sirius tuner (sold separately), along with a pair of integrated 5-watt speakers. When combined, the boombox and tuner receive programming that ranges from commercial-free music to news broadcasts to sports talk to children's shows. And unlike many traditional shelf systems, the SIR-BB3 won't weigh you down, as it comes in at a sleek 5.88 pounds. To ensure quality reception, the boombox comes with a high-gain antenna (with a 20-foot cord) that can mount on both horizontal and vertical surfaces either indoors or outdoors. It also offers an AC adapter for indoor use. When you go outside, simply plug in eight D-cell batteries and you're prepared for hours of portable radio listening. Additional features include a headphone jack and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input for connecting to a portable audio device such as an iPod or CD player.

Listeners will need to purchase the SIR-PNP3 tuner and a subscription to Sirius to enjoy satellite radio programming on the boombox.

What's in the Box
Boombox, high-gain antenna with 20-foot cord, AC adapter, 38-inch power cord, one locking screw, locking instructions, product registration card, user's manual.


  • Satellite radio boombox compatible with Audiovox SIR-PNP3 Sirius tuner
  • Lets users enjoy satellite radio at the beach, in a park, and elsewhere
  • High-gain antenna with 20-foot cord ensures high-quality reception
  • Includes 3.5 mm auxiliary input for connecting to portable audio device
  • Measures 19.12 x 7.83 x 7.27 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

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