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Novelty Phones

Telemania Harley-Davidson Corded Phone (25769)

Telemania Harley-Davidson Corded Phone (25769) Lowest new price: $38.80
Lowest used price: $54.95
List price: $60.49
Brand: KNG
Model: 25769

The seat and gas tank lift for use as a handset. The keypad is in the handset. This Black & Silver Flame Harley Davidson Telephone features: Horn sounds and headlight flashes when the phone rings Electronic push button telephone Tone / Pulse switchable Last number Redial Ringer On / Off switch Mute key for private conversations Hearing aid compatible Fully modular FCC and ETL approved New in box. Plastic still on it with cord and manual. Genuine License from KNG for Harley-Davidson. 2002 model.


  • Horn sounds and headlight flashes when the phone rings
  • The seat and gas tank lift for use as a handset
  • Fully modular FCC and ETL approved
  • Genuine License from KNG for Harley-Davidson. 2002 model.

Vialta BM-TV Single Beamer Phone Video Station

Vialta BM-TV Single Beamer Phone Video Station Lowest new price: $10.00
Lowest used price: $10.84
List price: $10.00
Brand: Vialta
Model: 370102-00001

Works with any analog phone line and corded or cordless phoneDisplays video on television screen by connecting phone to Beamer TV to RCA inputsBuilt-in CMOS adjustable tilt camera Capability to send hi-res video images and temporarily halt any new video transmissionDetail/movement control to select the degree of definitionCompatible with other Beamer products and H.324 productsIncludes remote 25' phone cord AC power adapter and video cable

Vialta's new Beamer TV gives you the ability to instantly add video to phone calls using your existing home phone and television. Beamer TV works with any home phone (corded or cordless) over any standard analog phone line (one-line or two-line) to display full color video of the person you're talking to. All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial a friend or family member (who also has a Beamer TV or Videophone), and press the Start/Views button on the remote control.

Beamer TV is small, so it fits in narrow spaces; it is designed to sit atop your television. It has a built-in 0.25-inch CMOS camera that can capture full-motion video and transmit it to your recipient at 4 to 15 frames per second. Transmission speed is dependant on phone line quality and connection rate, as well as the amount of motion and detail being transferred.

When not in use, the remote control rests in a recessed niche so it's easy to find, and a camera cover protects the lens from dust and scratches. And, the Beamer TV has a skid-proof base to prevent accidental slipping and the need to realign the built-in camera.

Setup is easy--simply plug your phone into Beamer TV, plug Beamer TV into your television's RCA video jack, connect Beamer TV to your wall phone jack, and plug in Beamer TV's power adapter. There is no special wiring or equipment required, and no service agreement, so the only charges that will appear on your phone bill are those for long distance.

What's in the Box
Beamer TV unit, standard 25-foot telephone cord (RJ-11) x 2, 6-foot video cable, remote control, AC power adapter, user guide, warranty card


  • Adds video to your phone calls with your current TV and telephone
  • Slim, lightweight design easily fits into even the smallest places
  • 3 viewing choices: self, other party, or picture-in-picture combo
  • Built-in adjustable CMOS camera; remote control
  • Skid-proof base, camera lens cover

USA 841.598 Nickelodeon® SpongeBob SquarePants Flip Phone

USA 841.598 Nickelodeon® SpongeBob SquarePants Flip Phone Lowest new price: $22.00
Lowest used price: $9.96
List price: $22.00
Brand: Polyconcept
Model: 841598

Kids are sure to be telephone chatterboxes when they get their hands on this real SpongeBob SquarePants flip phone. The one-piece yellow telephone is made of soft plastic and sculpted in the image of SpongeBob SquarePants. It flips open like a cell phone, but plugs into a standard cord socket so kids can pretend they are using their own cell phone. Comes with receiver and ringer volume control, in-use light, tone/pulse switch, and flash and redial buttons. Imported.


  • USA 841.598 Nickelodeon┬« SpongeBob SquarePants Flip Phone
  • One piece telephone - Flip open to use - Sculpted in soft plastic - Receiver volume control - Ringer volume control - Tone/Pulse switch **This is actual telephone-NOT A TOY!**

Telemania Darth Vader Phone

Telemania Darth Vader Phone Lowest new price: $58.11
List price: $58.11
Brand: Kash 'n Gold
Model: 283954

What better what to contact the emperor than by dialing him on his very own Sith likeness? This precise replica of Darth Vader doesn't provide the battle-oriented skills of a dark force follower, but it does offer a range of fan-approved special options. The chest panel produces several movie-like sound and light effects, and the ringer offers a choice of sound effects or a conventional ringtone.

A corded handset connects discretely at the back of Vader's helmet, and is switchable between tone and pulse dialing. The handset is hearing aid compatible and includes last number redial and an on/off switch for the ringer. A speakerphone is built into the base. Best of all, the movement of the motorized head kicks in whenever the phone rings. Four AA batteries are required. A one-year warranty covers parts and service when the unit is purchased new from authorized retailers.

What's in the Box
Handset, Darth Vader base, handset cord, warranty card, telephone line cord; batteries not included


  • Exact replica of Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies
  • Motorized head moves when telephone rings
  • Additional Star Wars sound effects buttons located on Vader's chest
  • Switchable ringer (normal or sound effects)
  • Tone/pulse switchable

Crosley CR93 Sultan Phone

Crosley CR93 Sultan Phone Lowest new price: $65.99
Lowest used price: $97.99
List price: $65.99
Brand: Crosley
Model: CR93

Elevate even the most ordinary of calls to the most unordinary of experiences with Crosley's Sultan Phone. This classic recreation of a 20's style Turkish phone blends European design with American ingenuity. Constructed of solid hardwoods & veneers, the Sultan Phone features a hand rubbed cherry finish with nickel chrome plated hardware and comes complete with a 44cloth cord. The rotary dial is in keeping with the original design but goes a step further by incorporating push button technology for convenience.


  • Hand Rubbed Cherry Finish
  • Push Button Dial
  • Redial Feature
  • Ringer volume ON/OFF switch
  • Tone/Pulse

Telemania Harley Davidson Flame Phone

Telemania Harley Davidson Flame Phone Lowest new price: $87.30
Lowest used price: $49.95
Brand: Kash 'n Gold
Model: 023147


  • 2-piece replica of the Harley Davidson Heritage Softail
  • "Vroom" ringer uses Sound Trax technology
  • Headlight flashes when telephone rings
  • Mute button
  • Tone/pulse switchable and hearing aid compatible

Conair SW2504 Classic Desk Phone (Graphite)

Conair SW2504 Classic Desk Phone (Graphite) Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $31.90
List price: $19.99
Brand: Conair
Model: SW2504GPH

Add a bit of charm to your home with this Conair classic design desk phone. Features a mechanical bell ringer with on/off control; receiver volume control; switchable tone/pulse; touchtone pad; and it's hearing aid compatible. Graphite. Made in USA.

This swanky corded desk phone looks great and keeps ringing even in power outages--a huge advantage over cordless phones. The mechanical bell is distinctively retro in today's atmosphere of beeps and buzzes. Designed with modern features like push-button dialing and hearing aid compatibility, the Conair SW2504GPH Classic Design Desk Phone is a giant technological step up from the phones of the 40's. Conair provides a generous two-year warranty covering parts and service.


  • Cool retro feel
  • Fully modular
  • Mechanical bell ringer
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • 2-year warranty covering parts and service

TELEMANIA Goofy Animated Phone

TELEMANIA Goofy Animated Phone Lowest new price: $140.00
Lowest used price: $69.99
Brand: TeleMania
Model: 023925

Goofy Animated Phone - 6 case- # 23925Dimensions: 12" L x 10" W x 9" H


  • Goofy lifts his head and opens his eyes when the phone rings
  • Goofy alerts you to incoming calls in his very own voice (5 different sayings)
  • Simulated antique rotary dial with push-button dial pad
  • Switchable Goofy voices/regular ring tone
  • Last number redialed

024076 Classic Mickey TALKS!!!

024076 Classic Mickey TALKS!!! Lowest used price: $79.99
List price: $59.95
Brand: TeleMania

024076 Classic Mickey TALKS!!! - Novelty "Classic Mickey Mouse" talking (voice chip) desk telephone- Redial- Ringer on/off switch- Pulse/tone switchable- Hearing aid compatible- Mickey talks when the phone rings - 4 Phrases: "Gee, I wonder who it is . . . ?""Hey! The phone is ringing!""Whoever it is, they sure wanna talk to ya!""Helloooo - anybody home?"- Mickey relaxes on a traditional, black desk telephone, handset rests on his feet- Character shown in his traditional colors- Approx. height: 9"

The Mickey Mouse Desk Telephone by Kash 'N Gold makes a charming addition to kids' or rumpus rooms. Mickey's smiling face rests in familiar white-gloved hands; the handset rests on his feet. Its simplicity makes this single-line phone ideal for youngsters.

The touch-tone dialer is reminiscent of an old-fashioned rotary phone, adding to the Mickey Mouse phone's charm. Large keypad numbers, in a playful type style, are easy to read. You can redial the last number called with one tap of the big, red redial button at the center of the keypad.

Red, yellow, gold, tan, and white components complement the black base and handset, made of molded plastic. Incredibly easy to use, you can set up this phone in just seconds.


  • Colorful, fun design
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • One-year warranty on materials and workmanship


  • The lightweight handset may inadvertently become ajar

What's in the Box
Phone, handset, coilded handset cord, telephone line cord, instructions, warranty information


  • 024076 Classic Mickey TALKS!!!

Telemania Star Trek USS Enterprise Telephone 1994 Signature Series

Lowest new price: $47.76
Lowest used price: $33.29
List price: $76.30
Brand: Kash 'n Gold
Model: 022898

This limited edition phone comes specially inscribed with William Shatner's autograph.

This limited edition phone comes specially inscribed with William Shatner's autograph.


  • Numbered certificate of historical data
  • Exact replica of original starship USS Enterprise
  • Red Alert sounds and warp nacelles flash when phone rings
  • Regular ringer option
  • Pulse/tone switchable

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