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    Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

    Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope Lowest new price: $279.99
    Lowest used price: $197.05
    List price: $279.99
    Brand: Orion
    Model: 9024

    Now you can have the virtues of refractor-sharp images without having to break into your piggy bank. Our remarkable AstroView 90 gives big returns for a small investment! This is a powerful refractor featuring a multi-coated 90mm objective lens of 910mm focal length (f/10) housed in an enameled aluminum tube. You won't have any trouble gathering enough light for bright, crisp views of deep-sky objects, the Moon, and planets. Even better, we've upgraded the AstroView 90 package with two Sirius Plossl eyepieces (25mm and 10mm)! The AstroView 90 comes equipped with a 6x30 finder, 90-deg star diagonal, adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray, and an EQ-2 equatorial mount with slow motion controls for manual tracking. One-year limited warranty.

    Orion’s AstroView 90 equatorial refractor telescope is a classic Achromatic refractor with excellent optics and an unusually good accessory package. Bigger and more impressive than it looks in pictures, the AstroView 90 is an adult size telescope that stands nearly five feet high and weighs almost 25 pounds. With fully illustrated instructions the telescope is easy to assemble, and the package includes two Sirius Plossl eyepieces, a 6x30 optical finder scope, and Orion’s Starry Night planetarium software for your computer.

    Refractors are known for their crisp, high contrast views of the Moon and planets and the AstroView 90 delivers sharp views right out of the box. The low power 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (36X magnification) nicely frames the moon, while the high power 10mm eyepiece (91X magnification) delivers a crisp close up image full of detail. The sharp Achromatic optics of the AstroView 90 EQ also give me delightful views of deep space objects. On a moonless night I like the way the 25mm eyepiece frames the ghostly glow of the Orion Nebula. Zooming in with the 10mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece, I can easily pick out all four stars of the Orion Nebula’s embedded quadruple star the Trapezium. Another night I used an Ultima 2X Barlow with the 10mm plossl eyepiece for a total magnification of 182X while viewing the planet Jupiter. I was rewarded with a clear view of Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot.

    The Equatorial mount included with the AstroView 90 EQ is designed to help track stars and planets at high power. When I set up the telescope, I simply point the polar axis at Polaris, the North Star. This makes it easy to keep celestial objects in the field of view by turning one slow motion knob. Orion also offers the EQ-2M Electronic Telescope Drive which features a battery powered motor for automatic tracking. The EQ-2 equatorial mount is a little wobbly when the legs are fully extended, but that’s normal for any large telescope in this price range.

    With excellent optics, classic design, and a very good accessory package, Orion‘s AstroView 90 Equatorial Refractor is an excellent introduction to the world of Astronomy. --Jeff Phillips


    • Classic refractor design
    • Crisp clear views of the Moon and planets
    • Two Sirius Plossl eyepieces and 6x30 finder
    • Starry Night planetarium software included
    • Equatorial mount wobbles a bit while focusing
    First quarter Moon shot at 36x with Powershot camera
    First quarter Moon shot at 36x with Powershot camera
    First quarter Moon shot at 90X with Powershot camera.
    First quarter Moon shot at 90X with Powershot camera.
    Crater Ptolemeaus shot at 350X with NexImage camera and Ultima barlow.
    Crater Ptolemeaus shot at 350X with NexImage camera and Ultima barlow.
    Planet Jupter shot at 350X with NexImage camera and Ultima barlow.
    Planet Jupter shot at 350X with NexImage camera and Ultima barlow.


    • A powerful, high-quality refractor telescope at a jaw-dropping low price
    • 90mm (3.5") aperture and 910mm focal length for crisp views of deep-sky objects, the Moon, and planets
    • Included EQ-2 adjustable tripod and equatorial mount for manual slow-motion celestial tracking
    • Includes two Sirius Plossl 1.25" eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), 6x30 finder scope, smooth-adjusting 1.25" rack & pinion focuser, 90-degree mirror diagonal for comfortable nighttime performance, Starry Night astronomy software, and more
    • Can also be used for pleasing daytime terrestrial viewing with a correct-image diagonal (correct-image diagonal sold separately)

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    Gskyer Telescope,AZ70700 German Technology Telescope,Instruments Infinity Refractor

    Gskyer Telescope,AZ70700 German Technology Telescope,Instruments Infinity Refractor Lowest new price: $129.99
    Lowest used price: $105.76
    List price: $268.99
    Brand: Gskyer
    Model: AZ70700

    Telescope Specification
    Aperture: 70mm(2.8 in)
    Focal Length: 700mm(27.55 in)
    Focal Ratio:F10
    Eyepiece1: 25mm(0.98in)
    Magnification1: 28X
    Eyepiece2: 10mm(0.39in)
    Magnification2: 70X
    Max Magnification: 420
    Finderscope: 5*24
    Zenith Mirrors:48°Erecting BAK7 prism
    Mount: U Altazimuth Mount
    Optical coating: Antireflection Green Film
    Barlow lens: 3X
    Resolution: ≤4.1
    Angular Field of View: 1°21"
    Tuble connection: U Altazimuth Mount Screw
    Tripod:1.27in stainless steel Tripod

    Product Description
    Gskyer Infinity Series telescope combines an altazimuth mount and quality optics for a superb value. For newcomers and beginners alike, these refracting telescopes are a great way for you to discover the cosmos and the outdoors. If you’ve never owned a telescope before, This 70mm (2.8") aperture gives bright, sharp images for both land and celestial objects. Whether you're viewing the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, surface details on the Moon, or terrestrial objects, the Infinity 70 Refractor allows the first-time observer to explore the world, solar system, and beyond space.


    • 100%New.Used on land and sky viewing in science and travel for beginners, kids, stargazers and travelers
    • Aperture: 70mm(2.8"). Focal Length: 700mm. Focal Ratio: f/10. Rack-and-Pinion Focuser &Low (25mm) , medium (10mm) magnification eyepieces give you variety for any viewing situation & 3x barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of each eyepiece
    • Multilayer Glass Green coated optics for enhanced image brightness protect your eyes, with detailed instructions for our every customer, it is very easy and quick assemble. And become favorite by every one
    • Altazimuth mount with a slow motion control the adjustable stainless steel Tripod for precision tracking means you can easily track objects day or night
    • One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance ,we will provide the best service and reliable products to our every customer. And best quality at this reasonable price,please feel ease to use

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    Celestron 21023 Cometron FirstScope (White)

    Celestron 21023 Cometron FirstScope (White) Lowest new price: $54.00
    Lowest used price: $38.26
    List price: $59.95
    Brand: Celestron
    Model: 21023

    Be ready for the next big comet with Celestron’s special-edition Cometron FirstScope, a compact, lightweight telescope that’s perfect for beginners looking to experience the magic of a dazzling comet, planet, or nebula. This tabletop Dobsonian-style telescope includes a spherical mirror with a generous 76 mm of aperture. The Cometron FirstScope provides bright, sharp views of comets and other celestial objects, and renders the Moon’s mountains and craters in crisp detail. And thanks to its wide field of view, you’ll be able to observe the brightest part of the comet and its tail or favorite deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula. The Cometron FirstScope offers several upgrades from the original Celestron FirstScope, including 2 Kellner eyepieces and a 5x24 finderscope. Weighing just 4.3 lbs, the Cometron FirstScope is a tabletop telescope that you can take on all your outdoor adventures. It’s also stylish enough to be a decorative fixture on your bookshelf or desk.


    • Fast focal ratio offers a wide field of view, perfect for observing comets, star clusters, galaxies, and more
    • Lightweight and portable, a great grab-and-go telescope
    • Simple design makes it easy for beginners to use
    • No-tool setup means you are up and observing in no time
    • Includes a finderscope and 2 Kellner eyepieces

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    Celestron 51630 Star Pointer Telescope Finderscope, Black

    Celestron 51630 Star Pointer Telescope Finderscope, Black Lowest new price: $12.76
    List price: $16.82
    Brand: Celestron
    Model: 51630

    The Celestron Star Pointer Finderscope is the way to go if you want the easiest way possible to locate an object and center it in your eyepiece. A red dot finder, unlike an optical finder, has 1x magnification, displays a super wide field of view, and keeps the sky right side up and left-to-right correct, matching what you see with your unaided eyes. An LED creates a red dot, superimposed on a viewing screen, so you simply point the Star Pointer to the area or object you wish to observe, look through your eyepiece, and if properly aligned, the area in and around place you pointed the red dot will be centered in the field of view. If you like the idea of having some magnification, try installing both a red dot and optical finder on your telescope. Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD telescopes have multiple mounting bracket holes so you can get the best of both worlds. Just make sure to align both of them correctly, and you’ll get the best use out of each of your finders. How to Align the Star Pointer Finderscope The first time you use your finder, you need to align it. This one-time setup procedure should be done during the day. Take the telescope outside and find an easily recognizable object, such as a streetlight, car license plate, or tall tree. The object should be as far away as possible, but at least a quarter mile away. Move the telescope left and right or up and down so that it is roughly pointing at the object. Look through the telescope using your low power eyepiece and move the telescope until the object you chose lies in the center of the view. Once the object is centered in your eyepiece, turn on the red dot. With your head positioned about a foot behind the finder, look through the round lens of the finder and locate the red dot. Without moving the telescope, use the two adjustment knobs located on the side and underneath the finder. One controls the left-right motion of the dot. The other controls the up-down motion of the dot. Adjust both of these until the red dot appears over the same object you are observing in the eyepiece. Your finder is now aligned and should not require realignment unless it is bumped or dropped. You can even take the finder off the telescope and reattach it while preserving alignment.


    • The Star Pointer Finderscope adds "point and look" functionality to any telescope!
    • This red dot finder keeps the sky right-side up, matching what you see with your unaided eyes
    • The adjustable red dot is bright enough to see day or night
    • Attaches to just about any telescope thanks to the small footprint, even works great with astronomical binoculars and spotting scopes
    • Includes mounting base and a long-lasting CR2032 3V battery

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    Orion 10016 StarBlast 6 Astro Reflector Telescope

    Orion 10016 StarBlast 6 Astro Reflector Telescope Lowest new price: $299.99
    Lowest used price: $210.05
    List price: $339.99
    Brand: Orion
    Model: 10016

    We've done our popular Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Beginner Telescope one better. The Orion-designed StarBlast 6 Astro Telescope takes the same compact, wide-field, user-friendly concept and expands on it, literally. The StarBlast 6 boasts fully 73% more light-gathering area than its smaller counterpart. Yet the scope is still highly portable, weighing only 23.5 lbs., and comes with the base fully assembled in the box! The StarBlast 6's 150mm (5.9") f/5.0 parabolic mirror provides ample aperture to reveal the planets and deep-sky gems in wonderful detail. Its wide field of view makes finding and tracking objects easier than with longer focal-length telescopes, which makes it a superb beginner telescope -- for all ages. It also would make a terrific grab-and-go second telescope for more experienced stargazers. Non-stick (PTFE) bearings and adjustable altitude tension on the base ensure smooth maneuvering of the StarBlast 6. Keep the included Sirius Plossl eyepieces at the ready in the convenient three-hole eyepiece rack. Two handle cutouts in the base allow easy lifting and transporting of the telescope. Set it on the ground or even on a small table or the hood of your car, and enjoy the view! The Orion StarBlast 6 isn't just a masterfully engineered, uncomplicated, and affordable telescope for the whole family - it's also a blast! One-year limited warranty.


    • A fun, capable, and simple point-and-view tabletop reflector telescope popular among both beginners and seasoned astronomers thanks to its ease of use and versatile performance
    • Substantial 6" aperture reflector optics reveal good detail on the planets and Moon, as well as bright deep-sky objects such as nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters
    • Compact tabletop design gives the StarBlast 6 reflector great grab-and-go portability - weighs just 23.5 lbs.
    • The sturdy StarBlast 6 reflector base arrives pre-assembled in the box for hassle-free set-up
    • Includes 25mm and 10mm Sirius Plossl 1.25" telescope eyepieces, EZ Finder II aiming device, eyepiece rack, Starry Night software, and more!

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    Gskyer EQ 80900 Telescope, German Technology Telescope,Starwatcher Refractors

    Gskyer EQ 80900 Telescope, German Technology Telescope,Starwatcher Refractors Lowest new price: $209.99
    Lowest used price: $164.04
    List price: $215.25
    Brand: Gskyer
    Model: EQ 900*80

    Telescope Specification
    Aperture: 80mm(3.2 in)
    Focal Length: 900mm(35.4 in)
    Focal Ratio: F11.25
    Eyepiece1: 25mm(0.98 in)
    Magnification1: 36X
    Eyepiece2: 10mm(0.39 in)
    Magnification2: 90X
    Eyepiece3: 5mm(0.2 in)
    Magnification3: 180X
    Max Magnification: 540
    Finderscope: 5*24
    Zenith Mirror: 48° Erecting Prism
    Mount: EQ Advanced Equatorial Mount
    Linear Field of View(@1000yds/m): 16ft (19)
    Optical Coating: Multi Antireflection Blue Film
    Barlow lens: 3X
    Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 12
    Resolution(Rayleigh): 1.74 Arcsec
    Resolution(Dawes): 1.45 Arcsec
    Light Gathering Power: 131X
    Angular Field of View: 1.2°
    Tube Connection: Hook,Dovetail Plate
    Tripod: 1.27 inch Stainless Steel Tripod

    Brand Story
    Gskyer was born in a hot summer in July 1992. Several young entrepreneurs in their twenties started the company in a leased small house. The young men worked hard fully soaked by sweat day and night in the factory with low ceiling and smothering hotness. They tried hard to made the old machinery work with their never give-up sprint, hard-working attitude, and creative mind. The group conquered all kinds of difficulties including low machinery efficiency, high part scrap rate and everlasting money-losing pressure. With creative thinking, they modified and improved the product work flow and added CNC machine tools to improve the efficiency, quality of the product and increase production success rate. Eventually Gskyer got the support and approval needed from the contract company in Germany. Since then, Gskyer has been providing consumers in China telescopes and binoculars with high quality raw material, precise optics, and tremendous value at a great price. Gskyer has become a highly respected telescope brand in China.
    Nowadays, modern technology and management are part of the reason every Gskyer product is made with high quality. Weare known in China for high quality optics at a great price. Now that we want to go global, our goal is to make the ideal optional instrument for every family with best value proposition. We are committed to provide high-quality telescope, binoculars at best prices every family can afford. Enjoy the beautiful sky and we look forward to serving your need with our quality Telescopes & Binoculars!


    • 1.This professional astronomical telescope adopts the optical lens with 99.5% light transmittance, imaging clear and natural which protect the eyes from harm
    • 2.The eyepiece is all-aluminum alloy with large diameter and non-dispersive, high quality optical glass-ZF4. Lens coated with multi-layer green film forms a high-power HD imaging
    • 3.Installation is simple and fast without tools. It adopts VAR control, smooth tracking and positive image system, which is applicable for both astronomical and terrestrial views
    • 4.The tube of the primary mirror was designed in all-metal. The metal turbine equatorial instrument achieves 360 degrees smooth observation, and it is more durable and sturdy
    • 5.The attachment plate is for quick access to accessories, the bold stainless tripod is sturdy and durable which height is adjustable to facilitate you better view of stars

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    Orion 8944 SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

    Orion 8944 SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Lowest new price: $269.99
    List price: $299.99
    Brand: Orion
    Model: 8944

    It's no wonder customers heap 5-star ratings on this gentle giant. For not only does its jumbo-sized optics and uncomplicated design bring a "new level of joy to simple observing," raved Astronomy magazine, but it's also one of the most affordable quality Dobs on the market. The SkyQuest XT6 Classic isn't just good bang for the buck, it's a supernova of telescope value! The XT6 Classic gives you the deep-space thrills without the deep-pocket frills. We've kept it lean and mean to keep its price low for tight budgets. But rest assured, it comes fully equipped for adventure, whether you're a beginning stargazer or are graduating to a more capable instrument. It features an expertly figured parabolic mirror housed in an enameled steel optical tube. The tube rides on a stable Dobsonian base that allows easy point-and-view navigation and has a convenient carrying handle. A 2" Crayford focuser, EZ Finder II aiming device, 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (1.25"), and quick-collimation cap are all standard equipment. Setup takes only a minute, leaving the rest of the evening to marvel at the planets, the Moon, and a myriad of deep-sky treasures. Enjoy the fantastic views - and savings! One-year limited warranty.


    • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
    • Perhaps the best beginner Dobsonian reflector telescope you can buy - big 6" aperture at an amazing price
    • A beginner may use a 60mm telescope for a few months or years before deciding they need to upgrade to a better telescope - a 6" Dobsonian will give you a lifetime of wonderful views
    • Simple navigation and no need to polar align makes this Dobsonian reflector telescope extremely ease to use for the whole family
    • The 6" diameter f/8 parabolic mirror is fantastic for Moon and planetary views, and also has enough light grasp for deep-sky viewing of nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters
    • The stable Dobsonian base provides a vibration free image even when viewing at a high powers, and features smooth enough motions to make tracking of celestial objects a breeze

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    Orion 27191 StarBlast 6i IntelliScope Reflector Telescope

    Orion 27191 StarBlast 6i IntelliScope Reflector Telescope Lowest new price: $429.99
    Lowest used price: $354.21
    List price: $499.99
    Brand: Orion
    Model: 27191

    Our popular StarBlast 6 Astro Telescope just got a lot smarter! This portable 6" f/5.0 reflector now comes ready for use with Orion's exclusive computerized object location system, allowing night sky newbies to pinpoint hundreds, even thousands of astronomical objects with pushbutton ease. With the addition of Orion's critically acclaimed IntelliScope technology, the StarBlast 6i becomes the most compact and portable computerized 6" reflector telescope on the market. Even beginners can quickly locate any of 14,000+ celestial objects with the easy-to-use locator. You'll see more celestial delights in one evening than you ever imagined! Weighing nearly 40% less than our comparable SkyQuest XT6 IntelliScope, the StarBlast 6i ships with a fully assembled base and weighs just 23.5 lbs. The small, lightweight form allows the telescope to be used on a sturdy table, the hood of car, the landing of an outdoor stairway, or any other suitable flat surface. Robust construction including teflon bearings and adjustable altitude tension on the base ensures smooth maneuvering of the StarBlast 6i. Masterfully engineered for reliable performance and easy point-and-view maneuverability, the StarBlast 6i IntelliScope Astro Telescope truly is a high-tech telescope with a low-tech, non-intimidating feel. You'll have a blast using it! One-year limited warranty.


    • Clever tabletop reflector telescope can lead beginners and experienced amateurs to more than 14,000 celestial objects with its easy to use push-to IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator
    • Substantial 6" aperture optics reveal sharp views of the Moon and bright planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
    • 750mm focal length (f/5.0) optics provide contrast-rich views of brighter deep sky objects like nebulas, galaxies, and sparkling star clusters
    • Compact design gives the Orion StarBlast 6i great grab-and-go portability - weighs just 23.5 lbs.
    • Includes IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator, 25mm and 10mm Sirius Plossl 1.25" telescope eyepieces, EZ Finder II aiming device, eyepiece rack, Starry Night software, and more!

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    Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope Kit

    Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope Kit Lowest new price: $249.99
    Lowest used price: $185.00
    List price: $249.99
    Brand: Orion

    Our compact, performance-packed Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector telescope is a favorite of both beginners and expert astronomers alike. It combines the high-quality Orion StarBlast II 4.5" wide-field (f/4.0) parabolic reflector optics with our sturdy EQ-1 equatorial tracking mount and adjustable-height tripod. The 4.5" aperture reflector telescope's short focal length serves up a generous chunk of sky in the eyepiece, making it easy for beginners to find celestial objects to study. This tripod-mounted version of the StarBlast II 4.5 reflector offers an even more pronounced wide-field viewing experience compared to its tabletop counterpart, as we've upgraded the telescope eyepieces to include two from the Orion Sirius Plossl series - a 25mm and 10mm - which have a 52-degree apparent field of view. Observations of everything from the Moon to Messier objects appear exceptionally sharp and rich in contrast through this petite reflector telescope. The StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope Kit comes with extra accessories at a great value! The popular Shorty 2x Barlow doubles the magnification of any 1.25" eyepiece for a power boost. The included Orion MoonMap 260 is a useful reference map of the Moon's surface that will help the whole family learn the names and locations of more than 260 craters, mountains, valleys, "seas" and other interesting lunar features you can explore with your telescope. The detailed Orion Telescope Observer's Guide book highlights over 60 celestial objects to observe in a telescope. Use the included Star Target planisphere to plan your observing sessions year-round! The RedBeam Mini LED light provides dark-friendly red light when you need it under starry skies.


    • This wide-field reflector telescope has enough aperture for great views of the Moon, planets, and many bright deep-sky objects
    • A fantastic general-purpose astronomical telescope - great for the beginner to test the waters with mirror optics large enough to keep you and your family busy viewing for years to come
    • Included Shorty 2x Barlow doubles the magnification of both included eyepieces
    • Use the included Star Target Planisphere and MoonMap 260 to plan stargazing sessions
    • The included Orion Telescope Observer's Guide book will lead beginning amateur astronomers to over sixty interesting objects to explore

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    Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

    Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Lowest new price: $379.99
    List price: $379.99
    Brand: Orion
    Model: 8945

    A powerful and capable telescope, the Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian is one of our most popular reflectors due to its elegant combination of precision optics, mechanical simplicity, and rock-solid stability. You and your whole family will appreciate the bright, clear views of the night sky provided by the XT8 Classic. The Moon and planets of our solar system like Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars shine brightly in the SkyQuest XT8 Classic, allowing you to inspect them in detail. The XT8's 8-inch aperture is also large enough to gather a significant amount of light from more distant celestial objects for great views of sparkling star clusters, cloudy nebulas, and faraway galaxies. The XT8 Classic Dob is a tremendous value considering the high quality views it provides on such a wide variety of celestial objects. The point-and-view simplicity of the Dobsonian design is not as complicated as an equatorial (EQ) mount and tripod, so with a little practice, your whole family can scan the heavens just like experienced hobbyists. For any astronomer seeking serious adventure, the XT8 Classic Dob has it all!


    • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
    • A large aperture Classic Dobsonian reflector telescope at a very affordable price!
    • 8" diameter reflector optics lets you view the Moon and planets in close up detail, and has enough light grasp to pull in pleasing views of faint nebulas, galaxies and star clusters
    • A perfect Dobsonian telescope that can last a lifetime for the beginning astronomy enthusiast or whole family
    • The ultra-stable Dobsonian base keeps the reflector optical tube perfectly balanced for point-and-view ease of use
    • Includes a 2" Crayford focuser that accepts 1.25" and 2" telescope eyepieces, a 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece, an EZ Finder II reflex sight, collimation cap, Starry Night software, and more!

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